My Sleeping Daughter

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I wait about an hour after giving you a mild sleeping mixture to be sure that you will be drowsy enough not to resist daddy, and knowing what we do tonight will seem like something you just dreamed in the morning. I stand next to my tiny 18 year old daughter’s frilly bed.

“Babydoll?” I whisper in a soft voice… “Are you asleep?”

I’m glad to hear you answer back with a groggy voice, “Uhh uhh daddy.” I know that you are out of it, but not so much that you can’t respond; like in a half awake and half dream state.

I smile, giving my swelling dick a squeeze through my boxers with one hand as I peel your covers down with the other, revealing your perfect, petite, young body. Your arms are holding tight your big firm, overdeveloped, 32DD tits. In your little pink nighty with matching panties, you’re every horny daddy’s fantasy. You may have just turned 18 but you are still so innocent and childlike.

I look down at you, smiling, as I peel off my t-shirt and drop my boxers to my ankles. Standing over you, naked, I hold the base of my big dick and shake it side to side, my heavy meat slapping the tops of my thighs. As a drop of precum oozes out, I lean forward and bounce my dick head on your sweet mouth, leaving a trail of cum that glistens on your bottom lip.

“Mmmmm, that’s my baby girl.” Reaching down, I pull your arm away from being nestled between your soft titties. I peel your nighty up, revealing your perfect, baby-smooth breasts as I slap them with my hardening dick. The stinging on your nipple rouses you a bit from your sleep.

“Daddy?” you puzzle, barely able to open your eyes.

I grin as I kick off my boxers and put my knee over your petite body, kneeling with a knee on each side of your waist, and rubbing precum around the head of my dick.

“Hey precious, daddy just wanted to come in and fuck you tonight. Ok?” I laugh under my breath, knowing that you can’t tell if I’m real, or part of some erotic, incestuous dream.

The confused look on your face is priceless as you struggle to focus on your daddy, your nighty pulled up over your tits, and me jacking off, gently rocking forward and back in a fucking motion.

With a drowsy smirk, you reach out and grab hold of my cock, “Mmmm, my daddy’s got a BIG dick.” pulling and pushing up and down my hard cock as I let it go. “Daddy gonna fuck me hard with him big dick.”

I’m speechless hearing my babydoll’s dirty talk, watching your tiny hand pulling harder and harder on my now solid, dripping cock.

I see your big tits wobbling up and down as I keep rhythm to my sweet daughter jacking me off, so I reach down and grab them tight in my hands. GOD, I can’t believe how full and firm they are! I squeeze them tight, pulling them, and mashing them together; fucking my little girls hand as you lay with your eyes glazed over, but with a wicked smile on your face.

“Oh baby, help daddy fuck your big tits, please?” I say huffing and puffing with excitement. You respond immediately, slapping my big dick between your tits, as you cradled them in your arms.

“Mmmm”, you coo, “fuck ’em daddy (giggling) big dick daddy fucki me, fucki me big boobies.” It sounds like you’re singing a little song; your eyes rolled back a bit.

I take my hand and stroke your hair as I slowly pump my dick between your soft tits. God, I am in ecstasy for a few minutes, plucking your hard nipples, stroking your innocent face. The more I fuck those big tits and pull harder and harder on your perfect young nipples, the hornier I get. Until, I think, I am overcome with lust and become a different man; a man who not only wants to come, but wants to take that tiny little pussy, hard and rough.

I look down at my tiny daughter, my dick poking the bottom of your chin with each stroke between your tits. I pull hard on your nipples. You squeal and look up into my eyes, focusing for the first time. “Enough foreplay sugar, daddy wants your tight little pussy.” Reaching behind me, I feel for my angel’s wet hole. Smiling down into your big eyes, “Get ready to be FUCKED babydoll!”

I pat you on the wet spot between your legs several times. “You want daddy’s dick in here precious? You think you are ready to FUCK your daddy?” grinning a wicked grin down at your wide-eyed, uncertain but excited face.

I spread your titties apart, freeing my dick. “WHACK!” It slaps me hard on the stomach. You giggle and reach şişli üniversiteli escort up and try to wrap your tiny hand around my cock. Your fingers will barely wrap all the way around and I swear it’s never felt bigger. God, you have got daddy so hot, a stream of precum runs down my pole onto your fingers. I take your little hand and lick your fingers, loading my tongue with cum, and lean down and let it drip into your open mouth, smiling.

As I sit back up, I raise you up and remove your nighty. Holding your shoulders, I shake them side-to-side, to watch your big titties jiggle and shake. “How did your boobs get so big, so fast babydoll?”

You sway from side to side, half asleep and laugh at me, “I dunno daddy, maybe ’cause I play with ’em all the time.” Laughing, you grab your own nipples, pulling them hard, and shaking your tits for me. Your head down, you raise your face and look up at me with big innocent eyes, “Maybe they’re full of cum like daddy is.” (giggling)

Feeling the cum running down my dick again, “Damn it!” I say, full of lust. I lift you higher (you’re so light) and suck your left nipple into my mouth. I suck so hard, I’ll swear I can taste some sweet milk; or is that cum, like you said.

You’re on your knees as I suck your tit, watching me suck, and holding your titty with both hands, feeding daddy. I reach down and squeeze your plump little panty-covered bottom. A second later I jerk your panties down and toss you back on the bed, pulling your knees up and stripping the panties down your tender calves and off your feet.

You look surprised at how easy it is to strip you, and toss you around. To me your petite little body feels like a toy; and tonight you’re just daddy’s little sex toy.

Your hands covering your tits, I have to laugh at the sight before me, “Babydoll, if you want to hide those from daddy, you’re going to need to have much bigger hands.” You giggle and go from trying to hide your nipples to teasing them with your little baby fingernails. You look totally high from the mixture I gave you before bed, but also a little nervous about what’s to come.

I reach under and squeeze your soft young buns, lifting you off the bed as I squeeze your naked ass, over and over. You feel like a little doll in my hands.

“Oh daddy, you’re making my pussy feel all tingly!” you giggle, squeezing and jiggling your big breasts.

I drop your ass on the bed and pull your knees up on either side of me. Grabbing my hard 9 inch dick at the base, I slap it down hard on your stomach. I notice the hot juice from your pussy soaking my balls. My dick looks enormous, holding it down on my little girl’s tight belly. It nearly reaches up to your belly button as I mash it down against your warm skin. More cum drips down on your belly and shimmers like little white pearls in the soft light.

You reach down and stroke the back of my cock like a pet. “Wow daddy, you must have the biggest DICK in the world! Mmmm, I want it in me, NOW daddy!”

I’m shocked at how bad you want to be fucked. I wonder, ‘Has my little angel been fantasizing about me?’ but I still don’t think you know what you’re in for, unless you’ve been fisting yourself while playing with your big tits.

I ease myself down and slap your tiny wet pussy. It is so perfect; like a swollen little pink butterfly. I press my dick head against your wet slit, sliding the tip up and down, covering it with your juices. Admiring your sweet puffy flower, I pet the slim patch of baby soft hair for several minutes, like a hungry kid in a candy store, ‘Mmmm, yummy.’

Hearing you moan, I look up to see your expression, only to find you sleeping; one hand lying on your stomach and the other covering your breast. So innocent and peaceful, but your nipples erect and your pussy streaming juices. Perfect. Time to give baby a wake up call.

Holding my cock, I coat the head with your juices and position the tip right between your plump cunt lips. Bracing my hands on top of your hips, I grin down at you, then in one heaving motion, I ram 2 or 3 fat inches up inside your pussy.

You shriek as your body convulses and eyes pop open wide, “DDADDY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”

Without hesitating, grasping your hips tighter, I slide the end of my dick out and push it in a little deeper. Slowly, I rock you back and forth; 4 inches sliding taksim anal yapan escort in and out of your tight, wet hole.

“Daddy’s FUCKING you babydoll.” I reply, as if I’ve said it to you hundreds of times. You look around, eyes glazed over, trying to make sense of your daddy pumping his hard dick into you, lying in your bed, naked!

Then you flash me a knowing smile, “Daddy’s fucking meeee.” your voice trailing off as you smile. “Mmmm… My daddy’s got a big DICK!”

I have to laugh, knowing your mind’s half way out of it. I push a little deeper, though your pussy feels like it has an unbearable grip on my cock. I can’t believe you can take even half of it! Looking down, watching my dick sliding 5 inches in and out, I feel your fingers lock together behind my neck.

“More Daddy. Give me more.” I look up to see you grinning from ear to ear, and feel your pussy loosen its clenching grip. ‘What kind of freak of a daughter do I have?’ I ask myself, smiling on the inside.

Lying down on top of you, face to face, I feel your big tits mashing against my chest. “Oh what a tiny little slut you are, babydoll.” I whisper in your ear as I lay my full weight down on you.

I feel your legs wrap around my butt, forcing me deeper and deeper inside your tight little cunt. Squeezing you tightly, I feel my weight crushing your petite teen frame. Your soft tits mashed between us feel soooo good. You tighten your legs and I push my rock hard dick deeper inside you.

“Oooh daddy, FUCK ME HARDER!” you yell out. So I hold you tight, rocking my hips up, and then jam almost my whole dick inside you.

“AHHH YES DADDY! FUCK MEEEEEEEE! MORE MORE!” you beg me. I pick up the pace and begin pumping my big dick in and out of my daughter’s tight, slippery pussy. You grunt every time I push my cock in, “UGHH UGHH UGHH UHH UHH YES YES fukmedady fukmedady.”

I push up on my hands to get more leverage, pounding your tiny cunt. Your tits are bouncing up and down wildly; your head shaking back and forth as your little hands grasp your bed sheets.

Looking down at your pussy taking in my cock is a surreal sight. Where is all that dick going!? And, can you take it all? I have to know…

I reach down and scoop you up with my hands and hold you tight against me. Stepping off your bed, holding you tightly in my arms, your legs wrapped around me, and my dick buried half way up your pussy, I turn sideways to your full-length mirror to watch. “Let daddy know when to stop sugar.” I say to you as you moan and hug my neck tightly.

I place one hand under your bottom, soaked with your juices, and the other hand on your lower back. Gently, I release you as my stiff cock eases up deeper in your pussy. “Ungh uhh, ooh, ungh… more daddy.” you whisper, hardly able to speak.

Looking in the mirror, I can see only about 3 inches of my cock still untouched by my baby’s tight cunt. You release the tight grip of your legs and slowly I let you slide down my dick; 3 inches… 2 inches… 1 inch. Your eyes open wide, as I feel my entire dick slide up inside you. We lock eyes as we feel your full weight resting on my full length.

“I love you daddy!” you say sweetly, with a little bit of tear welling up in your eyes.

“I know babydoll,” I reply, “I love you too.” smiling and pressing my lips to yours. We kiss briefly as you release your arms from around my neck until just your hands are clasped behind my head.

We both look in the mirror, your tiny body resting on daddy’s dick. With my hand under your bottom, I bounce you up and down on my fat cock once. Your eyes open wide, you giggle, “Mmmm, I like that! Again daddy!” So I bounce you up higher and you fall back down my shaft.

“Oh god, you feel sooo good on my dick baby.” I moan, “Daddy loves fucking his baby’s sweet little pussy.”

I start to bounce you gently up and down, then faster and higher. Your pussy clenches my cock as your juices run down my shaft. You laugh out loud at the sight of us in the mirror, so I bounce you higher and harder, faster.

“Daddy! More DICK, fuck me daddy. Bounce me MORE!” you’re begging.

So I lift you up until my dick is barely inside you and ram you down on my cock. “OH GOD! YES YES, JUST LIKE THAT DADDY! Your loud nasty screams urging me on, I begin bucking you up and down my slick, hard cock.

“Ohh Ohh taksim bdsm escort Ughhh Mmmph Oh!” you grunt, as I am literally jacking off, using your little body.

Your big tits bounce wildly up and down, making an obscene image. I look over to the mirror, overwhelmed by the sight of my babydoll hammering up and down on my 9 inch dick! I feel my dick start to tingle and I fall forward onto the bed, crushing you, and driving my swollen cock hard up inside you.

My dick swells up inside you, ready to explode. You look up at me, eyes wide, your pussy tightening, “Wwhat’s happening DADDYYY?”

“OOOHH BABYYYYY, I’M CUUMIIIIINNGGGG!!!” I lean back, lifting you up off the bed with just my hard rod pushed deep up inside you. Reaching down and supporting myself on your swollen tits, tight in my hands, I blast my hot load deep inside your pussy.

“AAAGGHHH BABYDOLLLL! FUCK FUCK FUUUUCK!” I scream as my swollen dick explodes inside your tiny teen cunt.

I jerk my cock back and drive it deep up inside you again. My cum is squishing out all over the base of my dick, your pussy unable to hold my load. My mind goes wild with my earth shaking orgasm.

I pull my hips back, freeing my erupting cock from your tight, sopping wet pussy and slide you off the bed. Another thick stream of cum lurches from my spewing cock, crossing both of your tits as I grab my baby’s head, pressing my spurting dick head between your lips. My cum blasting all over your surprised face, “Open your mouth babyyy!”

Just as your mouth begins to open, I press my dick inside and immediately pump another huge load into your little mouth. “SUCK IT BABYDOLL, SUCK DADDY’S DIIICK!” holding your head and watching as your mouth fills with my pumping load.

You don’t know what to do as your cute little mouth fills with my cum and pours down your chin, all over your breasts. Finally you close your mouth, sucking, and begin to swallow, again and again. I grab my dick, pulling it as I fuck your mouth, pumping my cum over your wet tongue and down into your belly.

Feeling my orgasm beginning to subside, I pop my dickhead from your mouth and stroke off the last of my load onto your precious face. I squeeze my throbbing cock and one more thick glob drops down, landing on your left titty. Running down, the thick stream dangles from your erect nipple.

You reach up and grab my curved, semi-hard dick, looking up at me, your face shining with cum, “GOD DADDY, do you always do that?”

Gasping for breath, trying to regain my wits, “No babydoll, daddy hasn’t jacked off for 3 weeks, getting ready for tonight.”

Giggling, you try to lick the cum off your chin, using my dick to push it up to your lips, slurping thick globs into your mouth. You laugh out loud as you slap my heavy cock against your cheek, making wet, sticky, splashing sounds. “Mmmm, I love my daddy’s BIG DICK!” rubbing it back and forth across your face, stopping to suck the last drops from the big swollen dick head.

I lift you up, your knees on the bed, shocked at how wet you are. “I can’t believe how hard you made me cum sugar buns!” Bending down, I lick all the way up your left breast, loading my tongue full with cum, smiling as I show it to you. You try not to laugh as I stick out my tongue and you suck it clean.

“Mmmm, yummy.” you say laughing.

I wrap my arms around you, squeezing you tightly, feeling your slippery, cum covered tits mashed between us. I will never forget how your soft pulsating body feels in my arms right now…

Giving you a soft kiss on your sticky lips, “God, precious, I’ve got to clean you up so you can go back to sleep.”

Peeling my body away from yours, you fall, exhausted, back on the bed. I step into your bathroom, returning with a hot wet towel. I find you lying back on the bed, breathing peacefully, a little smile on your face and your little hands massaging the soreness out between your thighs. I proceed to clean between your legs, taking a few minutes to lick your little pink pussy clean, “Mmmm, yummy.”

You moan and relax as I softly wipe over your breasts with the hot towel, taking care cleaning your sweet face. I take your feet and slip your panties back up your delicate little legs. Your eyes open a bit, again glazed over, as I sit you up and slide on your pink nighty. “Here sugar, finish your drink.” giving you the last of the sleeping mixture on your nightstand.

You are out before I can tuck you under your covers, satisfied, as am I. One last kiss on your forehead, and I can’t resist sliding my hand up your nighty to feel your baby melons one more time. “See you in the morning for breakfast babydoll.” I whisper, “You’ve given daddy a night I’ll never forget.”

Time will tell if you remember it too…

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