Naughty Naughty: Night 02

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Laura awoke at 6:15 a.m. to the sound of Joe Wagner humming in the shower. She smiled and giggled as she stretched her arms above her head and let her naked body fidget beneath the blanket. When had she fallen asleep? She could not remember. She could, however, remember Joe ramming her hard, harder than she had been fucked in a long time. Again, Laura giggled. She lowered one hand down and pushed the cover back from her chest and began to pinch one of her tender nipples. She immediately felt herself moisten between her thighs. She slightly moaned as she let her other hand slide down beneath the remaining covers. She parted the sensitive nether lips and slid one finger inside hard. Laura let her thumb rub her clit as she steadily began to move the digit in and out. She closed her eyes, breathing heavily, sill pinching the nipple and fucked herself to yet another orgasm. She felt the wetness cover her fingertips.

Laura threw back the blanket, thinking briefly that she would definitely have to wash the sin off of the sheets and blanket later and decided that is was time to join Joe, still humming away in the shower.

Upon opening the door, a gust of steam escaped from the bathroom.

“Knock Knock.” Laura cheerfully sang.

“Hey you! I thought that you would be asleep for a few more hours yet.”

“Arrogant, aren’t we? Think you tired me out that much?”

“Maybe a little” Joe replied as Laura pushed back the curtain and entered into the shower with him. He moved slightly to one side to let the hot water hit Her body. The combination of the cold air and the hot water made Laura’s nipples as hard as little pebbles.

“Happy to see me?” Joe questioned as her slicked back his wet hair. And placed his hands upon his hips.

“I am cold, that is all.”

“Oh, smart ass, huh?”

“Kidding Joe, just kidding. You know my tits and every single part of my body is happy to see you.”

Joe and Laura embraced and began kissing again. Their tongues probed each others mouths, darting to and fro. They could still taste each other on their lips from their little oral trysts earlier in the morning.

“Hand me the soap please.”

“Let me.”

Joe picked up the pink bar of soap and began to lather it between his hands. Laura turned her back to him and let him begin to wash her from the neck down. She made a ‘yum’ sound as he slowly worked his way down her back to her ass. He slid his hand between the soft pillows or her derrière and gently rubbed it up and down, the soap making the move easy. Laura, as she had done in bed, slapped her hands onto the wall, leaning forward, letting her luscious tits sway

downwards. Methodically, Joe went up and down, each time coming closer to slipping a finger inside of her rear entrance. He kept hesitating when he would feel Laura tense up, until finally, when he circled, and she didn’t tense, he swiftly hit the bulls eye. With a moan, Laura pushed back into him and he placed the free hand on one of her tits. With the lather still on his hands, he firmly gripped the tit as she lifted her foot and placed it on the back of the tub. Her tight entry way spasmed as she let out a pleasurable wail. Again, for the umpteenth time, Laura came.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah, you bad boy.”

Joe, being a self-crowned sex machine, realized that he was rock solid again and found himself tempted to let his rod take his finger’s place. Before he could, Laura pulled herself off of his hand and turned, wrapping both arms around his neck.

“Such an innocent little flower, aren’t you Laura Garrison?”

“Innocent! Hell, my petals wilted a long time ago!”

“You will get your chance again, but later my dear.”

“But I want to suck you off right now!” Laura retorted, throwing a mock childish tantrum.

“Later, my Sweet. I have such wonderful things in store for you tonight, but I have some things that I have to tend to, so I must be going soon.”

“And leave me here all by my lonesome? What is a girl to do?”

“I am sure that you will find something and manage” Joe snickered while pulling back the shower curtain and stepping out of the shower.

“Very funny Joe!” Laura replied while beginning to shampoo her hair.

“Really Laura, I do have to take care of some stuff for tonight and I want everything to be perfect.”

“What are we doing and where are we going?”

“I want you to wear your sultriest outfit and look your best. We are going to have some true triple X rated fun later and I want you to look the part.”

“I want you to wear that, but will I get my wish?” She said as Joe wrapped the sanitary white towel around his waist, standing in front of the partially open shower curtain, hands once again on hips. Laura’s mind was racing, thinking how she would love to throw him down on the floor right there and go at it again, and again. He looked so absolutely delicious at that particular moment.

“If I could, I would, if it would please you and keep you as horny as you are right now.”

“Trust kaçak iddaa me Joe, that will not be a hard thing to do! I am hornier than an all brass band!”

“Insatiable.” Joe voiced as he walked out into the hallway, back into the bedroom to retrieve his clothing.


“Hell no!”

“Just make sure that you lock the door on the way out if you are not staying for breakfast!” Laura yelled from under the water massager that she had found came in handy so many times.

“I will.”

The sexy, suave and debonair Joe Wagner toweled himself off and dressed, checking himself once in the mirror. Yes, the clothes were wrinkled, but he didn’t mind, not after the night he had with Laura, the first of many. Maybe a story would be written about the things that they would do. He sheepishly grinned at himself as he heard Laura pick up the tune that he had been humming in the shower. She had not let him down. She was every bit the fuck that he thought she would be, and he had so much more in store for her yet.


“Yeah Joe?”

“Where did you park your car last night?”

“I left it in the same garage that yours was in. If you want to wait a little bit, you can take me back to get it.”

“No, we can get it later or tomorrow. Don’t worry about it.”

“Easy for you to say, you don’t have to pay the rates!”

Joe laughed at Laura’s last remark as he said his ‘good bye until later’s’. He told her that he would take care of the car. Again, he found himself thinking of all of the goodie’s he had in store. He had to go and make the arrangements, but not before paying, in advance, for three more days of parking in the garage.


Laura Garrison spent the day doing laundry, cleaning the house, never once letting the fact that her private parts were actually tingling get to her. She cleaned in the nude, ate in the nude, and found herself talking herself out of getting herself off again. She could wait the hours from then until Joe picked her up later. It crossed her mind that he had not said what time to be ready, so she estimated that it would be around 8:00 p.m. That is when she would be ready. She really had no clue how off she would be, on the time or on being ready.

With music blaring all through the house, she dusted and lip-synched like an idiot all around, swaying her hips, room to room, cleaning as she went, tits swaying in the air as she did so. She would have to burn a CD before Joe picked her up of her favorite ‘Come Fuck Me’ music to play in his SUV to set the mood, not that it needed much setting. She wondered quite a few times what exactly he had ‘in store’ for her, but did not care nonetheless. She was sure it would be erotic, sexual, fuckable, blowable, and all the things that she loved the best.

At 7:00 p.m. Laura stood in front of one of her two closets, freshly showered and shaved, legs and pussy. She already had put on a new pair of thigh-highs, this time, nude, to show off the tattoo on her leg better than the black thigh-highs did last night.

“What to wear?”

After 10 minutes, Laura ginned to herself, reached into her closet and pulled out a red low-cut V-neck sweater, short black skirt, in contrast to the long one of 24 hours ago, and her 3 inch “fuck me” pumps. Being that the skirt was short, she decided that underwear were in order for this evening. She chose a pair of black silk hi-cuts, and a matching sheer black bra. Oh, how Joe was going to love this outfit. She chose her jewelry carefully, making sure none of it was too distracting from her cleavage or outfit in general. A simple pair of earrings again, and a beaded choker around her neck.

The “whore” red lipstick Laura so favored was once again in place by 8:00 p.m., as she impatiently sat on the sofa, looking out the window every few minutes to see if Joe had pulled up yet. At 9:00, she was going to call Joe, but Laura realized that she did not have his phone number. A while later, briefly, the thought crossed her mind that maybe his wife had returned home early from her parents and he wouldn’t be coming, but she quickly pushed that to the back of her head when the black SUV pulled up in front of her home at 9:30. He beeped for her as if they were in high school and she almost turned around to tell her parents that she would be home by curfew, but, she was an adult now, with adult things to do – very adult things to do. She grabbed her coat off of the back of the sofa, threw it over her arm, quickly checked herself in the mirror in the foyer, which she was amazed had not fallen off the wall the night before in their throws of passion, and exited via the front door.

Once outside, Laura nearly began to laugh hysterically when she heard the loud music coming from Joe’s vehicle. God, it was really just like she was in high school again! She stood on the porch until Joe put down the passenger side window and stared at her momentarily before yelling “You ready?” and blindly reached to the stereo console and pushed the reverse kaçak bahis button to restart the song.

He wanted her to walk to the vehicle to the beat of Butterfly, a fantasy that he had since the first time he had heard it and pictured those long legs striding towards him. He could have not imagined it would be in such a perfect outfit, so “slutty”. She did not disappoint him. She slowly approached the SUV, looking

at him with a combination of a “where the hell have you been” look and a twinkle in the eye that said she was ready for more. He reached over the passenger seat and opened the door for her from the inside.

“How nice of you to join me this evening Joe.” Laura said sarcastically.

“Come my lady, Come, Come my lady, your my butterfly, sugar, baby.”

Laura could not help but laugh at his immature and God-awful imitation of the song blaring through his speakers. Before climbing into the SUV, she made sure that she removed the CD she had burned earlier in the day from her purse and tossed it too him.

“What is this?”

“A little compilation I like to call ‘Music To Fuck By’.”

“And you call me a bad boy!” He chuckled as he watched her hop up into the vehicle, exposing a brief glance at what she had to offer him, that which he already knew well, after only one evening.

The moment she shut the door, he peeled tire away from her sidewalk. She grabbed onto the armrest and shot him a “slow down” look.

“So Speed Racer, where are we going tonight?”

“You will see. Did you eat yet?”

“Nope. I didn’t know whether I should or not and since no one let me know what the plans were. . .

“Hostile this evening, aren’t we?”

“Not at all.”

“Well, we are going to grab some Italian, if that is all right with you, and then . . .”

“Then what?”

“You will see.”


At the restaurant, Joe and Laura played little games, a la Sliver with each other, their feet and their napkins. They could not help but laugh each time one of Laura’s nipples would manage to make it’s way out of her sweater and back in before the waiter or other customers noticed. She ran her nylon-encased foot up his leg, sans shoe, on more than one occasion, letting her toes feel the bulge that had her name written all over it. She found herself staring deep into his eyes, reading his mind through those two portals to his soul, and attained that she was more than willing to have an illicit affair indefinitely with him, as long as he wanted to. How could she not? After much deliberation during the day, she had come to the conclusion that Joe Wagner was the best lover that she had ever had the pleasure of being with. He was fifty times better than she had always imagined he would be and she only hoped that he thought the same of her.

“Dessert for the lady or yourself Sir?”

“No. Just the check please. We have our own dessert in store.” He said to the waiter while he looked at Laura. He noticed her cheeks blushing slightly as the waiter looked at her, gave her an approving once over, and then indulged Joe and went to retrieve his bill.

“I cannot believe that you said that to him!” Laura tittered.

“Oh come now, you of all people cannot possibly be shy?”

“If you will excuse me, I am going to go to powder my nose before we leave” Laura returned as she tossed her head mockingly towards the front door.

“I will meet you at the car.”

“Is it unlocked?”

“Yep.” Joe reached for the wallet in his pants pocket and Laura headed towards the bathroom, or so Joe thought.

After paying the check, Joe, chewing on a toothpick, looked around the lobby of Giaredelli’s and, not seeing Laura, began to walk to the vehicle. Once arriving at the SUV, he looked back towards the restaurant to see if she was following, but she was not. He tossed the toothpick and opened the door.

He climbed into the vehicle and as soon as he shut the door, started the ignition and placed his full weight against the back of the seat, he was unexpectedly flung backwards. He did not even have time to grab onto the steering wheel. Laura deftly appeared from the back seat, swung her legs over the middle console and straddled him. She laughed at the surprised look upon his face and began to lick his bottom lip lightly with her tongue. He moaned in delight as she reached one arm behind her and pushed the CD she had created into the dashboard. Loud rock again filled the cabin of the vehicle as she maneuvered herself again into the passenger seat and quickly unzipped Joe’s jeans and pulled out his cock.

“Since you wouldn’t let me do it in the shower, I am going to have to do it right here in the parking lot.”

“Oh, you will get no argument from me.”

“Good, because right now, I am in control.”

Laura wasted no time whatsoever in wrapping her lips around his thick meat and went to town, taking him all the way into her throat and back out again, over and over. Joe’s breathing became ragged. He couldn’t hide the sudden heat he felt as she brought illegal bahis him to climax within two minutes, something no one had ever done before. He reached up to his brow and wiped the beads of sweat that had expeditiously appeared as she looked up at him and ran her tongue over her lips, removing any last trace of his seed that she has just ingested.

“That is not fair Laura Garrison.”

“No, it is not fair, that was your dessert.”

Joe laughed and reached for the reclining mechanism and put the seat upright and basically trapped her head in between his lap and the steering wheel.

“I suppose I am supposed to stay here the entire drive to wherever we are going?”

“Sorry, but if you didn’t mind. . .”

“Yes I do!”

Joe adjusted the seat slightly for her to remove her head from his crotch and he put his cock back into it’s cotton prison, but not before Laura had one last moment to trace the tip of it with her crimson-painted fingernail. That made him nearly jump out of his skin.

“So, are you going to tell me where we are going yet?”

“We are going to Scarlett’s.”

“Again? Aren’t you afraid that we might run into someone from work there?”

“For all they know, we are two coworkers out having a drink or two.”

“On a Saturday night, while one of those coworker’s spouse is out of town.”

“Don’t sweat it.”

“And why is that?”

“Too loud for them I guess, I don’t know.”

“Then why are we going there, I would much rather just fuck each others’ brains out.”

“Don’t you worry about it Baby, you will have quite a good time tonight.” Joe’s no-good smile made Laura think that somehow, Saturday was going to top Friday.


Arriving at Scarlett’s, Laura was surprised to find that the bar offered valet parking on Saturday nights. They drove right to the curb and we treated as if they were VIP’s, which Laura did not realize, they were.

Joe walked around to the passenger side and took Laura’s hand into his own. He escorted her through the front doors, both being held by tuxedo-clad men who greeted them by first name.

“A little underdressed, aren’t we Joe?”

“Not at all. This is a casual party tonight.”

“Casual? Since when are tuxedo’s casual?”

“Scarlett has a wonderful way of making everyone special at parties.”

“Oh, this is a party?”

“A private party.”

“For what?”

“Don’t worry about for what or who. Let’s just have fun, OK?”

“You are the boss Joe.”

“Keep that in mind.”

Laura was amazed at the way Scarlett’s had been transformed in 24 hours. Gone was the massive crowd of twentysomethings like herself. The music was close to the same, heart and pussy pounding techno blared through every speaker, but the people themselves were a little bit older and much more classy and refined. Thank God all of them were dressed casually as Joe and herself were.

Joe was greeted, once again by name, by another tuxedo-clad gentleman who led them to a table that held a “reserved” sign. The gentleman pulled out Laura’s seat for her and before she sat, he daintily grabbed one of her ass cheeks. She yelped, jumped and turned to the man, hand raised, ready to slap, before stopping to realize that it was Bradley, the hunk of a bartender from the previous evening.

“Sorry Miss Garrison, I just had to feel that nice ass.” He whispered into her ear. She looked at Joe who seemed to be oblivious as to what had just happened.

“Excuse me?” Laura questioned with astonishment.

“I apologize for being so forward, but I just had to feel what Mr. Wagner here is so luck to be getting.” Laura blushed and smiled. It wasn’t that she had minded what Bradley had done, but she was there with another man.

“Shall I get you the same as last night Miss Garrison, or would you and Mr. Wagner like some Champagne?”

“Champagne please Brad.” Answered Joe.

“I will be right back with that. Please, join the dancing on the floor. You two definitely looked good on the floor last night. No use in sparing the crowd tonight” Bradley stated to Joe, glancing back to Laura who was catching flies with her mouth hanging open.

“Thanks Brad, I think that we will do that.”

As Brad walked away to retrieve their drink of choice, Joe stood up and held his hand out to Laura.

“Don’t be so surprised Laura.”

“What, that the bartender last night seemed to have notice our little tryst on the dance floor last night?”

“More people than just Brad did Laura, and no one cares, not here.”


“C’mon. Let’s dance.”

Joe led Laura to the dance floor. Being less crowded, it was easy to find a spot where they would not be bumping into people. He pulled her close to him and began to grind into her, but with great rhythm, more than she realized that he possessed. He was a good dancer. She put her arms around his neck and swayed with him. The moved their hips against each others, seemingly without a care in the world. Laura noticed that everyone else on the floor seemed to be dancing in the same manner. She looked into Joe’s eyes again and was pleased to see that they immediately went from her face to her chest, which was heaving to the beat of the music.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32