Not Marilyn (But Maybe Better)

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I was asleep in my recliner. It’s a big, soft, plush recliner, and I like to sleep in it. I’m seventy years old, I can sleep where I like.

We were in the middle of a patch of warm weather, so I was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt. I had awakened too early, and thought perhaps I’d do better to get out of bed, climb into my wonderful recliner, and drift back to sleep. I’m sure I slept for a couple more hours in my chair, and then I emerged into that odd time between wakefulness and sleep in which everything seems to have a dreamlike quality…my eyes were closed, but I could tell that it was beginning to be light out. I heard the ticking of the clock over the fireplace. I could hear someone down the block starting their car. All of these things, plus the feeling of being stretched out in my recliner, seemed to be as much a part of a dream I was having as reality. Then I saw Marilyn Monroe…she looked as she had in 1949, you know, when she posed for the photos that eventually appeared in the first issue of that famous nudie magazine. That was the year before I was born, but I saw the pictures when I was 10 or 11, just before she died. She looked like an angel to me.

Like most men, I experience morning wood. (Yes, even old men can have morning wood…I rather enjoy it. There’s something luxurious about it.) I could feel the weight of my engorged cock against my leg, pressing up to the loose fabric of my gym shorts. I had a passing thought: maybe I could slip back into a deeper sleep and have a sexy dream. I like those.

As I lay there, I felt warm, soft fingers lightly brush the skin of my thigh. Marilyn Monroe was flirting with me, and that was nice…she was so pretty, and in my twilight state, she was sweet and warm and soft; I think she must have known that she was getting me aroused, because she started to stroke my thigh more deliberately, and I could sense her watching my cock grow. I guessed that she must have liked what she saw, because her hand, petting me, kept moving toward my cock, and I was really hoping she would touch me there. Slipping into a deeper doze, I felt her move the leg of my shorts up so she could see me and could sweetly stroke my excited member. I was so excited, so caught up in lust for her…I was really enjoying the dream, and was hoping it was going to end with Marilyn being just as excited by me as I was for her.

I heard her quietly laugh as she enjoyed the effect she was having on me. She played with my dick, stroking it gently, slipping her fingers to my scrotum, gently massaging my balls. I felt the tip of her sweet tongue just touch the head of my cock, probably seeking the drop of precum I could feel forming at the tip. She softly moved her tongue around, gently exploring, tickling underneath the glans, moving the edge of my foreskin back to expose more of the swollen tip. It was so nice, and she was so fine, and I really wanted her to do more.

I don’t know what it was that moved me from the twilight dream state to full wakefulness, but I must have heard something, I suppose…all of a sudden I was fully awake, even though I continued to lay there with my eyes closed, a little disappointed that the dream hadn’t progressed further. I’d have loved to dream about fucking Marilyn Monroe. It was at that point that I realized that even though I was awake, I could still feel a warm, wet tongue on my boner. I wasn’t awake enough to think things through, and I was too excited to want to interrupt what was happening, but eventually, I opened one eye, and without moving a muscle, I looked to see my daughter’s friend, Gail, draw my cock deeper into her warm, wet mouth.

My daughter, April, in her forties, lived with her husband in another town, and she happened to be visiting for a week. She did this several times a year, I suspect to check on me, and sometimes she brought her husband and the grandchildren with her. This time, though, she had brought her best friend, Gail, whom I had met once before when April’s mother was still alive and we were visiting there. Gail had been married at the time, but since then had been divorced from her husband and, according to my daughter, and generally soured on the idea of marriage.

April had never been an early riser, but apparently Gail was, because it was just a little before six in the morning, and lovely Gail was bent over my waist with my cock between her lips. I closed my eyes again and pretended that I was still asleep.

She slid her hands over my thighs, into my shorts, around my balls, around my cock, all the while slowly swirling her tongue around my fully erect member. My brief glance had shown that she was wearing an oversized t-shirt kaçak iddaa for pajamas, and it fell along the line of her curves in a very nice way. By this time, I figured she must know that I’m awake, I thought, since my cock was now throbbing and pulsing. She really knew how to use her tongue. I let my right hand softly caress her hip over her night shirt, and then find the bare skin of her thigh beneath. She didn’t move, but continued her ministrations. I found that our relative positions allowed me to cup her shapely ass in my hand.

At my age, forty year-old women always seem quite young to me. This was quite a treat. I didn’t know what had motivated her to start licking me while I was asleep in my chair, but I sure as hell knew that I wasn’t going to stop her. She’s a very attractive woman; blonde, hourglass figure, lovely face, engaging personality, smart, funny, pretty, playful…it occurred to me that there was actually a resemblance to the legendary Marilyn. I had already been enjoying her visit, but this would ensure that she’d be welcome in my home any time she wanted to come, with April or without her.

She pulled her mouth off my cock and turned her head toward me with a sly smile on her pretty face. “Good morning,” she said in a slightly hoarse whisper. “Good morning,” I whispered back. “To what do I owe this unexpected delight?” I continued to fondle her butt while I said this, and she turned it more into my hand, presumably so that I could fondle more of it, which I happily did.

“I get up early,” she said, “and this morning I got up really horny. I was on my way to the kitchen when I saw you dozing in your chair with a sweet smile on your face and a huge boner, and I couldn’t resist it. Somehow,” she said, with a twinkle in her voice, “I didn’t think you’d mind if I just, sort of, helped myself to the goodies.”

By that time, my hand had found its way to her soft, sweet pussy, and I was surprised at how wet she was. “It’s a big, soft chair,” I said. “Care to join me?”

She smiled again…her smiles were infectious and inviting. “Mmmm…I think I’d enjoy that.”

She turned to face me and slid her ass over the arm of the chair and into my lap, and then she stretched out her legs and snuggled into my arms, thrilling me with a deep, sensual kiss. Her glorious tits pressed against my shirt, and she moved one knee around my hip so that her front pressed against my cock, by now far beyond the morning wood stage and well into the kind of erection that is expecting to be surrounded by a woman soon. My hands found their way down her back and pulled the hem of her t-shirt up; at the same time, she pulled the leg of my baggy gym shorts out from around my cock. I felt her raise her hips a little, and in amazingly little time, I was all the way inside her without ever breaking our kiss. She moaned quietly as though she meant it. I had to freeze for a little while to keep myself from coming…I might be seventy, but I’m not dead, and besides, it had been years since I’d been with a woman.

She seemed to sense the reason for my stillness, so she also stopped moving for a few minutes, and we just lay there, kissing, holding, fondling, but trying not to generate too much movement of our pleasure parts.

She broke the kiss to say, “I always thought you must be a good lover…I’m extremely pleased to know that I was right.”

“Sweetheart,” I said, “I believe it’s all starting to come back to me.”

She pushed herself up with her arms and drew her knees forward until she was in a cowgirl position. Looking directly into my eyes, she began to move her hips slowly with me inside her. It was glorious. I wouldn’t have been more excited even if I had been fucking Marilyn Monroe.

I reached up to caress her plump breasts, and the sensation of her hot and wet cunt around my cock was amazing. Her eyes closed in rapture, and her movements became more rhythmic. She began to grind against me in earnest, her breath coming in small gasps and quiet moans. Her speed gradually increased, and I was entranced by the expression on her face; she might not even know I was there at this point, but I was looking forward to her climax. I pushed the back of the recliner back until it was as flat as it could be, and lifted up my hips to get as deep as I could. When she came, it was amazing; I could feel her clench around my cock, and felt her shudder deeply for longer than I would have expected; she came for what seemed like an hour, though it couldn’t have been longer than a few minutes. She collapsed on top of me and kissed me with intense passion…I think it was the kiss that pushed me over the edge, and I felt two years’ worth of abstinence kaçak bahis squirting into her incredible pussy like a fire hose.

“Give it to me,” she whispered in her sexy, husky voice. “Give it all to me. I want every bit of it, and I want to feel it and know it’s inside me all day.”

I came until I was utterly spent, and then enjoyed holding her in my arms while we caught our breath. Eventually I said, “If I were a younger man, I’d offer to go for another round, but it takes longer to recover these days. That was wonderful; I won’t say much more because I’ll get all choked up, but I really needed that.”

She picked her head up from my shoulder to look me in the eye. “I really needed it, too. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift. And I’m pretty sure April is going to the hairdresser this afternoon, so I’m hoping that’ll give you enough time to recover. I really want you to fuck me again.”

Of course, hearing her say that immediately started my genitals on the path to recovery, so I began to look forward to the afternoon. We snuggled a bit more, and then we got up from the chair to go get dressed and make breakfast. We had a pleasant meal together; I was a little surprised by all the events of the morning, but not least at how easy it was to be with this woman who was nearly thirty years younger than myself. We chatted over eggs and toast and coffee, and about what she wanted to do while she was it town, what plans she had made with April, and whether there were some nice places she’d like to have dinner.

After breakfast, I puttered around in the yard for a while; April finally rolled out of bed at 9:30 or so, had some coffee, and then when back to her room to get dressed. Gail came out and helped me with some weeding, and at one point she whispered in my ear, “I can feel your cum inside me…I love it. It makes me so horny feeling it drip out of my pussy.” I have to confess that I had never been with a woman before who was so open about sex, and it was turning me on in a way I hadn’t experienced before, even with my late wife, who was the love of my life. I’m sure that Gail would be easy to love, but today, it was all about lust. I certainly was lusting for her, and she had me convinced, contrary to everything I would have expected, that she was lusting after me.

Don’t get me wrong; I had a great marriage, and we had great sex. I adored my wife, and we had a lot of fun together, but I always had the impression that sex was something she did for me, not something I did for her. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy sex, but her enjoyment was never communicated to me as need. Sex, for her, was nice, but it was as though our marriage would have been the same without it.

Now Gail was letting me know that, not only did she actively want sex, she wanted it with me. No one had ever told me that they considered my cock and my seed as gifts before, and it felt incredibly affirming and, in some way, powerful. Also, it made me feel very horny, and I was trying to think of ways to hurry April out the door.

Of course, April had been hoping that Gail would go with her to the hairdresser and shopping afterward, but Gail promised that she would catch up with her later; she hadn’t had a shower yet, she said, and she was enjoying the serenity of doing a little yard work and not being in the car. April was only a little put out, and then I told her that we’d have dinner at Marcello’s that evening. That’s her very favorite fancy dinner place, and it was enough to distract her for the moment. She went off to her appointment, and I had no doubt she’d be picking up a new dress while she was out.

Once she had gone, Gail wasted no time. She was on her knees in the living room with my cock in her mouth before the echo from the door closing had died down. When I was twenty, I’m sure it would only have taken about fifteen seconds to get me hard, but as it was, it took her about two minutes. This woman was making me feel like a young buck once again.

She got me very close, and then she stood up, kissed me deeply, and told me to meet her in my bedroom after I took a shower. I stayed erect the whole time I undressed, showered, shaved, and returned to my bedroom, and there she was, naked and beautiful on top of the bedspread. I turned on the ceiling fan; it was warm, and it was about to get warmer.

My lord, she was gorgeous. I must have stared for a few minutes, because she said, “I love the way you’re looking at me right now, but come over here and do something about it. I’m ready to enjoy your body.”

I leaned over the bottom of the bed and put one of her toes in my mouth, circling it with my tongue. Then I began illegal bahis kissing her ankles, her shins, her knees, finally working my face up to her lovely sex. I caressed the trimmed triangle of pubic hair, grateful she hadn’t shaved it all off, and touched my tongue to her inner thigh, just where it met the labia majora. I touched my finger to her opening, and found her absolutely soaking wet.

“Mmm,” I said, “I love knowing that you got this wet thinking of me.”

I stroked her with my tongue, and slipped my finger into her wet pussy. After a little while, I focused my attention on her clit, scrubbing it with my tongue. Gail’s hands were in my hair; I actually do have a full head of hair, and it was a turn-on to feel her guiding my head where she wanted it. I wanted to bury myself in her, and she seemed to want to pull me in. She squirmed and moaned…and then she came. Loudly. She didn’t scream exactly, but she vocalized the animalistic quality of her orgasm; if someone had heard her and didn’t know that she was coming, they’d have thought she was a ghost about to haunt somebody. As she came, I stopped rubbing her clit with my tongue, and just pressed down on it and stayed still. It was like riding a bucking bronco. When she finished, she panted out, “Damn. I think you may have done that before.”

I smiled; in fact, I had done that before…I had some expert instruction from my late wife. I’m fortunate that what I would have done for her was also good for Gail.

I crawled up over her body, kissing as I went. I suckled her full, ripe breasts, and I kissed her regal-looking neck. I got up on my knees and reached my arms behind her legs, bringing them up over my shoulders. I slipped the head of my cock up and down her slit, and then I pressed it home. I began to fuck her, pounding against her, using her body for my own pleasure. Since I had already come earlier in the day, it took a while for me to get there, and she had another orgasm before I had mine. I finally spent myself in her, driving my cock into her as deep as it would go and keeping it deep as I shot my load into her cunt. Her cries of “fuck me, please fuck me!” had a profound effect, and when I came, it was big. Obviously, I couldn’t measure how much I put into her, but it felt like a lot, and it seemed to take spasm after spasm.

When I was finally finished with all the spurts and spasms and aftershocks, I lay down beside her on the bed, where we held each other for a while. Knowing that April wouldn’t be back for a while, I happily dozed off in Gail’s arms.

Marcello’s was very nice that evening, and I was proud to be there with two beautiful women; people probably thought I was a secret reclusive billionaire or a mafia don or something. Gail and April were both dressed to the nines, and I was very even-handed with the compliments. Gail and I both knew April well enough to know that two things could make the situation painfully awkward: first, if I were to start paying more attention to Gail when April was in the room, and second, if April were to find out that Gail and I were fucking. We didn’t tell her, and she still doesn’t know, even though Gail has joined her on two trips since then, and we fucked like minks at every opportunity.

For the rest of that week, we were naked any time we knew we were going to be alone for a couple of hours. April spent time visiting high school friends, shopping, and having a mole removed from her arm…for some reason, she wanted her doctor here to do that instead of her doctor at home. I didn’t mind, obviously…while that was happening, Gail got between my legs and licked my ass, nibbled my ball sack and got me to come in her mouth, all things she seemed to enjoy and get off on. While April was attending a high-school mini-reunion, I was introduced to anal sex for the first time in my life, and it was amazing.

Also, we talked. Both of us knew that this arrangement was exciting and fun, and that we enjoyed each other personally, sexually and socially. We also knew that neither of us was interested in marriage, and that neither of us was interested in disrupting our lives to start living together. She told me that she hadn’t wanted a man since her husband left, but that when she saw me in my recliner with a woody the morning after they arrived, she knew she wanted me. Neither of us is seeing anyone else. Neither of us needs it to be more than it is. But both of us want to continue this way, two or three times a year.

Next week, Gail is coming to town for her job, and instead of staying at a hotel, she’s going to stay with me. I feel grateful and satisfied that even though I’m in my golden years, I’m having the sexual adventure I could have only dreamed of as a young man. It will take me months to recover from all the sex we’re going to have, but it will be worth it; and even if I don’t recover from it…what a way to go!

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