Never That Bold Ch. 06

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Just a flash story. A rather dark and sordid little flash story, not to be taken too seriously.

Lilah Quentin sighed heavily as she walked the now empty corridor of JF Kennedy High School.

Their graduation ceremony had been held last night. Not much of a ceremony, really. Of the twenty nine students she’d had in her senior class at the beginning of the year, only seventeen of them had actually graduated. Five would be either attending summer school, or returning again for the next school year, and seven of the students had left at various stages during the school year, never to return again.

She unlocked her classroom door and stood, shocked at the scene in front of her.

Two of the school’s athletes, handsome, muscle –bound young men, had a third student, a scrawny young man on his knees between them. One muscle-bound student had his thick cock up the scrawny young man’s ass and the other muscle-bound young man was jamming his cock down the young man’s throat.

Miss Quentin!” the young man fucking the young man’s ass gasped.

“We thought you were gone!” the other jock cried out, pulling his squirting cock from the cute young man’s sucking mouth.

“I can see that,” Lilah finally said.

“Please don’t tell my daddy,” Chad Hopper, the scrawny young eighteen year old sobbed as he quickly pulled on his shorts.

“I’m not telling anyone; just get out, please,” Lilah sighed as the eighteen year old Chad and his two nineteen year old fuck buddies scampered out, faces hot red.

Lilah completed her final chores; tallying up and accounting for all the textbooks, making a list of the items she would need for the next school year, items she knew she’d never see because they weren’t in the budget, and making sure that all desks were free and clear of any perishable items. She’d heard horror stories of malicious students leaving dead fish secreted in a desk, so that after a long, hot summer of no air-conditioning, the first day of school would be a putrid one indeed.

One student, according to Mrs. Meeks, had actually left a pet snake in a desk.

“I actually peed on myself; the damned animal was still alive when I found it,” the woman said.

“Knock knock,” Mrs. Abramson said from the doorway of Lilah’s classroom.

“Come on in,” Lilah said, nodding toward the stack of books on her wooden desk.

“And you’ll be back by June twelfth?” Mrs. Abramson verified.

“Yes ma’am; Hannah needs braces,” Lilah said, as if that explained why she’d agreed to teach Summer school classes.

Mrs. Abramson smiled. Of the eight teachers, only Lilah and Coach bahis şirketleri Bigelow had taken the five thousand dollar bonus she’d dangled as bait.

“Well, hope you enjoy seeing your girls,” Mrs. Abramson said, taking the inventory list Lilah had prepared.

The fifteen and a half hour drive from Stepping Stone, Louisiana to Matthew, North Carolina was a grueling one.

Her mother greeted her and Lilah was shocked at her mom’s appearance. The woman had aged nearly ten years in the five months since Christmas.

“Doctor Gordon says it’s Parkinson’s,” the woman said stoically.

Lilah burst into sobs; she should have been here to help her mother, been here to support her mother.

“Oh, good God, Lilah, it’s me that’s got it, not you,” her mother snapped in a shaking voice.

The next day, Hannah, Robin, and Shannon were dropped off by Brandon. The man could not leave the driveway fast enough, grateful for a respite from the intolerable girls.

After three days of their constant complaints, whining, and demands, Lilah was ready to return to Stepping Stone.

“Oh, dear, this came for you,” her mother said and Lilah again felt self-pity welling up at her mother’s shuffling gait and shaking speech.

It was an announcement of their Fifteenth Year High School Reunion. Lilah felt a white hot rage boil up immediately.

It had been at their tenth year high school reunion that she’d had a fling, a one-night stand with Michael Bae. Somehow her husband Brandon had found out and they’d divorced.

Because of Michael Bae, Lilah was now a divorced woman. Because of Michael Bae, Lilah was no longer a housewife and mother. She was a teacher, in a state fifteen and a half hours away from her mother, from her daughters.

“God damn you to hell, Michael Bae,” Lilah muttered, looking at the announcement.

“If that little mother fucker’s there…” she murmured to herself.

Finding her father’s old .38 snub nose was easy enough; her mother had refused to clean out her husband’s nightstand even though he’d been gone nearly nine years now.

Lilah’s friend Linda grudgingly agreed to watch the three girls; Brandon had gone on a deep-sea fishing trip and was out of cell-phone range.

“But it’s just overnight, right?” Linda verified again as Lilah dropped off the three complaining girls.

“Promise,” Lilah lied.

If Michael Bae was at the reunion, Lilah might very well be in jail the next day.

“My daddy says you’re a whore,” Shannon announced to Aunt Linda.

“Well he would know,” Aunt Linda replied, not letting go of Lilah’s hand.

“You better be back here tomorrow, you hear?” Linda spat at Lilah.

Lilah managed to wear Valerie Upjohn down bahis firmaları into letting her crash on her couch for the one night she planned to be in town, and drove to Bender, Florida.

And at the registration desk, she marched up and slapped Brandon Durst on his flabby ass. Hard.

“Thought you were off deep-sea fishing,” Lilah sneered.

Brandon gave a sheepish grin.

“Seriously, what are you doing here?” Lilah asked as they stood at the bar, drinking Jack and coke.

Brandon looked furtively around, then stepped back slightly and unbuttoned his suit jacket.

Lila’s eyes opened wide at the sight of a nine-millimeter handgun in Brandon’s waistband.

“That mother fucker Michael Bae shows his God damned face here…” Brandon snarled.

“Oh my God,” Lilah laughed, opening her purse and showing Brandon the .38 snub nose inside.

“Okay, rock, paper, scissors,” Brandon challenged.

With a laugh, Lilah agreed and both she and her ex-husband did the childish game.

“Ha!” Lilah crowed when she did paper and Brandon did rock.

Michael Bae did not show up, but Brandon did dance a few times with his ex-wife and the two continued to drink.

“Got a room at the Best Western,” Brandon suggested as they danced to a slow song.

“Know what? Why not?” Lilah thought.

Dwayne and Valerie shrugged when Lilah said she was going back to Brandon’s room.

In the small but clean room, Brandon carefully put the nine millimeter gun away, then nervously chattered to Lilah while hanging up his suit jacket.

“Brandon, good God, it’s me,” Lilah finally said and kissed him on his lips.

She unbuttoned his dress shirt, recognizing it as one of the shirts she’d picked out for him.

He kissed her, wrapping his pudgy arms around her.

“Damn, put on a few pounds there, huh girlfriend?” Brandon thought to himself, but wisely kept this thought to himself.

He helped her out of the cheap dress she’d bought for this occasion, again saying nothing.

“Damn, they’re just as beautiful as I remember,” he praised when he managed to get her bra off of her.

“Think so?” Lilah said, obviously proud of her breasts.

She hefted them in her small hands and smiled seductively.

“Oh definitely,” he said and bent to take a slightly hard nipple into his mouth.

“Damn, Shaquilla, or Shakira, or whatever your girlfriend’s name was did teach you something,” Lilah thought as his mouth nuzzled her sensitive nipples.

In the past, Brandon’s idea of foreplay was to grab Lilah’s breasts, squeeze, and then demand a blow job.

When he reached her bikini panties, Lilah was actually trembling from his touches and kisses.

“Oh fuck yes,” Lilah grunted kaçak bahis siteleri loudly when Brandon glued his mouth to her slit and wormed his tongue into her.

In the past, he had never done this; Lilah had even offered to teach him what she liked. Brandon had gotten quite upset over that.

Tonight, though, Brandon licked and sucked her to an orgasm and would have licked and sucked her to a second, but Lilah firmly pushed him away and tugged on the waistband of his briefs.

Brandon’s erection was a shaky one; this part Lilah did remember.

She fought down her sigh of resignation and took his cock into her mouth.

“Oh, God yes,” Brandon groaned.

“Well, that hasn’t changed one bit,” Lilah said to herself as she swallowed his spunk. “No warning, just grab my head and go.”

What had changed, though, was Brandon’s willingness to hold her afterward. And his willingness to kiss her after her mouth had just been on his cock.

And he had a second weak erection shortly afterward.

Lilah wasn’t about to have his bulk on top of her, so swung her leg up and over and squatted on his shaky erection.

Surprising to both of them, Lilah managed a fairly good orgasm before Brandon groaned and spurted his semen into her pussy.

And again, he held her and kissed her and squeezed her affectionately after the sex.

In the morning, Brandon gave Lilah a kiss. That kiss turned into a second kiss. Then she sucked his morning erection, a fairly strong erection for a moment, then got onto hands and knees.

Brandon pounded Lilah hard and fast until they both had an orgasm.

“Now, I really am going deep sea fishing,” he said as Lilah dressed. “Got a buddy says he’s after some great white.”

“Don’t fall overboard, okay?” Lilah smiled, kissed him, and left the hotel room.

“Thank you sweet Jesus,” Linda sang out when she saw Lilah’s car turn into her driveway.

“So, how was it?” Linda asked as Lilah entered the house.

“Well, I’m not in jail calling you for bail money,’ Lilah said.

“Oh, well, I’m sorry you didn’t have a good time,” Linda said and the two women laughed.

The rest of the week passed and Lilah did give the girls tearful hugs and kisses.

“God, I ever have another one, I swear I won’t let them turn out to be little bitches like that, though,” Lilah said as she drove the fifteen and a half hours to Stepping Stone, Louisiana.

And six weeks into the summer semester, Lilah was sitting at her small kitchen table, eating two fried eggs, some sausage patties, and microwave biscuits and gravy when it all suddenly came rushing back up.

“Oh God,” Lilah cried out as she threw up into the small kitchen sink. “I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean I wanted another baby now!”

The End.

**Author’s Note: I write these stories for my pleasure; I post them here for your enjoyment. I do thank you for reading my stories.

Have a warm and fuzzy day.

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