Our First

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We are spending our very first weekend together. I found a lovely, getaway for us. It is a lovely cabin near the water, with a large veranda, a huge living room with a big fireplace and a lovely rustic, romantic bedroom. It was one of only five cabins. There was also a lovely restaurant and bar. I knew you would love it here. For the past four months we spoke endlessly. Online chats, long telephone calls, naughty little messages sent from one to the next. All of this building up to a heightened desire to be together in person.

On my drive to the cottages, butterflies swirled in my tummy and I seemed to be driving forever. I was nervous, a good nervous-great anticipation.

I got there around noon. I went to our cabin. You had already gotten there. You left a note to meet you at the bar.

I wore a light green sundress, your favourite colour. It reflects nicely against my smooth dark skin. It had delicate little straps and a low cut, showing a little bit of cleavage, just enough to tease you. It flowed nicely to just above the knee. It was complimented with a pair of black slippers – about 3 ½” – enough to be seductive and sexy with out being outright trashy. I let my hair down, remembering how you expressed liking flowing hair. I felt very sensual and sexy. I knew you would be pleased.

I walked to the bar and there you were flashing that same brilliant smile I had seen in your photos. You looked handsome and crisp in a nice pair of khakis and brown shirt, that brought out the warmth in your eyes. I approach you with much more confidence and calm than I am feeling. As if sensing my unrest, you smile again making me feel better. We embrace, it feels so good to be here, holding you, as I have dreamed of and longed for.

We sit at the bar for some time, relaxing and warming up to each other. We talk lightly, laughing and giggling. We seem to be the only persons there apart from staff. We have a light lunch and enjoy the well made Pina Coladas As it got later we grow a bit more serious, looking each other’s eyes, deciding if we can trust our souls to this other person, who is so important, yet so unknown. I was about 5 in the afternoon and we finally leave and bakırköy escort head back to our cabin.

We sit on the veranda in some lovely wicker chairs, looking out at the beautiful sparkling water, enjoying the lovely breeze, and deciding to take full advantage of it. We slip inside and changed into our swimsuit heading of to the shore. We stroll along the beach. The sand is warm, The sky is clear.

We sit like children in the sand and for the first time since we meet the conversation turn sexual. You tell me how much you had longed and yearned to meet me. To touch me, to kiss me. And then,… we lean into a kiss, one perfect kiss, the way I knew it would be when our lips finally touched. I feel a shudder rippling through me as your tongue touches mine. It’s a devastating, mind blowing kiss, full of passion and lust. Our tongues and mouths greedily seek the others, swirling together, sucking, nipping, biting each others lips gently. I feel totally lost in the feelings of your mouth on mine, finally on mine.

I can feel my heart thundering in my chest, a deep ache throbbing within. Your fingers tangle in my soft hair, holding me close to you. We start to rub against one another. Little whimpers seem to be ripped from deep inside me. You reach behind me and untie the bikini top and it drifts down. You pull back, drawing in a deep breath, I see pure lust in your eyes. You slowly reach-up, cupping them with your hands. You guide me back unto the sand and plant gentle kisses all around my breasts. Then finally you take one nipple into your mouth, my body shudders with the feel of your lips. You kneel between my legs, spreading them wider with your firm hands. You began kissing your way down to my stomach.

Your hands slip inside my tight bottoms, slowly peeling it down my hips. I lift to allow you to do so. You draw back looking directly at my pussy, that was so clear to your view, your use. You begin massaging my thighs, my back arches slightly, and your hand begins to move from my thigh towards my quivering pussy. You part my outer lips and run the palm of your hand against my clit, stoking my inner fires. my body jerks in response, followed beşiktaş escort by a deep guttural groan. You lower your head, inhaling deeply my musky, heavy, totally female scent. And then you lean closer in and start to lick at my wetness, from bottom to top, these long smooth strokes, driving me wild underneath you. I groan, I whimper, I plead, and you give. You begin sucking on my clit, and swirling your tongue around it at the same, pushing me to a new level of arousal. My hips buck against your face, lifting and lowering in an instinctive rhythm. You follow me relentlessly, devouring me and then sliding one finger deep inside me, following with another, sliding them in and out while focusing you attention on my clit. I feel myself slowly building as the waves were out in the ocean, slowly picking up speed as they travelled. And then my body locks becoming rigid as the convulsions hit me, staggering in their intensity and I come crashing down as the waves crashed unto the shore. I cry loudly as my stomach muscles clench and tighten. My body shudders in the aftershocks and you stay with my as they fade slowly away. You lay forward, resting on your elbows an begin to plant slow kisses to my stomach, looking wickedly up at me. I stare deep into your eyes, lost in my ecstasy, I now want to please you, to administer to the massive erection I felt against my leg, as your cock strained beneath your briefs…

My hand reaches around gently rubbing the back of your neck, as I pull forward, bringing my lips to yours, my tongue flicks out tasting my juices on your lips., my tongue explores your mouth. Our lips and tongue caught up in dance of a passion. I pull away and look into your eyes.

You knelt before me, satisfied with my warm glow,.

Now caught up in an overwhelming hunger, my hands seek your erection. Lost in each others eyes, no words are necessary, we simultaneously change positions, never for a moment loosing eye contact. It was like a trance, the crashing of the ocean waves only adding to the enchantment of the evening.

As you lay back in the sand, I kneel between your legs and greedily reach into your briefs exposing your throbbing beylikdüzü escort cock to my waiting lips.

I run my tongue over the head of your penis, tasting the sweet, pre-cum I knew was from your previous excitement about being between my legs. I slowly take your entire cock into my mouth. You moan with pleasure as you run your hands through my hair and my lips ran along the full length of your spectacular hard-on. My right hand slowly creeps up your chest to your nipple as I continue to work on bringing you to the same joyous ecstasy you had with me. Your muscles tense and your moans grew louder as I work my lips and mouth up and down your throbbing hard-on.

Now diverting my attention to your balls, I take them in my mouth one at a time, gently, sucking them even more gently, feeling them clench and unclench and loving the changes in your body, changes I brought on. I work my way back up to the head, finding precum glistening on it, I slowly wipe it away with the tip of my finger. I look up and made eye contact again. Your head roll back for a minute, then return to watching me. I smile, bringing my finger to your lips. You hungrily accept as my mouth work along your swollen head, and my hand around the balls and the shaft, twisting slightly. I soon feel your penis get rock hard and start to twitch. Positioning my thumb by the vein at the base so that I could control your cum, not yet I thought to my self. I slid my body onto yours, kissing your neck and face, and teasing you further by rubbing my extremely wet pussy along the entire length of your cock. You try trusting into me, I wouldn’t let you.

But my teasing couldn’t last long. We both couldn’t take it anymore and you grab me by the hips and throw me over onto the sand. Thrusting yourself deep into the folds of my sweet, wet cunt, you pound me like our lives depended on it.

Our lips bit at each other in raw animal lust. You take my erect nipples into the warmth of your mouth, sucking and licking at them furiously.

The waves seemingly crash harder and louder as your cock thrust harder and deeper into my pussy as I scream out in pleasure. My hands clawing into your back, I came sweet, sticky cum, coating your cock as you also groaned pulling out shooting your warm over my quivering pussy, stomach and breasts. My body shivers as my orgasm subsides. You collapse unto me, kissing my neck, my chin. We were both in sheer bliss. Our bodies tangled in a mixture of sweat, sand and pure love…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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