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She was so horny. It was a delicate ache radiating from deep inside. A throbbing down below that was a physical hurt almost. It was an ache for someone to fill her up inside, for someone to touch all those live wires running around crazily in her pussy. She needed it, wanted it, had to have it, and soon.

She walked over to him in a slightly tipsy state. The merlot wine had warmed up her insides. She was feeling good and he was looking good. He wanted her just as bad. She smiled at him, kissed him on his lips, and raised her arms and put them around his neck.

Her hands ran through his hair and she kissed him again. Deep. Their tongues were seeking, feeling, sliding against each other. She loved kissing his mouth, his sexy mouth, that wonderful tongue, that deep-voiced intimate moan that just came from him.

The music was sexy and it was really getting to her. She could feel the natural heat coming from his chest against her breasts, could feel his hands feeling her body, her ass, her hips, her back, her hair. Her hips pressed against his and moved in time with the music. Her breathing was becoming uneven after every touch. She was so hot. Horny. Hot and horny.

She could feel his manhood growing against her, could feel his sweet hardness probing her front. She reached down and stroked it gently with her hand. The music was sexy and soulful and it was turning her on even more. She was amazingly aware of everything about him, how he felt, what she felt, what he did and what she did. So in tune with the moment. And she wanted him.

They kissed, she moved her body to the music, he stroked, they kissed again, and she touched him. She touched his chest, down to his ass, his zipper, his cock, his balls. Her breathing was becoming deeper and deeper and she was fully into the music now. Her pussy was throbbing and she was sensually dancing in front of him, aware of what she was doing to him…fully aware.

He took her hand and led her into the dimly lit bedroom. She was throbbing so much that it was hard for her to walk behind him. Her knees were weak. She grabbed his arm in anticipation of what was to come. She was drawing air into her mouth between her lips and teeth just knowing she was going to fuck him.

She undressed quickly and spread out naked on the comfortable bed, pushing the satin comforter and blankets down and out of the way with her constantly moving legs. The room was cool and her nipples stood erect from the temperature and from the pinch he just put on each of them.

“Mmm,” she purred as he took each breast in his warm, strong hands. They kissed deeply, a good nice long sweet kiss, as he was making his way on top of her body. Her mind was focused only on the sensations he was producing in her…her mind wasn’t capable of any other thinking. She felt his nakedness, halkalı escort his hardness, his strong but calm way about him. Oh yeah, she was going to fuck him…yes she was.

As he was sucking her hard nipples and running his tongue all around each one, she took his head in her hands and stroked him, moaning and arching her back with the pleasure. He took one of her nipples between his teeth and she immediately thought of nothing else.

“Bite it,” she whispered. He gently chomped on the hard knot, increasing the pressure, increasing the force even more, until she whimpered with pain and pleasure and wiggled underneath him.

He bit her pulsing nipple again while at the same time pinching the other one. She could feel the triangular sensations that her nipples made with her clit. Her back arched but he kept up the pressure on both breasts. Her hips began to move against his leg, making her clit rub against his sexy leg.

“Ahhh,” she moaned. “Oh yeah baby…yeah….”

He took the other nipple into his mouth and bit down on the pink flesh. Again her reaction was one of wanting more…wanting that pain, wanting that feeling of being dominated…and appreciated…until he let go of both.

She looked at him as he moved further down her body. Their eyes met and she smiled at him through deep breaths.

Her moans were constant and she whined softly with each new sensation. Her body was writhing on the bed and her legs kept twitching from the constant movements of him on top of her. The slight touch of his fingers on her inner thighs, his breath running over her belly, the pressure of his weight as he kept moving down, his tongue licking her and almost to her pussy, was felt. Every touch, every breath, every sound was heightened for her. She wanted it so badly.

She lifted her knees and spread her legs wide, parting herself for his tongue and fingers. Oh God she could feel his breath hitting her wet pussy and she almost couldn’t contain herself knowing his tongue would be slicing her apart at any moment. That wet tongue wanting to lick her, taste her, feel her clit, and run itself over every inch of her womanhood.

When she was about to lift her head to see why he had stopped, his finger plunged into her wet hole.

“Ohhh yeah,” she chanted. “Ohhh yeah.”

Her hips were moving against his hand. Animal sounds were coming from within her throat and her mouth was so wet. She kept licking her lips, and licking them again, to keep from drooling on herself.

She was totally into the fingering when she felt his tongue plunge into her pussy and move up and down. The finger never stopped but kept plunging into her over and over.

“Ahhh yesss,” she whispered as she took her hands and taksim escort stroked his head and ran her fingers through his hair.

His tongue, that moist wet tongue, was eating her up. It was licking her all over, inside and out, up and down, and side to side. His hot tongue ran from the bottom of her swollen lips up, up further to the knob poking its head out from its hood. Her clit was hard and exposed and throbbing. That finger reached deeper and deeper, creating more cum for him to taste, more friction for her to feel, more pleasure for them both.

She felt like a woman. She felt so needed, so appreciated, so pleasured at that moment. His strong arms were wrapping around her, his knowing eyes staring at her body, his frame on top of her. She felt so feminine, so sexy, so desirable, and so horny. She craved this man’s attention. She craved the closeness, the strong arms and hands, the deep voice, the sexy way about him. She craved the feeling that he would take care of her, that he would protect her from harm, that he would give her what she wanted…what she needed.

She needed a strong man. She needed the structure, the friend, the closeness. She needed to be taken to places where she had no control, out of control, out of body, flying into space, with strong arms holding her down the entire time letting her know that it was OK to fly, that he was in control and would be there with her for the entire magnificent ride.

The intimacy was deep, his tongue caressing her folds, that finger touching the most feminine part of her soul, making her moan and twitch and move and groan and smile.

He was taking her places, licking her and licking her. Oh that tongue…it feels sooo good she thought to herself.

She was writhing on the bed trying to keep her bottom in place for him but she was about to cum all over him…reaching her limit…feeling that tingling starting from deep inside. He must have sensed it because he stopped eating her. The blood flowing in her head was deafening, the thump in her ears pounded against her jaws and throat and temples, the surge in her belly started to recede, when he kissed her.

It was a deep kiss, his tongue in her throat, sharing her juices. She licked his lips, licked his face of all of her wetness, and moaned her pleasure. She was good. Sweet. Yummy. The kiss drained her of all energy for the moment, it was deep and good and sexy and so so hot. It turned her on that much more. She could just eat him up and lick her fingers afterward. Yum. The kiss left her head spinning, her blood vessels pounded with every heartbeat.

His hands continued to stroke her as he lay down beside her. The wetness in her mouth was completely gone now, the moans and deep breaths leaving her mouth dry.

“Get on top,” he şişli escort whispered to her, his large beautiful cock standing erect and ready for her.

She positioned herself on top of him straddling his legs and kissed his mouth, his eyes, his throat, his chest, his belly while stroking his hair with her hand. She took his cock in her hand and stroked him, feeling him swell even further, until she knew he was ready, as was she.

She lifted one leg until his cock was stationed right under her pussy, and slid it inside of her slowly…until his head hit rock bottom.

“Ooohhh shit,” she moaned. “Shit shit shit you are so big baby…ohhh…you are filling me up.”

Her ass went all the way down the length of his shaft until she was sitting on top of him and his cock was impaled all the way inside of her wet throbbing pussy.

She rocked backward, arched her spine, and put her hands on his outstretched legs until she could feel his head hitting her spot deep inside of her, feeling her clit rubbing against his girth, and could feel him filling her up completely inside.

“Oh God you feel so good,” she breathes, inhaling and exhaling between her clenched teeth.

Her hips started fucking him, fucking his willing cock, hunching on his member, forward and backward, forward and backward…getting faster and faster.

“Ohhhh,” she whined, almost crying with the wonderful sensation of being filled up, of everything being rubbed, of seeing him enjoying it too.

Her hips moved faster now, never letting his cock leave her pussy, keeping his cock inside of her the entire time but moving her hips against his hot pelvis, genitals against genitals, looking down and seeing nothing but her pussy against the base of his cock.

“Oh shit…oh shit…oh shit,” she chants with each thrust. “Baby…I’m gonna cum…ohhh God…you feel…so good…baby….ooohhhhhhh fuck…SWEETIE…..OHHH…”

Her insides started to explode around him, the surge of sensation and orgasm started in her chest and moved downward to their connection point. Her pussy contracted around his cock and contracted again and again and again.

She was almost screaming now, yelling her pleasure for all to hear. Her hands were clenched in her own long brown hair, her back was arched, and her head and neck were thrust backward. Her breathing was heavy and her eyes were closed in ecstasy. Her pussy was clenching his rock hard member until his length was bent slightly backward from its normal position. Clench. Thrust. Clench. Thrust.

She thrust forward one last time and the force of her orgasm made her pussy push his cock out from its hot embrace. The flood of her ejaculation streamed from her pussy, and sprayed his cock and balls in a fiery burst of wetness.

The torrent of cum was streaming on her legs, on his legs, running down the sides of both of them and puddling on the sheets. The warm liquid kept pouring from her pussy until she collapsed on top of him…her mind and brain completely satiated but numb from reality. Her body jerked and seized and her groans filled the room.

He rolled her over, lifted her legs, and got his…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32