My Wife’s Brother’s Wife

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Another old young fantasy. Just a figment of my imagination. All sex is consensual.


My wife, Sneha, came from a big family. She was the oldest of six children, with 4 sisters and a brother who was the youngest of them all. I, though, was an only child. Our parents had known each other since they themselves were children and you could say my marriage to Sneha was preordained.

I had a nice, cushy job in the NorthEast of India and we were well settled there, making occasional visits down South to our native city for marriages and functions and holidays. About twelve years after my marriage, and after some serious discussions, my wife and I made the life changing decision to find jobs in the US and migrate. In due course, we settled in a nice suburb in one of the Midwest states.

Within a year, my brother-in-law, Sushil, having also found a job, joined us in the US. He was newly married now, and he and his wife, Pooja, settled in another neat suburb across the state line from us. We were separated by about 75 miles, a trip of about an hour and half by car on a good day.

I had seen Pooja only on a few occasions. Sushil and she had worked together in an Indian company in Chennai and their romance led to a quick wedding, blessed by both the families. I, as the eldest, son-in-law of the family, and also the eldest male member now, (my father-in-law having passed away a few years before) had very little to do with the wedding and I was okay with that.

Sushil and Sneha, brother and sister, were very close. The bond between the eldest and the youngest in the family was something that I was not really familiar with, what with me being the only child. Our families made frequent visits to each other’s homes. And we all became close and got to know each other.

I had a lot of opportunities to observe Pooja. She was a quiet, simple girl. Not very sexy, but pretty in an Indian sense. She was not petite, but not big either. She seemed to be thickly built. The clothes she wore were very tight on her, accentuating the very slight bulges and curves on her hips and thighs and arms. Her skin was flawless. She had brilliantly white, even, beautiful teeth. Her thick, protruding lips added to her sensuousness. She had small, firm, tennis ball-sized boobs. Her belly had a very small, almost imperceptible, bulge.

But after moving to the US, like most Indian women, she had taken to working out and exercising regularly. She joined the local Y and took some classes and within a few months, the effects on her were clear. She looked radiant and full of energy. The fat on her face was visibly reducing and her hips and waist and legs were getting shapely. I was beginning to get attracted to her. Her whole being was very alluring.

I looked forward to our mutual visits when we could be close to each other, playing board games, cooking, eating, chatting. She covered herself very well, and was modestly dressed on every occasion. Having married into the same family, we were also technically brother and sister. She was almost fifteen years younger than me and did call me ‘Anna’, meaning big brother.

But it did not change the way I felt about her. I found myself wanting her – I could not lie. She had that little something that was missing in my wife, in my life, that I wanted. I started including her in my fantasies. I masturbated to her images that were burned in my brain. Frequently.

I was a virgin until my marriage and my wife was the only woman I had fucked. And I did not see it changing any time soon, and I was OK with that. As long as I could fantasize about other women, imagine myself with them and jerk-off regularly. Of late, the only woman I could think of was Pooja. I indulged in long, pleasurable masturbation sessions, imagining her young, fit, lithe body in my hands, taking her in all sorts of sexual positions. It was so awesome!

One time, it was our turn to visit Sushil’s house. It was a beautiful, warm, summer day. A nice start to a long weekend and we were relaxing after a moderately heavy lunch, when Pooja asked no one in particular, out of the blue, “It is a very nice day. Why don’t we go out for a refreshing post-lunch run on the trail?”

I was willing. Not because it was she who was asking, but because I thought it was a good idea. Pooja looked at me to see if I was okay with it. Our eyes locked for a few seconds, and I agreed. Sneha and Sushil declined. They did not even look up from their nap or give us a glance as Pooja and I got ready for our afternoon jog.

Pooja drove us to a nearby park that had access to the trail. I realized this was the very first time that we were alone. Just the two of us. I knew she realized this as well and was quiet during the drive. She was visibly nervous, though I did not know why.

She had on leggings that were tight and stretched on her legs and I could see through the material. Her sports bra she had was tight against her chest and flattened her already small tits. Unfortunately yalova escort she also wore an oversized T-shirt that covered her chest and torso, preventing me from looking at her thighs, crotch, ass and tits.

But just as soon as we got out of the car, she put on a pink baseball cap and pulled her ponytail through its clasp. It bobbed up and down as she moved her head. Then she removed her T-shirt. I gulped and tried to tear my eyes away from her body, but try as I might, I could not.

Her leggings went up to just below her navel. Her stomach was almost flat. Her abdomen was bulging slightly, and stretched the material of her bottom. Her sports bra pushed up her small breasts and the supple tops of her tits were clearly visible, squished close to each other and pushing up, creating a deep valley of her cleavage. Her bare, fit, shapely arms shone in the brightness and heat of the afternoon. I could see her hairless armpits as we stretched. There was a thin layer of fat around her waist. Her thighs were heavy and shapely and curved smoothly from her knees to her crotch, making a nice ‘V’ that drew my eyes to the place in front of her body where they met. There was a very faint camel toe at her crotch. I was finally able to get a fill of her ass. It was magnificent. Not too big and not too small either. Her leggings caught her two ass cheeks and outlined them perfectly. So smooth, tight and round under there. I could make out the thong panties she wore. Its band went around her waist and the material at the back disappeared into the crack between her cheeks. There was only a hint of the cleft where her ass met her magnificent thighs.

It was not to say that I was the only one doing the ogling. I was acutely aware that Pooja had raked her eyes surreptitiously over my body more than once. She thought I didn’t notice, but I knew. Her eyes lingered just a few seconds longer on my muscled, hairy, thighs. On my flat tummy as I raised my shirt and wiped the sweat from my face. Her look lingered on my toned arms (thanks to years of plank yoga) and chest with hair poking out of the top of my sleeveless top. She stood nonchalantly behind me as I bent down and went through my stretching routine. But I knew she was taking me in.

She was aware of my glances over her body. Surely. She blushed. Her face flushed and colored as we made eye contact and made some small talk before starting our run.

We were in a public park on a sunny Saturday afternoon in late May. The good people of the world were running, jogging, picnicking, walking their children and dogs. And I was ogling Pooja as she placed her leg on a bench and twisted this way and that, stretching and loosening her muscles. I wanted to kneel down behind her, part her ass cheeks and lick her asshole, turn her around and kiss her crotch and feel her pussy with my mouth and tongue. I wanted to dip my cock into her open mouth and fuck her face and ejaculate inside her. My loins warmed. I developed a throbbing erection under my shorts.

I managed to complete our 5K run around the park without incident. My heart was racing, both due to my exertions, and the images of Pooja’s cute little jiggling ass as she ran close to me all along. At the end, we flopped on a bench, both of us drenched with sweat. My top was stuck to my chest. I looked at Pooja. She was bent over, gasping for breath. Her entire back was covered with droplets of sweat. A wet ring ran along the waistband of her legging, and also along the top and bottom edges of her sports bra. As she straightened, my eyes fell on her chest and the tops of her tits were flushed red and wet. I gulped once again, and didn’t care if she noticed me looking her over.

As we were preparing to head back home she surprised me by asking, “Anna, there is an organic juice bar in the farm stand around the corner. Let’s go get something to drink.”

I couldn’t say no to this. When we reached the market place I became aware of people looking at us. More like, looking at Pooja. I saw men and boys turn their heads and take another good look at her. And from her to me, making the association. It felt great.

We sat close to each other on some stone steps. Our chat gradually turned into flirting. Initially though, I started by teasing her. “Hey, Pooja, looks like you are the main attraction here today. I do not see any other young, fit girl in the park here. All the boys have eyes just for you!”

“Oh, shut up, Anna!” She said, softly. “Yeah? Look at those two women sitting on that table. I have been noticing them since we came. They have been eyeing you all along. What do you say to that?!”

“Yeah, I noticed them too. But I think they are looking at me and thinking what an old man like this is doing with a beautiful girl like you!”

“Ha, ha, very funny! You are not old! And I am not a girl” she giggled.

She started talking about how I looked much younger than my forty years. “I wish Sushil would just get off his behind and work out or do some activities, for god’s yalova escort bayan sake! He’s so lazy. He has developed a big belly in just about six months after coming here. At least back in India he was somewhat active. Sneha akka (sister) is lucky that you are …”

I interrupted her by saying, “No.. she just complains all the time about how much time I spend on working out, by myself and all that. I don’t think she even sees this side of things as you do. She does not appreciate…”

“Well, she should!” Pooja said, emphatically.

Our bare knees touched each other’s. I noticed it, but did not give it much thought, and neither did she. Once, when she got up to fetch a bottle of water, she placed her hand on my thigh for support. I had a feeling that she kept her palm for a little longer than was necessary. And when she got back, she placed her hand on my shoulder as she sat down, and traced it down my back. I could feel her fingers pressing and feeling my muscles.

I didn’t know what she was thinking but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her the rest of the evening, and she noticed my attention. She had changed into a bright yellow sleeveless dress for the night when we headed out for dinner. Her face was radiant and flushed with energy, and she looked ravishing. She had oiled her thighs and arms and they shone under the lights. The straps of her dress could not hide the thin straps of her black bra and I followed its line down to her chest as they held her small, firm boobs. I kept thinking back to the thong panty she had on while jogging and wondered if she had something similar on now. Once, as she bent over to pick something up from the floor, her dress tightened around her ass cheeks and thighs and I could clearly see the outline of a full back panty, the bands tight around her thighs and running up the sides of each buttock.

I slept fitfully that night. I had a raging hard-on when I went to bed but my wife was already tired (and slightly drunk with the wine she had during dinner) so I fisted my cock and thought of Pooja, wondering what she’d be doing right then. I wanted her in my bed, sucking my cock as I kneaded her tits and ran my hand on her ass, dipping my fingers into her cunt and asshole. Fuck!! I was jealous of Sushil. I was sure they were fucking right then. In the wee hours of the morning I got up to get a drink of water. I stepped into the kitchen, being very careful not to make any undue noise. I had just gulped down my full glass of water when I sensed someone else nearby. I looked up and was shocked to see Pooja standing at the entrance to the kitchen.

“Anna,” she whispered. “What happened? Couldn’t get to sleep?”

I said, “No. You?”

She just shrugged. We were silent, looking at each other for about ten seconds. She was wearing a two piece pajama set with a sleeved top and pants bottom. I was not able to sense if she was wearing anything else underneath. She bit her lip as our eyes locked, and ran her eyes down my body. When our eyes met again, I took an involuntary step towards her. She started, and took one step back, making me stop. Then she turned and walked back to her bedroom. She stopped at the door with her hand on the knob and looked at me. Then she pushed the door open and went in. But she did not close the door completely!!

Did she want me to follow her?!

I went up to the door and looked in. There was a little light filtering into the room from the street lamps. They also had some sort of night light on in the room that helped silhouette her body clearly.

She unsnapped the buttons of her top and shook it off her shoulders and threw it over the back of a chair. She had a thin, light colored chemise on that came down to her waist. Her nipples were erect and they poked through the thin fabric of her top. The roundness of her small breasts were outlined fantastically. She inserted her hands into her pajama bottoms as slipped out of it. She had very dark colored, full-back panties on. She had her face turned towards me all along. Her eyes searched mine in the darkness and I was sure she knew I was watching her every move. My cock jerked erect inside my shorts. I adjusted my shorts and my thick, heavy dick shot out of the opening and swayed and jerked, dripping a stream of pre-cum down to the carpet.

She turned her body fully towards me and walked backwards to the bed and lay down on her back. Then she turned away from me and offered me a view of her magnificent backside. She placed her hands between her thighs, and rolled away once more and she now lay face down with her upturned palms at her crotch.

I leaked a few drops of pre-cum again as my cock throbbed in the dark hallway.

I went back to my bedroom and spooned Sneha. I pulled down her shorts. She never wore panties to bed, so I cupped her hairy pussy and ran my fingers up and down her crack. I dragged my cock on her bare ass. She moaned and groaned in protest but I did not relent. And soon I could sense the moisture from her cunt escort yalova on my fingers and I inserted two of them into her hole and finger-fucked her. When she was sufficiently lubricated, I grabbed and turned her on her back, spread her thighs over her protestations, and guided my seven-inch long, thick, smelly cock into the entrance to her cunt and went inside her.

She once again groaned and mumbled something but I did not care. Her cunt was tight at first, but she involuntarily creamed as my cock went in and out of her, And she let out short gasps in tune with my thrusts. I was fucking her. No. I was fucking Pooja!! I only had images of Pooja running inside my head as I fucked Sneha. I was relentless and her moans and groans got a bit louder as my pace increased. I kept repeating, “Pooja, Pooja Pooja!!” in my head as I fucked my wife. I stifled a scream as my cock erupted inside her vagina and my cum spewed into her womb. I silently called out “Pooooojaaaa!!!..Aaahhhh! Aaahhhhhh Aaahhhh!” as rope after rope of semen shot out of my cock.

I was full of excitement the next morning. But Pooja avoided eye contact right up until the time when she and Sneha left for, what else, shopping. On the way out, Pooja stopped at the door and looked back at me and our eyes locked for a long, long time. I guess she was waiting for a time when it was just the two of us.

The day turned out to be uneventful. Sushil and I went to see a late evening movie and had dinner at the cinema. My heart was beating fast as we neared the house and I looked forward to tonight. I wanted to get to bed and wait for what Pooja would do next. Or, did she expect me to do something that night? I wasn’t sure. But a plan was forming in my mind, nevertheless.

As usual, my wife fell asleep and was snoring in no time. But I couldn’t get to sleep. I was on fill alert, waiting for a sound or a hint from Pooja. Would she be coming? Or did she want me to make the first move?

Fuck! I woke up with a start as I heard a tiny noise outside our bedroom door. I looked at the clock. Fuck, again! It was almost three AM! I had fallen asleep. What? I quickly pushed the covers off of me and silently padded to the door and opened it and tiptoed to the kitchen.

Pooja was standing there. Tonight she just had the thin lace chemise, and a crumpled cotton shorts on. She leaned on the kitchen counter, and stared at me. I raked my eyes up and down her body. I deliberately had removed my vest and was bare chested and only had my white underwear briefs on. Her eyes roved over my body.

This time I put my plan into action. I turned and walked back to my room. And just as she did last night, I stopped at the door and turned and looked back at her and I knew she would follow me. I left the door slightly ajar and walked to the bed.

I had a raging hard-on already in anticipation of what was going to happen next. I did not turn to check if Pooja was at the door. I just knew she would be.

I made sure that my laptop was open just that little bit and the bluish-green light of the screen saver was sufficient to fill the room with enough brightness for a person at the door to see what was happening inside the room.

I pulled down my underwear and my thick, erect, seven-inch cock jerked and swayed in the semidarkness. I fisted it and pulled back the foreskin and I stroked it a few times. Then I reached on the bed and pulled my wife to the edge. She mumbled something in her sleep. I shoved and arranged her until her ass was on the edge of the bed. Even in her sleepy state, she knew what I intended to do as we had done this hundreds of times before. She grunted, and reached down and pulled her shorts down and flipped it away with her feet. She put her hands on her crotch and scratched her cunt hairs and then put her hands over her head. She said, sleepily, “Okay, okay.. Do it.. Finish fast!” And she turned her head away.

I knelt down and placed my mouth on her pussy. She always showered before bed so I knew she was clean down there. But I could still smell her musty feminine scent, her juices and piss as I placed my mouth on her cunt lips and tasted it with my tongue. She was not expecting this. This was something we had done during the very early days of our marriage, when experimenting in sex was glorious.

“Aiyoh,” she gasped, and put her hand on my head and grabbed my hair and tried to pull me away. But I persisted and like a hungry dog I lapped her outer lips and dipped my tongue into her hole and nipped at her clit with my teeth. “Aiyoh!, Ahhhh!,” she gasped. “What..what.. Ahhhh.. Ahhhh!” she hissed as I felt her juices flow out.

Then I stood up and grabbed her ass and pulled her down and she gasped in shock one more time. And she realized what I wanted her to do and she was ready for it. She reached up and took a hold of my thick, smelly penis. “Mmmm, mmmmmm, ” She sighed in delight and pleasure as she stroked my cock. I thrust my distended member into her waiting mouth.

Mmmmmmm, my, what a feeling! Her cool mouth and tongue played all over my cock. She was probably fully awake now as she played roughly with my dick, drooling, mumbling, cooing all along. I held her head with my hands and I fucked her mouth.

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