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This work of fiction features incest combined with hard BDSM, so please stop reading right here if you don’t like the juxtaposition. There’s plenty of both. To phrase it differently, this story contains harsh BDSM with incest and incest with harsh BDSM, so please don’t read and submit an irate comment(s) if you object to the mix of these two genres.

Otherwise, these chapters contain many of the physical attributes, mental characteristics, toys and devices to be found in my previous pieces. All characters are of legal age.

In the past, many enthusiastic readers have contributed positive and creative ideas. However, it’s my custom to complete an entire story before submission, so I won’t be returning to Now Serving to make changes.

I welcome your non-irate, non-flaming comments and will try to respond to your questions.

On Friday at 12:30 pm, the doorbell rang. The girls were outside at the pool, so Matt answered. Justine was both impressed and intimidated by the fancy neighborhood, one of the best in town. Standing on the portico, she looked magnificent, although understandably anxious. She wore a thin, virtually see-through, beige summer dress, with a white crocheted sweater covering her bodice. However, the knit on the sweater was so large that there were large gaps between the thick cotton. Opening the door, Matt could easily see her nipples.

“I know I’m late again,” she blurted, her large eyes searching his to gauge how angry he might be. “I almost didn’t cum. And I accept that you’ll punish me for being late,” she added placatingly.

“Quite late,” he added. He wasn’t angry; on the contrary, he was secretly pleased that she was late. Now that he knew her submissive nature and her tolerance for humiliation and bondage, she was even more erotic than the first two times he’d seen her. “Do you accept having your tits whipped?”

Shocked by his asking such a degrading question while she stood on his doorstep, completely visible from the street, where any passerby could have heard him, she closed her eyes from humiliation, swayed slightly and nodded. “Yes Sir, I understand that you’ll be hurting my tits.”

“Good. Now show them to me.” Her eyes widened in shock and she twisted her neck around, first to the left and then the right, but there were no pedestrians visible. Her pussy spasmed at the immediate obedience and exhibitionism that Matt was demanding. He knew that of the two houses visible from his stoop, one family was at a softball game and the other was away on summer vacation. Besides, he lived on a cul-de-sac with barely any traffic, although many visitors never noticed the sign, “No Through Traffic,” since it was largely obscured by an overgrown bush. “Are you going to delay showing your tits for as long as you dawdled about coming here?”

“No, Sir.” Janette undid her sweater and blouse and spread it open, exposing tits that were resting on a slutty ¼ bra.

“Nice. And do you deserve having your pussy whipped?”

“If you think so, Matthew, then yes. . . please whip my pussy.”

“Then pull up your dress and tuck it into your belt.”

She looked around again, much more humiliated by the prospect of this greater public exposure, raised the hem and tucked it into her thin white belt, showing white stockings, a matching garter belt and transparent panties. She swooned, realizing how she was standing exposed like a slut, where anyone could see her, her ass cheeks fully visible to the neighbors.

“Come in.” She stepped inside, a whiff of sultry perfume passing by him. The house was large and impressively decorated. “Cover yourself.”

She covered her tits, lowered her skirt and glanced around. “Your home is beautiful. Where are the girls?”

“At the pool. We’re quite alone in here.” Did you bring your laptop?”

“Yes, Sir, it’s in my handbag.” They walked into the sunroom that faced the pool. “Drink?”

“Yes please,” she said nervously. She swallowed her iced vodka eagerly, watching the girls who were in the water at the far side of the pool, laughing and teasing each other.

Janette, who knew that Justine had arrived and that her father would take the MILF to the sunroom, climbed out of the pool, using the ladder at the left side. Once Janette was standing at the edge of the pool, she turned to face Angie, who was still in the water, and held out a hand to help. But when Angie started climbing out, Janette’s other hand moved quickly and there was a glint of metal. Justine realized that Janette had cuffed Angie’s wrist to the metal handrail. Janette quickly followed with the other wrist. Justine was shocked at the bondage and excited by how abbreviated were their matching bikinis.

Absorbed by the spectacle occurring in front of her eyes, Justine unconsciously took another slug of her cocktail. The girls were in profile to Justine’s perspective from the sunroom. Angie was now kneeling on the top rung of the ladder, her face at the height of Janette’s groin. Justine gasped. At this distance, she could just barely perceive that Angie’s back was faintly taksim grup yapan escort striped with horizontal marks, as were her thighs, as was her ass, barely covered by the tiny bikini bottom.

Justine turned to Matt. He shrugged. “Those marks didn’t come from me, they were applied by Janette. Justine turned back to the pool and now saw that the front of Janette’s thighs were also striped. By now her bikini bottom lay on the patio while her hands forced Angie’s head into her bare pussy. Justine sat down, stunned and outraged, but obviously excited.

In a matter of moments, she’d discovered that her daughter had submitted to B&D and was servicing her best girlfriend. Janette moaned as Angie’s licking and sucking brought her off, thrashing her head violently in orgasm as her hips ground into her friend’s mouth.

He turned to the excited, flushed mother, a skein of perspiration coating her lovely skin. “Why don’t you take a swim?”

“Oh, that’s okay. I actually forgot to bring a suit.”

“Just ask Janette for a suit,” he said firmly. He was not one to be easily put off. “There are extras at the cabana.”

Reluctantly, Justine arose and went to the pool, where the girls were now lying on chaises, acting as if Angie hadn’t been cuffed and sucking Janette’s pussy only a few minutes earlier. Janette and Justine exchanged hellos, Justine cringing with shame and Janette grinning, both of course remembering the scene of clamping, bondage, whipping and fucking on the coffee table in the sub mother’s living room.

Inside the cabana, Janette rummaged around the pile of pillows and bathing suits, handing the submissive mother a skimpy bikini.

Justine examined the two pieces. “These are a size too small for me.”

“Sorry, that’s the closest size we have,” Janette lied, eagerly anticipating the events of the day that she’d planned with her father.

“Oh. . . okay.”

“Sorry again, but the cabana door doesn’t close. Daddy’s having it fixed.”

“Well, I guess I’ll just change in the house.”

“No,” Janette countered firmly, suppressing a grin. “Just change here. It’s just us girls.” Angie hid her smirk behind a magazine. Of course, Matt was staring from a shadowed place inside the house.

Justine, feeling mortified but defenseless, turned her back to them and peeled off the light sweater with relief but reluctantly pulled the thin, mocha-colored dress off, slowly showing them her expensive beige stockings, matching garter belt, abbreviated panties and slutty bra. Even at a distance, Matt could see marks on her upper thighs.

Janette was amazed that the gullible mother was stripping in front of them. “Your marks are showing nicely,” she said brazenly. Angie giggled.

The obedient MILF unclipped the garter belt, turned to face her observers and sat in a chair, rolling down the stockings from her long legs. As she bent down, Matt could see the fading stripes on her pendulous tits. It was obvious to him and the girls that her striking nipples had begun to stiffen.

The humiliated teacher unclipped her lacy shelf bra, her hefty tits hanging in the hot sun. Rather than put on the bikini top, she lifted her hips and dragged the panties down and off her legs. Without thinking, due to years of strict training, she slid to the edge of the sheet and unconsciously opened her legs all the way till her ankles were positioned at the chair legs, opening up her groin for all of her onlookers, the dark-skinned, thick labia parting to reveal the glistening inner lips. Matt smiled at the striations across her belly and mound.

Justine struggled to close the front hook between the bikini cups. At least they covered all of her aureoles and nipples. The panties were so small that the waist clung humiliatingly low on her hips, pressing into her lips, wetting instantly, but at least, as she rationalized to herself, the fabric completely covered her vulva. Her thick lips compressed in a sexy pout of displeasure, resentful for being made to expose herself, yet excited by her debauched nudity.

“You look great,” Janette said, practically drooling.

“Yeah Mom, you look hot,” Angie added.

“Well, I sure feel hot,” Justine joked and went into the pool, relieved to no longer be on display and grateful for the cooling water. The girls went into the house to finish the prep for lunch.

After a few minutes, Janette opened the rear door and called, “Lunch is on the table!”

“Oh, I need to change before lunch,” Justine protested.

“Nope, Daddy said to come directly as you are. Angie and I are in our swimsuits just like you.” Matt and the girls ogled the sultry beauty as she slowly climbed out of the pool, the water falling off her tanned and toned, magnificent body. With her Mediterranean complexion, dark hair, pretty eyes and lush body, Justine looked as breathtaking as Sophia Loren in that famous movie sequence where she emerges from the water.

Justine felt as though she was being ogled, but couldn’t actually see the others. taksim masöz escort She was aware that they’d tricked her. Although the bikini covered her privates, the water had made the thin material totally transparent. At least she’d shaved her pussy that morning.

Inside the house, she asked Angie for a bathrobe. “Mom, we’ve all been waiting for you,” her daughter answered impatiently. “Lunch is on the table.” Suitably admonished, Justine trudged to the dining room, where they all sat. Justine realized that since they were having salad. They’d tricked her again. There was no urgency to sitting down for a cold lunch, but here she was, her tits blatantly exposed beneath the wet bikini. The girls’ bikinis had dried while they were preparing lunch.

Matt smiled at the shamed beauty, her aroused nipples plain for all to see, her appearance more vulgar, more mortifying in the sodden bikini than if she’d been nude. He raised his glass of sparkling wine. “To Justine’s first visit.” He and Justine drank, the girls openly titillated by the MILF’s slutty docility. Justine swallowed half her glass to calm her nerves, her jutting nipples betraying her rising excitement. Matt toasted the girls’ largely improved school marks and Justine finished her glass of wine. As discussed before Justine’s arrival, Angie promptly refilled her mother’s glass. Their salads were delicious. Justine toyed with hers, too edgy to eat much.

“Daddy, what are we doing after lunch?” Janette asked innocently, following the script.

“You two are going to be punished,” Matt replied.

“By you?”

He eyed their guest. “No, by Justine.”

“Oh!” Janette wondered how hard Justine would hurt her in retaliation, considering the abuse that Janette had inflicted on Justine at the MILF’s apartment. Would the lewd hottie be as firm a domme as she was a docile sub? “And afterward?” Janette asked.

“After you and Angie have displayed remorse, you girls will have to make Justine realize that being an hour late this morning, inconveniencing me and delaying our lunch, is impermissible. She didn’t even have the courtesy to call.”

“Oh goodie!” Angie blurted, gleeful that her mother would also be penalized for an infraction, trying to think of what she and her best friend could do to punish Justine that would be different from what she’d done to her mother in their apartment while Justine was bound to the coffee table.

Justine, trying to hide her growing arousal, kept her eyes focused on her plate. She couldn’t help wondering whether she would be spanking the girls, since she was unaware of the house rule: spanking is for kids only. After the binding, clamping, plugging, cropping, fucking and face-fucking that Janette had done to her in the living room of her own apartment, she eagerly anticipated administering punishment to the young dominatrix. But Justine couldn’t possibly imagine the decadent scenario that Matt had planned for her.

~ ~ ~

Once the plates were cleared, Matt told the girls to go to the den and prepare for their punishment. The moment the girls left the dining room, he informed Justine that they would both be administering the discipline: she to her daughter and him to his. Justine flushed but knew better than to object and swallowed more sparkling wine. Matt also instructed her to change from the wet bikini back into her lingerie and to finish her third glass of sparkling wine, prepping her to loosen up enough to punish Angie.

He left the dining room while Justine, already in a heightened state of eroticism, walked outside and changed back into her shelf bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. She was thrilled at the idea of punishing Janette, who’d not only thoroughly controlled and abused her at her apartment in broad daylight, the girl had also shamed her best friend’s mother at poolside.

When Matt entered the den, the girls had already stripped and cuffed themselves to the bar hanging from the ceiling in front of the fireplace. They faced each other, ankles attached to the ends of the same spreader bar at their feet, the summer light highlighting their gleaming skin.

Matt clipped the chain belts around their waists to each other, fastened mini-clothespins to their nipples and hooked the mini-clothespins together, forcing their tits into each other. They moaned with pain and desire. He selected a double dildo from the coffee table drawer and inserted the entirety of the 6″ lengths into each of their pussies. Finally, he strapped a leather belt around both their heads, pushing their mouths together.

Justine entered, carrying a fourth glass of wine to steel her nerves. She stopped in her tracks, not knowing that the girls would be naked or that they would be positioned against each other. Her hardened nipples heaved with excitement in the warm light. The girls were bound so tightly together that Justine could see the clamps on their nubile nipples but not the double dildo embedded in their clean-shaven cunts.

The alluring 36-year-old was both aroused and shocked taksim otele gelen escort by the girls’ postures – their arms were pulled so high that their feet were practically suspended. Matt handed her one flogger and picked up another. “To begin, twelve strokes to her buttocks,” he decided. Angie looked at Justine imploringly but knew not to speak. Justine ran her hands over the faint marks running across her shapely, bound and clamped daughter’s back, buttocks and thighs.

As she traced the stripes, Justine saw that Angie’s hips were twisting and pushing back and forth, as were Janette’s. Justine peered around Angie’s hip and saw that both girls were humping a double dildo. Her excitement flooded her cunt with the unexpected discovery.

Years of frustration at raising a daughter single-handedly were pent up and ready to be unleashed. Plus, Angie was shamelessly fucking a dildo and her best friend, another shameless slut. So Justine thrashed her daughter’s swinging body while Matt marked Janette’s, the two girls flinching, jerking and twisting from the double onslaught. Naturally, each time they jerked, their clamped nipples were pulled and twisted, mixed with the increasing pleasure from the double dildo. Soon they were cumming, tongues in each other’s mouths as they cried in pain and orgasm.

Once the girls had stopped bucking, grinding and groaning, Matt unclasped the clothespins, unhooked the waist cinch and extracted the drenched double dildo. Justine was surprised to see the size of the fat, glistening member emerging from the girls’ sweaty mounds, pussy juices dripping onto the floor. Matt untethered the ankle and wrist cuffs from the floor and ceiling spreader bars. The teen bondage sluts collapsed in a heap on the carpet, sprawling blatantly across each other, legs flagrantly splayed open, thighs streaked with shiny juices.

~ ~ ~

Matt informed Justine, who was drenched in sweat and supremely turned on, that it was now her turn. She simply nodded her head, deeply humiliated to be proceeding in front of her daughter. “Spread your legs and hands behind your head,” he ordered.

She responded slowly, cringing with humiliation in front of the girls. The 34-year-old’s daily workouts clearly showed. The spectacular 34C tits were capped by large dark areola, but it was the astounding nipples and thick, long pussy lips that made him stare every time they were exposed. So dark they looked almost black, her nipples, clit and labia were the thickest and longest he’d ever seen.

The obscenely jutting nipples already extended over a full inch – even before they were stretched, clamped and weighted. The labia were similar: not just extraordinarily thick, but elongated, glistening with moisture, begging to be severely stretched, clamped, chained and heavily weighted. Like her nipples, her clit was similarly overlarge: over an inch in length and surprisingly thick, projecting way beyond the thick dusky folds of the clit hood.

Because of his sub’s slow response, Matt slapped Justine’s big, beautiful, exposed tits a dozen times until she called out, begging him to stop and promising to obey his instructions more promptly, the heavy tit flesh becoming blotchy and reddened. He’d never seen anything like her for endurance.

“Now put your arms in front of you.” She extended her hands in front of her for the cuffs, her big mouth and thick lips pouting. Matt applied the bonds, raised her arms and tied them to the hanging bar. By now the girls had roused themselves, stood and were drinking water, rubbing their sore nipples and excitedly watching Justine to learn how an experienced sub slut would act. Severely stretched in her white lacy lingerie, her calves, thighs and arms taut, perspiration oiling her skin, a streak of pussy juice snaking down a thigh, Justine looked magnificent.

Angie stared excitedly at her mother, eager to apply another round of payback for her recent bondage and cropping – as well as years of parental control and punishment. Matt tied off her mother’s ankles widely till her lower lips parted, greased a small 4″ anal dildo and pushed it smoothly all the way into her dark rosebud while Angie, at Matt’s direction, wrapped rough strips of black leather so tightly around the bases of her mother’s pendulous tits, sore from Matt’s slapping, that Justine moaned.

Matt handed Angie a thick wooden dowel wrapped in soft leather and she pushed the mouth gag inside her mother’s thick lips. Despite the degraded pose of being nude and bound with an anal dildo embedded in her ass and undergoing discipline from her teen daughter, he could tell how deliriously excited Justine was.

Matt was concerned about the damage Angie would likely inflict on her mother, so he limited the student to a couple of dozen strokes of a simple, relatively harmless tawse to Justine’s back, ass and thighs, while he chose to whip the teacher’s luscious front with a quirt.

Matt started by striking Justine’s flat belly while Angie mercilessly attacked her helpless mother’s back, the angry teen’s strokes faster and harder than Matt’s. Between her father’s whippings, Janette cruelly pulled and twisted Justine’s fat nipples. When Matt started to mark the heavily hanging tits, inflicting lurid stripes an inch apart, Janette kneeled to pinch, pull and spank Justine’s labia and clit till they were as swollen and inflamed as her ravaged, sweat-stained tits.

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