Night in Bed

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I’m at your house, and you tell me we were going to go out. I tell you I want to take a shower before we leave. So I take my shower and I dry myself off, but I forgot my clothes, so I run into your room in a very short towel, knotted in the front, to get them. I bend over my bag to get some clothes when I see something out of the corner of my eye. You’re standing in the doorway staring at me. I stand up quickly, in the attempt to cover myself but the knot comes undone and my breasts are exposed. I grab the towel before it falls completely off of me and I cover myself back up. I hurry over to the door and close it, you’re eyes still focused on my breasts, mouth half open. After I close the door we both lean on it, our minds racing… but both unbelievably turned on.

I get dressed and I come out, and you seem to think I’m angry. You apologize, then you just stop talking, making it sort of an awkward drive to the movie. I tell you there isn’t anything to apologize about, I should have been more careful and I slip my arm through yours. We walk into the movie and you still seem kind of distant. I kiss you lightly on the cheek after we sit down and I tell you that it’s really okay. You just sort of glance at me and say a short “I know.” I’m really confused and I don’t realize what’s going through you’re mind until halfway through the movie, when by chance I glance down at your crotch. I look up at your eyes which are unfocused and staring at… well, not the movie. Through the rest of the movie I can’t focus either, I’m so wet, I want your hands and mouth all over me, I want to hear you moan as I suck on your cock, I want you inside of me. I want you so much I can’t think of anything else.

The movie ends and you just sort of get up, we get in the car and we drive back. All through the car ride I just want to make you pull over, but I know we’ll be in bed soon enough. When we get to your house I’m so wet I can feel it through my jeans. It’s only midnight and no one is home but us. I tell you I want to sleep but I güvenilir bahis want you to lay with me. So I change into a t-shirt and slip into bed with you under the covers. You pull me against you and I can feel you, hard already. I pull away from you and turn so I’m facing you, I kiss you on the lips and rub you through your boxers. “You’ve been hard for me all night haven’t you?” You kiss me harder and flip me over onto my back. Your hands immediately go for my breasts, you squeeze them through the fabric feeling that my nipples are already hard from anticipation. You slide your hand under my shirt and tweak my nipples.

I reach down to stroke your cock but you grab my hand and say “I’m not done with you yet.” You start biting my neck and it’s not long before I start to pull my shirt over my head. Your mouth is like heaven, you know just what I like. You lick my nipples first, not quickly, but slowly, deliciously, it’s almost like torture. Then you suck on them, hard, but not too hard, enough to make me moan with pleasure. Quick hard bites come next, holding them between your teeth and flicking them with your tongue, making me gasp. You pull back and blow cool air on them which almost sends me to orgasm and I moan like crazy. What can I say? I love my breasts touched. While your mouth and one hand work on my breasts, you slide your other hand down between my legs, surprised that I have no underwear on. “You’ve been wet for me all night haven’t you?” you whisper, making fun of me but turned on even more by how wet I am. I spread my legs wider. You start to rub me slowly, my clit is throbbing under your hand. Your finger slips into me, only about a quarter of the way before you pull it back out. I groan in disappointment. You do it again, all the while rubbing me slowly, teasing me. I moan softly and my hips start to grind against your hand. You stop rubbing me then, stop touching me completely then and you just stare at me, waiting for me to calm down. Your hands go for my breasts again, while your mouth is busy with güvenilir bahis siteleri mine. I moan quietly as you kiss me, you have no idea how hot I am for you. The same hand slides down and rubs me again, I moan louder. The same finger enters me again, about halfway this time, going in and out, torturously slow. My hips start to grind against your hand again, and you stop touching me again. I let out a small annoyed whine, but I’m so turned on because I know what you’re doing.

Your mouth sucks on my nipples again and my back arches to shove my breasts in your mouth. You pull back and blow cool air over them and at the same time you start to rub me again, I moan louder. You slowly slide your finger in and continue to rub me just like before, but this time when my hips grind against you, you don’t pull away, you put another finger in me and you start to go faster. I moan as you bite my nipples again and again, I moan louder as your fingers bring me closer and closer to orgasm. I push your fingers deeper inside of me, and you respond by fingering me harder, faster, and deeper. I feel my orgasm coming, and you reached your goal, it’s a big one. I moan louder and louder until it hits me. As the waves of my orgasm wash over me I shake and I scream your name. Your fingers thrusting and your other hand rubbing my clit draw out my orgasm even longer. As it subsides I keep moaning your name, my hips stop grinding against your hand. You pull your fingers out and lick them. I want you so bad, and when I tell you this you’re on top of me in a second. I reach down and pull your boxers off of you; all the while I’m rubbing my bare breasts up against the skin of your chest and kissing your neck. When you’re finally free I reach down and stroke your cock between my legs.

You kiss me hard, laying on me, feeling my heat against yours. After you pull back you lift your hips up and enter me. I’m tight on your cock but wet, so you slide the whole way in. You love the way I feel around you and we both moan. You start out slow, iddaa siteleri so slow it’s maddening. You’re hand on my breast, tweaking my nipple, your mouth at my neck, biting me softly, it’s all so sensual and hot I can barely take it anymore, but I wait. With every slow stroke you make I moan, I know this wont last very long, you’re too turned on, and I’m too hot and tight. And with that thought you go faster, still slow of course but a little bit faster than before. I lean forward and I moan and whisper in your ear, “hump me faster, oh god, you feel so good. Come on fuck me harder!” You plunge into me, humping me faster, harder, and deeper than ever. You put my legs up on your shoulders and I moan louder and louder as I feel you go even deeper. Your hands tweak my nipples and I can feel your balls smacking my ass as you hump me. My moaning gets even louder and you know I’m about to have another orgasm. You feel me tighten around you and I scream your name again as my orgasm flows through me. I know you’re still humping me but I feel only waves of heat and orgasmic pleasure. As it subsides you slow down, and kiss me hard and long. You pull out, still hard and hot.

I’m worn out, but I want nothing more than to feel you cum hard in my mouth. I kiss you again and I slide my hand down to your cock. I stroke you slowly as I push you onto your back. I pull back from the kiss and lick my lips. I’m still stroking you while I kiss your body, your neck, chest, and your abs. My hands slide down your cock and massage your balls while my tongue licks you, from your base to your head. I feel you shudder as my lips wrap around you. You moan when I start to suck on your head, with my tongue massaging you. I slowly move down and down, sucking the whole way. I suck really hard on you, hearing and I start to move up and down, paying special attention to a spot just under your head, licking and sucking particularly hard. You moan quietly. After a couple minutes of sucking on you, I feel you get tense and you grab my head to hold me still, and you cum hard in my mouth. I swallow all of it and clean you up a bit. I slide up your body and kiss you lightly on the lips. Your arms wrap around me and you hold me against you, not letting me move. Holding me until I fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32