Nadine and Tom, the Stormy Night

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This is the sequel to “Nadine and Tom, at last”


In their youth, Nadine and Tom met in London but never came round to live their passion together. Twenty years later, thanks to social networks, they meet again, sharing their fantasies about each other online. Then Tom manages to meet up with her at her place, on the occasion of a work obligation in her area. While her husband is away, Nadine offers Tom the most exquisite and sensual lovemaking he’s ever been through.

Chapter 1 : the diner

During his meeting for work, Tom had a lot of problems concentrating on the discussions. There was a lot of money at stake and he could not afford to fail. On the other side of the city, Nadine too was unable to do any better. But unlike Tom, she was on her own and could take care of her insatiable libido for her lover: the kids were away till the end of the afternoon, her husband was at work for the whole week, the summer sun was shining above her garden and she could lay at leisure on her hammock, sunbathing in her swimsuit, dreaming about the magnificent cock that made her cum so hard that morning and fingering herself from one orgasm to another. She nearly lost track of time and went to take a quick shower before rushing to get her children back from their friends – she did not want to scent of her intense arousal to be detected by anyone.

As soon as his meeting ended – and he made his best to shorten it – Tom drove across town back to Nadine’s family house. It was already the end of the afternoon and Nadine was playing with her children in the garden. He stayed at a distance for a while, observing his lover, the one he did not have twenty years before, the one that he had that morning, the one that initiated him to anal pleasures. She was in her swimsuit, firing a water gun at her two boys who attacked her with their own. Tom could not take his eyes off that slim tanned body, glistening from the water shot at her and he felt a bulge form in his pants. No, not now – I can’t appear with a hard on in front of her family, thought Tom.

He tried to take his mind off that track and regained composure before he made his presence known to all. He was welcome by cheers from all three who ran to him and drenched him in seconds, screaming and laughing. Tom could not find any cover and had to surrender, for the greatest pleasure of Nadine who grinned at him knowingly. She loved the sight of him surrendering, drenched, his white wet shirt sticking to his large shoulders and torso, his crotch all wet too (and she was proudly responsible for that treacherous attack).

It was already time for dinner. Nadine grabbed a light cotton pareo that matched her swimsuit and went to prepare their meal. The kids had their shower and put their pyjamas on for they were going to bed straight after dinner. Tom went to his room, undressed from his drenched clothes, took a quick refreshing shower, and put on some more casual clothing for the evening: t-shirt and shorts. He then joined everyone on the terrace where the meal was to take place.

Nadine had prepared a salad – “I wouldn’t want any of us having a heavy stomach tonight” she explained, winking at Tom. All she had on her mind was what she’d do to and with Tom once the kids were in bed. In her plans, there was a special desert, her favourite, especially now that she had tasted him: a lot of sperm down her throat! The thought made her squirm on her chair. She stood up and served some wine to Tom and discreetly shoved something in his shorts’ pocket, after giving him a little squeeze on the thigh.

While continuing the conversation, Tom placed his hand in his pocket and padded what had been placed there: it was some kind of fabric and it was drenched. Minutes later, he took advantage of the children listening to their mother to pull it out of his pocket and have a discreet closer look: it was Nadine’s swimsuit thong, it was drenched halkalı escort and even from underneath the table where he kept it unnoticeable by the kids, he could smell the sweet scent of his aroused lover. Oh my, what a tease you are, Tom thought. He looked up at Nadine, she noticed his gaze and smiled back at him, a wide mischievous grin. When she stood up to clear the table, Tom could not take his eyes off: the pareo was attached around her chest and went down to a third of her thigh – there was no hint of her not wearing her panties – oh yes, here it is, thought Tom as Nadine bent over the table while next to him, letting her pareo rise and expose her naked bottom.

Tom, trying to regain composure, stood up and offered to help. He kept a few feet away from her to take a full view of her lovely body, and Nadine knowing he was staring at her back, made her best to undulate her body sensually as she walked to the kitchen. Then Tom noticed another detail that had escaped his attention for the whole diner: there were no swimsuit shoulder straps on her shoulders – and a closer look seemed to confirm that she was not wearing it anymore either. Tom could barely refrain a moan of lust as he worked out his lover was completely naked under that thin piece of cotton rolled around her bust. As she felt him approach, she warned him: “Don’t, the kids are not in bed yet!”. Argh, that was hard for Tom, but he had to be patient.

Chapter 2 : the old oak tree

At last Nadine took the kids to bed and kissed them goodnight. When she got back to the terrace, she planted a firm kiss on Tom’s lips then announced: “I hate to make you wait and suffer, but I can’t afford to scream or even before the kids are fast asleep – let’s take a walk down the garden, if you don’t mind”. Without waiting for an answer, she took his hand and walked him towards the garden. There was a gate in the fence that led to a field. Small talking, Nadine opened it and led the way, innocently wrapping her arm round Tom’s hips. He was large built, his body radiated heat, his skin smelled of citrus, her body was aching for his touch and she was quickly rewarded as Tom extended his arm round her hips, placing his large warm hand on her bottom.

All of a sudden, as it often happens in western France at that time of year, the sky started to roar its anger and large drops of water fell from big grey clouds that were forming with nightfall. Both ran for the nearest cover: a huge oak tree that proudly stood in the middle of the field. IT probably was not the safest solution, but who said lovers could behave rationally? By the time they were under the cover of the large tree, they were both soaked and dripping, looking very messy too.

“Gosh I’m soaking wet”, muttered Tom. Nadine looked back at him and said “so am I!” in a voluptuous voice and with a mischievous grin. In a glance, he took in the scene : she as there, leaning against the trunk, her drenched pareo clinging on her slender body like a second skin, barely hiding the fact that her nipples were hard from sexual arousal, one foot against the trunk, that made her legs part and opened her pareo to reveal her shaved pussy. At that sight, and after such a long evening awaiting for this moment, Tom’s cock sprang to life in a second.

He stepped forward and pressed himself against her, squeezing her between his body and the old oak. The bark was quite rough on her back, but she was too obsessed by the idea of being fucked hard right now and right here that she did not even feel it. She grabbed Tom’s face between her hands and brought his mouth to hers, her lips already opened, her tongue darting to cross his lips and caress his tongue. Tom slid his hand between the two of them to unzip his shorts and free his hard shaft. He then guided it to rub her dripping wet slit, lubricating his cock with her sweet juices. Nadine moaned in taksim escort anticipation.

She broke her kiss and roared “fuck me, fuck me hard, don’t make me beg!”. In one swift move, Tom thrust his hardness fast and deep in her womb. She screamed as she suddenly felt filled with his large and long shaft. She wrapped both her legs around Tom’s hips, holgin on to him with her arms wrapped around his shoulders. Tom took hold of her bottom to support her, thrusting out and back inside her hot pussy, pausing a second then again, and again, and again… He could feel her muscles milking his cock, making him get closer and closer to climax. Nadine was fighting not to cum too fast, she so wanted him, she was so turned on, her nails digging in his shoulders, her teeth biting his lips. And then, in a last thrust, he felt his entire body torn by thundering orgasm, sending hot jets of sperm deep in her womb. Nadine screamed her own orgasm as she felt his hot juices deep inside her. The sound of their screams, roars and panting were covered by the thunderstorm surrounding them.

Chapter 3 : the chocolate desert

Nadine giggled nervously. The violent surge of hormones had that effect on her. She looked at her lover lovingly. “We’d better get back inside before we catch a cold”. Tom nodded and the rushed hand in hand back to the house. At the doorstep, she paused a second: “go run us a warm bath in your room, that should warm us after this. I’ll go and make sure the kids are fast asleep and join you in a minute.” Tom did as ordered. He found some chocolate flavoured bath foam (he had not seen it earlier – would it be that Nadine placed it there during the day as she planed their evening of passion?) and poured a fair amount in the tub. Meanwhile, Nadine ensured the kids were fast asleep, quickly cleaned her pussy then grabbed a toy she wanted to try on her lover.

When she reached the guestroom, the tub was filled with water with a large volume of foam – just the way she liked it. She firmly but gently ordered Tom to undress and make himself comfortable in the bathtub. As he obeyed, she just stood back and observed her lover – how on earth did she have to wait 20 years before taking full advantage of that man? He laid down in the tub and looked at her. In one delicate move, she pealed off the pareo she was still wearing then stepped inside the tub, sitting between Tom’s legs and laying back facing him. Their bodies were hidden in the foam and the warm scent of chocolate made the moment taste like desert.

Tom felt Nadine’s legs move under the foam, and her perfectly pedicured feet were rubbing his chest as she pressed her pussy on his balls. Tom closed his eyes and moaned. Now her hands were grabbing his hardening shaft, caressing it up and down till it grew long and hard, its head poking through the foam. Every time she’d squeeze his shaft, he would moan softly. Oh yes, she had him all warmed up for her. She sat up and grabbed the toy she’d brought, placing the vibrating ring around his shaft. Tom gasped in surprise, he’d never felt this before.

Slowly, Nadine sat up and moved to lower herself on her lover’s hardness. Slowly. She wanted to make it slow, she wanted to feel his every vein, she wanted his cock to burn in the fire of her pussy. Slowly till she sat on top of him, feeling the vibrating ring vibrate on her clit. Her hands caressed his torso as she remained still on top of him. She could see her lover was in Nirvana and was enjoying the massage her pussy was giving his cock. She could read that pleasure on her lover’s face, and she made the moment last, releasing the pressure whenever she felt he was about to cum, but she did not want him to release his cream inside her… When she felt he was really too close, she lifted herself and stepped back. Tom groaned in disapproval, but he felt her lifting his hips till his cock was out of the water and then şişli escort her lips taking his hardness in her mouth, her tongue licking off his precum mixed with chocolate bathwater, then her passionate suction and nibbling till he filled her mouth with his cream. Oh god that was the best desert she could have dreamt of. And Tom could barely believe he could have two huge orgasms, producing so much seed, in less than an hour. Sure the vibrating ring had helped, but still, he was impressed. Gosh, his head felt like the Russian army was marching inside it, but gosh, he felt so good.

He looked up at his lover. She planted a kiss on his lips. But he pushed her back “now it’s time for me to have desert!”. Nadine was ready and more than willing to be eaten for desert. She turned around and leaned forward, hands on the edge of the tub, legs wide open, wiggling her ass in front of Tom’s face, offering herself as a lovely delicacy. He sat up and got on his knees, placed in hands on her bum cheeks and pressed his face between them. He started lapping her labia, she was dripping and her juices mixed nicely with the chocolate bath flavour. Then his tongue travelled towards her little rosebud. Nadine could not repress her deep sighs and moans of pleasure and when she fell Tom’s tongue pushing on her anus, she came uncontrollably. This did not stop Tom and when his tongue penetrated her pussy, sucking her juices, she had another violent orgasm. Then Tom return to her little asshole, circling with his tongue around her anus, then pressing to penetrate her, his left hand caressing her labia and starting to finger her softly. And once again, Nadine’s body was shattered by a violent orgasm.

She could not hold on her legs any longer and knelt in the bath water, for the pleasure of Tom. He’d grown hard again and he wanted to take her again. Now her ass was level with his cock and without asking for permission, he pressed its head against her tiny hole. Although Nadine had initiated him to anal sex the same morning, it was the first time he could see his shaft pressing on her anus, her ring slowly open to let him in and then his cock disappearing in her tiny hole as he pushed slowly but firmly into her ass. Nadine was completely lost in all the sensations she was going through. His huge cock was hurting her, spreading her wider than any other cock had before, but it felt so good as he went deeper into her. He then slowly retracted till only his cock head was trapped in her. “Oh Tom, don’t stop!” Tom grabbed her hips and this time pulled her onto his cock, making her kneel on his lap, impaling her in the still hot water of their bath.

His hands were now free to explore her body. One went to her breast while the other moved between her thighs. Every man’s fantasy was happening for Tom: fondling her tits, fingering her, and fucking her up her ass, all at the same time. And Nadine really loved this. She did not know anymore whether she was having multiple orgasms or the huge one she was having was not receding. She was moving up and down his rod, increasing the speed as she wanted him to blow his load deep in her ass. Suddenly Tom’s body tensed, his grasp hardened on her tit, his fingers thrust deeper in her pussy and his hips pushed him as far as he could in her ass and he did blow his hot semen deep in her ass. Both screamed their pleasure as another orgasmic peak shattered their minds.

Chapter 4 : the end

As he was recovering his breath, Tom thought that now he knew what one meant by “fucking his/her brain off”. Both their bodies were shaking, their minds were completely fucked off, but they were content and their veins filled with pleasure hormones. It took them a while before they stepped out of the bathroom and went to bed. Nadine wanted to sleep by her lover, this time might be the only chance she’d ever had. She curled her naked body against Tom’s and both fell asleep, completely exhausted.

The morning after, Nadine was up before the kids and behaved as his nothing had happened the night before. No one suspected anything. Tom left and drove back to his home and family. Both had been so happy to have this time together and were hoping to have another opportunity soon.

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