Oral with His Uncle and Aunt

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Doug won’t have oral sex. He thinks it’s dirty. Unbelievable. I guess we all have hang-ups. I knew this when we married, but I thought we’d work our way around to it, with time. We didn’t. Our sex life is reasonably active, but it’s all cock-in-cunt, or maybe shared hand-jobs.

I know that sounds vulgar. I’m not a wanton hussy, desperate to have her pussy licked. But I enjoyed it, back in the day, before I met Doug and we married. I really like sex, and I’m an orally oriented girl, I guess. And I know I’m good at sucking cock … I’ve been told more than once. I like using my tongue, too (I was adventurous with friends, men and women). It was a sexual highlight for me, before me and Doug. I fantasize about taking Doug’s cock in my mouth, but that’s not in the cards.

Doug is a creature of habit, and of firm convictions. This works great for me everywhere but in the bedroom.

I’m Kelly. I’m 42 years old. Doug is 50 years old, and we’ve been married for 10 years. Second time around for both of us. But I hadn’t expected to go 10 years without oral sex. I may complain a lot about my first husband, but I do miss his mouth on me, and mine on him.

And it’s fine, really. But I do think about it. I have an oral fixation. Using my mouth, someone using their mouth on me. I miss it. And I think about it, too much. I had experience with guys, of course. And a few times with lady friends, before I got married. I was rather good at that, too, if I do say so myself! As the years have gone by with Doug, I fantasize a lot.

This weekend we’re heading north, a four-hour drive to the edge of the state forest. Doug and some buddies have a two-night backpacking trip planned for Saturday and Sunday, and we’ll drive home on Monday morning.

On Friday we’re driving to Doug’s uncle’s place. His Uncle Charlie and Aunt Martha live only minutes from the trailhead. Their home will be the gathering point for Doug’s hiking party. I’ll stay with Charlie and Martha for a couple of nights, then head home with Doug on Monday.

I know Charlie and Martha reasonably well. We see them a once or twice a year. I’ve never spent on-my-own time with them, so that’ll be a change.

Charlie and Martha are both retired from state jobs. Mid-sixties, I’d guess. Charlie is thin and wiry. Martha is the model buxom farmwife … although they don’t farm.

As we turned into Charlie and Martha’s driveway late Friday afternoon, Doug asked, “Are you going to be OK with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Martha for a couple of days?”

“Of course, Doug,” I said. “We’ll be fine.”

“I’m going to miss you, Kelly,” said Doug.

“You’re going to have fun with the boys in the woods,” I said. “But I’ll miss you, too.”

As we pulled up by their front walk, Charlie and Martha came out the front door to meet us. Doug and I got out of the car, greeted his uncle and aunt, and shared hugs all round. It seemed to me that Charlie and Martha were hugging me more than in the past, but I could’ve been imagining that.

I brought in my overnight bag, including the few things Doug would need. Doug left his backpack in the trunk, to grab when he headed out Saturday morning.

“It’s only a queen bed, in the guest room,” said Martha.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine, dear,” said Charlie.

“I just thought they may be used to more room, for … whatever … ” said Martha.

“A queen bed is perfect,” said Doug.

“We don’t require a lot of room for … whatever,” I grinned. Charlie and Martha laughed.

“Geez, Kelly!” said Doug, giving me a look, rolling his eyes.

Charlie and Martha just laughed.

We had drinks … beer for the men, white wine for me and Martha … in the living room, chatting for the hour or so before we sat down to supper. Martha had prepared a nice chicken casserole and a green salad, with some crusty French bread we used to sop up the casserole sauce. It was delicious.

At supper, we sat at a small rectangular table in the kitchen area, with two benches for seating, one on each side. Martha and I were on one side, Charlie and Doug on the other. Conversation was easy and pleasant, as it is when you know one another reasonably well, but don’t get to spend as much time together as you’d like.

Martha was up and down a bit during supper, bringing out food, clearing plates, and such.

Each time she sat back down on the bench next to me, she seemed a little closer. I could feel the warmth of her thigh, and we were really rubbing shoulders. Martha was very smiley with me and patted me on the back whenever she rose or sat.

After supper, we returned to the living room, and visited a bit before retiring early, since Doug was making a start in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

In turn, Doug and I brushed our teeth and washed our faces, then undressed for bed. Doug wore an old pair of gym shorts. I’d brought a large t-shirt with me but opted for going to bed naked.

“Naked?” asked Doug.

“Like at home,” I said.

“We’re not at home,” said Doug.

“Well, I’m comfortable here,” I said. “Does it bother escort ataşehir you?”

“No, but it might give me some ideas,” smiled Doug. “Since we’re going to be apart for a bit.”

“Well, well!” I said. “What do you have in mind?” I already had a fairly good idea what we were going to do.

“I thought a little kiss and cuddle, then maybe you could do me,” said Doug.

“With my hand?” I asked. The regular.

“Is that OK?” asked Doug. “I’d really like that. We’ll have to keep it quiet. Don’t want to disturb Charlie and Martha.”

“It’s fine, honey,” I said, shifting closer to him.

We kissed for a while, and Doug fondled my breasts, letting his hand venture between my legs now and then. I squeezed his crotch through his shorts, and he began to harden.

“It’s nice being here,” I said softly. “A fun change from home.”

“Yeah,” said Doug. “I really like Martha, and Charlie.”

“I like doing something in someone else’s home, their home,” I said.

“You’re naughty, Kelly,” said Doug.

“Martha was being really friendly and familiar with me this evening,” I said. “Almost flirty.”

“Martha has always been a bit of a flirt,” said Doug.

“Do you think she’s pretty? Sexy?” I asked. Doug quickly got fully erect and slid his shorts down so I could grasp his hard penis. I guess that answered my question!

“I guess,” said Doug, closing his eyes as I began to jerk him off.

“I think she’s sexy,” I said. “And she acts sort of sexy when she’s being friendly.”

“That’s Martha!” gasped Doug, as I began to move my hand faster, up and down his shaft.

“She seems like the type of woman you’d go for. Earthy and chesty,” I whispered into Doug’s ear.

“She is!” grunted Doug.

“Her breasts look pretty big, and you like that, I know,” I said.

“Yeah,” grunted Doug.

I leaned in close as Doug neared climax. “I love you, Doug,” I whispered in his ear.

“I love you, too!” sighed Doug, pushing his hips up to drive his erection into my moving hand.

I whispered in his ear as Doug’s breathing got very ragged, “With your eyes closed, I always wonder what you’re thinking. Today, maybe about Martha and her big breasts? Here, in her house? Her hand instead of mine?”

And Doug came hard then, spurting into my hand and onto the bed. “Oh, my!” I said.

Doug sank back with a groan. I got some tissue from the bedside table, and cleaned up my hand, the bed, and Doug’s penis. He pulled up his shorts and rolled over to face away from me.

“Thanks, Kelly,” he said. “That was great.”

“You’re welcome, honey,” I replied.

“I better get to sleep,” said Doug. “Early morning coming too soon.”

“Good night, Doug,” I said. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” said my husband. “Can you get the light?”

“Sure,” I said. I got up, naked, turned off the light, and slipped down the dark hall to the guest bathroom. I disposed of the soiled tissues, and stood looking at myself in the mirror, idly tickling my pussy, and thinking about Martha … Doug and Martha.

The next morning, we were all up early to see Doug off. Martha had coffee ready, and we all held our steaming mugs as we said our goodbyes.

“Sorry to dump Kelly on you for a couple of days, Charlie, Martha,” said Doug.

“We’re looking forward to it!” smiled Martha.

“We are,” said Charlie, and put an arm around me to give a little squeeze.

“You have fun, Doug,” I said. “I’m sure we’ll be fine here until you come back.”

“OK, well, I’d best be off,” said Doug. He put down his mug, shook Charlie’s hand, gave me a hug, then gave Martha a little longer one, saying, “Look after Kelly for me!”

“I’ll take good care of her,” said Martha. “We will, me and Charlie.”

And Doug was out the door and on his way.

“Well, now what?” asked Martha.

“I’m going to have another cup of coffee and read the paper,” said Charlie.

“You go sit down, and I’ll bring you coffee,” I said. Charlie smiled and headed for his favorite chair in the living room.

“That’s nice of you, Kelly,” said Martha. “If you take care of Charlie, I’ll go make myself presentable.”

“You look great to me!” I said. “But I’ll be doing the same thing, getting presentable, after I get Charlie his coffee.”

Martha headed off to the master bedroom. I got Charlie his coffee.

“Thanks, Kelly,” said Charlie. “Doug’s a lucky man to have a woman like you.”

“And you’re lucky to have a woman like Martha,” I said.

Charlie laughed. “You and Martha are kind of alike, actually, in my opinion.”

“Alike?” I smiled.

“Well, full-figured, in the right places. And friendly seeming,” said Charlie.

“We’re both busty and smile a lot?” I asked.

“That, OK, well, yes, I guess,” said Charlie.

“I’ll take that as a compliment, sir!” I said.

“You should,” smiled Charlie, looking me up and down. “It was intended that way.”

I left Charlie reading the paper, sipping his morning cup of java, and walked down the hall. The master bedroom kadıköy escort bayan door was open as I walked by, and I paused, glancing in. Martha was standing before a mirror on her dressing table, wearing jeans and a bra … she hadn’t yet put on her shirt. She could see me in the mirror’s reflection.

“Hey, Kelly!” said Martha, turning to face me. “How about you and I take a walk in a few minutes?”

Martha had a large bosom. Her bra held her in pretty well, but her chest still drew my eyes. Martha noticed this and blushed but made no move to cover herself or turn away.

“I’ll put a shirt on before we go out!” she laughed lightly.

“No need on my account,” I said. “You look just fine.”

“Nobody’s checked out my chest in years!” said Martha. “Just my luck it’s another woman!”

“Just my luck to happen by at the right moment,” I smiled, feeling frisky, thinking about teasing Doug and Charlie. “Nice boobs, Martha.”

Martha blushed again. “Oh, my! Thanks, Kelly.”

“And the walk sounds great,” I said. “I’ll be ready in about 10 minutes, OK?”

“OK!” said Martha, and watched me leave, and she smiled when she saw my last second glance at her chest.

Fifteen minutes later Martha and I were strolling down the country lane by their house.

“I’m so happy we get spend a little time together, you and I,” said Martha. “We’ve known Doug so long, and spent lots of time with him, but we haven’t had the same kind of time with you.”

“Doug is very fond of you,” I said. “He’s often talked about things you’ve done together. His stories sound closer than just friends.”

“We’re very good friends,” said Martha. “Doug and I have always had a connection.”

“I told him you were almost flirty with me at supper yesterday, and I think he wished he’d been sitting closer to you,” I said.

“Doug used to flirt with me,” said Martha. “I enjoyed flirting back.”

“But he doesn’t flirt with you now?” I asked.

“We got a little too close to actually doing something, some years ago, before you two married,” said Martha. “I turned down the heat, I didn’t want to cheat on Charlie, and Doug backed off the flirting. His first wife didn’t like it at all.”

“I like getting this sort of back-story,” I said. “Doug would never talk about anything like this.”

“You and I have the same sort of look,” said Martha. “I’m older, of course, and a bit bigger on top, but I think we have that thing that men like Doug, and Charlie, want.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I’d call it a sort of motherliness, which I don’t mean to sound like a put-down,” said Martha. “A big-busted, sturdy, but not fat, physique. Ready smile. Forthright in communication.”

“I like us, and we’re both like that,” I said. “And natural, somehow … assuming you don’t bikini wax, and that you don’t have implants. Not that I’d judge you harshly if you did, Martha!”

“None of that for me,” said Martha. “My boobs sag, and I’m all natural, as Mother Nature intended.”

I laughed. “Me, too, Martha. Sagging and hairy! We’re both beautiful, conservatively dressed earth-mothers!”

“You’re certainly beautiful, Kelly,” smiled Martha. “I’m getting a little old for that.”

“Not at all!” I protested. “I think you’re gorgeous! So does Doug, based on that long-ago flirting. And I know he still fantasizes about you, based on last night.”

“What happened last night?” asked Martha.

“It might be too personal, I don’t know …” I said.

“You’ve already complimented my boobs today, Kelly!” laughed Martha.

She pulled her shoulders back a little so that her chest stuck out. She knew I was looking.

“They look really good to me,” I laughed, too.

“I never thought I’d hear you say you liked my boobs, Kelly!” said Martha.

“I never thought I’d get to tell you,” I said.

“Thanks again! Now, what about last night?” asked Martha.

“OK, OK,” I said. “So, I was just sort of taking care of Doug … you know, like a wife should in bed, and I asked him if he was thinking about you, and your figure … well, your boobs, breasts, and maybe your hand instead of mine, working on him, and that’s when he … reached the finish line, if you will.”

“Oh! Oh, so, you’re speculating that he was indeed thinking about me, when he … reached the finish line,” said Martha. She reached over to touch my arm when she said this.

“Yes, and I don’t blame him. I’m sure either of us would do you given the opportunity,” I laughed. Bold.

“Do me?” asked Martha. “What does that mean … no, wait, I can guess!”

Martha blushed and looked away.

“Sorry!” I said. “A rude and naughty turn of phrase.”

“We certainly got into bedroom talk in short order!” laughed Martha. “La! The idea of you suggesting that Doug, or you, might ‘do’ me! It does sound so rude and naughty!”

“It sounds shocking when you play it back to me,” I said. “Oops.”

“The idea of something sexual with my husband’s nephew, and his wife!” giggled Martha. “I never dreamed!”

“You didn’t?” I asked.

“Well, escort bostancı I don’t mean anything, Kelly!” said Martha. “Doug, back in the day, yeah, I thought about him.”

“I’m sorry, Martha,” I said. “I feel like a potty-mouth, talking about this stuff.”

“Don’t apologize, Kelly,” said Martha. “Given the opportunity and the right circumstances, I’m sure I’d ‘do’ Doug … and you, too!” She laughed.

“At the same time?” I laughed.

“Both of you? Oh, my! Well, given the opportunity and the right circumstances!” laughed Martha. “You told me Doug probably fantasizes about me, and you like my boobs. My breasts are pretty big, I know!”

“What about Charlie?” I asked. “Doesn’t he get to play?”

“Maybe,” said Martha. “In the last couple of years, he’s been really interested in watching … whatever. Which makes it tough since it’s just him and me.”

“Watching?” I asked. “How does that work?”

“Oh, dear, are we really going to talk about this?” asked Martha, very red in the face.

“Not if you’re uncomfortable with it,” I said.

“It’s just, unusual, is all,” said Martha.

“I’m just … interested in you and …” I started.

“You’re interested in me?” asked Martha. She touched my arm again.

“Sure, and how a lovely mature couple, like you and Charlie, works out that end of things,” I said.

“OK, then. Here goes. For us old stay-at-homes it means we … masturbate together and he enjoys watching me do it,” said Martha, blushing. “We used to … well, use our mouths, too.”

“Oral sex,” I said.

“Right … oral sex,” said Martha.

“That sounds … interesting,” I said. “Good, I mean.”

Martha laughed. “Charlie hasn’t used his mouth on me in a while, but I’ve used mine on him. Mostly, we’re watching one another. You still think that’s interesting, good?”

“Sure, I do think so,” I said. “Watching, being watched, during intimacy, even-self-touching intimacy. That sounds good.”

“Charlie likes it, or finds it exciting, anyway,” said Martha. “Often, I do, too. Why is that?”

“Voyeuristic taboo, exhibitionism,” I said. “I think those things can be arousing. Also licking and sucking, of course!” I laughed.

“Well, from my limited experience with Charlie, I agree,” said Martha. “My goodness! Now you know almost everything about our intimate lives!”

“I hope you don’t mind,” I said. “It’s sexy to think about. I like it.”

“To think about?” asked Martha. “What? Who?”

“We were just talking about you and Charlie,” I said.

“For you to think about me and Charlie?” asked Martha. “Doing what we do? You think that’s sexy? I don’t believe it.”

“It’s sexy, to think about you and Charlie, naked, touching yourselves, giving each other pleasure by doing that, together,” I said.

“You’re imagining us naked touching ourselves!” gasped Martha.

“That seems to me what you described, and I have a vivid imagination,” I said. “Please don’t be embarrassed. I think it’s lovely … and sexy! I’m enjoying the mental image.”

“Oh, Kelly!” said Martha.

“Is that bad, Martha?” I asked.

“It just doesn’t seem like anything … special … what we do,” said Martha. “Nothing compared to what youngsters like you and Doug must get up to.” Another arm touch.

“We’re way more plain-vanilla than you’re thinking,” I said. “Occasional missionary position intercourse, and a hand-job now and then, like last night. “

“So, no … oral sex?” asked Martha shyly. “For you and Doug?”

“Doug won’t,” I said. “He just won’t, he thinks it’s dirty.”

“Him on you, or you on him? If that’s not too personal,” blushed Martha.

“Doug won’t do either,” I said.

“Oh. You’re right, I never would have guessed,” said Martha. “Charlie and I liked it so much.”

“I do … or I did … too,” I said. “With my first husband, and before. But there are always compromises in life.”

“We’re talking about such intimate things!” exclaimed Martha. “Things I never get to talk about. Things I never thought I’d talk about.”

“It’s OK, though, isn’t it?” I asked. “Friends?”

“Of course!” smiled Martha. “Good friends!”

“And I hope we can be even closer friends, Martha,” I smiled back.

“You’re lovely, Kelly,” said Martha. “And it is OK, talking about these things, thinking about them, with you. Thank you.”

She put her arm around me, and we walked like that for few steps.

“I told you, it makes me feel sexy to talk like this with you!” I said. “It’s fun, nice. I like it.”

“I have something I want to ask,” said Martha. “I’m embarrassed and nervous, but I want to ask anyway.”

“Go ahead,” I said. “You won’t offend me, whatever it is. I’m quite open-minded.”

“OK,” said Martha, taking a deep breath. “You talk as if you’re so … experienced, and I just wondered … well, oh, I should just spit it out! Have you ever used your mouth on another woman?”

“Wow,” I said. “Martha.”

Martha’s face fell.

“That was silly of me,” she said.

“Not since college, or soon after, anyway,” I added.

Martha’s eyes looked bright.

“We were just experimenting back then. I’m sure you did the same,” I said.

“No, no. I got close with a woman, experimenting, more recently, but nothing really happened,” Martha blushed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32