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(My first submission in a while. This was originally written for a friend and only recently have I blew the dust off and retyped it out. If you are looking for a quick wank, you may want to read this later.

Please vote to let me know if I should write more. Azul)

George couldn’t believe the luck he was having. His two guests from Wales were having fun on their visit and his wife was still visibly excited about having them. As George readied himself to go pick up their Thai dinner, his beautiful wife slowly escorted him to the door where a passionate deep kiss was accompanied by a grab at his crotch indicating her desire for him to hurry. He ran down to the van and drove off towards Charlie’s Thai Palace as fast as the speed limit would allow.

As he waited in line, he began to think about the events leading to this week. It was about six months before that George discovered his gorgeous wife of seven years was involved in a full blown online affair with Jacob. George could understand what Suzanne would see in this Scottish demigod. Jacob was ruggedly handsome to George who was moderately so. Jacob’s abs were built like a six pack and solid while George boasted just a slightly trim abdominal region. Jacob’s skin was tanned while George had fair skin betraying his office job. During that argument after the discovery, Suzanne admitted to her husband that Jacob also boasted a member that was approximately eleven inches in length with a wide girth while George was embarrassed with his five inch that heredity had given him. Suzanne at that time admitted to playing before Jacob over her web cam while George was at work, performing whatever Jacob asked her to. It was hard to believe he made it through those arguments. But through them he did thanks to the understanding of Marsha.

Marsha was George’s personal temptress as well as Jacob’s wife of four years. This Scottish hottie boasted a mane of long auburn hair that framed her fair face. Her eyes were a deep blue and she had lips that were sensuously perfect. George started picturing her slender physique that had never known the pains of child birth, her cute round behind that was just slightly on the bootylicious side and her perfectly shaped upper body, at least perfect in George’s mind. There had been a number of times that George thought about her physical attributes, but it was her intelligence, charm and wit that won him over and quelled the rage of the discovery of Sue’s online affair. Over the past six months before the visit, George and Marsha exchanged photos as well as poetry and talked about everything under the sun while Sue and Jacob cybered.

As George paid for the dinner, he thought about what would have transpired that week had he been more comfy. He remembered the night before when he drunk himself to unconsciousness as everyone talked and joked about life. When he woke up that morning, he noticed that his bed only had one occupant from that night. George could tell that Sue had her first bahis siteleri taste of Jacob the night before as George slept. He couldn’t fathom if Marsha was involved or if she passed out drunk as well. This stabbing doubt bothered him until he reached his van and noticed that his phone rang.

As he opened his phone, he noticed that the display showed Sue’s number. He tried to answer with something witty, but was shocked when Marsha’s voice answered and began a conversation. As he turned the key and started to pull out of the parking space, Marsha asked if he could pick up some more wine for that night. One of Marsha’s strong points was that she was a knowledgeable wine drinker. She saw the bottles George had just for her and complimented him on his knowledge the day before as they arrived from the airport. As George walked into the grocery to pick up a few bottles, Marsha was keeping him entertained and asking questions about dinner and other things. George could tell that Sue was not around the phone based on the fact that the only sound he heard was Marsha’s angelic voice.

It was only fifteen minutes more until George reached the house he bought five years ago. As he reached the door, Marsha’s form met him at the door and helped him enter, a finger over her lips to indicate silence. It was then that George heard Sue’s voice in the throes of passion from upstairs. It took an abundance of control for George not to rush upstairs, but Marsha’s smile helped him to remain calm. As they started to unpack the plastic bag housing the different containers of various noodles, Marsha uncorked the wine and poured it into two glasses. There the two sat chatting like old friends, consuming the food before them and laughing as they strived to ignore the sounds of passionate heat upstairs.

Marsha finally spoke up and asked George if he thought he was beautiful. George had a hard time containing his surprise at the question as a few noodles flew out of his mouth and landed on Marsha’s neck and on the front of Marsha’s outfit, partially touching the breasts George was afraid to go near. As George grabbed at the offensive pieces and began to apologize, Marsha smiled at him and started to comfort him. It was after George removed the noodles that he noticed that there were remnants of sauce still on Marsha’s fair skin. Then George found himself asking a risqué question.

Marsha’s shock was evident at first, but her cute smile was replaced with a more seductive one daring him to lick the sauce off of her neck. George began to tremble as he neared her, scared that he was going to scare away his guest. His lips made contact and Marsha instinctively moaned. This scared George, but also empowered him as he licked the sauce off of the soft part of the neck that was marked. George rose from his cleanup task to see Marsha’s smile egging him on to clean up the other sauce mark on her exposed left breast flesh. As George neared his next target, Marsha’s hand slipped into Georges black canlı bahis siteleri hair and pulled him into her surprising him. Almost in a begging pleading way. George was sucking on the stain hard as Marsha began to cry a little, her mouth closed in an effort to muffle her approving moan in an effort for quiet. George then brazenly kissed more towards the right side, an area not dotted by sauce and Marsha egged him on. She started whispering about how it had been so long since she had passion. So long since she felt lips on her before the impending impaling of Jacob’s tool inside her without regards to foreplay. Inside Marsha’s mind, her fantasy was being fulfilled. When she first made contact with George, she discovered a person who shared her contempt for the online antics her husband was involved in. George was her cyber shoulder for the longest time. He was good to talk to about her schooling and about her desire for a family that Jacob was in no hurry to fulfill. She developed a desire to be with this innocent, kind man from DC.

It was hard to tell whose idea it was to travel to the guest room that Jacob and Marsha were staying in, but it was almost instantaneous when George and Marsha found themselves ripping off each others outfits until both were totally devoid of clothing. They started kissing passionately as two lost lovers for the first time. As George’s inexperienced fingers found their way to rubbing along Marsha’s back, she would reach forward and run hers through his chest hair. Each kiss met back with more passion, more lust, neither one desiring to ruin it by touching more erotic areas. It was sensual, slightly forbidden, yet needful.

The constant touching continued until Marsha’s hand lightly brushed against George’s stomach and George responded with a moan of his own. Her hand grew bolder as she slowly took her grip and rubbed gently against it, emphasizing the copious amounts of fluid escaping from their passionate kisses alone. Marsha missed the seduction from years ago when she could dominate any man she chose. She would press them against the wall and bend down like some two bit slag undoing their belts and taking their manhood straight into her gullet just to watch the reactions. Jacob’s tool was not designed for that, thus she hadn’t indulged herself since they started dating. As she saw George’s eyes begging for her, she took the crown of his member between her lips and sucked slowly, savoring the first taste of man juice in years.

George’s eyes were open wide as he remembered how Sue was always too prim and proper to ever think about this sensation. Yet his angel was performing it on him. Every desire he developed by looking at her pictures was coming to pass. He looked up as he saw a brilliant vision, her eyes sparkling back at his, a smile creeping across her face as she was being allowed to seduce again, almost like a tigress released from her marital prison. George could feel the churning deep inside of him as he warned canlı bahis her that he would soon explode, yet the sound was more of a loud moan rather than the warning he seek. She responded with a flippant challenge to do so. George emptied himself inside her mouth, her throat muscles struggling to accept the present he had given to her. It went on for a little while longer as evidence of his gift were seeping out of the corners of her mouth.

As she rose from her personal liberation, she motioned towards George that it was his turn. George looked at her smiling knowing that he had wanted to check out her treasure close up since the first risqué picture she sent of her legs. As she lay on her back facing the ceiling, George began to lick up her legs towards his treasured destination. George knew that he desired to really pleasure this woman, so he endeavored to move slower to prolong her pleasure as much as possible. She spread her legs in anticipation. Unbeknownst to George, Marsha achieved her first orgasm earlier during the initial sucking he was performing on her breasts. George was pleasantly surprised to discover her labia was already wet and his tongue grazed it ever so slightly, causing her hands to press his face against it. She begged for him to stay there for a moment as she rode her second orgasm, coating George’s baby faced cheeks and chin with her nectar. As she started to descend from this orgasmic plateau, George began to attack her lips with a maddening fury, seeking to sample and taste every millimeter of her secrecy. As he licked and bit, she felt the electricity shooting through her. George was emboldened by her moans of ecstasy as he kept nibbling as she bucked through yet another climax. George looked up as Marsha pulled him towards her own lips, kissing along his cheek to sample her own fluids.

By this time, George’s manhood had achieved its second round of rigidity as Marsha pulled him into her. The point before union seemed to move in slow motion as George watched his mediocre member slowly rub her sensitive labia, lubricating it for the pleasure yet to come. As he penetrated her for the first time, her legs pulled him into her to remain as she rode the next wave. It wasn’t long until she started to fill his hardness fill into the space left empty by Jacob since that floozy started to perform in front of him. The feeling of the cock of a man who appreciated her caused her one more earth shattering climax that pulled George along with it. George felt like Old Faithful geiser as his seed coated her sensitive walls.

After the final climax for that time, they sat there silently, realizing what they have done, neither one caring about the consequences they would need to deal with. It took a while until they had the notion to redress and go out to the kitchen. As they entered the kitchen, they notice that the other containers of food were untouched and the sounds of passion were quieted. As they began to place the containers into the refrigerator for later, they looked at each other, wondering what effect this would have on their blossoming friendship. As George took Marsha by the hand, they both walked back in the guest room to spend a sleep filled night in the same bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32