Our Shared Addiction Ch. 03

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Our shared addiction was almost becoming routine in some ways. Whenever Jenn was home, she would suck me off after school, or while she was making dinner. She asked me to get naked so often that most days I would go home, strip, and walk into the kitchen that way. Some days she was just wearing an apron and high heels. As if that wasn’t enough, sometimes she would be wearing stockings and garters with or without a lacy bra. Either way, I would be instantly hard and ready for whatever she had in mind. She liked it when I got behind her while she worked and slowly fucked her from behind. When she had to do something in the kitchen, she would just slowly disengage from my cock, go do what she had to do, and then come back to where we left off. Knowing that she wanted my cum in her mouth, I would force myself to go as slow as possible and drive up both crazy. Sometimes I couldn’t help myself and would bend her over the counter and fuck her really hard for ten or fifteen minutes. It was OK for her to cum that way, and I loved watching her collapse in a heap on the kitchen floor. But my job was clear: the cum goes in her mouth. I never complained.

If she hadn’t sucked my cock by dinner time, she would often sit next to me and play with my cock while we ate. It was rare that we got to the end of dinner without me cumming at least once. Sometimes she would get me to stand up and she would jerk my cum onto something that she was eating, a piece of bread, an ear of corn. Sometimes just onto one of the dinner plates, where she would scoop up the cum with a spoon and eat it, or just pick up the whole plate and let it run into her mouth. She interrupted my homework to suck me off. Sometimes she would curl up between my legs and just suck my cock for and hour or two while I watched TV. When I was really horny it would be tough to let her suck me that long without cumming, but she insisted that we do it her way, and I swear I would see stars when I started cumming after she made me wait like that.

I discovered after a while that Jennifer spent a lot of time on my computer while I was at school. Not just looking at my huge porn collection, but also trying to find good porn stories about women who loved cum as much as she did. According to what she said, it took a lot of careful searching and sorting through the real crap that some people write, and all the weird shit. She found a lot of web sites that recycled the same set of stories over and over. There were a few sites with their own unique stories, and several pay sites with not much to offer. As it turned out, the best site by far was Literotica.com. It had thousands of stories with multiple categories, and many of the stories were original. Although there was no category devoted to cum-addicted sluts, Jenn found a lot of good stories and saved them for us to read. Finding a good story about a girl who gets humiliated into eating a lot of cum, or a women who gets blackmailed into sucking off her boss. The combination of cum-eating and humiliation really turned us both on.

Since I had the video collection, somehow she felt it was her duty to get a good collection of stories together. Of course she loved finding storied about women with cum fetishes like hers, but there weren’t many, and some were just awful. I told her I thought they were mostly written by men pretending to be women but she convinced me that she was pretty sure she could tell the difference. The other stories she found that she especially liked had aspects of humiliation, voyeurism and light domination in them. She liked to read them to me and see if she could get us both off while she read.

One of the earlier stories she found was about a women named Jessica who was captured and taken to a place where women were “trained” to love cum. It was a great story, filled with little tales of her perverse conversion, scenes of her tied to a table while another women licked her pussy. Jessica was allowed to cum several times, but each time she did, a man would shoot a load of cum into her mouth. There were other tales in the story of women being publicly humiliated and forced to wear cum on their faces, or a young girl forced to drink bowls of cum. As Jenn read the part where Jessica is looking through a picture album of women eating cum, drinking cum and wearing cum in public, and gets turned on, Jenn said, “God, I know just how she feels.” She made me read that part again, out load as she took my cock in her mouth and jerked me off straight down her throat as fast as she could.

The “conversion” story was grouped together with several other stories, all about women and large quantities of cum. One about a father who’s daughter is convinced that cum will help clear up her acne. Another about a guy who promises to “teach” a naïve woman about sex. He ends up filming her, against her will, wearing a rig that holds her face tight to his cock as he fucks her throat. Another good story in that collection was about a secretary who comes to the boss asking bostancı escort bayan him to teach her how to do oral sex. Total fantasy and totally ridiculous, I know, but I came many, many times as Jenn stroked my cock and read to me.

There was another series by another “Jessica”, a popular name in porn stories, I guess. She described herself as a cum-slut and told several stories about how her first boyfriend fucked her throat and how she came over and over as she was forced to eat huge loads of cum by various guys. One chapter ends with her sucking off a nerdy guy with a huge cock and drinking his cum from a glass.

There were stories from cum-queens and a great story about a girl with a “problem” who goes to the doctor for help. Her problem is that she leaks pussy juice in large quantities, and during the exam, the doctor not only collects a whole bowl full of her girl-cum, but then gets her to drink it as his colleague and nurse force the girl to cum.

She found one (only one?) story about a wife with a fascination for her husband’s friend’s uncircumcised cock. The wife goes crazy on the guys cock and spends a week just following him around sucking him, fucking him and playing with his cock.

Several stories about teachers or female office managers getting caught and somehow blackmailed into doing humiliating things. Wearing nipple rings in public and being forced to do lap-dances in seedy bars where they get covered in cum. One of my faves was about a female doctor who craves humiliation and signs up for a night with the other doctors, as their slave. I didn’t care much for the spanking and ass-fucking (not that I minded it), but got off on the part where one of the doctors brought 50 loads from a sperm bank , thawed them and spoon fed her the cum after making her beg for it. He ends up pouring half the bowl in her mouth and then letting her kneel on the floor and lick up the rest without using her hands. Jenn really liked that one too and started talking about how we should do something like that.

There were several teasing and denial stories that we both liked because they reminded us of how we liked to play that game. Of course, the best ones were the ones where the poor tortured guy cums at the end of the story. There’s a great one about a nurse named Amy who keeps a poor guy strung out for days. Naturally, these guys are always recovering from an accident and can’t move. But Amy teased and stroked this guy for several days, eventually getting her nurse instructor and another student in on the tease. She tells the guy about her boyfriends, masturbates in front of him, and learns the fine art of bringing a guy to the edge before she finally lets him cum.

I loved the story of Tiffany, a high school cheerleader who gets blackmailed and humiliated by her teachers and principal. They drug her and videotape her masturbating and sucking off one of the teachers. Using the tape, they convinced her to let them take further advantage of her, and they end up taking her to a mall where they get her to suck off several store clerks in exchange for slutty skirts, high heels, and a mini-halter top that shows off her big boobs. I noticed that Jenn would kind of keep track of which fantasies got me off. I shot a big load all over the place while Jenn read a chapter about Tiffany getting fed French fries dipped in cum and having a jar of cum rubbed on her tits by a bunch of guys. I also shot off a good load during a short story about a kid who gets caught masturbating by his mother, who convinces him to finish. That leads to him jerking off in front of her all the time, and eventually she gets naked too and they masturbate for each other. In one scene she brings him a penis pump which he uses while she works her cunt with a rubber cock.

There were other great nurse stories too. One where a friend of the kids mom comes by and jerks him off while showing him a “device” designed to stretch his balls. Another where a nurse forces a man and women who are both getting “work” physicals into the same room. She collects a “sperm sample” from him and masturbates her.

For some reason, a story about a girl who keeps visiting a porn shop against her better judgment really got me off . There is a scene where she goes into one of the booths that has been closed off because there is so much cum on the floor and no one to clean it up. She ends up stripping off her blouse and kneeling on the floor to rub her tits in the cum. Then she rubs her whole face in the scummy mess and ends up licking it all up before she runs out of quarters. I stood up and jerked off right into Jenn’s mouth as she read that one. I shot off so hard she choked for a second and closed her mouth only to get her face covered in hot cum. Fuck!

Another story that got me off in a big way was about a girl named Jenny who had big tits with huge nipples and gets a mind-controlled job testing a new breast pump. Totally bogus, but I got off good listening Jenn read ümraniye escort about Jenny getting milked in a restaurant and how her first client cums in her mouth as she models the pump for him.

There were a lot of stories about sons with huge cocks who shot gallons of sperm and how their moms couldn’t help but suck and fuck them once they saw their cocks. I liked the cum scenes but after a while it just seemed like they were the same story over and over.

Since both Jenn and I liked being naked or partly naked in public, we both liked a story about a girl who strips in her office and takes pictures of herself on a dare. Her female boss catches her and then forces here to pose and expose herself. The boss keeps the camera and then forces the stupid slut to do things like wear skimpy dresses without a bra, strip and take dictation in front of male employees, and in one hot scene, has her sit on a giant dildo stuck to a chair and suck off the two guys. We both liked that one.

One day while we were watching some scenes of women drinking multiple loads of cum from bowls and condoms, Jenn asked me if I was willing to try a new game. Hell Yes!

The game started the next day, when for two days straight, Jenn teased my cock relentlessly without letting me cum. I walked around at school with a constant hardon, and was bowlegged walking around the house after one evening of her torture. By the second night I was sure I was going to cum just from thinking about it, nevermind the two hour blowjob she gave me before bed. I was instructed not to drink much after dinner that night. I didn’t question her, wondering what kind of game she had in mind. The next morning when I got up, Jenn was already up and around getting a few things together. She told me to go take a good pee and then come to her room. OK so it wasn’t going to be another piss game. Fair enough, I didn’t really want to get into that in a big way anyway.

I walked into her room and saw Jenn half-dressed like she was getting ready for work. But half-dressed was incredible and I never saw her put on another stitch before I left that day. She was wearing smoky-gray thigh-high stocking and a sheer bra that did absolutely nothing to hide her magnificent tits. Her nipples were already sticking out so I knew she was turned on thinking about what we were going to do. Her beautiful pussy was bare, and with a pair of low heels, the outfit was perfect as far as I was concerned. I got hard just watching her walk around the room. I sat on her bed and waited as she brought a little bottle and a condom over to the bed.

“What’s the condom for babe? And why did you get them? They’re so thick and heavy compared to the others you can get now?” She shushed me and pushed me back as she knelt between my legs.

“By the end of the day, you’ll be glad it’s a heavy duty rubber honey!” She started sucking on my dick as she unwrapped the condom. It was one of those really thick ones with the reservoir on the end. I hadn’t seen them around in a while and never even thought about buying them with the new thin ones around. Jennifer held up the little bottle.

“OK lover, here’s the game. This stuff is the costume-cement we use when we’re modeling swimsuits to keep our nipples from popping out in front of the camera. It’s totally safe, and I have the ‘antidote’ on my dresser so we can take it off when you get home. Your assignment is to keep this rubber on all day and cum into it as many times as you can during the day. I’m going to get you started now. And you have to wait until you get home to pee, OK?”

“One, more thing. At least one of the times you cum, you have to be in class! Deal?”

All I could do was nod as I watched her roll the condom over my hard cock. She brushed some of the glue around the base of my cock and rolled the condom into it. I barely felt it, as I was wondering how the hell I was going to get through the day with a condom on, and what would happen if it fell off. Meanwhile, Jennifer has started sucking and stroking my dick like there was no tomorrow. She rubbed my balls and rolled them gently around as she jacked my cock, bobbing her mouth up and down to get me off. It didn’t take long for me to get off, and as I shot off into the condom, Jennifer kept the whole head of my cock in her mouth, sucking all the cum into the end of the condom.

As my cock went soft inside the condom, Jennifer checked to make sure the seal was secure. Once she found that it was, she started squeezing the rubber all around my cock, spreading the cum all over my cock. She kept saying “Oooh nasty!” over and over as she pulled and squeezed on the condom. She pulled my foreskin all the way back through the condom and made sure there was cum completely all over my cock. It did feel pretty nasty, and my cock started to get hard again as she squeezed and played with the cum inside the rubber. Suddenly she stood up.

“OK. There you go lover boy. Oh, and one more thing, you better wear kartal escort your baggy pants and your big sweater, because you’re not getting any underwear today either.”

I accepted my nasty fate with a grin and went to get dressed. I was afraid to pull on the rubber but there was no way it was coming off. It was going to be a long, hard day.

I didn’t even make it to school. Halfway there I started thinking about which class I was going to jerk off in, and my cock got hard. It was a really sensual, nasty feeling, all that cum around my cock, and I knew Jenn was going to drink at all when I got home seven hours later. I undid my pants and squeezed the end of my cock with my fingers as I steered with my left hand. I tried not to pull too hard on the condom because I was afraid it would either come loose or break, so I was mostly just massaging the end of my cock with my fingers. All the cum around and under my foreskin made it easy, and two blocks from the school parking lot I came inside the condom again. I carefully tucked my cock back into my pants and zipped up. There was a lot of cum pooled in the end of the condom and I hadn’t even gotten to first period.”

I was lucky I didn’t have gym that day, and I knew right away which class I was going to jerk off in. We had those language labs where you sit in a little booth with headphones on and I knew I could get away with it there. Not only that but Miss Kennedy, the French teacher was a really hot babe, just a few years out of high school. She had nice big tits and seemed to like showing them off. It would be perfect.

Sitting still in class wasn’t too bad, it was getting up and moving around that got me going. I had a math test in first period and I had to stay focused to get it done. But every time I moved in my seat it brought my attention back to the cum-filled condom squishing and sliding on my cock. The slightest movement and my cock started to grow. Several times I had to stop and force my mind back to the test, especially when I started thinking about jerking off in Ms Kennedy’s language lab while I watched her tits.

I made it through the math test and survived walking through the halls with a hardon to my next class. I made it all the way to fourth period, my French class with Ms Kennedy. It hadn’t been easy. I spent almost the whole morning with a hardon, trying to hide it behind my books or cover it with my sweater, constantly readjusting my cock and remembering that I had to be careful not to tear the condom or pull it loose. All I could think about was Jennifer eating all my cum when I got home. Was she going to play with it? Pour it out into something else or eat it right from the condom? Would she rub some into her luscious tits or swallow it all like a needy slut?

In Ms Kennedy’s class, I sat in the back row off to one side, hoping that no one would take the booth next to me. Someone sat there, but I kept my head hidden in my booth so I wouldn’t have to think about who was sitting next to me while I played with my cock. As I had hoped Ms. Kennedy took her seat on a stool on the raised platform at the front of the room where she could see all of us. Lucky me! She was wearing a tight blue sweater-dress with a belt that emphasized the size of her boobs. She had on some shade of blue stockings, probably pantyhose, but what the hell. I wished for a moment that I had the nerve to sit in the front row but it was too risky.

We all put on our cheesy headphones with the little microphone attached so we could do the exercises. I left the headphones half off my ears so I could hear anyone passing by, and started massaging my already hard cock through my pants. The rubber had stretched out enough that it was somewhat loose on my cock now even though I was completely hard. I stared at Ms Kennedy as she listened in on students around the room. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but every now and then she would lean forward to push the buttons on her console. I strained to get a better look at her tits and squeezed the head of my cock through my pants. Eventually I realized I wasn’t going to get off this way. I’d already shot two loads that day and though it was no big deal (I have cum eight or more times in a single day), I wasn’t on the hair trigger I would have been if I hadn’t cum already.

Keeping my eyes on Ms. Kennedy, I reached down and undid my zipper. I carefully extracted my cum-and-condom covered cock and made sure that the zipper was out of the way so the condom wouldn’t get caught. I grabbed the head of my wet, sloppy cock through the rubber and slowly forced the foreskin back until the head of my cock was completely bathed in cum. Wrapping my fingers around the head of my cock I began to slowly stroke my cock, short strokes, as much as the condom would allow. It was incredibly erotic. I slowly slid my left hand up under my sweater and started rubbing my nipples, first one and then the other as I stroked my cockhead and felt the sensations ripple through me. Then I looked up and stared at Ms Kennedy, talking into her little mic, uncrossing her legs and leaning forward to switch channels again. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to cum this way. I just had to keep from making too much noise or breaking the fucking condom.

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