New Experiences

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In my mid-40s I thought I had done it all. My sex life started early. At a very young age I had fucked with a girl a few years older than me. She would come to my house. We would go underneath the house, actually, in a crawl space. She would undress, lay on her back or get on her knees, and I would kiss and lick her pussy and stick my dick in her. Or she would get on top of me and fuck me

From those early beginnings, I had sex with lots of girls for many years. I even had sex with other guys. Fucking all through my teen years, I got married at age 20 to a hot 18-year-old. I was graduated from college and went to my first real job.

The job required lots of travel and like many women once they marry a man, my wife’s lust for sex with me waned. So I fell into the trap of dipping my wick in willing women while on the road, traveling on the job. I had some great sex with a variety of women, and again with some men.

Then came the new experiences. I was flying as a corporate pilot. On one trip I had a female passenger – a news reporter. We made her first flight to cover the story on which she was working. When we returned to my home base, to the motel, a suite rented for me by the company for which I was working, she announced that she would like to come to my suite to interview me about the work that I was doing. She explained that it was part of her story.

In my suite she conducted a professional interview, then asked if we could relax together. I agreed. She put aside her notepad, pencil and tape recorder. She asked me if I could mix a drink for her from the bar in the suite. I agreed, and mixed a drink for her and for me.

After a couple of drinks she asked if it was okay with me if she smoked. Again, I agreed. She dug around in her purse and came out with a handrolled cigarette from a small plastic package with more of the same in the baggie. As she lit up I realized she was smoking MJ – Mary Jane – marijuana. The sweet odor of the weed filled the room. To cover the smell, I went to the credenza and lit a joss stick of East Indian origin and placed it in the wooden holder that came with the package of room odorizer.

As I sat back on the bed opposite the other bed on which she was sitting she offered me a hit on the joint. I declined. Drugs and flying do not go well together, and I had to fly the next day as on every day in this job. She finished the doobie, rolled the lit end of it in an ashtray to put it out, then announced she was hungry and horny smoothing a hand over her breasts and sliding her other hand between her legs to emphasize her point.

I needed no more invitation. I moved from where I was sitting to sit on the opposite bed beside her. I took her into my arms and kissed her on the cheek. She turned her mouth to me, and we worked our tongues together, openmouthed, Frenchkissing. I replaced her hand on her breasts with one of mine and with my other hand hers between her legs. She moaned into my mouth, opened her legs wider, laid on the bed, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri lifted her knees and spread her legs even wider. I felt the wetness in her panties as her skirt rode up on her slender thighs giving me full access to her pudenda.

My cock was fully erected. She grasped it, felt its outline in my pants, slid her hand up and down. Soon, I was as wet as she was. I leaked pre-cum flooding my underwear and trousers. We broke our mouth kissing. At the same time I brought my fingers to my mouth to taste the juice of her pussy, and she put her fingers in her mouth sampling my pre-cum. I was ready to undress, undress her and fuck.

As we returned to feeling each others sex and kissing, me massaging her breasts, one, the other, she broke the kiss again, and hissed into my ear, “Let’s go take a shower. We are so sweaty. Let’s clean up, then do it.”

I was more than ready to follow her lead. We undressed and went to the bathroom naked together. I followed her slender body, tight rounded ass into the shower/tub. She turned on and adjusted the water to a good temperature and turned toward me. We came together in a clutching embrace, our naked, now wet bodies together.

Pumping soap out of the wall-mounted container, she washed me with particular attention to my back, armpits, hairy chest, stomach, balls, and finally my cock. I knew I was getting clean, but I was gaining no ground on the pre-cum oozing from my cockhead. She realized it too and turned me around with her soapy hands. She washed my back more and worked her way down to my buttocks. I could not help but flinch when she ran her hand into my asscrack and washed my hole with her soft, thin fingers.

It was now my turn. I started washing her, her face, neck, upper body, little titties, feeling her extra long nipples stiffen in my hands. Down over her firm belly, into her pubic patch of hair. I bypassed her twat and washed her legs – inner thighs, outside, down the calves of her legs, her feet – tiny – her little toes.

She turned. I washed her back from her shoulders down to her firm, rounded buttocks. As she had done for me, I passed fingers into the cleft of her butt and laved her rosebud with the soapy water. “Ummmnh,” she moaned and pushed back against my fingers. I eased a soapy finger into her anus. She rocked back against my finger deeper, pushing it into her. “Yes,” she said, “wash me good there.” I did.

Our hands moving all over each other we rinsed away all of the soap while kissing more. My hard cock rode between her legs at first, our juices flowing, mixing together. Then she pulled away slightly. My erection sprang up. She leaned into me trapping my hardon between our bodies.

I was so horny, felt my balls tighten in my scrotum, knew I would cum now if we did not stop. Sandy broke away from me and stepped out of the shower. She took a towel from the rack and waited to then dry me all over. I returned that favor too. Then she asked me to excuse her. I left güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the bathroom, went to the bed nearest the window and lay on my back waiting for her.

I was so tired from the day of work, flying, I eased into the beginning of sleep. Soon I sensed her in the room with me. She stood naked still by the bed, drying with a towel, then brushing her hair. As I looked up at her svelte, little body, her black-hair-covered pussy at the top of her slender legs, her little breasts with their long nipples, her firm stomach, my cock arched up on my belly, oozed fresh pre-cum.

Sandy leaned over and kissed my cockhead, licked off my juice flow. She took my cockshaft in her soft, little hand and stroked it. She milked more of my clear liquid up my shaft, out the slit and covered my mushroom crown with her lips. Slowy she slid more of my cock into her mouth, sucking, licking, swallowing.

I reached up for her and brought her down to me. She swiveled around, opened her legs and straddled my face. I looked up into the folds of her pretty pussy – the outer lips puffy, covering the inner lips, her prominent clit still hooded by her sex. I felt her lay over me, her little titties, long nipples on my stomach.

She took more of my cock deeper into her mouth. I reached for her skinny hips and pulled her snatch to my face. I kissed her pussy, swiped my tongue up and down between her labia majora, spread those lips with my tongue and licked her inner labia. Her juice covered my lips and tongue.

“Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, yeah,” she moaned, lifting her mouth off my cock. “Kiss it, baby, lick it. Suck. Eat my pussy.”

She squatted down tighter against my mouth, took my cock back into her mouth and sucked, licking her tongue around the bell end of my cock helmet. We locked for several minutes into a luxurious 69. I worked my lips and tongue on her cunt. She took more and more of my cock into her mouth, fondling my balls with her soft, little hand.

Licking her pussy, swabbing my tongue up and down between the folds of her warm, wet cunt, I felt her shudder. Her thighs clamped on my face, her juices gushed into my mouth, over my tongue, lips and chin as I held onto her thrashing firm butt. My nose rubbed in the cleft of her ass, even on her rosebud.

I thought she was going to suck me off, take my cumload in her mouth, but as her quaking slowed down, her squeals with a mouthful of my cock diminished, she raised her head, slipped my cock out of her mouth with a deep slurp. She pushed my thighs further apart, dove her head deeper between my legs. She pulled my asscheeks apart, licked my cleft and kissed my rosebud.

“Oh, oh, oh, wow,” I shuddered as she licked my asshole.

She raised up, giggling. “You like that?” she asked.

“Umnh yeah, oh yes,” I moaned. “More. Please more.”

“That’s the reason we took a shower together,” she said and dove back between my legs, underneath my balls to kiss and lick my ass more.

My güvenilir bahis şirketleri cock was going crazy, twitching, lurching, exuding so much pre-cum I thought I was cumming. My balls were tingling, drawn up tight in my hairy sack.

I pulled Sandy back down to my mouth. She arched her belly and ass forward enough for my tongue to find her anus rather than her pussy. I kissed her crinkled hole, tongued it. Did as she was doing to me, eating her asshole.

I lifted my legs higher, relishing the feel of her tongue probing at my anal hole. She pushed down on me harder. We ate ass together. She grasped my cock in her soft hand and stroked it. I found her pussy with my hand, spread her lips, slid a finger into her oily quim, another one, a third one, forcing her tight cunt wider. I thumbed her now exposed clit with one hand and fondled her tits with my other hand.

Sandy squatted down hard on my mouth covering her back hole. She rocked back and forth sliding my lips and tongue over her splayed open ass and pussy. From her brown hole over her furry pussy my lips and tongue swabbed her. Her tongue dug into my ass. I trembled with her, ready again to cum.

Sandy rared up, swung around, rolled onto her back. “Fuck me!” she screamed. “Put that cock in me.” I got over her, she guided my cock to her twat. With her legs lifted high and wide, she pulled me into her. In one deep stroke, I buried my 7.5×5 cut cock into her slimy cunt.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes, fuck me,” she squealed, “fuck my pussy.”

I pulled back until only the head was held between her quivering cuntlips, and pushed into her. Again, again, again, I fucked into her as she bucked up against me.

I locked my mouth to hers, knew we were tasting her ass on my lips, my ass on her lips; rode her with my cock as she humped up and down meeting each stroke.

“Oh Rob, oh Rob, oh Rob, fuck,” she breathed. “I’m cumming again. Oh yeah, again.”

Her pussy gripped and released, gripped and released, the lips fluttering on my shaft as I slid back and forth in her.

Sandy gasped, cumming again. I started shooting my cum into her hot quim. She gasped and came again.

As I slid my cock in and out of her hole we squished together, her cum and mine covering her asshole, thighs, her pubes and mine. I fucked her and she humped up against me until my cock went totally limp.

I lifted up, slid down kissing her long nipples, sucking one the other into my mouth, tongued her navel, went down on her and ate her pussy, sucking my own cum out of her sweet twat.

“Oooooooooooh, no, no, no, ooooooooh,:” Sandy came again flooding my mouth with even more of her juices. Her skinny thighs slammed and opened, slammed and opened on my head.

I rolled beside her. We lay there, cuddling for a long time. Relaxing, coming down from our fucking, from our cumming. Sandy said, after a while, “Rob, I am still hungry.”

I agreed again. “Let’s get dressed then and go eat, or do you want to order room service?” I asked her.

“Let’s shower again and go to dinner,” she answered.

We did.

[Later, Sandy explained to me how she had learned the pleasures of kissing ass. Even later, Sandy and I had another woman with us, and Sandy taught the other woman the pleasures of anal oral sex.].

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