One Hour – 3PM

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Big Tits

It’s 3pm.

I am waiting, I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Longer than I thought I would. One hour. We have one hour today alone in this hotel, the things I want to do…

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m a little apprehensive. More so than when we meet for coffee, I guess that’s to be expected – I doubt we’ll be drinking coffee this afternoon!

I’m wearing the dress he likes, well, I should say the one he approves of. The one I asked his opinion on a while ago, the one he told me to try on, and fuck myself in the changing rooms while I was wearing it…

There is a knock at the door, I slip my feet into my lace and navy heels and go to answer it.

He’s here, and looks so good, smells so good – as always. I close the door behind him, take his jacket and try to make polite conversation, I really do. I even go so far as to ask if he wants coffee. He gives me a look, it seems to say, ‘we didn’t need to do this here if all I wanted was coffee.’

Coffee is always what I get, but never güvenilir bahis what I want.

He compliments my dress, I flush remembering the pictures I sent him of me in it, my hand deep between my legs.

He puts two fingers beneath my chin and raises it until I’m staring him straight in the eye. “Your time is running, slut. Don’t forget – I said one hour.”

How could I possibly forget. My legs wobble beneath me, it has nothing to do with the heels. He’s never called me a slut in person before. In emails yes, but to hear him actually say it, well, my body is reacting in many ways, and my confidence has arrived.

He’s waiting for me to do what I said I would if we got this hour together. I take a deep breath and I do it. I take him by the hand, our first physical contact in many years, I didn’t think I’d be able to touch him again. I lead him to the comfy chair in the corner, push him gently down into it and grab at his belt. It quickly comes undone. I am not the only one in a hurry, he pulls at his zip güvenilir bahis siteleri as I reach under his waistband.

His cock is already straining, desperate to be released. I oblige, unsure which of us is most grateful as I wrap my hand around it, tugging gently. He moans softly, but I hear it.

I kneel between his legs, tugging on his cock, but I know he wants more. I look at him, it’s a slight nod, but I see it. I lower my mouth towards him, he takes a sharp intake of breath as I cover his cock with my mouth, my eyes on his as I lick the length of his shaft, soft small licks cover his balls, longer slower licks before devouring him. I close my mouth around him, moving up and down his cock, licking over and under, my hand cupping his balls. My tongue swirls over his head again and again – tasting him, moving with more intensity, up and down his cock.

“Look at me, slut”

My eyes meet his once more, I can’t tell what he is thinking.


He doesn’t have to ask me twice as I increase iddaa siteleri the speed. I place my hand on the arm of his chair and he grabs my wrist tightly, so tightly. Moans of pleasure are escaping gently from between his lips, I circle his head with my tongue once, twice, three times more before he gasps and his cum shoots into my mouth. There is so much I feel it escape from the corner of my mouth and drip onto my dress, I don’t care. I’ve been thinking about this for such a long time, it is every bit as good as I imagined it to be, and he tastes every bit as good as I hoped he would.

He releases my wrist as I slowly, regretfully take his cock out of my mouth. He leans forward, wiping his cum from the corner of my mouth with his index finger which he holds before me. I take it in my mouth, wrapping my tongue around his finger, licking every last drop of his cum – I will not get another chance to taste this after today and I will not waste it.

I glance up at the clock, he notices me looking.

“Yes, we have 45 minutes left. I do not intend to waste them staring at the clock, slut.”

He stands, grabs me by the waist and pulls me over to the desk.

“Bend over, spread your legs and put your hands flat.”

I do as he asks – and wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32