Our Desires Ch. 02

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After such an erotic experience last night, we’ve decided that tonight we’re going have a more normal date and take time for just the two of us. We shared such an amazing sexual experience but had little time for each other and I want the opportunity to thoroughly explore your body with my fingers and taste every inch with my mouth. I want so badly to make you beg for release and I wonder, ‘Can I make you beg? With your seductive ways and experience, will I be able to? Will I have the strength?’ I know it will be a challenge. Will I be a worthy opponent? We shall see.

I pace the floor waiting for you to arrive, wondering if I’ll make it through dinner without attacking you. I hear the knock at the door and as I open it, my knees immediately weaken and you reach forward to assist me with a smile of sheer power across your face. I have never met anyone that has the impact that you have on me at first glance. Your smile turns seductive, as always, as you lean in and kiss my lips, pulling me closer. “Mmmmm,” I moan into you and feel myself surrendering right away.

You back away, look into my dreamy eyes and say, “Let’s wait for this. It will be a tease for both of us all night. The anticipation will be torture, but the release will be sweet.”

I nod in agreement, knowing I’ll be wet all night. I gather some composure and muster up the strength to pull your head to me, savagely taking your mouth with mine while I press my body firmly into yours. I grind my groin into yours, suck your tongue into my mouth, kiss those sweet lips then release you. “I’m looking forward to it,” I whisper, never taking my eyes from yours. Suddenly you have a look of shock and excitement on your face, and now you’re a bit unsteady. I smile and walk toward the car with newfound confidence and power but nevertheless little shaky. I can’t believe I was able to do that, and I whisper to myself, “I can’t start doubting myself now! I will be a worthy opponent!” I look back and surprisingly you are still standing in the doorway, mouth gaping. “Come on! I’m starving,” I call out to you.

You make your way to the car with a shocked look still on your face. Up to this moment I’ve been completely helpless in your presence, but now I have taken away some of your power and this excites you. I can see the bulge in your pants as you take your place behind the wheel. You smile at me and say, “This is going to be a very long night.”

We arrive at a very nice, romantic restaurant, in the most luxurious hotel in town. At your request I’m wearing a low cut black dress, stockings and heels, but what you don’t know yet is that I’m not wearing any underwear or bra and the stockings only come to my upper thighs.

We are immediately shown to our table and you order a bottle of very nice wine. You reach over the small table and bursa escort take my hand, as you did on our first date. The difference this time is that it is I who takes your hand to my mouth. I take each finger to my lips and kiss them tenderly, then kiss the palm and take each finger and suck it just barely into my mouth. I never take my eyes from yours and watch you squirm with each movement. Just doing this is making me so wet and I know that my eyes are filled with as much desire as yours.

“You surprise me, my love,” you manage to say in a throaty voice. “I’m sure this is your intent?”

I confirm this with a nod and set our hands back on the table. We eat our dinner, sip the wine and engage in casual conversation. Before we realize it we’ve been lingering in the restaurant for almost three hours, time flies so quickly. I happen to look up and see a gorgeous woman walking back to her table. She notices me watching her and winks at me, before turning around to sit at her table. I almost choke on the food in my mouth as I see a heart shaped birthmark in the middle of her bare back. “Could it be her?” I wonder, and my eyes move to her companion and sure enough, he is looking right back at me. He nods and then smiles knowingly. I have dreamed of that face and body so many times, since that day at the picnic, and now there he is in the most beautiful blue suit with his lady in a barely there black dress.

You sense a distraction and ask me what’s wrong. I take another sip of wine and eagerly recount the events that took place while I was at my family picnic. You listen attentively with a huge smile on your face as I recall this man watching me masturbate as I watched him fuck this same woman.

“I was so turned on knowing he could see me and the drawing out of sexual release from one another was amazing!” I admit to you. I see you squirm a little in your chair and I know you are rock hard. I remove my shoe and reach my foot across the table between your legs to rub your throbbing member. You jump when I first touch you and squirm even more as I continue the foot massage. You have to loosen your collar and take another sip of wine.

“I don’t know how much longer I can wait,” you whisper to me. I continue rubbing you and smile seductively.

I look back at the familiar couple and he is talking real fast to his girl with a huge smile on his face, I’m sure recounting the same events. He looks up at me and flashes a sexy smile and then she turns to smile at me as well. They are truly a beautiful pair of people and so many thoughts are running through my mind at that moment. I turn my attention back to you and you remain intrigued at my story, perhaps even a bit shocked as well. I think you are realizing that you may have underestimated me in so many ways.

We decline escort bursa dessert as we are both so horny, we would surely get kicked out if we stay any longer. You tell me that you have gotten us a room and you show me the key, as I had expected. I excuse myself to go the ladies room before heading up to our room. Stealing a quick glance back, I bypass it entirely and make my way to the front desk. I giggle to myself, as the front desk clerk gets me another key. Spotting a notepad, I write down the room number and wrap the key in the note. A little excited, I take a deep breath, and head back to our table. “Oh, I wonder how this will be?” I think to myself as I take my seat again.

As we leave the dining area, I ask you to walk in front of me so I can check out your tasty looking ass. My request actually makes you blush, but you do lead the way out. As we pass their table, I slip the piece of paper and key to my former masturbating partner.

Once alone in the elevator, I pull you to me and take your mouth once again. I reach down between us and rub your still hard cock. I can feel it throbbing in your pants, as you moan into my mouth and I feel your body surrendering to me. I hold the back of your head firmly and press your mouth harder to mine. I release you as the door opens and step out but you just stand there seemingly in shock until the door almost closes on you. I laugh and wonder if that was how I looked the last time.

As we slowly walk side by side towards the room I lower the front of my dress, exposing my breasts. You look over at me just as I am massaging my nipples, and trip and nearly fall. I raise my dress just enough for you to see the top of my nylons wrapped around my thighs, and let your imagination take over. You quickly remove your tie and jacket and I can see the sweat beading on your forehead. I like how it feels to have this effect on you, especially when you start to unbutton your shirt and have it almost off as we reach the room. Once inside you pick me up and literally throw me on the bed, and then quickly discard the rest of your clothes, before pouncing on top of me. Your hand immediately goes up my dress to my panty less crotch. You look at me in disbelief then crush your mouth to mine, savagely taking my tongue into your mouth. I can feel my pussy getting so wet as you rub my clit hard and then thrust two fingers inside me and fuck me with them fast. My legs spread wider and my hips rise up to meet your thrusts.

I moan into your neck and feel myself slipping away, surrendering to you. I nibble lightly on your neck and listen to your moans as I increase the pressure. The louder your moans become, the more and more resilient I become. I reach down and put my hand over yours to help you bring me to orgasm.

“Oh yes, finger fuck me, baby! escort bursa I want to cum all over your hands!”

Fueled by my words you fuck me harder and deeper with your fingers, my juices running down your palm. You slide a finger into my ass, deep, causing me to scream, “Ohhhh, my God!” bucking faster at your hands as you bring me to climax. “Oh yes, harder!” I scream as you penetrate deeper into my pussy and my ass simultaneously. The orgasm rocks me fiercely and I grab your hand to slow it so I can recover and catch my breath. My pussy is still squeezing at your fingers and the sensation of your finger coming out of my ass is truly amazing.

I take only a moment to catch my breath and get the strength to push you onto your back. “Your turn now, baby!” I whisper as I straddle you and slowly remove the dress that you’ve pushed around my hips but leave on my stockings. I sit between your legs near your feet facing you. I massage your feet as my feet slowly slide up your thighs and take your cock between them. I watch as your body shivers at the touch and you arch your back to the sensation. I remember you mentioning stockings on our first date and thought I’d see how much you really liked them.

I continue rubbing your hardness between my feet, rubbing in the glisten of cum that surfaces. I can feel you pulse between my feet and it excites me as well. I pull my stockings off and place one over my hand and continue to stroke you, but lap up the next drop of cum that appears. I look up at you and smile at the look of sheer pleasure you have on your face, and then take your hard cock fully into my mouth, kneading your balls with the nylon.

“Oh, Jesus, that feels amazing!” you moan. I take you in and out slowly, rubbing the nylon all over you. Feeling you touch the back of my throat each time I go down has my pussy dripping once again. Your hips thrust at my mouth to force your cock deeper inside. I reach up with the nylon and wrap that hand around your shaft and stroke as I suck you in and out. Sucking you in faster now as your hips meet my lips with each motion, I reach under and stick a wet nylon covered finger into your ass. Your body starts shaking uncontrollably as I finger you slowly and you take a firm grip on to the top of the headboard.

“Ooohhh, fuck! Yeeeesss, fuck me with it baby!” you grunt at me.

I do what you want and fuck you faster and deeper with each thrust. Your cock sinks deeper into my throat with each thrust of your hips. I feel your balls stiffen against my chin; your ass tightens around my finger as I continue my assault. “Ohhhhhh! Fuuuuuucccckk!” You scream as you thrust your cock down my throat and shoot off your warm cum. I feel spurt after spurt rush into my mouth and I slowly ease my finger from your ass. I drink in all that you have given me and suck until I know you have no more. I take off the nylon and toss it on the table.

We hear applause and then, “Quite a show! Bravo!” comes from behind us in a wonderfully sexy female voice; one that I had only heard scream in pleasure before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32