Nothing Better

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Okay, so this is my first post to Literotica, even though I’ve been reading many for a long while now.

Be kind.


“I love you” he whispered closely into my ear.

“I love you too” I replied kissing him shortly on the lips.

He looked me straight in the eyes, as we moved closer my eyes flickered shut. Our lips brushed before touching completely. One of his hands moved towards my face; his thumb just in front of my ear and his fingers supporting my neck. My arms wrapped around his shoulders and my fingers intertwined with the hair on the back of his neck. The longer we kissed for, the deeper it got. He pushed me back gently onto his bed, moving from my mouth down to my neck. He passed over my weak spot, making me moan in pleasure. My hand traveled under his shirt caressing his perfectly toned abs. I lifted it slowly upward exposing his chest. Planting kisses from his belly button upwards, trailing over his chest, I slipped his shirt over his head and rolled him over. His hands went to my hips and guided them back and forth over his own. I felt a slight pressure being applied to my thigh, I smiled to myself thinking about how hot I felt.

I slipped out of my tank top and leaned over him, kissing his collar bone, stopping to suck gently just above on his neck, producing a dark circle. He let out a short moan. He unbuttoned my skirt and slipped it off, and rolled me back over. He leaned over me with one hand either side of my head and each knee either side of my hips. I lay on my back looking up into his beautiful blue gray eyes. I worked my way down his body my eyes stopped not too briefly at his jeans. I looked back up at him and smiled. He knew what I was thinking. I reached out and slowly unfastened the zipper looking into his eyes the whole time. His warm smile reassured me that everything would be okay; it always did. Under the washed out denim material, I moved my hands over his hips and onto his bum pulling him down on top of me. A grin played on his lips for a second or two until he leaned down and our mouths met again. Moving my hands further down the back of his thighs I pushed his jeans down to his knees. He kicked them off the rest of the way and lay on top of me, bostancı escort his cool skin pressed against my warm body.

My mind was racing, I’d had sex sure. But never with him. I could hardly contain myself. By now fantasies were playing in my head of what could happen; what might happen. I was dripping wet, I was sure he’d be able to feel it too. His hands caressed my body, not in the rushed way that horny teenagers do; in a way that showed that he loved me and my body. Moving slowly downwards his hands reached the elastic around the top of my panties, he was stroking the skin just above it gently. After a few seconds he slid his hand down slightly, just under the waistband. Once he saw I wasn’t objecting he moved his hand back out of my underwear and down. Through the material he rubbed me gently with two fingers. I started to move my hips in time to his movements; I started to moan. This felt so good. He worked his way back up to my waistband where he removed my panties completely and pressed his fingers gently against me. He broke away from my mouth and worked his way down my neck slowly. He stopped just above my collar bone and left a dark, yet affectionate love bite. He unfastened my bra and slid it from my body, leaving my erect nipples exposed to the humid air. I placed my hands on either side of his face and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. I bit his bottom lip gently and pulled his body closer to me. Not long after I ran my tongue slowly over his bottom lip, he opened his mouth and his warm tongue met mine. We lay there kissing for a while, just intertwined until he broke away from my mouth again and started to work his way further down. He passed over the weak spot on my neck and knowingly began to lick and suck on it. Moving away a few seconds later leaving another prominent love bite. He caressed my left breast while he sucked on my right nipple. His tongue made circular patterns around it, making it even harder; if that was possible. His kisses went further down my body until he reached my hip bone. He began to suck on my delicate skin, making me groan slightly, he moved further down still leaving behind yet another love bite.

I was dripping wet, he was right sancaktepe escort there, teasing me. He ran his tongue slowly over my lips, my breathing got heavier and I spread my legs as wide as I could. He used two fingers to part my lips and started to lick around my clit. As his tongue touched it my breath caught in my throat and I started to moan quietly; moving my hips in time with his tongue. I felt the familiar feeling, I readied myself. I guess he could tell by my breathing; his tongue moved over my clit quicker than before, bringing me to my first orgasm of the night in seconds. I felt the walls of my pussy contract. I let out an elated moan and looked down and smiled at him. His tongue danced over the entrance to my pussy, he circled and the slid his tongue inside of me. After inducing a second, more powerful orgasm; he leveled his face with mine and kissed me. Our tongues met again and I could taste myself on him. I was really turned on now, I was dripping. I turned over, putting him on his back beneath me. I kissed his neck softly and moved down further as a faint bruise formed, returning the love bite favor.

A few seconds later, he sat up and moved to the side of the bed. I moved beside him and then onto the floor in front of him. I got onto my knees and slid his cock into my mouth. Moving my mouth backwards and forwards over him, he began to move his hips; thrusting in time to my mouth. I took his hard cock in my hands and licked it slowly from top to bottom. I heard him moan and I slid it back into my mouth. I felt his hands on either side of my head, he was pushing me closer. I fought the gag reflex with little effort and pushed his whole cock into my mouth and down my throat. I worked my tongue over and over until I heard those three words. I slid him out of my mouth slightly so it was more comfortable. In seconds I felt his hot cum squeeze into my mouth, he moaned louder now saying my name. After he’d finished, I looked into his eyes, my mouth filled with his cum. He showed me a satisfied smile and went to pull me into a kiss. I swallowed, and proceeded letting him taste himself, hoping he’d be pleased. He pulled me up from the floor onto his lap, he sat me facing zeytinburnu escort him with my legs behind him. His hands came to my hips as I moved side to side, back and forth in his lap; attached to his mouth the whole time. I felt him getting hard again and smiled into the kiss. He picked me up and placed me on my back in the middle of the bed and then climbed back on top of me. I took his cock in my hand softly, and smiled up at him as I rolled a condom down over the length of him. He smiled back and kissed me shortly. I guided him gently to the entrance of my pussy and he pushed himself slowly inside of me. I closed my eyes and pulled him close to me. He was all I wanted. I buried my face into the crook of his neck and took in his scent. He wrapped his arms around me and we lay for a while listening to the sound of each others breathing.

He began to thrust inside of me gently, the friction on my clit and his cock inside of me made me moan into his neck. His hands were either side of my hips and his thrusts were becoming more powerful. The harder he thrusted, the more I moaned. I could feel myself begin to orgasm again, I murmured to him and he got faster. Within seconds I felt myself contract around his cock. This was more powerful than the previous two; I felt my whole body start to shake gently. He began to moan louder; saying my name over and over, until he couldn’t hold on any longer. He collapsed on top of me and kissed me. He began to thrust again, much more powerful than before. I had barely recovered from my last orgasm when I was thrown into another. He climaxed inside of me again and then fell on top of my body. He pulled himself out gently and kissed me sweetly on the forehead. He took off the condom and threw it in the trash before sliding on his boxers. He lay back down next to me and I rested my head on his chest. I looked up at him and traveled my hand down to his waist band, I pulled down his boxers again and took his soft cock in my hand. It hardened almost instantly as I began to move my hand back and forth over him. It didn’t take long before he whispered that he was close, I slid gently downwards and slid my mouth over his cock once again. I moved back and forth and licked the underside. In a few seconds I felt his hot cum fill my mouth. I leveled my face to his and pulled him into a kiss. I felt his tongue on my lips and I opened my mouth, letting his cum spill into both of our mouths. We pulled away and I laid my head peacefully onto his chest, kissing it softly. Falling asleep together almost instantly.

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