Oh Hello Stepmom

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Hello My Dear Readers…

I have been writing incest themed stories, mostly focusing on mom-son relationships, for sometime now.

I wanted to try something light-hearted, featuring a young & naive stepmom and her stepson, who is expecting nothing sexual from her. This is my humble attempt on the same.

Happy Reading!!


Sidharth was both bothered and excited. He had just landed back in Mumbai, after completing his studies from a university in UK. He was on his way home, and he was going to meet his new stepmom for the first time.

Sidharth’s parents had divorced 4 years ago. His mother married again just two months later, but his dad remarried only three months ago.

His dad, Vijay, was now 48 and his mother, Sangeetha, was 45. They were a happy couple, until Sangeetha was caught cheating on Vijay, with her boss’s son.

Sidharth spent most of the last 4 years in UK, and when in Mumbai, he lived with his dad. He did visit his mother after she left home, but he could never forgive her.

“Welcome back, Sidharth!! It is so nice to have finally met you.” his new stepmom said, helping him get his bags out of the car. She gave him a quick hug, with a pat on his back.

“Oh Hi Tanisha Aunty, I mean Mom. Err, Mummy…. It is nice to meet you too.” Sidharth stuttered, but tried staying calm. It wasn’t just that he did not know how to address her, he was also surprised to see her. His dad did tell him she is much younger, and only 34, but she looked like in her 20’s.

Tanisha looked very beautiful in a tight pink shirt, casually tucked into a slim-fit dark blue jeans. Her black hair very well complimented her medium colored skin. She easily looked young enough to be Sidharth’s wife.

“Just call me Isha, okay. I know it will be difficult to start calling me ‘Mummy’ straightaway. We have talked very little over phone, and I don’t want you to feel over burdened.” his stepmom, Tanisha, tried helping him relax, and settle down.

“Well, okay Isha… Thanks for that. I actually do not have any problem calling you ‘Mom’ or ‘Mummy’. I was just a little nervous meeting you for the first time.” Sidharth clarified.

“I completely understand Sidharth. I am going through the same phase myself. I think it is both funny and amazing that I have to take care of such a big baby boy. I am greatly looking forward to it, though.” Tanisha said, smiling, and offering Sidharth a glass of cold water.

Vijay was happy to see his new wife and son, bonding. He very well knew Sidharth was not fully convinced with his decision to remarry. But he was confident Tanisha will make life better.

“I actually have to get a few things ready for my Delhi trip, this weekend. Why don’t you two spend time together, and get to know each-other?? Maybe, also order food online.” Vijay said, as Tanisha gave him a thumbs up. Sidharth, too, was fine with the idea.

As soon as Vijay left, Tanisha and Sidharth started talking. Tanisha had so many questions for Sidharth, and also had a lot to tell him about her life so far.

They talked about Sidharth’s life in UK, what he plans to do next, and also about his mother Sangeetha.

Sangeetha’s affair was very much a shocker for her son. Sidharth loved his mother, and never ever thought she would turn out to be someone so slutty.

What was worse about the whole situation, was that Sangeetha ended up marrying her boss, and most people believed it was they who were having an affair. Only Sidharth and his dad, Vijay, knew, that the whole drama was to save the image of her boss’s son.

Sajeev Mullya, a business tycoon, now aged 76, did introduce Sangeetha as his fourth wife to the world. But inside their house, istanbul rus escort it was his youngest son, 22 year old Vishal, having his way with Sangeetha.

When Sangeetha started her secret love life with Vishal, he was only 18. So, Sangeetha was having an affair with a boy who was 2 years younger than her own son.

“I know it must have been really hard on you. Your dad told me everything about it. But it’s okay. We won’t talk about it here again.” Tanisha tried comforting Sidharth.

“And whatever it is you need, you must tell me, okay. I am your mother now, and I will be there for you.” Tanisha reassured Sidharth. Tanisha, however, very well knew she was just 10 years elder to him, and it wouldn’t be all that easy.

Sidharth listened to everything Tanisha had to tell him. Tanisha at times seemed to be immature for her age. She did say a lot of things that sounded very stupid, but Sidharth felt Tanisha was just naive and innocent. He was starting to like his new stepmom.

Tanisha and Sidharth were running out of topics, when she shockingly asked him if he was a virgin.

“What??!!” Sidharth was stunned to hear that question from Tanisha.

“Have you at-least touched a woman’s breast??” Tanisha continued, with no change of tone.

“What the hell, Isha??” Why are you asking me all these??” Sidharth was letting his displeasure be known.

“Stop freaking out, okay. This is very important. I wouldn’t ask this otherwise.” Tanisha said, with Sidharth looking at her unconvinced.

“Have you ever played with a woman’s boobs, Sidharth??” She asked again.

“Why do you..” Before Sidharth could ask his stepmom why she needed to know, Tanisha interrupted him.

“Can you just say Yes or No?!” Tanisha asked him, louder.

“Yes, I have. I do have a girlfriend back in UK. I don’t know what is next for our relationship, though.” Sidharth said, quickly, hoping to finish the conversation.

“Okay, I won’t pester you asking for more details on your relationship. There is something else that urgently needs your attention.” Tanisha had her hands on the top button of her shirt, as she finished the sentence.

“This may sound very stupid, but I cannot ask this to anybody else.” Tanisha had already started un-buttoning her pink shirt.

“Tanishaa!! Stop it!!” Sidharth screamed, with shock and fear. He was just not ready to watch his stepmom strip for him.

“Don’t yell, okay!!” Tanisha said, further un-buttoning her shirt.

She had undone most of the buttons, and though her shirt had not been fully parted to the sides, her teasing cleavage was clearly revealed.

“Can you touch my boobs, and tell me if they feel real??” Tanisha asked Sidharth, very casually, with a certain calmness in her voice.

“What is wrong with you?? Are you crazy??” Sidharth could not believe what he had just heard. He had his hands on his head, in pure disbelief.

“Stop over reacting Sidharth. They are fake tits!! I just got a boob-job done, and spent a lot of your Dad’s money on it.” Tanisha was now clarifying her actions.

“The 35 day period, the doctor instructed to have no physical contact, has come to an end. And tonight is when I am going to offer my bigger boobies to your Dad. I really don’t want him to go mad when he has his hands on them.” Tanisha finished, as Sidharth listened. He still felt this was not appropriate.

Tanisha, however, quickly un-tucked her shirt, and removed it completely, without waiting for Sidharth’s approval.

“Is this really happening?!” Sidharth asked himself, finding it extremely difficult to believe what he was seeing.

His young stepmom stood in kadıköy escort front of him wearing just a bra, and her tight jeans.

Her pink colored plunge push-up bra had white laces on the cups, and held her hooters in perfect shape.

Tanisha’s boobs were firm, ripe and enchanting. They were big enough but not huge. They, however, also looked bigger than one could make out when she had a top on.

“My boobs were earlier sized 34B. Now they are 34D.” Tanisha told Sidharth what had changed.

She quickly grabbed his hands and placed it on her bust, with her palm over the back of his. Sidharth felt like a puppet, and did not know what to do.

“How does it feel, Sidharth??” Tanisha asked her stepson.

“Tell me…” Tanisha asked again, seeing Sidharth just stay stunned, with his mouth wide open.

“It feels okay.” Sidharth finally replied.

“Okay?? Just okay?? That’s it?? It does not feel good??” Tanisha had more questions.

“Yes… It feels good.” Sidharth answered.

“Not soft??” Tanisha asked.

“Yes, soft.” SIdharth wanted this to get over fast.

“And firm??” but Tanisha looked like she was never going to stop.

“Ah, yes, firm too.” Tanisha was pressing her hands on Sidharth’s hands, to make him press her tits harder.

“That is great, but I don’t feel anything yet. The doctor did tell me it will take some time for the tissues to start feeling any touch. Why don’t you try pressing my breasts a lot more harder?? Tanisha asked Sidharth.

“I don’t think I can do that, Isha…” Sidharth replied, breathing heavily.

“Is it because I have my bra on?? I can take it off straightway.” Tanisha had her hand on the strap of her bra, as she said that.

“It is not that Isha. This is all very wrong. Just imagine what will happen if Dad sees us like this.” Sidharth stopped Tanisha from removing her bra.

“Come on, Sidharth… I am your mother. This is not wrong… Your dad is not an idiot to not understand the situation.” Tanisha just could not agree with Sidharth’s views.

“If you don’t want me to remove my bra, it is fine. I don’t want to you to be uncomfortable. I can try something else.” she said.

Tanisha did not unhook her bra or pull down the straps. But instead, she pushed the cups of her bra down, leaving her juicy melons exposed. Sidharth tried his best to not ogle at his stepmom’s bare bust, but he knew there was no way out.

“Press them harder, now!!” Tanisha said placing Sidharth’s hands back on her jugs.

“AAAAHHH….. Finally… This is getting better….” Tanisha was feeling the pressure, and she was moaning, though very softly.

“You like it??” Tanisha asked Sidharth, looking straight into his eyes.

“I think so…” Sidharth replied, sensing Tanisha was almost demanding a positive answer.

“You just think so?? Anyway, do you think your Dad will like it??” Tanisha had her arms around Sidharth’s neck now, pulling him closer.

“Yeaah… I guess… I mean yes. I am sure Dad will love this.” Sidharth was not sure if he was enjoying this or not, but he was starting to feel his stepmom has an amazing pair of tits.

“Fondle them, Sidharth.” Tanisha said, pushing her bust out.

“Yes, just like that. I can feel you more now.” Tanisha was having her boobs caressed by Sidharth.

“My nipples are getting hard, too.” Tanisha bit her lips lightly, as she said that.

“Can you just pinch them, or at-least pull them out a bit.” Tanisha had her mouth slightly opened, as she waited for Sidharth to make a move.

“Aah yes… that feels so nice, Baby!!” Tanisha sounded aroused. For the first time there was lust in her voice, kartal escort and her eyes rolled up with pleasure. And she looked like she wanted more.

“What about the under-boobs?? That is the only part left now.” Tanisha was guiding Sidharth’s hands fully inside her bra, and Sidharth was getting ready to grope her whole boobs, when he heard the horn of his dad’s car. And he swiftly took his hands off Tanisha’s body.

“Guess your Dad is back. I didn’t realize it had been so long since he left.” Tanisha said, adjusting her bra cups, and covering her boobs.

“Thank you so much Sidharth. You have no idea how much this will help me. I feel so relaxed now.” Tanisha said, with her hand on Sidharth’s chest.

“Okay then… Let me get ready for your Dad. I need to shave my pussy, too.” Tanisha said as she ran to her room, picking up her shirt from the floor, giggling.

Sidharth could not move an inch. He was stuck right there, thinking about all that just happened.

“How is your new stepmom, Sidharth?? You guys getting along well??” Vijay eagerly asked his son, as he entered the house.

“Errr… Yes dad, she is fine. I think she will be great here.” Sidharth replied, before going to his room, fast.

Sidharth couldn’t sleep that night. He did not lust for his young stepmom, he still believed she was just too innocent. But he also could not help being hard for her.

He stroked his dick, imagining her standing in front of him, about to rip open her pink shirt. Soon, she was posing wearing just her dark blue jeans, and nothing on her upper body, as she played with her tankers. Sidharth was slowly starting to wish he did more with her naked tits, when he had them in his hands.

The next day, in the morning, Sidharth was still on his bed when Tanisha stormed inside his room. He slept naked last night, but had a blanket covering him.

“Thank you so much, Sidharth.” Tanisha said to a sleepy Sidharth, standing by the side of his bed. Sidharth was barely in his senses.

“You have no idea how happy I am. Your Dad just loved the boob-job. I was really worried, until you helped me calm down.” Tanisha bent down, to kiss Sidharth on his cheeks.

Tanisha was in a black one-piece nighty, and Sidharth was greeted with her deep alluring cleavage, when she bent. He immediately felt his dick harden.

“And you know what?? He even bit me on my boobs. They are so red and bruised.” Tanisha said, with her hands on her boobs, and an expression that suggested she would show the love bites if Sidharth wanted her too.

Sidharth couldn’t believe his stepmom was sharing the details with him. She was just laughing it out, when she gasped loudly, leaving both herself and Sidharth shocked.

Tanisha only meant to tap on Sidharth’s stomach, but his hard cock was on the way, projecting out through the blanket. And she ended up grabbing her stepson’s erect manhood with her hand.

Sidharth, still laying on the bed, looked down at his dick. He was already leaking, and his blanket was wet around his cock.

“I am so sorry, Isha. I did not mean too…” Sidharth tried explaining, feeling humiliated.

“Just relax, Sidharth. It is not your fault at all. I know how mornings can be for a boy of your age. Just relax, will you!!” Tanisha still had her fingers wrapped on his dick.

“Oh, I forgot….” Tanisha said, quickly taking her hand away from Sidharth’s hard meat.

“It is just that I had my hand on your Dad’s cock, all night, and you are as thick as him, only bigger, and I thought it was his cock I had my hands on… I mean… I think… I should just get breakfast ready, I guess.” Tanisha meant nothing bad, and had no evil intentions when she entered the room, but she did look flustered, as she left the room.

Sidharth looked at down at his blanket again. He had cum, already, and there were visible stains on the fabric.

“What do you really want, Isha?! What is happening here?!!” Sidharth had no answers to his questions.

To Be Continued…

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