Our Family Fights Temptation

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For the last 4 months our parents have been remodeling and I have had to share a bedroom with my younger brother. Actually we have had to share my bed.

My parents started this project about the time we got out of college for the summer and it looks like its going to be a long three months.

This is embarrassing because we are no longer children and I felt very exposed sleeping with him like this, at first

I would notice him looking at me while we were getting ready for bed and I found it oddly exciting.

At first I tried to ignore his repeated glances but eventually I couldn’t continue to act as if nothing was going on between us.

We didn’t really talk about it but we were both aware of a subtle excitement between us.

We would sit around in our underwear or pajamas talking with one another. While we talked I would see him glance casually at my breasts and then look away quickly when he sensed that I had caught him.

As I watched him look at me my nipples would slowly become so hard even he could see them through the material of the pajama top or T-shirt I was wearing to bed. Every glance made them a little harder.

It was embarrassing but it was also exciting because his penis would also become erect creating a tent in his underpants. We’d both pretend that we weren’t looking at each other but we really were and we each knew it.

I found I liked him looking at my stiff nipples and took to pulling at them and teasing them in the bathroom so they would be nice and hard before I slipped my top on.

Of course this also made me slippery down below but I didn’t think he was wise to this.

I would be tingling all over because of the effect that I knew that I was having on him.

When we got under the covers we’d lie there and the only sound in the darkness was our excited breathing.

I don’t think either of us slept a wink the first week and I know that he would sneak off to the bathroom in the middle of the night and then come back and sleep like a log.

I thought that he might be jacking off in the bathroom and just to make sure one night I stood in the darkened hall outside the bathroom door listening to him masturbate while I squeezed my soaking pussy through my panties.

I went back to bed and got myself off long before he returned from the bathroom.

If I had left it at this everything would have been ok but I took our teasing up a notch.

I started to show off before we went to bed, walking around topless or naked under a bathrobe. I’d act like it was no big deal standing there topless trying to decide on what I’d be wearing and all the while he’d be staring openly at me.

I’d let the bathrobe fall open exposing a leg and then bend over making sure the top gapped open showing him part of a breast.

I know he was dying to see me naked but I just gave him little glimpses leaving him to stew in his own juices.

I was driving him crazy!

One night he brought home an article about the nudist lifestyle and we decided to experiment with nudism together.

The first couple of nights were very frustrating.

We both stripped naked and as soon as he pulled his shorts off his cock sprang up and bounced a little and then just stuck out of him like a branch.

It was impossible for him to hide his excitement so he got to walk around with his erection bouncing in front of him.

We’d sit there and watch the stupidest TV show we could find but I could never completely ignore the fact that my brother was sitting naked next to me on the little couch with a blazing hard on.

I pretended not to notice but at the same time I would feel my labia slide against one another every time I crossed my legs.

Who am I kidding? I was flushed, my nipples were as hard as little pebbles and whenever I got the chance I’d sit sprawl legged letting him get a pretty good look at my slippery, red and very swollen pussy.

We started turning into bed earlier and earlier, feigning exhaustion we often were in bed before eight PM.

We decided that because we were related that it would be ok to sleep naked together.

I know it sounds counterintuitive but it seemed to make sense at the time.

I mean we’d already gotten pretty open with one another. We’d become very aroused together and after all, I wasn’t even considering letting him slide his cock into me.

I will admit that I thought about what it would be like to feel him pump me full of warm cream, almost certainly letting him knock me up…but we weren’t actually doing it.

We’d just keep using self-discipline.

You know…look but not touch.

It was liberating to walk around naked in front of each other as we prepared for bed. His erection would sometimes droop a little but then it would get hard again.

Sometimes he would have a string of pre come hanging from the tip of his rigid erection which would either drip onto the floor or he’d wipe it off with an embarrassed smile

I guess that’s only natural and I tried to ignore it.

I will also admit bostancı escort that I kind of egged him on him by talking about sexual things I had done when we got underneath the covers.

For example I admitted to making out with a girlfriend once when she stayed overnight and he admitted that he and his best friend had spied on me taking a bath and then jacked off together.

“You were watching me?”


“and jacking off together?”


“Did you touch each other?”

“Just a little…once or twice.”

The longer that we whispered back and forth in the darkness the more aroused we both became.

I told him about my friend who stayed overnight and how we had started talking about boys and wound out making out with one another.

“How far did you go?” he asked.

“I let her play with my boobs and we kissed.” I volunteered.

“Anything else?”

“We kind of…masturbated together…most of the night.” I felt him grind his cock into the mattress. I was really getting to him.

I however didn’t let on exactly how wet and swollen I was.

Even though after our little talk he had an erection that he was grinding into the mattress I wouldn’t touch it even though he asked me almost begged me but I refused.

Finally he tried to masturbate right there in the bed with me but I made him stop telling him that I didn’t want him to be spraying his cream all over my bed.

Finally he got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

I waited about five minutes and then I realized that I had to pee and got up and knocked on the bathroom door and then opened it. He had stopped jacking off when I opened the door but we both knew what he was up to.

The only light was a dim night light but I’m sure that he could see even in that dim light how swollen and aroused I was. My nipples were so hard that they hurt and every time my breasts bounced, even a little I felt them tingle in time to my rigid clit.

He was sitting on the toilet his cock shiny with the baby oil I could smell in the air. I told him not to get up and making sure to bounce my breasts once or twice I stepped into the bathtub squatted and began to pee.

For a moment the room was silent except for the sound of my stream hitting the bathtub and then I asked him if he would let me watch him jack off.

He didn’t say anything but started to stroke it slowly as I watched in rapt fascination. The room was silent except for the sound of my diminishing stream hitting the bathtub and his oiled hand moving up and down his rigid and slippery cock.

I didn’t say anything but as soon as I stopped pissing I slipped my hand down to my now dripping and slippery pussy and began squeezing my labia together as I squatted in the bathtub solemnly watching him stroking his rigid cock.

Pretty soon the solitary sound of my brother jacking off was joined by the slippery sound of my fingers making rapid little circles around my hard clit.

I don’t know if he heard me flicking my clitoris, but by the time, a couple of minutes later he started shooting jet after jet of cream into the air I was also creaming right along with him on my rapidly moving fingers.

Things have gotten out of hand.

We thought that just masturbating together in bed would be all right if we promised not to touch one another but it turned out to be a promise that neither of us would be able to keep.

At first we did all right talking back and forth, our knees raised under the blanket. When I heard him squirting his cream into the sheet that would always push me over the edge and I’d start creaming right along with him.

Sometimes I’d stop him and make him go to sleep horny. I’d tell him to save it up and make him promise not to jack off alone.

After three or four nights without jacking off his balls would be huge and his cock would be as hard as a rock from the second we took our clothes off until we turned in to sleep. And that was a long time; we’d started going to bed right after dinner, but we never went to sleep right away.

I would have him massage my back on those nights and sometimes I would feel his cock drooling on me while he did his brotherly duty.

On the fifth night I woke up to find the bed empty and my bladder full. I got right up and opened the bathroom door without knocking and sure enough he was jacking off.

I tried to get him to stop and eventually had to slap his hands away from his rigid cock.

I stepped into the bathtub and immediately without bothering to squat began to pee, the stream arching out in front of me as he watched.

“Can I please just jack off just a little” he whispered breathlessly.

“No” I replied relishing his longing gaze as I relieved myself in front of him. “No touching yourself.”

“All right” he said and getting to his feet thrust his erect cock into my warm stream causing it to spatter against both of us.

“I’m not touching myself” he gasped and looking down I realized that he was about to come right there. As a matter of ümraniye escort bayan fact before I could do anything he began drooling hot cream as my stream bathed the head of his rigid cock.

“I can’t help it” he gasped and even though I had stopped peeing directly onto his cock he shot a jet of cream high into the air that landed across my breasts with a splatter.

He continued to spray me with his sperm until I was covered nearly head to toe with his cream. He’d saved up quite a lot in five days!

Afterward we took a shower together to wash the sperm off both of us and while I stood luxuriating in the warm water he sank to his knees and went down on me until I came in his mouth.

Now we were touching.

At least he had touched me.

Now I wanted to touch him.

I wanted to feel his cock throb as he shot his load and I asked if I could hold him as he did it.

He allowed me to do this but insisted on being able to pull on my aching nipples while he did.

He let me hold his cock as he shot his load into the air. I could smell his cream and I’ll bet he could smell how excited I was as well.

Every time he would gently pinch on my nipple I could feel myself gushing like a slut in heat.

It was so arousing feeling his cock get all thick just before he started to come. I would tighten my fingers around the shaft and try to stop him but my little fingers were no match for his burning need,

Even as I whispered at him that he shouldn’t be squirting in front of me I would feel it start to pulse under my tightly clenched fingers and then I would hear him whimper trying to stifle himself and then the sound of his sperm spattering all around us.

I’m not proud of this but after a couple of experiences like this with him I just flipped over spread myself wide and flicked my own clit until I climaxed violently in front of him while the cream was still squirting out of his dick.

Now we would lie in bed desperately touching one another until he spilled his warm sperm all over my slippery hands and I would cream openly like a slut all over his fingers as he flicked my clit back and forth.

I started playing with him more and more until every night we were masturbating each other to a shuddering mutual climax.

Sometimes one or the other of us would wake in the middle of the night and catch the other masturbating and then we’d do it all over again.

We even did it while we were sleeping.

The other night he slid his hard cock between my legs while I was sleeping and started to slide back and forth between them. The way I was sleeping his cock slid directly against my pussy so I was already aroused by the time I actually awoke and discovered that this was going on.

Before I could say anything I felt his cream flow over my very rigid clit and despite myself climaxed right along with him.

He started pressuring me to let him put it in me. He promised at first that he wouldn’t come inside of me.

Later, I realized that was all just talk. Coming inside me was his whole goal. Mine, too, I think. I’m afraid of getting knocked up but I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have him fill me up with his warm sperm.

I tried to compromise with him and offered to let him spray his come onto my ass when he had to but he wanted to do it inside of me. When I told him that I was a virgin he offered to gradually break me in by putting objects inside of me while I watched him jack off.

We had been doing this together for a few days. I like the way that I feel sitting there with my legs spread and a shiny little vibrator sticking out of my pussy while he goes at it finally spraying his hot come onto the vibrator buzzing away buried in my slick pussy.

The conversations we started to have while I watched him jack off were becoming more and more intense.

I’d sit there with the vibrator humming away inside of me and he’d say stuff like, “How does it feel?”

“The vibrator?”

“Yeah.” He’d say his cock making a slippery sound as he jacked it eyeing the tip of the vibrator sticking out of my swollen little hole.

“It feels…nice.”

“Is your clitoris…hard?”

“Yes…very hard.”

“Is it because of the vibrator?”


“And what?”

“Because you’re watching me…because I’m sitting here with my legs spread…letting you…look at me… while you…jack off.

He continued masturbating for a minute or two and then said, “Can I see your clitoris?”

Wordlessly I spread my slippery lips exposing a bright red and very rigid little clit.

“It certainly looks hard, why don’t you touch it and tell me if it’s as hard as it looks.”

As soon as I felt my fingers slide against my hard little nub I knew that I had gone too far.

My finger seemed to take on a life of their own and began describing slow lazy circles around my clit. Not really touching it directly but definitely stimulating it making it harder, more aroused.

“Does that feel nice?” He asked, slapping kartal escort his cock that sent droplets of pre come flying.


My finger continued making slow circles around my clit while the other hand cupped a breast and then began to lightly touch my rigid nipple.

I knew I should quit but I couldn’t stop diddling myself even with my own brother watching. I liked him watching. I felt like a slut and I liked feeling that way I continued teasing my clit, feeling his eyes on me as I did.

“Do you ever think about what it would be like…”

“What?” I gasped now directly rubbing my clit.

“What it would be like to be fucked…by more than one guy?”

“I’d be afraid…of getting pregnant.” I said now masturbating rapidly and shamelessly, relishing his agonized gaze as he stroked his slippery member with an increasing urgency.

“No you wouldn’t…You’d love…getting knocked up…wouldn’t you?” he said.

“I don’t know” I said rapidly strumming my clit, “Would you think I was a slut?”

“Does getting knocked up while I stand there jacking off make you a…slut?”

“Yeah, a dirty knocked up…slut.” I thrust my pelvis forward and then began brazenly and rapidly flicking my rigid nub.

“You like playing with your pussy in front of me, don’t you?”


He slapped his cock again causing it to begin drooling a long string of fluid and then resumed jacking it rapidly making a slippery sound as he did.

“I’ll bet you’d love being filled up with come…”

“I might get…”

“Yeah, pregnant, knocked up…would you let another guy…”

“Fuck my cunt while you watched?”


“Fill me with…hot sperm?”

“Yeah…would you let another guy…”

Fuck me?”


“Well maybe just one other guy.” I said

He motioned for me to get to my feet and said, “Let’s…do it together.”

I got to my feet, still rubbing my clitoris and looked up into his eyes. I could occasionally feel the tip of his dick brush my stomach as he continued jacking off with me.

I leaned forward and brushed my nipples across his chest and then shuddered feeling my own climax begin to build.

“What if one or two of my friends was…fucking you.” he whispered.

“Would you be jealous?” I asked, “or would you be…helping out.”

“I’d be helping” he breathed in my ear. I could feel his cock wetting my stomach as he leaked more and more pre come.

“How would you be helping?” I whispered back, “Would you be…jacking one of your friends off or would you be…fucking me?”

“Both” he whimpered.

I realized that we were both about to do it right in front of each other.

“I’d probably get…knocked up” I gasped.

“Yeah, you probably would.” he said and aimed his cock into the air and began squirting streams of cream which landed on my face shoulders and breasts.

As soon as I felt the first gob of warm sperm land on my cheek I started doing it too.

I couldn’t help myself.

I joined him and still strumming my clit like a slut climaxed violently spraying his legs with my own cream and gasping, “I’d let you both…fill my pussy…I’d let you both do anything.”

The next morning we were so ashamed of ourselves that we avoided one another’s eyes as we got dressed to go to breakfast.

As ashamed as I was I still wound up masturbating about it.

I tried to cool it with him but I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened and soon we were going at it worse then ever.

Last night I put my mouth over the enormous knob at the top of his dick and sucked on it until he nearly erupted in my mouth. He begged me, “Please, let me do it.”

I was going to say no, but then he said, “If you say no, I’ll never do anything with you again.

After a moment’s hesitation I bent over and prepared to drink his load but he pulled back and said, “No, let me do it in your cunt.”

I was shocked.

“You can’t do that, you’re my brother.”

“It wouldn’t really count as real sex.” He said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He told me we’d just be practicing and it wouldn’t count as real sex. He has pointed out that I’d gone to the effort of enlarging my hole for the last week or so and now I was big enough for him to be able to fit his hard cock in my slippery little cunt.

I shivered thinking about it.

“What if I get pregnant?” I asked.

“I can’t make you pregnant” he said, “It’s not real sex.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course…”

“But I’m a virgin.”

“So am I but this doesn’t really count because we’re related. It’s only real sex when we do it with someone that we’re not related to.”


Really, we can have…like practice sessions but it won’t really be like we’re really having sex.

“What would you call it?”

“Practice fucking.”

“How is fucking not real sex?”

Since we’re brother and sister we can’t really have sex together. Since we’re only practicing we’ll still technically be virgins.”

Sometime extreme horniness can cause the willing suspension of disbelief.

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Knowing we were both virgins and that we would still be virgins since this didn’t count as sex made it easier.

“You won’t make me pregnant?”

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