Nice to Meet You

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“Damn it!!” I cursed louder than I meant to as I tried to open the window of my new room on the third floor of “the Hamburg University in beautiful downtown Hamburg, Germany.” The place was a shit hole. I was studying abroad from America. I wanted to see the world; I wanted to examine other cultures. However, I’m beginning to discover what my mother said was right, “Where ever you go there you are.” No matter how far I went I couldn’t escape myself.

I wasn’t adjusting well. For one thing, people were so free and blunt there, I saw a naked person roaming the halls at least once a day. I applauded their bravery, and wished I wasn’t a critical American that blushed furiously when said naked person bid me good day.

Not only was the whole dorm co-ed, but so were the bathrooms. Now, supposedly there was “girl-time” and “guy-time,” but my German sucked, and more often than not I found myself butt naked in a big, hot, wet, room with as many as 20 naked men. (Not always a bad thing, but usually)

However, one day I thought I’d beaten the system, by deciding to shower at noon when everyone was at class. I stepped into the bathroom, and to my dismay, was greeted by the sound of running water. I sighed in submission.

“The Showers” were no more than a big open room with holes in the wall through which water spurted, either scalding hot or freezing cold.

I peeked in, to find an amazing sight. There stood a man with dark brown hair that was slicked back with water. He wasn’t excessively muscular, but he looked carved out of stone. Cut. Strong. He had an 8-pack that stood out in the glistening water. Some of the water bounced off his tan skin, but most of trailed down his muscular arms. And as if this wasn’t enough to give me something to cream over for the rest of my days he was using those sexy arms to jack of his beautiful cock.

I just stood there with my mouth a gape. Without really thinking, I reached into my robe and started to rub my clit. I had to rest my weight on the wall. As I watched the hansom stranger our motions became synchronized. My eyes were glued to his luscious cock. My pussy juice was starting to soak my hand, and any second I was going to come. I closed my eyes, and threw my head back as I felt my cunt contract. As I came I tried pathetically to muffle my whimpers of ecstasy. As I started to come down from my high I opened my eyes to see two chestnut brown eyes staring back at me.

I gasped and staggered backwards a few steps. I apparently had done a very bad job of being inconspicuous. I couldn’t believe it, but he was even better looking up-front. He had kind eyes and a sweet smile. I was embarrassed of course, but with his gentle gaze upon me I wasn’t nearly as embarrassed as you might think.

“Verbinden sie mich bitte.”

I didn’t need to know German to know what that meant. It was in his eyes, a deep primal lust, screaming “please join me.” I couldn’t help the huge grin that popped onto my face. I was filled with a new sense of courage. I boldly stepped kaçak iddaa out of my robe and into his warm embrace.

With a hearty chuckle he lifted me and carried me back over to the shower, which had gone icy cold. In the cold my nips grew hard as rocks. The man just gazed at me with a loving look. Then he bent down and wrapped his warm lips around my nipple. I could feel my cunt grow a little wetter still, and I couldn’t help but scream. I reached for his head and caressed it gently. He varied between licking them so tenderly, and sucking rather forcefully. When he pulled of my tit my hands lingered about his head. I slid my hands down his body until they came to rest at his waist. I stared into his eyes, and whispered breathlessly, “Fuck me.” He gazed back into my eyes and simply bent down and kissed me with so much intensity and passion that I had to hold his shoulders for support.

As we kissed his fingers nimbly descended my form until he reached my cunt. I took a step backward so I could use the wall for support. He grinned devilishly (which was of course still amazingly cute.) and suddenly I felt 2 of his fingers pop into my sopping cunt. He must have felt how wet I was. He threw another finger inside and I had nothing to do but moan. I wished I knew his name so I could tell the whole building what a great job he was doing.

With 3 fingers in my messy pussy he stepped closer to me and kissed me with a lifetime’s amount of heat. Then he nibbled my ear. I moaned loudly as I smelled his sweet skin. I was taken by surprise when the young stud breathed in my ear, ” *pant* What-is-your *pant* name?” I tried, but all I could answer when he was fingering me this good was “I dunno.” He laughed and kissed me again. I wanted to repay his Ôkindness’.

As his hand left my cunt I fell to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He just grunted low and deep. I started running my mouth

up and down his beautiful cock. His pre-cum was all over; I could tell he had been having a good time. I felt his cock touch the back of my throat and I gagged several times. However, he was getting very excited and moaning more and more. I pulled off his cock and he looked down frantically as if I had just severed his oxygen supply. I stared up at him and asked, “what’s your name?” A grin plagued his features briefly, then he gently urged my mouth back onto his cock. I could hear him panting loudly, and grunting. I pulled off his cock, and stood up. He looked down just as frantically as before. I smiled sweetly and told him, “My name’s Jane.”

He was still panting, but he calmed himself to get out a clear, “My name’s George.”

“Hi,” I replied.


George laughed at our little joke, but his eyes were dead serious and full of fire. He made a circle in the air with his finger indicating me to turn my back to him. I obeyed. I rested my hands on the cold tiled wall, and a shiver ran down my spine. My breathing was already fast, but when I felt his meat press against my ass it caught in my throat. He bent kaçak bahis over me which urged his package into my ass cheeks; I groaned. He pressed up tight against me, and put his big, warm, soft hands on my hips and spread my legs open. His cock rested against my pussy. He was being gentle, a little too gentle.

I couldn’t take being teased so, I need his cock so bad and he wasn’t giving it to me! I continued to wait, then I felt his hand cover my mouth. And for a second I was petrified, then I heard what he had heard… footsteps!

I almost cried when he pulled his cock away. He moved fast and was on his way out when he said, “Well? Are you coming?”

“Well, I was going to but you left.” I replied jokingly.

He smiled at me briefly and started to walk away. I scrambled after him, I was barely able to pull my robe on, but I did manage to flick off the bitch that interrupted one of the best moments of my life.

I followed George up to his room. He led me through the door It was dark and smelled like incense. I heard a throaty chuckle come from George as he playfully threw me on to the bed. I giggled like a little girl.

He was straddling me, and bent down to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and explored his mouth with my tongue. I was so busy I barely noticed him parting my legs with one hand. So when I felt his finger graze my clit I was so taken by surprise and ecstasy I arched my back and screamed his name.

My lover then swung his leg back over me and snuggled next to me. Then he reached across my body and slid a finger in and out of my juicy cunt. I screamed out, “Oh god!” I tried biting my lip to stifle the screams, but it didn’t help much. He then started to nibble my ear, and my body felt like it was on fire. George slipped another finger inside my cunt, leaned in, and said in a husky whisper, “Oh baby I’m so hard. ” The image of George stroking his cock from earlier flashed through my brain. I reached over and slipped my hand into the towel he still had wrapped around his waist. And boy was he right! I loved the feel of his cock in my fist!

So as I stroked his cock he fingered me. We were both panting like crazy. And every once in a while George would scream for god. Mostly he just grunted with effort. With all our motion my robe opened free, and George’s towel had fallen off. I turned my head and took in the thickly muscled arm he was fingering me with, the tight sweaty 8-pack of abs, and his red, mushrooming, pre-cumming cock. My pussy tightened and I started to scream, “Oh god baby, I’m coming!” I was getting loud so George kissed me to muffle my screams.

My body shook with the intensity of my orgasm. He kept fingering me until I was nearly spent.

He bent over me and whispered breathlessly, “Does she want more?” I could only nod. I expected him to immediately start again, but he actually just cuddled me sweetly until I was ready. I liked feeling his firm body radiate heat upon my naked flesh. He began to circle my nips with his finger, playfully, illegal bahis impatiently, skillfully.

When I was ready, I got up and straddled him: it was my turn to make him scream.

I bent down to his glorious 8-pack and licked ever so gently and I felt his skin shudder underneath me, then I licked a little harder and a little faster. George’s breath became quick and labored. His hand migrated to my head; he didn’t push he just stroked my hair gently as my tongue flew faster and faster. Then I sucked on a small bit of skin, and felt his cock rise to meet my body. I moved to a different spot and sucked again, and again, and again.

George was starting to scream for god again and his hands were now desperately trying to push my head onto his cock.

I finally obliged him, taking a lot in at once. My tongue flew up and down his rock hard dick. He was so close, I could feel his body tensing, I could taste his pre-cum and his hips were bucking wildly. He was pushing my head down and I was gagging, but I didn’t care. All I wanted at that point was his cum.

Then all at once he forced my head down and I took the entire extent of him in my throat and I felt warm cum flood my mouth. I couldn’t swallow so cum just ran down his shaft, my tits, the sheets, but most just ran down my throat.

While he came he screamed, “Oh fuck yesssssss!!,” but mostly he just whimpered in bliss.

I spit out his dick and to my amazement it was still hard and ready for more, He sat up and kissed me deep and passionate. It seemed to exceed words, because all at once he said “thank you,” “I love you,” and “more please” without saying a word.

“Turn around baby,” he told me and it was all I needed to hear. I turned and dropped my tits to the bed. Just like back at the showers I felt his warm strong hands grab my hips and his dick sit upon my entrance.

He pulled me toward him a bit, and his red-hot member slid inside slowly, pushing apart my pussy and making me scream. I could feel his cock filling every crevice, and stealing my breath. I felt stuffed, full, complete. I grunted and impaled myself on his entire cock. For a sweet instant we stayed just like that. Then he started to rhythmically push me forward and back on his cock. Soon, we were moving as one in and out. I could feel his balls start to slap my clit. The universe was melting away. Soon, it was just him and me, and then it just his cock and my cunt, pulsating and moving. Every muscle, every blood vessel, and every nerve in my body felt like it was going to explode. I heard him scream my name and plunge his dick in as far as it would go. And like a huge explosion the world broke in two as we became one. I could feel cum flood my insides again. I felt my pussy grab his cock, milking it dry. I’m sure I screamed but all I remember is the feeling of cum everywhere: down my legs, in my cunt, down his legs, in the bed…

He pulled his limp, spent cock from my ravaged cunt. And grabbed me up in his strong arms and let me rest on his beautiful chest. We were so euphoric and tired it was a while before I could even begin to believe what happened.

“Nice to meet you, Jane,” said George in awe.

“It’s nice to meet you too George,” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32