Naughty Neighbors 01

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Troy had lived in the neighborhood a long time before she moved in. When the house went up for sale 3 years ago, he had no way of knowing what kind of neighbors he was going to get…


“Hey neighbor!”

“Hey, what’s up Troy?” her husband called back over the fence as he watered the lawn. Troy leaned his elbow on the chain-link to chat as the kids run around before heading in for dinner. There she is, Troy thought…the wife, looking super cute in a short skirt that barely covered her ass.

Damn, he lucked out to have these guys as neighbors. He was cool, she was hot, and the kids loved all his noisy engines and tools. The best part was that her body was sexy as hell with a personality to match, and her husband liked it when she flaunted it. He saw Troy stare at her and instead of being jealous, he encouraged it! Lucky, indeed.

As the neighbors started to move inside for dinner, Troy was seized by a sudden impulse…”Hey, you guys wanna come over for a beer tonight?”


It was about 8pm when Troy heard footsteps coming up his driveway. He craned his neck to look around the pickup truck that was taking up much of his garage and spotted her as she entered his open garage door. She made her way back to where Troy sat in his lawn chair, a beer in his hand. He grabbed a beer from the cooler near his feet as she passed by and handed it to her, motioning for her to take a seat wherever.

She sat on the cement step leading from the garage into the house, arranging the tiny skirt she’d been wearing earlier around her thighs. Troy felt his cock stir. “Just you tonight? Must be his night for bedtime,” he joked.

“Yeah, just me tonight,” she said, “Not that he didn’t want to come too,” she quickly added, laughing a little. She struggled with the bottle cap on her beer for just a second before Troy extended a hand. “Here, lemme help ya out…”

She half rose to reach him, handed off the beer, then resettled in her seat, her skirts slightly ajar. She must not have noticed…but as Troy handed the beer back to her, his eyes caught a glimpse of her bared pussy.

“Heh…I see you forgot halkalı escort somethin’ there,” Troy chuckled, raising his eyebrows and gesturing to her accidentally raised skirt.

“Oh shit!” she said instinctively, hastening to cover herself again.

“Hey now, hold on…” Troy said coaxingly. He was never one with words. “It looked pretty nice.”

She hesitated…then asked shyly, “…you wanna see it?”

“Hell yeah I do,” Troy replied eagerly, licking his lips and hardly believing this was happening.

Holding her beer in one hand, she raised the folds of her skirts and spread her legs slowly apart, exposing as delicious looking a honeypot as Troy had ever seen.

He licked his lips again involuntarily as he moved from his chair to his knees, slowly inching forward toward that intoxicating hole. He didn’t want to scare her, but he had to get closer…

“Wow…beautiful,” Troy breathed, his hand reflexively reaching out to brush the skin of her thigh. He paused before he touched her…startling himself back to awareness. He looked up at her face, the question in his eyes…

“You wanna touch it?” she asked, now sounding more coy than shy.

What was she up to? Was her husband okay with this? As if she read his mind, she followed her question with, “He won’t mind. He thinks it’s hot that you want me.”

That shocked him, but only for a moment. He moved slowly up her leg, gaping openly at her slit as he did. The rough skin of his fingertips traced the tender skin of her labia, circling her clit with his thumb. She moaned lightly, a breathy sound that had him pulsing in his pants.

His crotch was growing uncomfortably tight now, and his position on the floor wasn’t helping things. He paused, his hand leaving her body for a moment as he adjusted his position. She took a long swig of her beer, then moved the bottle to her between her legs and began to rub it over her hot flesh.

“Ooooh,” she shivered, “that feels good.”

Troy put both hands on her legs near her knees, rubbing his way up her inner thighs. She was clearly aroused now, grinding against taksim escort the beer bottle, enjoying the interplay of his calloused skin and the cold, wet glass against her heated flesh.

His cock strained against his pants as his hands hovered tentatively around her opening. His mouth was getting dry; her pussy looked so wet and delicious…he licked his lips again.

She noticed. She pulled the bottle away, exposing that beautiful cunt to him once more as her eyes and sly smile invited him to touch her there.

“Aaah,” Troy fairly moaned as he wet one finger with his mouth quickly before probing her folds, now cool from the beer bottle, until he found her hot center, slick and ready for him to enter her.

Her walls clamped around his finger in a way that sent thrills of promise to his already aching cock. Oh God, she would feel sooooo good and tight around him…if only…

She seemed to sense his thoughts because she smiled and said, “…you wanna taste it?”

His jaw dropped, and he stammered and bit before practically panting, “oooh yes.”

She stood and walked around him to the back of his pickup, reached over the tailgate and set her beer on the back edge of the bed before using both hands to lower the tail gate. She turned around to face Troy then hopped up onto the edge of the tailgate and spread her legs invitingly.

He quickly downed the rest of this beer and tossed the bottle aside in his haste to reach her. As he settled between her legs, breathing roughly, his arms reached up and around her sleek thighs and rubbed her legs as if to devour them with his hands.

“Oooooh fuck yeah,” he rasped as he buried his face in her slick folds, savoring the sweet scent of her arousal.

His tongue lapped at her wet pussy, circling her sweetness like a ripe peach before licking his own finger and inserting it into her core. “Oh my god,” he groaned, “you are so wet.”

She only moaned at this, allowing her head to loll backward, enjoying the feeling of his thick finger sliding in and out of her.

Troy couldn’t take any more. He withdrew his finger from her pussy and şişli escort closed her thighs, signaling that she should flip over. She got the hint and stood up, turned around, and then bent over at the waist to lean over the tailgate, spreading her legs to allow him entry.

He fumbled to open his belt and finally his pants, cursing softly in his hurry to free himself from their confines. She wiggled her ass and tossed him a coy smile over her shoulder.

He practically grunted as his rigid cock sprang forward and he guided it between her legs and into her slick labia, coating his coat in her own wetness and stimulating her clit at the same time.

“Aaaahh,” she breathed, “you’re so hard…I want you to fill me up.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. His cock slid home with aching slowness, both of them savoring the newness of each other’s most intimate parts, both breathing sighs of pleasure at this first penetration.

And then he could take no more. She was so incredibly tight around him, he almost burst right there. He gripped her hard around the waist, making it look so tiny in his large hands, especially with her lush, round ass jiggling below where he held her anchored.

His speed increased as he thrust over and over into her, hearing her moans become louder and more frenetic. His breath was coming in short gasps, his blood rising as he watched himself enter her pussy again and again and…

“AaaaaAAAAAAHHHHhhhhh,” he ground out as he ripped himself out of her sweet hole and sprayed hot cum all over her luscious ass cheeks, furiously stroking the last of his orgasm out of his throbbing cock.

He braced himself against the tailgate with one hand, cradling the other against her spunk-covered ass as he worked to catch his breath. She smiled like a cat in the sun, her arms spread out to either side of the tailgate. “Mmmmmm,” she sighed, “that was hot. Maybe next time you’ll last a little longer…”, she teased.

“Hey now,” he panted, chagrinned, “you surprised me. Been wanting to do that for a long time.”

“Us too,” she said as she raised herself up on her elbows. “Think you could clean me up before I head home?”

He did, then watched her walk next door and disappear inside. Holy shit, what had just happened? Did he seriously just fuck the MILF next door, with the promise of more to come?? With that thought in mind, he took himself upstairs and drifted off to a satisfied sleep.

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