Once Unleashed

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Joe Herbst was out of bed early, before 6 a.m., had a nourishing breakfast at the motel where he had spent the night and was at the trail head before time to meet the rest of his group for a five-day mountaineering trip to a high country cabin. At 7 a.m., before some of the 15 members of the party had arrived, he donned his skis and started up the trail. The packed snow made easy travel and he moved with minimum effort up the trail. The dull, gray, overcast day did nothing to deter his high spirits.

Half an hour later he looked back through an opening in the evergreen forest to see other members of his party starting their ascent and felt a momentary sense of pride that he was breaking trail. An hour later the temperature suddenly dropped and gale force winds developed from ahead on the trail. Soon after snow fell an fell side wise in the wind. Then, visibility was measured in yards and finally in feet.

Joe knew that his situation was perilous; if he should lose his way or sustain a disabling injury he would surely perish under the snow where he might not be found till spring. This was not the first time that he had faced perils in the mountains and here was no panic; only, a careful consideration of all the facts relative to the situation. He adjusted his goggles and clothing for the deteriorated conditions and sought the trail markers as he moved steadily forward.

It was just noon when he arrived at his destination and Joe felt a relief at having reached haven of safety. At the door he stomped the snow off his feet in the mud room and removed his boots; then, entered the cabin. Once inside, he found all in readiness and in minutes there was a roaring fire in the fireplace; hot water in the well at the end of the wood range and the running water was turned on. Only then did his hunger assert itself and he sat down to eat his lunch. “The others should be arriving.” he thought.

But they did not arrive. Finally at 1:30 there was a stomping of boots in the mud room; then, silence. Joe went to investigate and found a woman, near exhaustion, collapsed over the mud room floor. He struggled to lift the woman and carry her into the warm cabin…”She must weight at least 150 pounds,” he thought.

Inside he removed the woman’s outer garments and made her comfortable on the sofa, near the fireplace. Next he made a cup of hot tea to overcome her dehydration. As he worked, he talked to the woman and found out her name was Elke Werner-Hobbs. She had left her friends on the trail a mile or two back and was concerned for their safety.

It was then that Joe realized the gravity of their situation. There may be people stranded on the trail, or more than likely, they had returned to the trail head. He went to his pack and removed his cell phone to call 911, emergency as the call went through without a hitch. The operator took the information about the two who were safe. They agreed to save the cell phone battery and that Joe would call at 5:00 p.m. at which time the 911 operator would report the latest status.

By late afternoon, Elke was asleep under two sleeping bags and Joe had cinnamon rolls prepared. He had checked the pantry and found that food would be no problem for several weeks. At 5 o’clock he called the emergency operator and was relieved to find that the rest of the party was accounted for…two were in the hospital with frost bite. The blizzard was the front of a storm front that was expected to last for several days.

Total darkness came early and Joe had the kerosene lamps lit before the telephone call. In the kitchen he began to prepare dinner…

Quietly, out of the darkness of the living area, Elke emerged into the light of the lamps in the kitchen. She looked tired and drawn as Joe gave her the news that the rest of the party was safe. Then she brightened and began to assist with the household chores. “Go get a hot bath and rest while I fix dinner,” he said. “Thanks,” she said and disappeared from the kitchen with one of the lamps.

Minutes before dinner was prepared, Elke returned. Freshly showered and primped she no longer looked beaten and disheveled; rather, she presented a rather stunning appearance as Joe appraised her slowly.

Joe was taken by surprise as he stood looking at the woman before him. At 5′-11″ her blond hair, blue eyes, fair complexion and svelte figure made an imposing scene. “She’s at least 150 pounds and she’s awesome,” he thought. Her pleasant nature and casual attitude made her pleasant company and Joe began to think that this might not be such a bad situation after all.

Through dinner and household chores they talked. Eke drew Joe’s past from him subtly with a few reflective and directive questions and soon he was spilling his most intimate feelings to her. He told her of his divorce and of his ex-wife. He told her how the “ex” had decided that since she was earning four times, as a lawyer, what Joe earned as an engineer that she needed room and their marriage kaçak iddaa was no longer appropriate to her style. He told her of his deep feeling, his rejection, his perceived failure; then, turning to a life style free of attachments… one that didn’t include women and one free of rejection.

“Don’t you like women?” she asked him. “Of course I do,” he answered. “Probably too much.”

Soon it was Joe’s turn to ask. “Are you married?” he asked. “Yes,” she responded and Joe began to feel the familiar feeling of rejection again. Silence followed.

Then, as if to explain her situation further, she continued, “I’m sure you’ve heard this story before. It’s old as the hills.” “My husband has a very different life style from mine. He likes boys and girls and not necessarily in that order.” He is completely self-centered and considers sex a contact sport. His list of friends is made up of countless women and a few men who can satisfy his cravings. He has no capacity for love. I guess I’m a one-man woman and sex is a healthy union between a man and a woman that should not be defiled. We have become a husband and wife in name only.

Now it was Joe’s turn to utilize the directive questions and he soon learned that Elke engaged in the strenuous activities to dispel the tension in her body that resulted from her relationship with her husband. She gradually explained her revulsion at being asked to participate in orgies and all manner of immoral acts…she told, quite freely, of her feelings so intimate that she had never even spoken them to herself.

As Elke spoke, she found insights into her situation which she could not see until they were actually spoken. She found herself in control of feelings which had ruled her for months. She realized that she was a healthy woman with healthy appetites and frustrated by lack of the social intercourse between a man and a woman…”Yes, Sex!” she thought.

During the course of the evening, Joe found himself bonding with the woman that he was marooned with. His unfamiliar feelings bothered him as he experienced a warm, cordial bonding along with a fear that he was becoming entangled again. He handled himself poorly…

Near midnight, they spread their sleeping bags on adjacent cots, banked the fire in the fireplace, did their evening toiletries, turned out the lamps and retired for the night. Neither of them slept soundly as they considered the events of the previous evening.

With morning came responsibilities. The fire was stoked in the range and the cinnamon rolls were baked. Wood was shagged in from the woodpile. Kindling split and lamps refueled and wicks trimmed. The blizzard continued unabated. Lunch was simple and the afternoon was free of responsibility.

Soon Joe and Elke were half sitting, facing each other, on the sofa near the fireplace with their stocking feet drawn up next to each other’s bodies for warmth. It was a nice, cosy arrangement with their sleeping bag thrown over them for warmth. They talked…about casual things! Each was afraid of further bonding that might result if they talked more intimately.

A few minutes later, they were engaged in intimate conversation and “spilling their guts” to each other like lovers might do. Old animosities were spoken, examined and put to rest. It was when Elke got up to make a toilet stop that Joe noticed her long, well shaped legs and trim body. When she returned he took note of nicely shaped breasts and a flat belly. The titillations brought an immediate response which He could not subdue.

Once unleashed, this power of eroticism could not be contained as it fed on itself to generate more powerful feelings, etc. Suddenly, Joe was aware of two sexy, erotic feet between his body and the back of the sofa. His own feet reveled in the warmth of her body next to his feet. Finally, again aware of long forgotten feelings, his body responded and he became erect. Thankfully, the sleeping bag covered him is a manner that hid the hardened muscle from Elke.

What Joe did not know, was that Elke was also aware of the feelings Joe was experiencing. Perhaps it was body language, or perhaps it was something in the tone of the voice. It could have been anything. It had been so long since she had experienced the pure feelings that were generated between them. She knew she would love him when the time was right…perhaps this very afternoon!

As the couple experimented with their feelings and talked about their insecurities their feelings became stronger and each sought the other for comfort. Each denied those feelings to themselves. Then it was dinner time.

Dinner was prepared, chores completed and wood prepared for the fires. They bathed and cleaned themselves with extra care as though preparing for something they would deny to each other was even a possibility. More importantly, they denied the possibility even to themselves.

Joe wanted Elke. He wanted to possess her and be possessed by her. He wanted to feel the kaçak bahis warmth of her body against his. “Animal instinct,” he would call it but in reality it was much more. In the torment of his mind Joe both denied and sought the sexual union that his emotions had encouraged.

As Joe lay in his sleeping bag Elke came out of the bathroom in her panties and sleep shirt to present a most enticing view. It wasn’t planned, but both were immediately aware of the electrifying effect that the scene had on Joe. With the lights out and both of them in heir sleeping bags, sleep did not come.

Later, Elke said, “Joe, are you awake?” “Yes,” Joe responded. Then, Elke arose from her bed and sought out Joe. “Bring your bag and let’s go down by the fire,” she said. Joe responded immediately and soon they were in front of the fire with one bag below them and the other close for modesty and for later when the fire had abated.

It was when Elke turned and kissed Joe on the lips that all the fires of hades were unleashed in Joe’s being. He hesitated only briefly before entering wholeheartedly into the kiss. Again, the flames of passion, like the flames of passion, once unleashed, could not be contained. Joe fought the inevitable and his mind was in a turmoil. The union his body was seeking was being denied by his mind which did not to be placed in the situation where he could again be rejected.

Elke, on the other hand, felt none of the indecision. She had been subjected to “dirty sex” all her married life and wanted no part of it…she wanted a pure relationship of one man and one woman engaged in an act of love. She had decided earlier in the day that Joe was the man who would give it to her. No matter what might happen next week or next month…the opportunity was here and now!

So they lay, in front of the fire, Elke patiently waiting for Joe to come to terms with his insecurity. She knew that she could never hurt him and his fears were groundless…he need only accept this!

Gradually, they drew closer to each other in response to the cool drafts coming from the edges of their cover causing them to seek each other’s warmth. When Joe turned and planted a long, deep kiss on Elke’s lips, the agreement was sealed…they would make love.

The French kisses were accompanied by love pats and soft caresses as each sought to become familiar with the other. They moved slowly and talked freely about what they were doing. Soon the seeking to know each other’s bodies was replaced with a desire to titillate…to arouse the other!

When Joe’s mouth found Elke’s nipple it was already erect and hardened. He sucked on it gently at first; then, rather roughly as she encouraged him with talk. “Do me good!” she said. “Oooh Yaaah!,” she continued. His hands continued to explore her belly and her other breast and the sounds of love making were becoming more urgent and less clearly spoken.

It was when Joe’s mouth had made a trail of wet slobber up her inner thigh and his lips had spread her outer labia to give him access to her most sacred portal that he felt Eke’s body stiffen. She shifted slightly and pulled him upwards over her; then, said simply, “Put it in me. I want it!”. “Oh God, Hurry!”

As Joe made preparations to enter her, he rubbed his crown over her inner labia to lubricate it for it’s passage into her inner self. Elke, impatient for the entry, positioned herself and raised her portal to impale Joe’s cock. Joe responded by thrusting and there was full penetration.

The love making was slow, methodical and pleasant as the two bodies moved in unison. They talked to enhance the act …Occasionally, they stopped all movement and kissed or caressed each other. Each movement by one heightened the pleasure of the other.

All too soon, the flames of passion could no longer be denied and the now familiar bodies worked together towards a glorious conclusion. Joe drove hard into Elke with each thrust. Elke responded with a counter-thrust that was as violent as the drive it had countered. When Joe felt the pending discharge of semen he spoke, “I’m comming!”

“Give it to me… I want it all,” Elke said before her guttural tones told of her own fiery orgasm. Then it was over… or, perhaps it was just begun…


When morning came, the lovers still lay in front of the fireplace and it was the coolness of their surroundings that caused Joe to get up and bank the fire before jumping back under the covers and against Elke’s warm body. “Are you up to do it again?” Elke asked.

Damn right I am,” he responded. There were simply no preliminaries as the two lovers joined their bodies and began the primordial dance of love. An so it was when the two lovers realized that the storm had stopped and a helicopter was approaching.

Quick, up and about… .hide the evidence! Back to reality! “Who in blazes could it be?” they wondered.

Minutes later, two men and two women stood in the mud room. One was Elke’s illegal bahis husband! “Thought that since you were already here and since the place was paid for, we’d come on up and have a little fun.” he said. Then, he invited himself in.

Elke felt her world tighten around her…her private world had been invaded by reality. Joe felt like an intruder in his own domain. Again, his life had been forfeit to the whims of others… Slowly, they began to prepare lunch for six as the newest members of their party sat drinking themselves into inebriation. AS lunch was readied, Elke’s husband and the woman he had been dealing with decided to retire to the dorm for some fun. “Great Idea,” the other couple joined in and Elke and Joe were left with the lunch. They ate slowly and in silence.

“I hate him,” Elke said. Joe remained silent; then, “He’s your husband. What about your vows?” They talked briefly; then, Elke got up from the table, went to the dorm and told her husband, “We’re through! It’s over! I never want you to touch me again… .I want a divorce!” Then, she screamed it again and reiterated it over and over… .

Elke never saw it coming as her husband slammed his fist into her jaw. “Fuckin bitch. You can’t talk to me that way.” he said. Then it was her husband’s turn…just as Elke hadn’t seen it coming, he never saw it coming either as Joe’s fist slammed into his face. At first, the unwary husband was not yet subdued and when he arose to defend his perceived honor, he was pummeled again…and again!

Minutes later, Joe and Elke were packed and on their skis. “Hey! How are we supposed to get out of here? The helicopter’s not due till Saturday.” They were still enjoined to come and save the husband and three cronies as they moved off down the trail.

On the trail, both Elke and Joe were invigorated by the crisp, clear air and exercise. Their spirits were high and their souls fed on each other as they moved swiftly towards the trail head. As they traveled together , they frequently bumped against each other and “copped feels”. At sundown, they were at the trail head and a few minutes later they were back in Joe’s room at the motel.

“Wanta do it again?” Joe asked. “Later,” Elke said. “Dinner first.” Neither of the lovers could tell what they had eaten for dinner as they returned to the motel.

Back in the room, preparations were made for retiring for the night. Elke needed clean pajamas and, having nothing of her own, agreed to wear one of Joe’s shirts. Joe would wear his undershirt and boxer shorts. The motel provided robes for their use. Joe showered first and went to bed; then, Elke did likewise and as she returned to the room, Joe said, “Stop! I want to look at you.”

As Elke complied with Joe’s wishes she pulled the robe tighter around her. “Take it off,” Joe said. “I want to look at you.” and after brief reservations due to modesty opened the robe slightly. She knew she had given Joe pleasure and continued to do a little dance as she opened more and more of her robe. Soon the robe was gone and in response to Joe’s, “More! More!” she began to unbutton the shirt. When that was gone the way of the robe, she continued to dance and twirl as her breasts were swung away from her chest by centrifical force. Her inhibitions were gone in favor of pleasing her lover. Then, she dove into bed and the warmth of the covers.

“Now, it’s your turn,” she said. “Naw, men don’t do that,” he said. She pleaded and five minutes later, Joe did his dance, awkward, without grace and him unable to control his embarrassment. Then, under the covers, Joe was rewarded by unrestricted access to Elke’s beautiful body.

As the couple talked and played under the blankets their bonding of the previous night returned and they were lovers again. Neither was certain when it happened…perhaps it hadn’t happened at all – just renewed from their previous night. Now, they were experienced lovers and knew what was required to develop the finest in their lover and how to respond accordingly. Their touches and caresses were no longer fiery shows of eroticism but; rather, displays of affection. Their kisses were no longer erotic gestures but pleasurable play as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. When they looked into each other’s eyes, they were looking into each other’s souls.

Suckling Elke’s breasts was pleasurable for both Elke and Joe and it was Joe who first placed his hand between his lovers thighs and massaged the mons with the heel of his hand. It was Elke who responded by parting her thighs slightly to permit that hand to caress her labia.

When Elke’s hand caressed Joe’s hardened cock she simply rolled up into a squatting position over her lover and inserted his waiting tool into her well lubricated vagina. As she lowered herself Joe saw the look of pure satisfaction on Elke’s face. When she felt Joe’s balls touch her ass, Elke stopped…waited and reveled in her lust! “It was soooooo good!” she thought.

Then, with Joe motionless below her, Elke began a steady up and down massaging action. She had the power and she exercised it well as it excited her beyond any former experience. Her orgasm was swift and powerful.

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