Nothing Like An Aunt

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DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction. The characters depicted herein are all 18-years-old or older. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, or events, past or present, are strictly coincidental.


I feel like such a weasly little horndog. My fantasies have always drifted from one thing to another; from an older woman to two girls my age; from seeing women naked to watching a striptease; from straight sex to the more freaky and improper “violations” of a woman’s body… and from sexy strangers in magazines to intimacy with friends and relatives. Blame my hormones, I guess. I am almost nineteen.

Last year, while my 18th was just around the corner, my “aunt” Cecile started to hang out with my parents and I nearly everyday. She’s not actually related to me. Her older sister is one of my mom’s best friends from high school. Really, she’s not even that much older than I am. She was only 24, but at the time, it did feel like there was a massive gap in our age if only because she already had her own life and I only just graduated from highschool. Regardless, I’ve had a crush on her since I came into puberty. Unfortunately, we’d found out just a year earlier that she had “come out of the closet.” I was crushed.

Cecile wasn’t the only woman that I’d crushed on. Cecile’s sister once danced with me at my uncle’s wedding. She wore a tight dress that showed off her blessed endowments and I did my best to impress her with my dance moves. While it’s true that I carried a flame for her for a little while, her penchant for rambling on about things I had no interest in was so grating that I could swear I felt my dick and balls retreat into me like the head of a turtle. I mean, she’s sweet, but, damn, woman, shut up.

My uncle’s wife was also quite a looker, but she has always been completely self-absorbed. No one else’s problems could ever compare to hers and she’s always begging for handouts and never returns any favors even while she’s lavishing the spoils of her treachery upon her kids.

Needless to say that for me, personally, to even consider sex with either of those grating women, I’d have to be dead drunk. Unfortunately, the meds I take for my epilepsy make it difficult for me to consume alcohol. Anymore than it takes to make me just feel loose and I’ll pass out. Well, at least I like to blame my meds. I really only started drinking when Cecile started to hang out with me.

It was embarrassing, to say the least, when I woke up one day on my couch with my head in Cecile’s lap as she sat watching TV. She explained that she saw that I was still breathing and so she didn’t want to call my parents about my passing out. My parents didn’t believe in underaged drinking as far as she knew. My own embarrassment subsided the more I realized that this had been the closest I’d ever gotten or may ever get to “aunt” Cecile’s pussy. Hell, this would be the closest that any guy had gotten in a while and no other guy was gonna get this close to her soft mound ever again.

A few days later, Cecile and I were again able to hang out together alone. We were both sitting on the couch again, just watching tv. Cecile was wearing a tight black sweater and some jeans. My approaching birthday is in December, so her attire was appropriate. My hormones were out of control and this time it only took a couple of drinks to loosen me up enough to talk to her straight.

“You know? I’ve had a crush on you since I first laid eyes on you.”

“Really? I usually expect guys to chase my sister’s skirt before me.”

“Well, don’t get me wrong, you’re sister’s nice… and nice to look at.” I wasn’t entirely surprised that she decided to glean right past my admission. She was a lesbian. Why should it affect her? But I couldn’t help wondering if maybe the alcohol was inhibiting her ability to prioritize her thoughts. “But she’s just… well, I don’t want to be rude, but I can’t think of another way to put it…”

“She annoys the shit out of you.”

“Yes. Exactly. Thank you.”

“So what is it exactly you like about me?”

I felt warm now from the alcohol and from her teasing question. I was just shy of blushing. This was a pretty mean game she was playing, but she was pretty drunk so I decided I would just play along. “Well, you and your sister pretty much have the same features.”

“You think so? I always thought my sister was a little bigger.” She said and stuck out her chest as she looked down at her boobs.

I admired her shape as I felt something stir inside me. “Well, only slightly. I also like your shape better.”

“You mean, you don’t go for those girls with the hourglass bodies..?” Cecile leaned back and looked at me with a sexy little smirk. I couldn’t tell if it was deliberate. Why would it be?

I had to admit, she didn’t have one of those hourglass bodies. It would seem that a penchant for drinking, an average metabolism, and a lack of desire for physical exercise had caused her to retain her teenaged baby fat. Her waist and midriff were roughly flush with her tits and hips. I didn’t mind that. bahis firmaları It’s not as if my hands were hoping for a rollercoaster ride when I fantasized about rubbing and groping all over her.

“Well, I also like the shape of your face.”

“My face..?” It was obvious that she found that admission to be a little weird.

“Yeah, well, I mean, your sister’s cheeks are kind of puffy in my opinion, you know? I can’t help imagining a blowfish or a chipmunk whenever her name comes up.”

Cecile burst out laughing. She had no ability to restrain herself. She almost fell off the couch. When she finally calmed down, she set down her beer and looked back at me, shaking her head. “I have never heard anyone compare my sister to a blowfish.”

I had no idea why that had come out of my mouth, but there was nothing to do about it now but laugh along with her and try to change the subject. “Mostly, I find myself attracted to a certain personality type. I mean, I’m not gonna jump on a woman just because of her personality, but I also find it difficult to be physically attracted to a woman based solely on her looks.”

Cecile was staring deeply into me again with a cynical smirk. “And what kind of personality do you look for in a woman?”

“Well… I’m not sure how to explain it. I think we have to have a commonality, so, I guess a little more quiet and reserved and polite. I don’t like girls who like to shine a spotlight on themselves. But you can’t be completely closed off either. That’s why I like you. You know when and how to open up just right.”

Cecile smiled. It looked kind of devious but I also suspected she was withholding a fit of laughter. “How open do you want me?”

Now that was just pure innuendo. I could tell by her persistent smile that she knew the implications of her question even in her drunken state. As I imagined her suddenly willing to spread her legs right there in front of me, I felt my prick poke at the front of my pants. I hadn’t even been aware of my erection which had been growing during the course of our conversation, but now I felt self-conscious of it. I grunted to clear my throat as I felt incapable of forming a verbal response at this point.

Cecile continued to just sit and stare at me, never even once reaching for her drink as we sat in awkward silence.

I couldn’t take the pressure anymore and I stood up. “Is it hot in here? Should I turn on the air conditioner?”

Cecile shrugged.

I traveled down the hall and switched on the air and made my way back. I stopped as I passed the bathroom. I didn’t know how I would possibly get through the rest of this visit without at least stroking one off, so I hit the head. After having closed and locked the door, I had just managed to get my inflated cock out of my pants when Cecile came banging at the door.

“What’s going on in there?”

One could understand that I was a little frustrated. “Hold on a minute. I just got in here.” I started to stroke myself when Cecile started banging again. “Cecile… please, just give me a minute.” Again, I had just started to stroke myself when the noisy banging repeated. I reluctantly tucked my hardon back into my pants and flushed the toilet purely out of habit.

When I opened the door, Cecile was standing right there in my face. She had apparently removed her sweater. She was wearing a loose top which hung off her shoulders on no more than a pair of strings. As I looked down into her exposed cleavage, I wished I could just slide the strings off her shoulders and drop her top so I could fondle and suck on her tits. My hardon sprung to life in her presence.

Cecile looked me up and down and said, “I have to use the bathroom.”

She looked so cute, I couldn’t say no. Still, as the door closed behind her, I felt weak and disappointed that I’d have to momentarily put my own needs on hold.

I sat on the couch and continued to watch tv. I didn’t even hear the bathroom door open when I suddenly found Cecile standing in front of me in nothing but her loose top and a pair of satin panties. My jaw must have hit the floor. My dick just about tore a hole through my pants.

“What do you think?”

I wanted to ask her what she could possibly be thinking, but it had to be obvious by now. What possible motive could a lesbian have to show off her half-naked body to a drunken hormonal teenaged boy? Then I thought maybe I should compliment her, but something else came out instead. “Can I see the back?”

No hesitation. Cecile put her hands on her hips and did a 180 on her heel. She looked back at me as she stroked her hips and ran her fingers gently along her round asscheeks. “So, do you like it?” She asked. All I could do was nod gleefully like any other horny braindead teenager.

“Good. I hope my girlfriend likes them too.” She said and sat down on the floor near a bag she had brought over. Her sexual signals had now virtually disappeared and I felt completely racked. Why was she doing this to me? I quickly stood and headed for the bathroom again.

Just as I reached the kaçak iddaa door, I heard her calling me back. “Hey, hon, do you think my girlfriend will like this?”

I reluctantly dragged myself back to her in the living room. She was still dressed pretty much the same, but her panties somehow looked different. I couldn’t figure out why. “What are those?”

Cecile raised one of her legs onto the toes, spreading open slightly as she ran a hand along her inner thigh. “These are edible panties.”

“Edible..?” I said dumbly. I knew what edible panties were, but I’d never seen them up close, let alone being worn by anyone.

Cecile nodded. “They taste like a fruit smoothy.”

“You’ve tried one?”

“Well, no, but that’s what it said on the package. I haven’t had time to test them.” She looked at me and I thought I saw something like desperation on her face, a look which no doubt mirrored my own. “Do you wanna taste?”

I wanted to react with words but I figured if I said anything at this point, I would blow the whole scene. I was on the verge of losing it in my pants. I wanted so desperately to sink my pink-head into her snatch, but if the most I could get was a taste of it, then I had to jump on that. Rather than say anything, I practically stumbled over myself to get to her and wrapped my hands low on her waist as I hugged into her. She looked into my eyes and I kissed her. She didn’t resist me so I kissed deeper. I could smell and taste the alcohol on her breath.

I could feel her hands rubbing down over my skin. Even though her rubbing seemed intimate, her hands never rubbed back up; she just continually stroked downward. I took it as a sign that she desperately wanted me on my knees in front of her cooch, so I obliged.

Once on my knees, I rubbed my hands and face along her inner thighs and watched her breasts heave as her breathing changed. I nuzzled in closer to her warm damp pussy and kissed at the edge just between her thigh and the edible fabric. A slight whimper escaped Cecile as I dragged my salivating mouth up and down the edge.

“Let me know what it tastes like.” Cecile reminded me and I kissed her slit through the edible fabric. I then stuck my tongue out and stroked her slit through the fabric. She was right. The stuff did taste like a fruit smoothy. She draped her leg around my neck and I looked up to see her fondling her breasts under her top and stroking her leg that was hung on my shoulder.

I reached up and grabbed her ass as I drove my tongue deeper into her slit through the fabric. I pulled her panties slightly to the side and slid my tongue along her salty wet pussylips. I felt a tremor through her hips as the two lubricated surfaces met. I continued to squeeze her buttcheek while I returned her panties to their place between me and her slit. As I drove my tongue into the tasty material once again, I slid my finger in under the panties and rubbed along her wet lips. As Cecile began to row her hips toward me, I ran a finger in and along her asscrack.

I looked up to see Cecile staring straight down at me as she began to lift off her top. “Bite it.” She said. “Bite into it.”

I was a little confused. She claimed to have bought these edible panties for her girlfriend and now she wanted me to bite a hole into them..? Nevertheless, I did as told and began to chew a hole in the panties gaining me less complicated access to her pussy slit. With her edibles now crotchless, I shoved my fingers deeper inside of her and ran my tongue along her outer lips. I felt her hips tremble and her leg squeezed tighter around me.

“Oh, fuck!” Cecile exclaimed and moaned ravenously. I had found her clit and began to rub at it furiously. I felt Cecile’s fingers running through my hair and I watched her bend at the waist, lowering her now naked tits closer to my face, as she tried to pull her pussy further into my mouth.

I wanted so bad to take one of those perky nipples into my mouth, but I was a bit preoccupied. She shoved a hand down the back of my shirt to rub my skin under the material. I felt her fingers curl as she dug her nails into my back while I rubbed and licked into her. She swore again, grunted, and moaned, ending with a squeal that devolved into a hungry roar as her body trembled in climax.

“Oh wow. Wow. How did you get so good at that?” Without letting me answer, Cecile grabbed my head and dragged up and kissed me passionately, pushing me back toward the couch. She broke away and asked, “Have you got any other talents for me?”

Once again, she didn’t let me answer, instead merely dragging my shirt off of me. She tore wildly into my pants, freeing my starving erection.

Cecile stood back at stared at me in all my glory. In my opinion, I wasn’t much to look at. I was scrawny and average in endowment. Still, Cecile licked her lips as she stared down at my dick. “So… you said you had a crush on me, but you haven’t talked to me at all for the past half-hour. Is there something wrong?”

I was at a complete loss for words. I’d just licked and fingered her into an orgasm, kaçak bahis so then why couldn’t I just tell her that I would love to fuck her and leave her dripping with my cum.

“Is there something you want? Did you want me to do something for you?” She looked at me innocently, as if pleading for me to just tell her what to do. She looked at my cock again and bit her lip. I knew what I wanted and I could tell she was already thinking about it. But how to put it..? I couldn’t just come right out and say it. I couldn’t be too demanding. I couldn’t be that bold. What if she was insulted?

“Do you… wanna taste?” I figured that my safest bet was repeating the same line she’d used to seduce me. It was open to interpretation rather than being a direct command… and it paid off exactly as I had hoped as she dropped to her knees and grabbed hold of my dick. She stuck out her tongue and began to swirl it around the tip of my dick as she fondled herself. She moaned as if enjoying a sweet treat. I was losing my mind and I was on the verge of losing my load, but I clenched down hard, all the muscles throughout my body tightening, but mostly my legs and ass.

Cecile seemed to notice my struggle and gave me a brief respite before wrapping her lips around my aching dick and stroking me softly as she sucked me further into her mouth. I started to shiver as I thrust my hips toward her face, trying to sink my shaft deeper into her mouth. I grabbed onto her head and she released her grip, instead grabbing hold of my ass cheeks with both hands. We worked together to pump her head further down over my dick as I humped harder into her face.

Her eyes glazed over slightly and she looked about ready to pass out. I think she may have been suffocating by the time I unleashed about two cups worth of baby juice down her throat. I eased out a bit, but she held me firmly with her hands on my ass, keeping my dickhead sealed between her lips. She was breathing easy again as she swallowed my cum and sucked the remainder out of my spent member.

My eyes had rolled back into my head from all of the excitement and the topper of watching Cecile down my cum like a glass of milk. I relaxed and opened my eyes again as Cecile tilted her head back, letting my greasy boner fall slowly out of her mouth. She let it rest on her bottom lip supported by her jaw. She got her tongue back under the tip and licked my dick as it slid out of her mouth.

It was a confusing feeling. I was satisfied sexually, but I was also disappointed that I hadn’t had the chance to stuff my meat up inside her buttery cunt. She stood up and wrapped her arms around me. I was staring at her tits and they were staring back, her nipples stiffening as they brushed against my bare chest. Cecile knew what I wanted and pulled my head into her buxom bosom. I kissed her tits near her cleavage and nuzzled her soft flesh as I drifted over to one of her nipples. I placed my hands on both of her breasts as I sucked on her erect nipple. I could feel her breathing enhance. I was starting to get excited again too.

Cecile grabbed my shaft which was waking up a bit lazily. She began to stroke me and I wrapped my arms around her to pull her chest tighter to me. I rose up and kissed her again, forgetting that her mouth was still salty from my own cum. I decided I didn’t care.

I ran my hand down her body, gliding over her silky skin. I ran my finger along her asscrack and gave her cheek another firm squeeze before I found my way back to the freshly-chewed hole in her panties and slid my fingers into her slippery-wet pussy.

Finally, I was hard enough for another go and I knew what I wanted. I dropped my pants, sat down on the couch, and yanked Cecile’s panties off. She smiled down at me as I looked up. She moved to straddle me, but I stopped her, slowly turning her around. She gave me a dirty look coupled with a devious grin as she slowly sat down on my rigid muscle and eased my head into her lubricated love-cave.

She leaned back against me as I humped up into her and her chest heaved bouncing her luscious boobs all around. I grabbed hold of her chest as she started to bounce up and down on my cock. She leaned further back and turned her head so we could lock lips again. I swear her mouth was even wetter than before. I suppose the sensation of being probed by my swollen meat was making her drool like a hungry animal. Even lesbians have to admit nothing beats a good stiff rod pounding deep into their holes.

My hand dropped from her chest and began to fiddle with her clit. I felt Cecile claw into my pelvis as she bounced faster and harder, humping her pussy down onto my meat and rubbing her clit against my fingers. She leaned her head back on my shoulder and placed a hand atop mine, forcing me to rub harder.

As her breathing finally went ragged, I felt my scrotum tightening. I quickly placed both of my hands on her hips and tugged her down repeatedly. She continued to rub her own clit and molest her own breast as I bounced her up and down on my exploding dick. She shrieked wildly as we worked together to bring her to orgasm. I don’t know if my cum had pushed over the limit or she’d been there already, but the feeling of the two of us cumming together as one was unlike anything I’d ever felt. Still, I wish we could do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32