Oh Auntie Maureen Ch. 1

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My name is Robert. I was 18 years old and went to an all boys secondary school in Kent in England. I was very innocent when it came to the opposite sex. I had only seen photos of naked women in magazines that some of the older boys had bought into school. That didn’t mean I wasn’t interested in them. Just before the long six weeks summer holiday my family told me I had been invited to stay with some family friends who owned a large amount of land further in Kent where I could cycle round the countryside and fish in a river that ran through their land. I told my parents I was happy to go. I knew it would get me out of helping around the house and garden and giving me a chance to relax for a couple of weeks.

The couple were Maureen and Peter and although they weren’t relatives I called them Auntie and Uncle. They were probably in the mid thirties. It was arranged that I would take the train and Auntie Maureen would meet me at their local station as Uncle Peter was at work. I arrived at about 4 pm one Wednesday afternoon and sure enough Auntie Maureen was there to meet me. She gave me a little hug and embarrassed me by saying how much I had grown – the way adults always seem to say the same thing when they haven’t seen you for a few months.

Auntie Maureen drove the few miles to their home and I couldn’t help noticing how her skirt had risen up as she sat in the car which showed quite a lot of her thighs. I had never before paid any attention to Auntie Maureen’s looks but as I was getting older I generally began to look at all females in a different way. It wasn’t that I fancied her sexually but to see female thighs in the flesh was a first for me and I liked it. She was reasonably attractive and had fairly large breasts. After 20 minutes or so we arrived at her house. It was a lovely house in the country with lovely gardens and a huge amount of land. I had visited a few times before with my parents.

Auntie Maureen showed me my room which was next to hers and Uncle Peters and it had wonderful views out over the garden and countryside. I unpacked and went back downstairs. Auntie Maureen had made tea and we took it in the garden. We chatted generally about nothing in particular and Auntie Maureen said she was going in to prepare dinner. I sat in the garden and soon dozed off to sleep.

Uncle Peter got home from work about 6.30 and we sat and had dinner together. He told me about the fishing in the river at the bottom of the garden and I decided I would try it tomorrow. We sat and chatted and watched TV and about 10.30 I went to bed. I was tired and soon went to sleep. A noise woke me after a short while and I lay there wondering what it was. It appeared to be coming from Auntie Maureen’s room. I got up quietly and crept along the landing. The noise was getting louder. The room to their door was slightly opened and I saw the light was on. I peered round the door and was amazed at what I saw. Uncle Peter and Auntie Maureen were having sex.

Uncle Peter was laying on his back and Auntie Maureen was kneeling over him. I could clearly see his cock going in and out of her. The noise I heard was Auntie Maureen she was groaning and moaning with pleasure. I also noticed that Auntie Maureen was wearing some sort of black plastic garment with holes where her breasts poked through and stockings and she also had stilletto heeled shoes on. I could clearly see her breasts bobbing up and down as she went up and down on Uncle Peters cock. I realised at once that my cock was rock hard and I was very excited.

I had only started masturbating a couple of months earlier and I was going back to my room and do it straight away. But I couldn’t take my eyes off what I was seeing. My hand went down to my cock and I started squeezing it through my pyjamas. Suddenly Auntie Maureen let out a scream and collapsed on top of Uncle Peter. I could still see his hard cock inside her. Then she sat up and turned round and almost sat on his head. I couldn’t believe what I saw next as Uncle Peter started licking her pussy and Auntie Maureen leant forward and put Uncle Peters cock in her mouth and started sucking it. That was all I could stand as I came all inside my pyjamas. I still couldn’t stop watching as I saw Uncle Peters cock going in and out of Auntie Maureen’s mouth. I also couldn’t take my eyes of her breasts. Her nipples looked so large. Eventually I went back to bed. My pyjamas were soaking wet and it took me ages to get back to sleep as I kept thing about what I had just seen.

I woke the next morning with an erection and my hand went straight down to my hard cock. I couldn’t hear any noise downstairs and I realised that Uncle Peter must have gone to work. I lay and slowly stroked my cock remembering what I had seen the previous night I was just about to cum when I heard Auntie Maureen asking if I wanted a cup of tea. She was standing in the doorway. I know I blushed straight away. She must have seen what I was doing. I wondered how long she had been there. I stuttered badly and said I would like a cup of tea. She put the tea on the bedside cabinet and sat on the edge of the bed. She had a silky dressing own on that gaped open and exposed quite a lot of thigh. çatalca escort I could also see the outline of her breasts and I thought I could even see a nipple poking against the silk material. I was still blushing and my cock was also still hard.

She asked if I had slept well and then she absolutely stunned me by saying, ‘Were you thinking about what you saw last night when I came in just now. I saw you watching Uncle Peter and myself. I hope it turned you on. Did you enjoy it as much as I did. I saw you playing with yourself just now, would you like me to finish what you started. I blushed even more and before I could say anything she had pulled the bedclothes off me. She saw my hard cock and reached out for it and said, ‘I wanted to see it last night but it was still inside your pyjamas. She took my pyjamas off and told me to lie back and enjoy it. She stood up and took her dressing gown off. For the first time in my life I had a female nude body in front of me. Her nipples were red and hard and sticking out. She slowly rubbed my cock and said, ‘Play with Auntie Maureen’s tits for her while she wanks you off and makes you cum.’ Hearing her talk like this turned me on even more and I reached out and stroked her breasts. ‘Harder, harder, squeeze auntie’s nipples’ she told me. But before I had a chance to do so I was coming all over her hands and my stomach. She eventually stopped rubbing me after she had drained every last drop out of me and then she licked her fingers clean and scooped some of my cum onto her fingers and told me to taste it. I took some on my tongue and liked the salty tangy taste of it. Then she said, ‘You haven’t been with many girls have you.’

I replied that I hadn’t been with any at all. ‘Then’, she said, ‘I think that while you’re staying here I’ll give you a complete sex education and show you and tell you all there is to know about sex, how does that sound.’ I said, ‘I’d love that.’

‘Right’, she said, ‘Lets have some breakfast. Just think about it, today is the day you’re going to fuck your first woman.’ I could feel myself getting hard already.

We had breakfast together but she didn’t say anymore. She told me she was going shopping and would be about an hour. I decided to relax and went and sat in the garden. Needless to say my thoughts quickly went went back to earlier and last night and I was soon hard again. I wanted to play with myself and it was very difficult not to. I wandered indoors and went up to my room. I passed Auntie Maureen’s room and peeped inside. It was very tidy. I wanted to look around but was afraid she might come back and catch me. I saw a linen basket and wondered if her dirty knickers were in there. I wondered where she kept the clothing I saw her wearing last night. I was getting harder all the time.

I was very nervous about getting caught but I also wanted to see what I could find. In the end I wasn’t brave enough and I went back to the garden. Auntie Maureen arrived back in about an hour. I told myself I could easily have snooped around her bedroom. Maybe another day. We had a salad lunch in the garden and we sat and chatted around the table. After we had finished lunch she went inside and a few minutes later came back out and I noticed she had put some make up on her face. She had bright red lipstick and her eyelids were covered in a bright blue eye shadow. I have to say she looked very sexy. She got a deckchair and sat opposite me just a couple of feet away. Auntie Maureen opened her legs and pulled her skirt up and showed me she had taken her knickers off. Then she opened her blouse and showed me her breasts – she had also taken her bra off. She said, ‘What do you think of the view, have you got a hard on yet.’ I told I had. ‘Undo your shorts and let me see your cock’, she told me.

I did as she said. Then she shocked me again with what she said. ‘Just as men get a hard on, women get hard nipples and a wet pussy or as Uncle Peter likes me to call it a cunt. Right now Aunties cunt is dripping wet with her cunt juices as I am so horny and Auntie wants your cock inside her cunt. Auntie wants you to fuck her cunt with your young cock and shoot your hot spunk into Aunties cunt.’ Her language only turned me on even more. Her legs opened even wider and she put her hand down between her legs. Suddenly she stood up and said, ‘I think its time for your first lesson.’ I followed her into the lounge. We sat down on the sofa. She started to undress me and grabbed hold of my cock. She told me to undress her and as I took her blouse off I saw her magnificent breasts. Then as I took her skirt off I got a real close look at her pussy. She took my hand and put it on her pussy and said, ‘Feel how wet Aunties cunt is. Put your fingers inside Aunties cunt.’ My fingers slipped in easily and I was amazed how wet she was. She was rubbing my cock and saying, ‘Auntie loves the feel of your cock. Auntie is going to wank you off and make you shoot your spunk all over Aunties tits.’ I automatically pushed my fingers in and out of her cunt as she instructed me to do. She took my other hand and put it on her breast. ‘Squeeze Aunties nipples as hard as you can. Auntie loves esenyurt escort to have her nipples squeezed and sucked.

I grabbed hold of one of them and squeezed it. Auntie said how much she loved it and told me to do it as hard as I could. I could feel her getting wetter and myself about to cum. I told her and she leant over me and said, ‘Cum over Auntie tits, shoot your spunk over Aunties tits.’ She wanked me faster and in no time at all I shot my spunk over her tits. ‘Now rub your spunk into Aunties nipples and then suck it off. Make Aunties nipples harder, suck them, bite them, squeeze them, the harder the better. Her nipples got even larger and harder and I could tell that Auntie was loving it. Soon she said, Auntie needs to cum now and told me to watch her. ‘Auntie is opening her cunt now and going to finger fuck herself.’ I watched in amazement as she started playing with herself.

‘Look at Aunties other hand playing with her clitoris. Auntie adores playing with her cunt and making herself cum. Kneel in between Aunties legs and look at Aunties cunt as she makes herself cum. Lean forward and smell Aunties cunt juices.’ She now had her eyes closed as I watched totally fascinated as she gave me a complete running commentary on what she was doing to herself. Her breathing was getting heavier and her nipples were getting even larger. ‘Put your face really close to Aunties cunt, smell Aunties cunt juices, watch Aunties cunt as she cum’, she instructed me. ‘Wank yourself off as I cum’, she said. My hand went to my hard cock and I started playing with it. Suddenly Auntie shouted out,’Oh fuck, Aunties cumming, Aunties cunt is cumming, its fucking wonderful.’

I got even closer to her cunt and could feel her juices seeping out over my fingers. She pulled my fingers out and sucked them, saying,’ Auntie adores the taste of her own cunt juices.’ She sucked my fingers dry. She saw I was still wanking my cock and told me to sit astride her. I did as she said and she took my cock and put it between her large tits and said, ‘Auntie is going to give you a tit wank now.’ She rubbed her tits up and down my cock and in only a few minutes I knew I was going to cum. She sensed it also and rubbed faster. All the time she was saying, ‘Spunk for Auntie, shoot that spunk over Aunties tits.’ I could hold back no longer and in no time at all I was cumming all over her magnificent tits.

This time she scooped my spunk up with her fingers and licked them clean. We sat and recovered and were both generally stroking each other. We returned to the garden and sat and relaxed.

Auntie said, ‘Let me give you a clue as to what you have got to look forward to over the next few days.’

‘Auntie is going to suck your cock and you will shoot your spunk in Aunties mouth, you will fuck Aunties cunt and Aunties arse. You will make Auntie cum with your tongue and Auntie will cum in your mouth. Auntie will dress you in her pvc underwear and put make up on you and pretend you are a woman fucking Auntie. You will watch Auntie fuck herself with her own dildo. You can even watch Uncle Peter fuck Auntie.’

‘While you are here Auntie won’t wear any knickers so if you feel like touching Aunties cunt you can just do so. This always makes Auntie horny without knickers so her cunt is always wet and after a few hours it gets really smelly. Uncle Peter loves it when Aunties cunt is really smelly. He loves the smell of Aunties cunt. Auntie also wants us to watch each other piss. Auntie will come into your bedroom every morning and give you a wank and if you feel like a wank at any other time you are not to do it, just ask and Auntie will wank you off, even if Uncle Peter is here.’

Hearing her talk like this was making me hard again even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to cum again. I told Auntie what she was doing to me and she said she wanted to make me cum. She knelt in between my legs and took my cock out. She leaned forward and just before she put it in her mouth she said, ‘Auntie Maureen is going to wank you off into Aunties mouth and let you taste your own spunk.’ With that she put my cock in her mouth and clamped her lips tight around the top. Then she slowly started rubbing the part that was not in her mouth and got faster and faster. Then she used her other hand to squeeze my balls until I shot my spunk deep into her mouth.

Then she moved back and kissed me full on the lips. Her mouth opened and she transferred my spunk from her mouth into mine. I admit I did like the taste. We carried on talking about sex all afternoon and I’m sure it turned her on. She kept asking me things like. ‘How often do you wank and what do I think about or look at when I wank. ‘Auntie Maureen wants to watch you wank while you look at me, Auntie Maureen wants us to wank while watching each other wank.’ Time was soon getting on and Auntie Maureen had to get dinner ready and went indoors. When Uncle Peter got home from work I heard him talking to Auntie Maureen but didn’t know what was said. He asked me if Auntie Maureen and I had had a good day together and she said we had a very good day together and we got on really well together and she was etiler escort looking forward to the rest of the time that I was staying with them.

I felt rather embarrassed when Uncle Peter asked me if I felt the same and I’m sure I blushed when I agreed with Auntie Maureen. We had dinner together and sat and watched TV. I went to bed at about 10.30 and waited to hear Uncle Peter and Auntie Maureen go to bed. I didn’t have to wait for long before I heard them come up. I was already hard thinking about what I hoped I would see. After a few minutes I heard noises and quietly crept to their bedroom. The door was open and the light on. I peeped in and saw Auntie Maureen again dressed in her black pvc but this time Uncle Peter was also wearing one.

She also had her bright red lipstick on. Uncle Peter was laying on his back and Auntie Maureen was on top of him. She had her pussy over his mouth and in her words Uncle Peter was licking her cunt. Auntie Maureen was sucking and playing with Uncle Peters cock and facing the door. She stopped sucking him and saw me looking. She smiled at me and looked down at my pyjama trousers. I knew she wanted me to get my cock out and start playing with myself. I did as she wanted. Then she started talking to Uncle Peter but I knew that what she was saying was really directed to me, ‘Lick my cunt, stick your tongue up my cunt, make me cum in your mouth, I’m wanking your cock until you cum and shoot your hot sticky spunk all over my face.’ She wanted me to cum and as she made Uncle Peter cum over her face I shot my spunk all over my hands. The smile on her face showed me she enjoyed watching me.

I went back to my room and slept well.

The next day was Saturday and Auntie Maureen brought me a cupof tea in bed. I thought she would go straight out again as I assumed Uncle Peter was downstairs but instead she sat on the bed and told me how much it turned her on watching me wanking last night and she wanted to watch me do it again now. She told meUncle Peter had gone to the shops and not to worry about him. She undid her gown and showed me her tits. ‘Now wank yourself off and show Auntie what effect Aunties tits have on you.’ I pulled the covers back and started wanking. She played with her tits and made her nipples stick out. ‘Cum over Aunties tits’, she told me as I was about to cum. She leaned forward and I did as she told me. She then said, ‘Auntie wants to cum now, play with Aunties cunt and make her cum.’

I was worried in case Uncle Peter came back, but I was too excited and loved fingering her soaking wet cunt and playing with her erect clitoris. She squeezed her nipples at the same time and in no time at all she was saying, ‘Oh yes, Aunties cumming, you’re making Aunties cunt juices cum.’ I felt her cum all over my fingers and took them out. We both sucked them dry. Auntie said, ‘that will keep us going for a little while, Auntie looks forward to another session later on.’

I was surprised at what she said as I knew Uncle Peter was at home on Saturday. As I got dressed I was surprised to see Uncle Peters car outside. I only hoped he didn’t hear what we were doing. I went downstairs and had breakfast. He asked if I slept well and if I enjoyed my cup of tea in bed. I blushed terribly. It was as if he knew what I had done with Auntie Maureen. We had breakfast and Uncle Peter suggested we went fishing. We got our rods and went off to the river. We sat there happily fishing when Uncle Peter said how pleased he was that Auntie Maureen and I were getting on so well.

I felt myself blushing when he said, ‘Auntie Maureen tells me everything you do during the day and I mean everything.’ I was about to apologise but before I could say anything he said, ‘I don’t mind, Auntie Maureen is a very sexy lady and I am more than happy for her to enjoy herself with you.’ I was amazed at what he said and all I could say was thank you. We fished for a couple of hours, caught a few fish and went back to the house for lunch. Auntie Maureen had it all ready and we sat in the garden and ate it. I realised that Auntie Maureen wouldn’t be able to do anything after lunch like we normally did but I accepted that and thought I would probably have a wank later. After we finished lunch Uncle Peter got up and said, ‘I’ll clear this away, you two can go upstairs.’

I looked at him and he said, ‘Go on I don’t mind.’ Auntie Maureen took hold of my hand and led me up to their bedroom. I said to her, ‘We can’t.’ She replied, ‘I told you he wouldn’t mind.’ She started undressing me and of course I was hard. I took her blouse and bra off and saw her nipples were already hard. I reached out for them. She said, ‘Aunties really horny today, suck Aunties nipples as hard as you can.’ I leant forward and took a nipple in between my lips and sucked. I felt it grow in my mouth. She had now got all my clothes off and was pulling the skin back on my cock very slowly. I loved it when she did that. I managed to get the rest of her clothes off and she took my hand and put it between her legs. ‘Auntie wants to be finger fucked while you suck Aunties nipples,’ she said. She was soaking wet as two of my fingers easily found there way inside her. ‘Fuck Auntie Maureen with them, suck Aunties nipples, make Auntie Maureen cum, Auntie wants her cunt juices to cum.’ All the time she was playing with me really slowly, she didn’t want to cum yet. I finger fucked her and sucked her nipples, first one and then the other. They just got bigger and bigger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32