New Year’s Eve

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We book ourselves into the hotel for the New Year Party, it is 2pm, our costumes in my bag. We go up to the room and are delighted when we open the door and see the king-size bed. The door closes and you jump into my arms and you thrust your tongue into my mouth. You pull my T-shirt over my head and u clamp your mouth to my nipple and u suck it hard, you switch to the other nipple and suck that one hard too.

You stand in front of me and turn around, your sexy bum in front of me, you strip your clothes off but leave your black stockings on, you back up to me rubbing your bum all over my cock, you crouch down, turn around and undo my zip and belt you pull my underwear and trousers down, my rock hard cock hits your chin and you take the tip into your mouth.

Standing up you push me on the bed, and next you straddle my face, lowering your hot pussy onto my face, allowing me to suck your clit, I feel it swell and u moan as your pussy releases its first wave of cum over my face, yummy, mmmm. Meanwhile you have lent forward and taken my long fat cock into your mouth. Rolling your tongue around it and wrapping your hand around my length. Pumping my cock into your mouth you suck hard, my cock swells in your mouth. I insert 2 fingers into your vaginal channel thrusting them deep inside making u cum again. Your hard sucking n pumping of my cock makes me release my sperm inside your mouth. Still hard you take me out your mouth and ask me to fuck u…. how can I refuse.

I ask u to kneel on the edge of the massive bed, and I stand behind you, rubbing my cock in your juices, stroking it up your labia, from your hot wet pussy to your gorgeous ass, using your cum as lube I gently push my cock into your ass.

You moan and murmur as I slide deep inside you, mmmm so nice. Gently you start moving backwards and forwards on my cock, almost taking it our fully before pushing back hard against me, I feel the internal walls of your sexy ass gripping my cock.

I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head back, leaning forward I kiss your neck. I thrust my cock hard and deep artemisbet yeni giriş in your ass, it feels amazing, rippling and squeezing me, my free hand is rubbing a small bullet vibe over your clit and suddenly you collapse onto the bed, your body shaking and quivering as a massive orgasm rips thru your body, my hand soaked by a massive pump squirt of your juices, this in turn causes my balls to twitch and I release a load of cum in your ass.

Gently I lean over you and kiss your cheek, you are panting heavily and each quiver makes you moan, small multiple orgasms constantly going off inside you. My cock softens and I slip out of your ass, followed by a flow of my cum. You lie on your back looking at me, ‘Thankyou Blue’ you say. I look into your eyes and kneel over you placing my mouth on yours I kiss you gently, opening your mouth with my tongue I probe your mouth. So hot, so tasty.

I watch you as you recover from probably the most intense orgasm of your life, then picking you up I carry you to the bathroom. I place you down and turn on the shower, then turning back to you I look into your eyes and say, ‘I love you baby’. We walk into the shower and I rinse your hair with water, then picking up the hair shampoo I pour some into my hand and gently massage it into your hair. You look so happy.

Washing the shampoo from your hair I do the same with the conditioner, massaging your scalp and hair. You tremble and I smile as You tell me that just saying that you came a little. Taking the sponge I apply some gel to it and wash your shoulders and back, down across your sexy ass, my cum slowly running out and down your legs, those gorgeous long sexy legs.

I cup between your legs and gently wash you pussy and ass, knowing your clit is hyper sensitive I try not to rub it too much, but in the end I slip a finger inside and feel how wet your pussy is, this action causes you to lean back against me and you realise I am rock hard again, without saying anything you get on your knees and wrap your tongue and mouth around my throbbing hard cock, I love feeling artemisbet giriş your tongue around my cock. Sucking, sliding, kicking the entire length like an ice cream, you swallow my precum then stand and kiss me sharing it with me, standing in front of me you lift a leg and place it on my shoulder totally exposing your dripping pussy to me, I take the hint and slide balls deep inside you I know I not going to last long after another fantastic blowjob, I thrust inside you amd we both cum together.

‘Alexa’ I yell ‘what time is it?’ She responds ‘it is 8.30pm’

We been making love for over 6 hours.. wow, time to leave this space get dry and get ready.

You open the bag and get out our costumes, you pass me mine and I start to put it on, damn its tight, looking at the labs I realize they got them the wrong way around, didn’t matter they are marvel-lous costumes. I look at you and say let’s switch.

You stand naked in front of me apart from a pair of black crotchless panties, mmmm. You pull the all in one costume on and then pull on the headpiece, damn you are looking hot, the outfit clings to you and you look stunning. I inturn put on the costume you were going to wear. Wearing nothing underneath. We stand side by side and take a photo, wow stunning, you look at me and say, ‘hey babe, fuck me in this later.’ Mmmm is my response. You are wearing a well crafted spider man suit, it fits your curves wonderfully, making me have to adjust my crotch which in turn makes you giggle.

You lift your mask so only your mouth is visible and you kiss me, I love you Baby. Thankfully my suit has a hidden pocket so I put the room card into my pocket. Leaving the room we walk past a couple and they stop and stare, a gorgeous spiderman and a male Captain Marvel… hmm this will work…

The evening goes well, you never leave my side, then you tell me you need to pee, I look at you and say disabled loo, k owing there is enough space to help you with your costume. We enter the door together, I help you unzip your costume but you leave the mask on, you sit artemisbet güvenilirmi down and pee, as you do so you pull me close and mouth my cock through my costume, trying to make me hard, I am doing everything to stay soft but it not working. Thankfully my costume has a discreet zip in the front which you pull down, you release my fat cock and greedily wrap your mouth and hand aroundbit and you pump it into your mouth, all to soon I have the familiar feeling and my cum rushes into your mouth, you pull me out and I cum on your breasts, mmm yes baby xxx. I tuck my soft cock back inside my costume and zip up, whilst I do that you pull your costume up and turn around asking me to zip you up, up close I can see where my cum is soaking into your costume, naughty baby, but oh so hot.

We go back to the main ballroom and the announce the buffet is ready, I look at you and giggle, you just ate…. we goto the buffet and get a plate of sandwiches and some nibbles, whilst you eat I carefully reach into the hidden pocket and stand up, I walk to your side then go down on one knee, you are looking at the plate, not watching me then I say, ‘Baby, will you marry me?’ You turn to me and see the ring in the box in my hand, I can see you tremble as you say ‘Yes!’ Suddenly I realise you can’t put the ring on, so I take the necklace from around my neck, open the clasp and slide your ring onto it, then I put it around your neck and fasten it, you pull your mask from your head and you kiss me just as the chimes for midnight start. I managed to get it right.

All thru the chimes and cheering you kiss me, pulling me close, forgetting where we are you grope my cock thru my costume, rubbing me hard, thankfully everyone else is occupied with New Year celebrations. I whisper in your ear, ‘keep that up and I going to cum.’ This only causes you to rub me harder, I growl in your ear as I cum, we look up and a waitress is watching us, she notices us watching her and she goes bright red. She turn and runs away, we both laugh.

People are slowly leaving the room, so I grab your had and say let’s go upstairs, as we leave the manager walks up to us and says can I have a word, OMG she reported us are my first thoughts, but no he says, I understand you guys got engaged, tomorrow we would like to upgrade you to the honeymoon suite for free, for the last 4 nights of your stay.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32