Our Story Ch. 04

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By popular request…a continuation of Story3. It would be helpful to read prior stories prior to reading this story. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Since the events that unfolded in our kitchen involving our neighbors, my wife and I, several interesting developments have been noticed in our household. Prior to that day, I had no inkling my wife was bi-and she had no knowledge of my previous sexual escapades with our 20 year old neighbor and her mom.

My wife told me that it had been, up to that day, a hidden desire of hers to make love to a woman, but she never thought she would act out on it. I told her that now we had both crossed that bridge that maybe we should continue on whatever path it took us.

That path occurred several days later…

After a particularly grueling days work, I came home expecting a relaxing night with my wife. As I walked down the hallway leading into our bedroom to change out of work clothes into something more comfortable, I heard sounds coming from our room.

I entered our bedroom to find my wife lying on our bed, totally naked, with my sexy neighbor Stacy, also totally naked, positioned between her legs. She was licking at my wife’s very wet pussy, and had what looked like several fingers inside of her. My wife was in the midst of one great orgasm. Seeing my wife being eaten out by my neighbor caused my cock to become instantly hard.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see something moving in a corner of our room. I look over only to see Heather, Stacy’s 20 year old daughter, sitting on a chair. She was holding a small camcorder, and apparently was recording her mother eating out my wife. I became a little uneasy with the fact that there would be a tape of my wife being eaten out by another woman, and asked Heather why she was recording my bostancı escort bayan wife and her mom. Heather said it was going to be a surprise for me, but now that I ruined the surprise, that I could now join in.

With that, Heather put down her camcorder, and started undressing. She unbuttoned her blouse, proudly exposing her round, full breasts. She then seductively pulled down her pants, showing off her pussy and long, tanned, athletic legs that I have enjoyed touching, licking and kissing several times before. She wore no panties, and I saw her pussy was covered with a small patch of dark hair. Heather started playing with her nipples, twisting and tweaking them until they became hard. Looking straight at me, she then rubbed her flat stomach, finally ending up with her hands on her pussy lips. She asked me if I remembered what she tasted like, and I said that I certainly did.

She continued to play with herself, and began placing one finger inside her pussy. She masturbated herself almost to the point of her orgasm and suddenly stopped. She withdrew her finger, and offered it to me. I walked up to her and she placed her moistened finger on the outside of my lips. I could smell her sex immediately. I began licking her finger clean.

She then placed her hand back onto her pussy, and after fingering herself again, allowed me to clean her fingers off with my mouth. I then knelt down and placing myself between her smooth tanned thighs, began licking where her fingers had just been. She immediately grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into her pussy. She quivered with each lap of my tongue, and after only a minute or so, began filling my mouth with her sweet female love juices. She came so much she coated my entire face.

Heather then called her mom, who was still ümraniye escort licking at my wife’s pussy, over to me. Heather said that her cum was all over my face, and ordered her mother to lick it off of me. Stacy changed places with Heather, and obediently began licking Heather’s cum from my face. I began playing with Stacy’s tits, which were right in my face just waiting to be licked and kissed.

Heather then called me over to our bed and sat me down across from where my wife was laying. She laid me on my back, and seeing my tenting pants were still on, began unbuttoning and removing them. She then, seeing my cock pointing straight up at her, began stroking it.

She complained that she needed something slippery, and looking over to my wife, began fingering my wife who was lying next to me. She inserted one, then another finger inside my wife’s pussy, and then pulled out her fingers. Her hand was covered with my wife’s juices. Heather began jacking me off. With her slick fingers she slowly started rubbing the shaft of my penis.

She asked me if I liked her jacking me off with my wife’s pussy juice? I nodded and she continued jerking me off. Stacy came over next to Heather, and Heather began playing with her mom’s pussy. She rubbed her mom’s curly hairs, and placed one of her fingers inside her mom’s pussy. Satisfied her mom was ready, Heather moved to one side, and Stacy slid on top of me, facing me.

Stacy impaled herself with my cock, placing it right inside of her pussy. Heather had moved my wife behind Stacy, and the two of them were guiding Stacy up and down, riding my cock. My lovely wife was kissing and licking at Stacy’s cheeks, and was also fingering herself.

Heather, leaving my wife’s side, walked around me and sat on top of my face, placing her pussy right kartal escort on my face. She faced her mom and began playing with her mom’s heaving breasts. She licked her mom’s nipples, and Stacy returned the favor, rubbing Heather’s breasts and biting ever so slightly on her daughter’s nipples. Seeing the mom and daughter kissing each other’s breast and nipples, and seeing my wife guide Stacy’s pussy up and down my cock was too much for me. I shot a load of sperm deep inside of Stacy’s pussy. She shuttered as she also started to cum, squeezing her cunt around my cock..

Heather began playing with her pussy again, spreading her lips for my tongue to enter. I licked her until she reached her orgasm, coating my lips and face with her slick juices. She had the sweetest tasting cum I had ever tasted. I was definitely hooked on her love juices and she knew I was hooked. Heather asked me how she tasted and I told her she had the sweetest tasting pussy in the world. She smiled and said that it was mine when ever I wanted it. After I emptied myself in Stacy’s pussy, she got off me. She then turned to my wife and told her it was her turn to lick her pussy. My wife quickly got down on her knees and licked at Stacy’s cum filled pussy. Stacy asked her how her cum and my sperm tasted. My wife, between her tongue lapping at Stacy’s pussy, said it was great. Stacy, like her daughter had just said, replied that my wife could have it anytime she wanted. My wife then got up, kissed me passionately, making me taste the combined cum that she had licked from Stacy’s pussy. Both Stacy and Heather kissed each other, and started dressing. Stacy told us that she had some exciting news for us but that would have to wait for another time.

I later found out that Heather had kept her camcorder running after she had set it down. Our entire session of lovemaking had been recorded. Heather gave me the tape, which my wife and I like to play for each other before we have sex. My wife told me that she does enjoy sex with both Stacy and Heather, and that we could continue our sexual adventures with them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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