Naughty Pleasure Market Ch. 11

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{In this chapter, a character performs prone masturbation. Remember that prone masturbation is harmful to your penis and should not be performed in real life, as it establishes patterns of stimulation impossible to find in actual sex, which can lead to potency issues in your sex life.}

[In this chapter: straight best friend fantasy, foot worshipping, manly smells]

“Master… forgive me this question, but is there anything I can do for you…?” Matthew asked, as he was intensely rubbing his skin with a soap, spreading the foam onto his back and butt, enjoying the hot water from the shower.

After master Davis carried him here, surprisingly he didn’t leave, instead he leaned against the wall, watching the boy with a smile.

“I have a really good news for you,” master Davis said, showing his perfect set of bright, white teeth in a smile worth of a prince charming. “There’s a treat heading your way.”

Even despite his natural naivety, Matthew became suspicious hearing that. Probably, because treats were against his fantasy, in which he’s being constantly used and abused. But in the end, if they wanted to treat him, he couldn’t really oppose. He was their bitch now, anyway.

“Respectfully, sir, this seems unnecessary. Being able to serve my betters is enough of a treat for me,” Matthew assured him. Saying humiliating things like that always triggered a pleasant, tingly sensation somewhere inside of his chest and dick, almost like his own body was encouraging him to lower himself to the knees.

Not wanting to annoy master Davis, Matthew put lots of effort and struggle to clean as much of his dick as the metal chastity device allowed.

“Careful with your words, cutie,” master Davis warned him, still smiling. “Commenting on master’s decision might score you a punishment, even if it’s respectful.”

“I’m sorry, master…”

“Well, you’re lucky that you’re with me, not with master Goldman or Ramon. But don’t get too comfortable. Cute twinks like you need to know their place. The more bratty you are, the more discipline you require. How is it with you, boy?”

Matthew didn’t even allow himself to think this answer through.

“I’m afraid I need a lot of discipline, sir.”

“No reason to worry, you’ll get plenty,” master Davis assured him with a mischievous smile. “Alright then, enough of that water waste. Dry yourself up and let’s go.”

Matt curiously followed him. Other slave boys were getting ready for feet worshipping party in which doms would be humiliating them also in many other ways. Matthew was actually kind of interested in joining that, but master Davis took him upstairs, to the second floor, that was fully taken by the mystical permanent doms, supposedly living in this house with them.

“Here we are,” master Davis announced with a happy face, opening doors for Matthew, to a specific room.

To encourage the boy, Davis pushed him lightly, making him enter. The room was actually really nice, with a splendid view from the terrace, although it was empty, like its owner haven’t really moved in here with all his stuff. Matthew knew he should have his line of sight lowered, but he wanted to know what was happening. He froze, once he saw him.

Ethan. He was standing there, fully clothed, watching the slave boy in the most humiliating moment of his life. Boy moved his hands and covered his cock cage, finding it impossible to look his friend in the eyes. But then master Davis placed his hand on his hair.

“Slave boys can’t cover themselves, remember? Do I have to punish you?” he asked, in a serious tone.

Matthew silently exposed his utter humiliation and placed his hands behind his back. He could feel tears forming in his eyes. He was enjoying himself as a slut before, but now, when his best friend saw him, he felt ashamed and defeated.

“Thanks for bringing him, Prowler,” Ethan ignored Matthew, choosing to make a bro handshake with his muscular buddy.

“No sweat, man. Make yourself at home. Alright, I’ll leave you to it,” he added, before he closed the doors to Ethan’s new room.

Davis’ vigorous footsteps could be heard as he went downstairs. In the meantime, awkward silence has found its domain here.

“Okay, he’s gone, we can drop the act,” Ethan said, out of the sudden, closing his shocked and ashamed friend in a tight hug. “You look so scared, did they make you do something you didn’t want?”

Quite ironic question to ask in a sex slave house, but once Matthew thought this through, he couldn’t really think of any of the slave boys unwillingly doing something sexual. All of them were perfectly picked sluts who just wanted that rough treatment.

“No, I’m okay,” Matthew finally found the courage to speak. “But what are you doing here, Ethan? It’s a gay slave house.”

“Well, I’ve had to keep an eye on you somehow. Don’t worry, I have some… friends in high places,” he rolled eyes at the cliché way it sounded. “I will find a way to get you out of here, but güvenilir bahis you need to give me some time. Two, three months. Hopefully right before the summer break is over and you’ll have to go back to university classes.”

Oh, that. Matthew somehow managed to already forget about that boring part of his life.

“They will find out you’re not really gay!” Matt raised his voice, but not too much. “You might get my dirty video outed to the porn sites!”

“They won’t find out, trust me.”

“Other slaves will start talking once they figure out you have no interest in them.”

“Doms don’t have to actually fuck slaves, you know? We can just enjoy being a little bit violent with them or get off from humiliating them. Either of which, I can pretend to enjoy.”

Matthew was both furious and moved. He couldn’t believe Ethan went through such extent to help him.

His friend looked at his caged cock. Matt covered it again, embarrassed. Somehow he already forgot that he was completely naked.

“Why did they put you in that?” Ethan asked, confused.

“My dick is apparently too big. It could embarrass some of the dominants.”

“How fragile,” Ethan commented coldly. Then, he smiled, very naughtily. “But fortunately, dominant’s privilege knows no bounders”, he said, as he showed Matthew a little key, that the boy easily recognized.

Matt reached for the key instinctively, but Ethan backed his hand, getting serious.

“Unfortunately, it’s not that easy,” he said, discreetly looking around. “I can open your cage, but I’ll have to handcuff your hands behind your back first.”

Boy looked at him, surprised.


“I don’t know, that’s their rules. Probably to prevent you from masturbating. In the app you’re tagged as ‘boy for edging’, so they probably want to make you really sensitive that way.”

“You saw my profile in that Naughty Pleasure Market app?” Matt asked, feeling as his face is burning in shame. “Could… could I see it?”

“My phone is charging, man. Either way, I saw what Oscar was doing with you.” Ethan stepped towards Matthew and lifted slave boy’s chin with his fingers, forcing eye contact. “Matt, you have to tell me now. Without bullshitting. Are you enjoying what they’re doing to you, or should I get you out… I don’t know, even today?”

Matthew looked away, again feeling how his face starts blushing. How was he supposed to be honest, when it meant admitting to his best friend that’s he’s a filthy, horny slut who wants to get fucked by multiple randoms?

“I’m… having lots of fun,” Matt finally found the right words. “When you’ve said I might be enjoying it, I got mad, but… you were ultimately right. I’m clearly fucked up in the head, because I like how they treat me like shit. I love to treat them back with toxic level of respect, that makes even my brain shake head in disapproval. I also love worshipping guys who manipulate me or push me into traps. Are you freaked out…?”

But in this moment, Ethan hugged him again and even landed a sweet kiss on boy’s forehead. Only this time Matthew was conscious enough to enjoy this hug, to feel up Ethan’s bigger body and to smell the scent of his cologne.

“I always knew you are a sub guy… you agreed to do way too many chores just because I smiled at you.” Matthew’s heart melted with happiness. It felt like a second coming out, but this time, as a slut. And this time Ethan didn’t disappoint him with intolerance either. “In that case, let’s celebrate it by opening your cock cage.”

Matt looked at the pair of real handcuffs that he pulled out of a drawer and frowned.

“I’m not sure if I want to,” he said, touching his cage. “Being free from this cage would be nice even for a moment, but it will just cause frustration to get hard and not cum.”

Ethan raised his eyebrows, confused.

“But of course you will cum. More than once, hopefully. That’s the point.”

“How am I supposed to cum with hands behind my back?”

“With these pair…” He showed Matthew his own, manly hands with long fingers. “Don’t worry, I jerked off my dick countless of times, I’m a pro by now; you can rest easy and rely on my experience,” he assured with a smile.

“You would really do this for me?” Matthew bit his lip, trying to think straight, especially now, when Ethan’s thinking was so far from straight.

“Of course I would. You’re my bro and you’re in weird situation.”

“Hmm…” Matthew froze in a dilemma, still watching the handcuffs. Then, he made his mind. “No, I… can’t, Ethan. I’m so incredibly horny, but you’re my best friend. It would make things weird between us… Couldn’t you just open that cage and I jerk off alone? I mean, how will they know?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but this room might be under surveillance. I’ve heard about doms getting in trouble for breaking rules like that…” But then, Ethan clearly got an idea. “Hey… there is a thing you could do… Remember when you were telling me about how you used to masturbate as a kid?”

Matthew güvenilir bahis siteleri looked at him, surprised.

“That was prone masturbation,” Matt tried to remind him. “A thing very, very bad for you and your dick, remember? It teaches bad, sexual patterns that can ruin your sex life, because they don’t imitate regular sexual encounter…”

“And why do you care? You’re not a… top—that is the term, right?—anyway. You like taking it up your butt, right? So you don’t really need a well-functioning dick.” Ethan raised his eyebrows, almost like it should have been obvious. He pointed at his bed. “Look how cosy it is. You’ll lie down on it, grab my pillow and hump it until you nut.”

“Ethan, prone masturbation is an unhealthy addiction. You’re offering a glass of wine to an alcoholic right now…”

“Matt, my friend, think realistically. You need to blow off some steam. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be, seeing other guys cum freely while you’re locked. A guy—even submissive one—has to empty his balls from time to time. It’s unhealthy for your prostate to never do it.” Ethan picked up a pillow and placed it on the middle of his bed, smiling and tempting. “Besides, haven’t you told me that you never had as pleasurable jerk off as that prone technique?”

It didn’t take too much persuading for Matthew’s wrists to find themselves in a pair of cold handcuffs. Matt felt incredibly vulnerable, naked and bounded like that, which was funny, because half an hour ago he was getting railed by multiple men in similar set up. But Ethan was so much different from any of them. His presence was both awkward and weirdly exciting.

Ethan opened the lock of his cage and the metal thing fell down to the floor, making a loud noise. Matthew took a deep breath, feeling incredibly free after this heavy thing freed his body.

“I never expected to be touching your dick,” Ethan said, clearly finding it hilarious, after he placed the cock cage and its key on the drawer. “Alright, buddy. Don’t waste time, hump away… I want your hips to be in the heat.”

Matthew knelt on his bed, with the pillow in front of him. He looked at his free cock, which got hard almost immediately. It seemed bigger, but Matthew figured it was probably an illusion after not seeing it for a long time. Boy looked at Ethan, pouting.

“I can’t, man… Not when you’re watching me…”

“If there are cameras here, I can’t just show no interest to you doing it,” he justified himself with a naughty smile. “Come on, have fun. No judging on my side. I want you to feel good. I even offered to do it myself, remember?”

Matthew leaned on the bed in a way that left his dick on a pillow. He looked away from Ethan’s smiling face and slowly started rubbing his shaft against the material. He immediately remembered how incredible this feeling was. Not only his dick was getting stimulated that way, but also his bare nipples, which were rubbing against the sheets. But something still felt wrong.

“That pillow is no good…” Matt complained. “Could you push one more under me?”

Ethan quickly helped Matt out and the slave boy started over. When Matt found the right rhythm, he moaned quietly. Prone masturbation was sinfully pleasurable, and the idea of consequences behind it changed it into a true forbidden fruit.

Somehow, the entire bed smelled like Ethan, despite the fact that he barely moved in and didn’t get to sleep in it. This smell was nothing but confusing: it made Matthew aroused but also guilty; almost like he would get excited looking at his own brother or something.

“What’s the matter now?” Ethan asked, noticing an issue in boy’s face.

“I can’t focus,” Matt admitted, quite surprised about that. He thought that after these two days in chastity and with constant sexual encounters, he would burst right after having his cock out of the cage. But apparently not enough time have passed for this level of excitement.

“Well, that makes sense. After all, it’s difficult to cum without little help. Where’s my phone…” only after asking himself that, he realized that it was charging on a drawer. “Oh, fuck it. I hoped to find you some nice, gay porn…” He started looking around his room, only to realize that it was too empty to magically spawn a gay porno magazines or whatever. “Okay, I know.” Ethan pulled his foot out of his sneaker and jumped on the bed, placing his leg in front of Matthew. “Rest your nose on my foot as you’re humping.”

“What?!” Slave boy asked, shocked.

“What?” Ethan raised eyebrows, surprised. “You’re gay. A bit of manly pheromones should get your mind into right space. Doesn’t it work like that?”

Matt’s trouble with focusing was caused solely because he couldn’t get his mind off of Ethan and it made him hesitate due to the brotherly nature of their relationship. And what Ethan unconsciously did right now, was a message to embrace this sinful feeling and enjoy himself.

His foot looked ideal in a black sock. It was big, long iddaa siteleri and Matthew already had too many occasions to recognize their beauty. Too weak to fight it, he surrendered and leaned his face on it. The sock was just a little bit damp but didn’t smell bad. On the contrary, the smell was amazing and it immediately sent sparkles down Matt’s cock. Pretty shyly, he rubbed his nose against his soles. With blushing cheeks, he looked at Ethan. His friend seemed relaxed, almost indifferent, yet there was something playful in his expression.

Matt hated that his cock responded so well to idea of smelling Ethan’s feet, considering that in his mind, it still felt wrong. Nonetheless, he resumed the humps, getting squeaky noises out of the bed. Ethan reached and pulled his sock off of his other foot and also brought it to Matthew’s face.

“Don’t mind yourself, it’s just a foot,” he assured Matthew, seeing how he was ready to freak out again.

Only after a brief moment of hesitation, boy moved his nose towards it. The contact of his lips and Ethan’s foot skin caused another breach towards that “feeling very weird, but so good” direction. Matt looked at him again. He seemed amused. His toes moved, rubbing boy’s cheek.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, seeing how Matthew stopped humping and tried to push the pillow more to the side.

“Do you have any more pillows? These two became really flat and…”

His leg slid under Matthew and kicked both of the pillows to the floor, revealing boy’s red, veiny, excited cock. Ethan’s straightened leg remained that way.

“Hump my leg,” he ordered.

Matthew instinctively refused to touch his leg with his stiff, desperate cock.

“Ethan, no… this would be weird…”

“But I want you to do it.”

“I’ll ruin your pants if I cum on them…”

“Then some other slave will wash them.”


“Apparently, I have to phrase it more carefully: masturbate yourself against my leg, slave boy.” He pushed his bare foot into Matt’s face. “And lick these nasty spaces between my toes,” he added with a wide smile.

Matthew had no strength to fight a foot of a hot guy being rubbed into his face. He kissed it with eagerness and respect. His warmed up, excited dick pressed itself against Ethan’s calf, as he started humping it. The movement of his hips moved also his entire body, rubbing sensitive nipples against the sheets again. He was being fully stimulated, whether he liked it or not. And Ethan’s naughty expression being a background for his sexy sole and toes was just too much. With foggy brain, Matthew was kissing his foot but then he pulled his tongue out and started cleaning spaces between his friend’s toes. They weren’t as nasty as he described, but it still filled him with amazing, humiliating feeling of doing something really filthy.

“Yikes, Matt… you have a such a horny face. I didn’t know you liked me that much…”

Boy was too tired to respond to his taunts.

“I’m about to cum…” Matt panted. “You will let me, right…?”

“Who knows? Maybe I will edge you…” His leg moved playfully.

Matt moaned, as his dick burst with cum. He pressed his face against Ethan’s foot and just let it shoot out of him. Sweet portions of pleasure filled him with relieving, relaxing feeling of finally reaching something he’s been craving for so long. His tired body stopped moving and just lied on Ethan, unable to move, exhausted after an orgasm.

But then, the post-nut clarity came and Matthew immediately felt bad. Ethan’s foot was still resting on his face, his toes were playfully fondling his hair.

“Whoa, you’ve had a lot to give!” Ethan judged, watching the huge, white stains left on his pants. “How are you feeling?”

Matthew got up to a sitting position, with his softening cock exposed to the sight. Only after he sat properly—which wasn’t so easy with cuffed hands—he was able to hide the remains of his erection between his thighs.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” Matthew said, unable to face Ethan, feeling incredibly vulnerable and awkward. “It will be weird between us from now on.”

Ethan stood up only to sit next to him. He didn’t care about Matt’s cum soaking up into his jeans. He put his arm around the sad slave friend with his arm and brought him closer to himself in a hug.

“Well, certainly not on my end,” he said. “It wasn’t the first time you played with my feet anyway.”

“Before, I only massaged them. With my hands. How can you compare that?”

“You showed the same, excited sparkles in your eyes and that’s truly what I was looking forward to. Besides, I’m not ticklish, so I never mind having my feet played with. You’re not the first guy or girl to do that.”

Matt finally looked at him, annoyed.

“Did they come all over you, too?”

Ethan laughed.

“No, but you’re my best friend. Why would I mind seeing my friend having fun?” He stood up and started unbuckling his pants, only to cheerfully drop them down, showing off his hairy legs. Matthew couldn’t stop himself and took a peak at his crotch, too. Ethan had something massive sleeping in his boxers… In this moment, Matt was very hopeful to meet it.

… Yeah, it was definitely about to get weirder now between them.

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