One Summer Night

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Emily was a curious 18 year old girl. One thing that she was very curious about was her pussy. Therefore, it was not uncommon for Emily to touch herself late at night, when she thought everyone was sleeping.

One summer night, when Emily’s older brother Danny was home from college, Emily ran her hand down her stomach. She hit the band of her underwear and slipped her hand under it. Then she felt her pubic hair. She liked the feel of the course hair against her fingers. But that was not what she wanted tonight. She kept sliding her hand down until she reached the top of her warm slit. She gently pushed one finger into the folds of skin and found her small sensitive bump. Emily stroked it for some time, enjoying the sensation that ran through her body. Then, almost unexpectedly, Emily let out a soft, low moan. She continued to run her fingers over her clit and more soft moans escaped her lips. She didn’t think anyone else would hear them. But she was wrong.

In the room next to hers, Danny lay awake. He didn’t know what had woke him up, but now he could hear the sounds coming from his sister’s room. Danny smiled to himself and tried to ignore it. But she kept going. After a while, Danny could feel himself getting hard.

This is my sister! He told himself with a disgusting feeling in his stomach. But it wouldn’t hurt if I just listened.

But that didn’t seem to satisfy Danny. Emily had finally grown quiet after one long last moan of release. Danny wanted to hear more.

He got out of his bed and crept down the hall. He ataşehir escort bayan could see the outline of Emily’s body from the light coming through her curtains. She wasn’t moving and he thought she was just asleep. Danny silently waked closer to his sister’s bed. He could see her pink underwear where her nightshirt had slipped up. He had the urge to pull them off of her. But then she moved. Emily rolled onto her back, exposing her small mound underneath her panties. Danny couldn’t restrain himself. He reached down and touched it with one finger. He ran his hand along the hem of her underwear. Emily seemed to respond to this in her sleep. She moved her legs apart a little bit and Danny could tell that he would have a pleasant handful if he just put his hand under her panties.

For a few seconds, Danny stood frozen. He was torn between wanting to touch her and considering that it was his sister. Finally, his natural needs overtook him. Danny slowly slid his hand down Emily’s leg. He pushed his fingers under the edge of her underwear and felt her rough hair. Then he felt her warm, moist slit. He knew he wanted that. He moved his hand a little bit more and felt her clit harden under his fingertip. He began massaging it and he felt the stirrings in himself. He kept moving his fingers all of her beautiful area.

“Danny,” she let out a moan, much like the ones from earlier. Danny froze. She knew it was him. What would she do if she woke up? He pulled his hand out of her underwear and slowly began walking away from her bed.

But escort kadıköy this did wake Emily up. “Why are you leaving? Aren’t you going to finish what you started?”

Danny didn’t know what to say or do. He watched his sister arch her back and pull her underwear off. He could feel his own cock harden even more. Emily was watching him with pleading eyes. “Please Danny. Don’t stop.”

He stepped forward and reached his hand out again. He moved it over her warm slit and looked into her face. She really does want this! He thought to himself.

Emily reached out and pulled Danny’s boxers down to his knees. His big cock popped out and stood straight off his body. Emily began stroking it and pushing her own body into his hand. Danny reached down and put his fingers inside her slit again. She moaned as he ran his fingers over her clit and down into her pussy. Emily sat up and gently pulled Danny closer to where she was laying on the bed. She put her mouth on the end of his cock. Danny thought he was going to explode right there. But he kept control of himself. Emily moved her mouth up and down her brother’s cock, tasting every inch of it. She kept her hand on it and stroked it as she pulled it in and out of her mouth. Then she moved down to his balls. She sucked on them one at a time, putting the whole thing in her mouth and licking the skin.

Emily couldn’t stand it anymore. She pulled away from Danny’s cock and looked up at him. “I want you to be my first.”

“What?” Danny looked down at her, confused.

“I bostancı escort want you to be the first person to fuck me. Please, fuck me brother!” She almost moaned the words to him. He knew right away that he would be more than willing to do what she asked. He pulled his hand out of her warm slit and crawled onto the bed next to her.

“You sure you want to do this?” he asked her.

“Yes, very much. Fuck me, Danny! Fuck me!”

Danny pushed himself up so that he was straddling his sister. He reached down and grabbed his swollen cock. Gently he guided it right up to her pussy. Danny looked down, into his little sister’s face and pushed his cock into her. She let out a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a cry. Slowly he began moving up and down, in and out of his sister. He could feel her muscle tighten around his firm cock and it felt amazing. Emily arched her back to meet up with her brother’s thrusting.

They went at it for some time, both feeling the awesome sensations flow through their bodies. Danny knew that this was all he ever wanted again. He loved the feel of his sister’s body pressing against his. He loved the way her pussy felt wrapped around his cock. He plunged in again, every time feeling his whole cock go into Emily.

She moaned and pulled herself up to him. “I am about to cum, Danny!”

Danny could feel himself about to explode also. He pushed himself in and out a few more times and he knew that he was going to cum all over his sister’s pussy. Emily was moaning and Danny pushed into her one last time. He felt his hot load cover Emily’s pussy. He pulled out a little and pushed back in one last time.

Danny lay on top of Emily for a while before rolling over beside her. “That was amazing,” he whispered.

“That is only the first time.”

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