One Plus One Equals Three

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(All persons engaged in sexual activity at over 18 years old and any similarities between this story and real life are purely coincidental.)


At 22 years old, my girlfriend and I were living in a small apartment a few towns away from her family. However, when I was assigned to a remote project for at least a year, only coming home a few days each month, we figured we could save a lot of money by having her move back in with her parents. They were very accommodating, happy to have her, and the kind of parents you don’t mind living with.

Having had 8 kids, with only 2 left at home, her sister (18) and brother (15), the house had plenty of room to spread out and not feel cramped.

Melissa had her own, very spacious room that once housed three of them and her sister had the matching room; separated by a shared bathroom. Her brother was happy to have the basement all to himself.

Coming home every few weekends, I was showered with love and the comfort of home-cooked meals, a real shower, a big TV, and someone to look at other than the guys I was holed up with in single-wide mobile home at our remote construction site.

Melissa and I had been dating since we were 18 and living together for the last 3 years. Growing up fast together, we had grown comfortable with each other, yet somewhat stale in the sex department. She was cute and fun to be around, but my time away had been filled with a lot of boredom eating and, even at her own admission, she’d not had the energy to keep her body in the same shape as when I was around.

Her sister Janey, was smoking hot; her long blonde hair would lead your eyes to look at her huge rack (36D according to the bra I saw in the laundry room), and amazingly gorgeous, bubble-ass. She was a partier and was never too shy to wear a revealing bikini in their backyard pool. Janey was, more than once, the subject of my jerking off fantasies. But, I was always nothing but a gentleman at the house.

Getting off work early one week, I knew I could head for home and arrive Friday while everyone was still at work and/or school, surprising them when they arrived home.

Arriving at the house in the midday heat, and having had a long few weeks away, a dip in the pool and an ice cold beer were amongst the first items on my agenda. Once inside, I dropped my stuff in Melissa’s room, changed into my bathing suit, grabbed one of her dad’s beers, and headed for the backyard. I paused cautiously as I walked through the family room, noticing that the sliding glass door to the backyard was open. Figuring someone had carelessly left it open, I slid open the screen and headed out, and then stopped dead in my tracks.

Laying facedown, on a chaise lounge across the far side of the pool, was a topless, bronzed beauty, wearing only thonged, bikini bottoms. With her headphones on, I knew she was oblivious to my presence. As much as I wanted to get closer to her and just sit and wait to see if she’d get up and reveal her tits, I knew better.

I stayed on the opposite side of the pool and dragged a chaise lounge loud enough to attract her attention. Startled, but less so with me safely across the pool, she pulled her towel around her chest, rolled to one side and said, “You scared the shit out of me. You must be John?”

“Um, yes,” I said walking towards her, “And who might you be?”

“Danielle. Dani. A friend of Janey,” she said. “Didn’t they tell you about me?”

“No one was expecting me, so no, they didn’t.”

“I’m living here for a few months. My parents moved away and I’m staying in town before I go away to college,” Dani explained.

“That makes sense. Well, welcome I guess,” I laughed.

“Thanks. Janey’s parents are great and super generous to let me stay here like a member of their family.”

“Yes, yes, they are awesome. I’m just surprised my girlfriend Melissa never mentioned you.”

“It is my day off and so I brought my stuff over today and moved in. I guess she didn’t think about it yet.”

Fiddling around with her top under the towel, she finally sat up and faced me. “It’s hot. I’m jumping in,” she said.

As she walked to the pool, I hoped my staring wasn’t obvious. Holy shit! Dani was about 5′ 2″, a naturally tanned Latina, with fucking huge tits; maybe bigger than Janey’s. Her bikini covered very little of her breasts and even less of her perfect ass. As she came up out of the pool, the cool water had hardened her stiff nipples.

Dani came over, sat cross-legged on the chaise lounge next me, and began to chat, “So, what do you do when you’re away working?”

Trying to avoid staring right into her crotch, where there was little left to the imagination about her tight pussy, I replied, “I am working on the construction of a new, hydroelectric plant on a river in the mountains.”

“Well, that kind of work obviously keeps you in great shape,” she said with a wink. “Any women on the job?”

“No. None.”

“You must come home horny as hell,” she asked laughing?

“Um, bakırköy escort well,” I started to say embarrassingly.

“You don’t have to answer. I’m sure you do,” she said staring at a slight bulge in my swimsuit. She knew she was making me crazy. I got up and dove in the pool hoping the cooler water would reduce my growing cock.

As I came up out of the water, she announced, “I’m going to go shower.”

“Okay.” Thank god she was gone for now and I could relax and not feel like I had to contain myself.

After awhile, I figured I’d head in, take a shower, and go buy some food and surprise Melissa with one of her favorite dinners. I headed into Melissa’s room and toward the bathroom at the far end, which is entered from the two bedrooms through sliding, pocket doors. The door from our side was ajar about an inch so there was no doubt Dani was done in the bathroom. I was partially right.

Dani had left the bathroom and was in the bedroom, with her side of the bathroom doors still open, standing only in her panties; her beautiful tits on full display. “Oh shit. I’m so sorry,” I said turning my head and backing up as I closed the door.

With the door now closed Dani replied laughing, “Don’t worry about it. It’s not like you didn’t see most of it out by the pool.”

Ignoring her comment, I hopped in the shower and thought about what I had just seen. My cock got hard, but knowing I wanted to be at full power tonight for Melissa, I resisted the urge to jack off.

As I was drying off, Dani said through the door, “Hey John, I’m headed out to meet some friends. I’ll see you later tonight or tomorrow. It was fun to hangout.”

“Yeah for sure. I’ll see you later.”

I went grocery shopping and came home with everything necessary to make Melissa’s favorite pasta dish. I was solidly into chopping ingredients when the front door eased open. “John,” Melissa’s voice inquired?


“Oh my god! You’re home. I pulled up and saw your car and thought I was dreaming! You should’ve told me you were coming home.”

“I thought you’d love the surprise, baby.”

“I do. I do. But I made plans all day tomorrow with Sarah. I mean I can change them.”

“No, that’s fine. We have tonight. I’ll golf tomorrow and then we can meet up tomorrow night.”

“Okay perfect. I’m going to change,” Melissa said giving me a kiss. “I’m glad you’re here.”

I know I’m a pig for thinking this, but as she walked away I thought, “She’s definitely no Dani!”

“So, did you meet Dani,” Melissa asked as she came back into the kitchen?

“Um, yes. Yes. She was here when I arrived.”

“What do you think?”

“What do you mean? She’s alright I guess.”

“Oh come on John. She’s hot, but she’s a raging bitch and a borderline whore.”

“Well, sounds like you really like her,” I said laughing.

“I told my parents not to let her stay, but whatever.”

“Speaking of your parents, are they here for dinner? Janey? I have plenty.”

“No. They took Janey and my brother to LA to sign a lease for her apartment while at UCLA next year.”

“Oh, bummer. I thought maybe your dad would play golf with me tomorrow.”

Melissa and I had a good dinner, drank some wine, and caught up on the last few weeks since I’d seen her. As the night wore on, I was getting more and more horny for bedtime. We sat and watched TV a bit and cuddled to the point my dick was hard. I moved Melissa’s hand to my crotch and whispered, “Shall we do it here or in your bed?”

“I’m so tired and I’m meeting Sarah really early. I promise I’ll make it up to you tomorrow night, baby,” she said.

“Oh come on,” I protested.

Grabbing my hard cock through my shorts, she doused what was left of my hopes, “I promise, I promise. Anything you want tomorrow night.”

Melissa got up from the couch and headed towards the room. “I’ll just stay here,” I said in a pouting voice.

After 30 minutes of watching useless TV, I headed for the room to make one last attempt at sex and found Melissa snoring away. Rejected, I went back to the couch to watch more TV.

A few minutes later, I heard the front door ease open and small footsteps come in. “Hello,” I whispered?

“Hey John. It’s Dani,” she replied as she came into the room. She had on very tight jeans and a cleavage-highlighting shirt. “What are you up to?”

“Melissa went to bed so I’m just watching TV.”

“Can I join you,” Dani asked?

“Sure,” I said; probably sounding more enthusiastic than I should have!

“Okay. I’m going to change and I’ll be back.”

Dani came back to the room wearing very short, babydoll shorts and a loose tank top. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Can I join you on the couch,” she asked?

“Uh, yes. Sure.”

Dani sat down, a bit uncomfortably close to me, and promptly pulled a blanket over us. “Is this okay,” she asked patting my bare thigh just below my shorts?

“I suppose if Melissa doesn’t come out,” I joked.

“She beşiktaş escort doesn’t like me, I know. But I’ll be good,” she said flashing me a devious smile.

There was an intense crime-thriller on TV and my sex-starved mindset wasn’t helped by Dani grabbing my thigh in the scary parts. My dick filled with blood and hardened, pushing its way down my leg and through the leg hole of my loose shorts.

At the next scream by the woman in the movie, Dani grabbed my thigh and the head of my hard cock. She pulled her hand away, looked at me with sexy, dark eyes, and placed her warm hand on my thigh; just below the tip of my dick. She started slowly, ever so gently, rubbing my thigh, further adding to my excitement. As her fingers brushed the head of my cock, it was wet with pre-cum. Feeling the wetness, caused her to rub her fingers around it. Wet with my juices, she pulled her hand up to her mouth and licked off her finger with an erotic motion.

Realizing I was sexually entranced, but anxious with a deep fear that Melissa would come out and catch us, Dani took my hand, pulled up her shirt, and placed my hand on her right tit. As I rubbed her breast and pinched her hard nipple, she stroked the full length of my cock.

“We can’t do this. Melissa could come any minute,” I whispered.

“Seems like you might cum any minute too,” Dani laughed. “Come here.” She grabbed my hand and led me and my stiff erection outside.

She down on a chaise lounge and guided me to stand over her. She pulled off her shirt, showing me her gorgeous tits, and pulled my dick out of my shorts. Without hesitation she took it deep into her mouth and started sucking on it. Stroking me simultaneously, she blew my cock like I’d only seen in porno.

My balls, filled with weeks of pressure, weren’t going to last long. I held back from yelling and instead I whispered, “I’m about to cum.”

She backed away a bit and gladly took my projectile blasts of cum on her face and all over her tan tits. The white, hot, sticky cum looked amazing in the moonlight. She gladly licked her lips and the remaining cum off my dick.

Just as I was about to trade places with her, in hopes to at least return the oral sex, the light inside the bathroom came on. “Oh shit,” we both said at the same time.

Dani pulled on her tank top, smearing my cum all over, and darted to a dark corner of the pool deck to hide in case Melissa came out. I tucked my dick back in my shorts and went inside, under the blanket, like I was always there.

The light went out and, after a few minutes of making sure Melissa went back to bed, I brought Dani back inside safely. We kissed, letting our tongues fight for a bit, and then went to our separate rooms. I cleaned up so Melissa wouldn’t smell the cum, and climbed into bed.

The next thing I remember was a light kiss on the cheek, the familiar smell of Melissa, and her whispering, “I’m leaving to meet Sarah. I’ll see you about 6.”

Melissa’s goodbye, and the replay of last night with Dani, woke me up enough that I couldn’t fully go back to sleep. I wondered whether Dani would regret last night. I wondered whether she’d tell Janey. I wondered whether, because of how easy it was for me to do that with Dani, in the same house with Melissa sleeping, whether I needed to rethink my relationship with Melissa. In the end, all my wondering aside, it was the best blowjob I’d ever had and Dani was a sexual dynamo.

I finally got up, figured I’d shower after golf, got dressed and headed out the door. My golf game was a mess. I couldn’t stop thinking about the night before and I couldn’t concentrate long enough to hit a decent shot. After the first 9 holes, I headed for the car and headed home at about 11am. I headed inside, down to the bedroom, and grabbed my stuff for the shower. I didn’t look around the house much, but from what I could tell, Dani wasn’t around. I think because I had come to the belief that Dani probably regretted the night before, I was somewhat relieved I didn’t run into her.

I turned on the hot water and let the shower steam up. Just as I was about to step in I heard a faint sound coming through the window of the bathroom that faces the pool deck. It sounded like faint music and also another noise, but couldn’t figure it out. I stood up on the toilet, opened the frosted bathroom window and peered out. Holy shit! Dani was on the chaise lounge by the pool, sitting face up, topless, listening to music, with one hand fondling her own clit through her bikini bottoms. I was instantly aroused. She was obviously enjoying every minute of herself.

“Fuck the shower,” I said quietly to myself. I changed into a bathing suit and headed out to the pool. As I opened the back door and headed out, Dani was still gently rubbing her pussy. She had sunglasses on and if her eyes were closed, she wouldn’t have known I was coming over. That question was quickly answered when she removed her hand from between her legs, took off her beylikdüzü escort headphones, and motioned for me to come over.

“I was hoping you’d come home soon,” Dani said, sitting there casually topless.

“Sorry to interrupt you,” I said.

“Don’t be silly. I’d much rather have you.”

It was if we hadn’t missed a beat from last night. I sat down on the chaise lounge, we kissed, I reached out and fondled her tits, and she reached for my hardening cock. “You owe me something, big guy,” she stated.

“Oh really, what’s that?”

“I don’t give blow jobs without getting something in return.”

“Oh, is that right? Well, what would please you?”

Dani stood up, slipped out of her bikini bottoms, laid back on the chaise lounge, spread her legs wide, and said, “Eat my pussy. Ravage it.” I put a towel down, got down on my knees, and dove in with my tongue. Dani squealed with excitement and didn’t stop much as I buried my tongue deep in her slit. I drew out her clit with my lips and sucked on it which made her scream again.

“Shhhhhh. Seriously Dani. There are neighbors really close by and it is midday on Saturday,” I whispered loudly.

“You haven’t seen nothing yet,” she said. “Come here.” She jumped up, pausing my oral sex-capades, grabbed my hand and we headed inside. “I’m a screamer, so let’s do it here.”

“Where,” I asked?

“I know a place.” Dani led me by the hand to Melissa’s bed which, fortunately, was still unmade from me sleeping in it. “I want to fuck you where she does.”

As wrong as it seemed, she laid down and I started eating her cunt again. Faster and faster my tongue flicked her clit until finally, she tensed up, letting out an ear-piercing moan, and started squirting her orgasm all over my face, and Melissa’s bed. She grabbed the back of my head, held my face in her soaked snatch, and begged me for more. She came a few more times and finally laid back and melted into the sheets.

Without missing a beat, I moved up, positioned the head of my enormous cock at her pussy entrance and started to slide inside to fuck her. “Oh really, just like that you think we’re fucking each other,” she asked surprising me? She bucked her hips up, throwing me aside and stood up alongside the bed. I was now on my back, my hard dick straight up in the air, and totally shocked by her reaction.

“What,” I managed to ask?

“Just like that. You decide we’re going to fuck and so you shove your cock in my pussy; no condom, nothing.” Fortunately, she didn’t wait long to add, “If we’re going to fuck, I’m going to be on top so I can control things.” She jumped on me, impaled her cunt on my cock, and started screaming with excitement as we fucked cowboy style.

Her tits crashed up and down as we fucked like animals. A few times her big boobs would stay down long enough for me to suck them hard, but the best part was watching her pound away, my balls slapping into her. After what seemed like forever, I knew I couldn’t hold back the pressure anymore and I yelled, “What I shot on your face and tits last night is about to fill your pussy.”

“Fuck me. Fill me. Let me have it all,” she screamed as I started pumping load after load of hot cum into her waiting pussy. She couldn’t hold it all and as we kept fucking it was oozing out everywhere making a huge mess. When we finally finished, we laid together and rubbed the hot, sticky cum, mixed with her pussy juices, all over ourselves and the sheets. We got up, laughed at the mess, and headed for the shower.

It didn’t take long, making out in the shower, for my cock to harden again. Learning my lesson that she liked to control things, I turned her around to give her a hint by rubbing my dick between her ass cheeks. It didn’t take much encouragement. “Would you like to fuck my ass,” she asked?

“I’d love to,” I said as I soaped up my cock, bent her over slightly, and eased it in. Reaching around and squeezing her tits while I fucked her from behind was a fantasy come true that I had never been able to do with Melissa. Her ass was tight and massaged my dick to cumming very quickly.

Finally out of the shower and dressed again, I was once again faced with the mess in the bed. Smart me, I retrieved some OJ from the kitchen, spilled a little on the floor, and then stripped the bed linens and through them in the wash. Dani headed off to work before Melissa got home.

When Melissa got home, I casually explained that I had spilled OJ in her room and on her bed, but I washed everything and was of course very sorry. Perfect story. She’d never find out about the way we’d destroyed her bed with the remnants of our sex romp.

Melissa and I had a nice dinner, went to bed early and made love the way we always had and dozed off to sleep. I woke up to pee in the middle of the night and all I could think about was the incredible sex I had earlier…with Dani.

Sunday morning came and I headed out on my long drive back to work; knowing I wouldn’t be home for a few more weeks. I briefly saw Dani and we, as expected, acted like we barely knew each other. On my long drive back to the site, I couldn’t help but ruminate about all the weekend had involved and whether, as girls talk, Dani would tell Janey, Janey would tell Melissa, and it would all be over. In the end, it was worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32