Nick’s Special Girl

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Nick pulled into his driveway, turning the car off and relaxing in the seat. Just looking up at his house, knowing his girlfriend was home and all too willing to give him what he needed made him smile and form a bulge in his jeans. A bulge that somehow stuck out among those caused by his firm, muscular legs and backside.

His torso was thick as well, making his white undershirt rather tight under his work clothes. Nick opened his door and got out, closing and locking his car. He approached the front door, smiling wide and trying the door. It was unlocked, that confirmed she was home. He walked in and announced his presence, and she responded from the living room.

Nick made his way there, finding her sitting in the recliner. Sofia was a little short, just under 5’5, which made her look tiny next to Nick’s 6′. She was fairly curvy however, with full breasts, wide hips, and a thick rear end. She smiled up at him, wearing simply a blue t-shirt and shorts. She glanced down at the bulge in his jeans, and knew right away what he wanted.

She cebeci escort stood and approached him, and he took her hand. The two made their way to the bedroom, Sofia closing the door behind them. Once inside, Nick began shedding his clothes. Revealing his thick, muscular body more with each item. At last he stood naked, with several inches of firm cock standing at attention.

Sofia went next, revealing her soft, slightly pudgy form as she went. When she was undressed, however, she was also sporting an erection. One larger than Nicks sprang up between her legs, and within moments Nick was on his knees before her.

Nick’s lips wrapped around her cock, lovingly kissing and sucking on it. She moaned above him and ran her fingers through his hair, as his tongue licked over every inch. Coating it with saliva, getting it ready for their fun. When she felt it was enough she gently grabbed his head and pulled him away, smirking down at him.

Nick nodded, and climbed onto the bed. Taking his position on hands çukurambar escort and knees, looking back at Sofia. For a moment she stared into his eyes, enjoying that look of need. Seeing how badly he wanted it. Finally she climbed onto the bed behind him, and began to slowly mount him.

Nick lowered his head and groaned gently as inch after inch invaded his backside. His toes curled a little and his cock twitched. When she was at last inside him, her hands took their place on his hips. She pulled out a few inches, before thrusting back in.

Moans and groans filled the room as she slowly and lovingly worked Nick’s ass. Filling him to the hilt, and letting him feel her heavy balls press against his. Then she would pull out halfway, and occasionally hold there until he whimpered for more. All the while Nick’s cock throbbed beneath him, but he held it back.

Time seemed to slow down as she took him, stretching his ass and watching him love every moment. Her breathing began to get faster, and she slowly demetevler escort lost control over her thrusts. She began to buck in and out of him, making him grunt and grip the bedsheets tightly. He knew it wouldn’t be long now.

Finally she cried out above him, a long loud moan of ecstasy, and he felt her unload inside of him. Several thick ropes of hot cum shot inside. He shuddered, trying to keep himself back for her. She slumped on his back and smiled, reaching a hand down between his legs. She gave his cock one stroke, and she felt his balls tighten against hers as he came.

He moaned and began to relax, both of their cocks softening. She pulled out, giggling at the sight of her cum dribbling out of his ass. She leaned down and lovingly licked over his well-used hole. He gasped and moaned anew, feeling her tongue licking up that cum inside him. Soon, her lips pressed against his hole and her tongue invaded him.

His cock hardened again, throbbing and pulsing as she licked and slurped. He then felt her hand cupping his balls, lovingly rubbing them and signaling her permission. He shuddered and came again, toes curling tightly. Once the last of her seed was cleaned out she pulled away and gave his ass a gentle pat. He turned and smiled back at her, reaching a hand out to lovingly caress her flaccid cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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