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I can feel the music pounding against my body as I sit at the table in the bar, watching, waiting. For what, I’m not sure. A tension building in my body as I scan the bar. The crowd on the dance floor parts slightly and I see you sitting at a table across the bar. Alone. I try to look away but can’t. As if you sense me staring, you turn your head and look at me. The tension continues to build. I can feel your eyes looking at me. I watch you as you stand up and start towards me. An ache starts deep inside me. Without a word, you reach my table and hold out your hand to me. I instinctively know what you want, what you need. I hold out my hand and you clasp mine, pulling me towards you, tingles race over my hand and arm. My pulse starts to pound with the sounds of the music pouring out of the speakers.

We walk to the dance floor, never looking away from one another. As you wrap your arms around me and we start to dance, sensation after sensation pours over me. There are so many, I can’t pinpoint the one that feels the best. I can feel your heart beating at a rapid rate under my palm. Sliding my hand over your chest, feeling the heat, the muscle, you. As my palm skims over you, you pull me closer.

We are now as close as two people can get, thigh to thigh, hip to hip, breasts to chest. I can feel your cock start to swell against my stomach. The ache inside me increases in strength. Still without a word, you lean down and graze my shoulder with your lips. A faint moan escapes from my throat. I feel your hand slide down my bare back, the dress I chose to wear that night no barrier. Low cut in front, baring my back, short. The dress of someone in need and you knowing what I want, what I need. As we dance to the music, our hands continue to skim over one another, seeking, feeling, bahis şirketleri learning the dips and valleys of each other’s body.

I can feel the hard muscle under your skin, marveling at the fact you are so hard where I am soft. I lift my face up towards yours, silently begging for your lips against mine. With a sigh of pleasure, feeling your lips brush against mine lightly. I lean up and gradually increase the pressure, kissing you deeper, wetter, slipping my tongue into your mouth, yours slipping into mine. Tongues mingling, fighting, caressing. The kiss going on and on, breath gasping for air, heat sizzling in our veins, heartbeats pulsing. I feel your thigh being slid between mine, pushing against me, making me wetter, hotter.

I can feel your cock hard against me, and I rub against you, feeling you pulsing and throbbing, wanting. Your hand slides down my back and over my ass, kneading, pulling me harder against you. Together we sway to the music, brushing against one another, heat coming off us in waves, the room dimming around us. The room narrowing until there is just the two of us. Sliding one hand down over your chest, flicking your nipple with my thumb, hearing your gasp of pleasure as your mouth works its magic against my neck. Hearing myself moan in pleasure but assured nobody can hear over the music pounding in the background. You push your thigh higher against me, rubbing against my clit with your thigh, feeling the wet spot through your pants and my thong.

I slip my hand down your over your stomach and pop open the button of your pant. I slide my index finger up and down over the zipper of your pants feeling you grow even harder. Slowly dragging the zipper down and slipping my hand inside your pants, touching skin and with a moan of pleasure realizing your bahis firmaları not wearing any underwear. Wrapping my hand around your hard cock, slowly rubbing my thumb over the tip and feeling the bead of precum there, making me needier. With a groan I feel you start to dance us around the floor, continuing to rub together, my hand moving against your hard cock, up and down to the beat of the music, feeling your hand against my ass, the other caressing my back.

Then with a jolt, feeling a door against my back as you press yourself tighter against me. The door opens and I feel myself falling into a darkened room, pushed up against a wall. My hands frantically pushing up your shirt, over your head, tossing it to the floor. One of your hands slides up my thigh and under my dress, a finger slipping under the silk of my thong. The other hand moving to caress my breast, kneading it, pulling at the nipple through the silk of my dress. I slide my hands down your bare chest, leaning forward, kissing, licking, sucking. My hands pushing at your pants, as you raise my dress up over my hips, bunching it around my waist, pulling at the straps, lowering them, baring my breasts. Breath sounds harsh in the room, the sound of the music dimmed by the walls.

Kissing hard, hands seeking. Feeling your hands under my ass, lifting me slightly and pushing me against the wall. Bracing my back against the wall, wrapping my legs around your hips, pushing against you, rubbing myself against your hard cock. Sliding my hands up over your shoulders, bracing them there, kneading and clenching your muscles in my hands, wanting, needing. And with a moan deep in my throat, one word passes my lips “NOW.” The first word uttered by either of us as no words seemed necessary to this point, both knowing what the other kaçak bahis siteleri craved.

Then with a groan from you, you start to push your hard cock into me, inch by inch, slowly to increase the pleasure of us both. Feeling you fill me, pushing my hips down, impatient to take all of you in, to feel the pleasure rippling through my body. And with one final thrust you bury yourself to the base and stop. “Nooooooooooooo” is torn from my throat. “Shhhhhhh” you whisper back. And then you start to move, pulling back and then thrusting hard into me. Over and over again. Moving faster, harder, deeper. I shift my hips, taking you in deeper still. Gasping for air, feeling the sweat running down your chest, licking it off, brushing my breasts against you. Feeling you throbbing inside me, pulsing.

I can feel my muscles starting to tense, knowing I am so close to climaxing. Wanting to prolong the pleasure, my hands grip your shoulders hard, my hips pressing into yours. I slide one hand down and reach between us, slipping my finger over my clit and pressing, rubbing. As you feel my hand between us, you increase the pace, moving faster, harder. With one final thrust you burst inside me. As I feel you start to cum inside me, I lose control and with a scream I explode around you. You feel me pulling at you with my muscles inside, milking you.

Wave after wave pounding over me I feel myself almost passing out, hanging onto a thread of sanity. When my orgasm passes, I can still feel you inside me, pulsing with life. Very gently, I lean up and kiss you, softly. You lower my feet to the floor, pull my dress up to cover my breasts, slide my dress down from my waist. I can feel your chest moving as you chuckle and tuck my now ruined thong into your pant’s pocket as you pull your pants back up and do up the zipper and button. Still touching, not wanting to let go of the pleasure still coursing through our bodies, we walk out of the small room and to a table in the corner of the bar. The night has just begun . . . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32