No Mischief Here!

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I woke up that Friday without any mischievous intentions. I stumbled through my lack of routine, beginning with sitting up, one eye open and the other protesting with a squint, wandered into the bathroom and back out again to get dressed for work. I realized I didn’t have any clean slacks (dammit!) and rummaged around until I found a slip and a black knee-length skirt. Time was short – I threw these on without panties, wrestled into a bra and shirt, and toed into the pair of sandals next to me. My husband complimented me on my way out the door. I hauled butt to the office.

My boss was frantically preparing for a deposition when I arrived, squeaking in at five past nine. He’s the best boss on earth and the sharpest attorney I know. I helped him with prep and shooed him out the door about 25 minutes later. When I finally sat at my desk to start attacking my pile, I spotted a sticky note with a “friend’s” phone number on it and I realized I’d be alone in the office for a good chunk of the day. How conveeeeeenient. He and I had bantered on the internet, met for lunch a while back, and had been at a loss for a time and place to consummate…I made the call and he met me there just before lunchtime.

We sat around making small talk. Privately, I was going wild. I had to think of a way to break the ice. My mind wandered to our prior meeting, how sinfully attractive he was and how I had to behave and bahis siteleri how hard I came that night just thinking about sitting across from him. Finally, I looked out the window — I was reminded of the tree that Hurricane Charley wrenched in half a few weeks before and walking over to the window to check out the poor tree gave us an excuse to stand next to each other.

He took the opportunity immediately.

I turned to move away from the window and he hugged me from behind, pressing his already-hard package against me. I was pleased. “Oooh. THAT feels good.” I smiled and enjoyed feeling him feeling me up – his hands moving over my hips and arms and breasts, his hungry kisses on the side of my neck, and my ass pressing right back into his hardon. My hands explored his hands and arms as I realized that I was already wet; I reached behind me, feeling his silky hair and his stubbly cheek. His hand slid down in front of me and firmly pressed my skirt and slip onto my pussy. I responded in kind by squeezing and rubbing his cock through his jeans.

This was when the damned phone rang. “I’m sorry. I have to get that.” I pouted. Then a sly smile parked itself on my lips. “I’ll be right back, though.” He just grinned back, already knowing he’d get me but loving the fun of watching me collect myself. I leaned over my boss’ desk and grabbed the phone on the fourth ring, skillfully disguising the insane canlı bahis siteleri lust in my voice. I moved around the desk to jot down a message and was happy to have him follow me.

We kissed and felt each other up for a luscious eternity. His hand found its way under my skirt and I was suddenly holding onto him for support – my legs instantly went weak from how his fingers worked my clit. I managed (somehow) to release his belt and unbutton his jeans. I was pleasantly rewarded with a hard, precum-soaked cockhead poking out, which I happily stroked as best I could while my clit was being overtaken by those awesome fingers. We made out madly and I found myself pushing back the desk calendar and sitting up on the desk with my legs spread. After we’d gone insane for long enough, he placed his cockhead at the entrance to my pussy.

The fucking phone rang again.

I tried to make the best of it. I smiled. “Hey – wanna see if I can keep a straight voice?” “Sure!” He grinned back and I answered the phone. He slid his wonderful cock all the way into my soaking wet pussy in one shot, then relentlessly but slowly pumped it in and out while I somehow managed to take another message. I kept a straight voice on the phone, but after I hung up my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I moaned. Our bodies fit so well together and he felt sooooo good inside me. He started pumping me faster and faster, canlı bahis then he slowed way, way down. “I’m getting realllly excited.” (The only response I could muster, lolling my head back up, was “Mmmm.”) “What should I do if I get tooooo excited?” I’d been on the pill for about a month and a half. I put on the best mischievous grin I could and replied, “Go ahead and get excited, then.”

He stepped up the intensity of his thrusts. I wanted to get loud, to scream his name, to moan…but I knew I couldn’t since there were people sitting just on the other side of the wall. I felt my face blushing…hell, my entire body blushed. I grabbed the edge of the desk and he grabbed my ass and rammed his cock into my pussy even harder; my pussy was so wet that his cock glided in and out with no resistance whatsoever. He came over and over and over again inside me, ramming into me in time with each orgasm and pumping me absolutely full of cum. I loved every moment of it.

We cleaned up and I concealed our leavings in the trash. We joked a little, something about how my next assignment was to see if I could keep a straight face the next time I saw my boss sit down at his desk, and went downstairs to have a cigarette before he left to go back to work. He told me he was a much better second time lover (I thought to myself that I certainly wasn’t disappointed with our first time even WITH the damned telephone ringing) and we agreed to try to make our escapade a habit. Even though we were exposed to a main street, he looked as though he knew I wanted more of him so he kissed me before he left. Until next time…

I can’t wait.

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