My Sexual Awakening Ch. 04

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This story is purely fiction, all made up for my masturbatory habits and fun. This is chapter 4, if you do not like gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight and incest as well as a few other fetishes that will be in future chapters, then do not read on. On the other hand, please vote for this story and contact me if you like it, I would love to hear from you, good or bad, but especially if it helps you get off and want to chat about it.


My eyes were closed, my swim trunks were below my knees and my cock was in my sister’s mouth while standing in a hot tub under the open stars in the back yard of a house my sister was house sitting for.

“Uhh” was all I could say.

Sara slid her mouth off my cock and replaced it with her hand and gently stroked me.

“I think I found the cure for the hiccups!” She chuckled after her own statement bringing me out of my dreamlike state. I opened my eyes and looked down at this gorgeous woman that was my sister stroking my manhood. Reality struck me hard. As much as I had fantasized about having an incestuous encounter, I just wasn’t prepared mentally. The strain on my brain was just too much and my knees buckled.

It was a good thing we were in water because my ass landed hard on the hot tub seat and my re-entry into the water created quite a splash. My sister’s hand never let go of my cock.

“You okay bro?”

“Yeah” I finally spoke.

She smiled with an evil grin and slid off her seat and over to my lap, releasing my hard on, she repositioned herself so that her legs straddled me and my prick was pressed up against her bikini bottoms and her stomach. I could feel the pressure her pussy lips had on me.

Our faces were inches apart and I thought she was going to kiss me again. Instead, when her lips were less than an inch away, she asked; “Have you ever fantasized about fucking me?” Then she pecked at my lips and backed off.

“God Sara, you are so beautiful.”

“That doesn’t answer my question!” She reached in between us and grabbed hold of the top of my cock again. “Come on bro. I want to know if you have ever stroked this magnificent dick while thinking about me.”

Her fingers loosened and tightened almost like a suction cup or a pump.


“That’s is so fucking hot to know you were just a couple bedrooms away from me playing with yourself thinking about fucking me.” Sara continued to manipulate her fingers around my tool. “I never thought about fucking you until I saw your huge cock today and then it was all I could think about.”

Her devilish smile returned; “Will you fuck me bro?”

If I had any blood left in my brain, I may have thought about saying no. But here I was with şişli üniversiteli escort a smoking hot woman straddling me in a hot tub. Sister or not, there was only one answer. “God yes, I’d love to fuck you Sara.”

She leaned in and began kissing me again deeply. Our tongues swirling together, my hands were clamped to my sister’s ass cheeks and Sara was wrapped around me. The pumps to the hot tub turned off and the only noise left was our moans of pleasure into each other’s mouths.

After minutes of passionate kissing, Sara broke away and just like earlier took control. Her eyes bored deep into mine while she leaned back a little, she reached behind her neck and untied her bikini top. She didn’t untie the top from behind her back; she just peeled the triangles covering her hard nipples down and off of her breasts.

“So you thought about these tits before have you?”

I didn’t answer; I was too turned on with the sight in front of me. I wasted no time burying my face in my sister’s tits. Kissing them and licking them until Sara’s hand found the hair on my head and pulled my face from heaven. “So I take it you like your sister’s tits?”

I could only nod and despite my hair being pulled, I tried to maneuver my head back to its earlier position. Sara held strong with my hair. “As much as I like having my tits played with, I need to fuck and I need it now.”

Sara stood quickly and as fast as she stood she peeled the bikini bottoms down just as fast.

It couldn’t have been more than 2 seconds before she straddled me again, only this time her hand held my prick and helped aim it directly into her dripping wet pussy. In unison we groaned together at the incestuous union.

“Oh god bro, fuck me!”

Instinct kicked in and I began to push into her from my seated position, I couldn’t get much of a grip or a long stroke going but that didn’t seem to affect my sister. Her eyes were rolling back and she was practically screaming. “God yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”

Thank god I had already had numerous beers or I’m sure I would have cum immediately. The position although awkward kept me from going to fast I am sure helped me too.

“That’s it bro, fuck me with your huge cock, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, OHHHHH Fuck, I’m cumming on my brother’s cock!” Sara’s whole body tightened up with an intense orgasm, she kept rocking her hips into me until her whole body locked and shivered for more than a minute. She was squeezing me so tightly I couldn’t move. The only motion left was her shivering in climax.

“Oh fuck that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had” Her body began to loosen, her posture taksim anal yapan escort started to fade and she slumped over against my chest, her head on my shoulder. “God I should have been fucking you way before this!”

I sat motionless except for my dick throbbing, tightly sheathed in my sister’s pussy. I could have cum right there but for some reason I didn’t want it to end. Having a sexy woman planted on my lap, curled up into me, savoring the ecstasy she just tremendously enjoyed was almost perfect.

“Oh my god bro, I can’t believe the best sex I’ve ever had was with my own brother. Fuck I still feel so full; you are by far the biggest I’ve ever had. Oh my god that was so fucking good.”

Another minute or so passed and Sara finally started to move again. “You’re still hard. Did you cum?” She asked me.

I shook my head no as she watched my face.

“I just took your virginity and you didn’t cum?”

Somewhere I found the courage to say, “I hope we’re not done.”

“Oh we’re not done. I am going to make you cum and you are going to cum hard just like I did.” She smirked. Tell me how you want me and you can have it. “

As soon as she said that, the offer made my cock throb.

“Oh god I felt that. Fuck that feels so good.” I purposely made my cock swell again just so I could watch her face each time it thickened inside of her.

“Well, tell me what gets you really hot so I can make you cum as hard as you made me cum.”

“I’ve always wanted to try doggie style.”

“Your wish is my command!”

Sara started to get up but stopped quickly. “I have to tell you I love doggie style, but what makes it even better is doing it in front of a mirror so I can see you while you fuck me. Can we go in the house?”

It wouldn’t have mattered what my sister asked of me, I would have said yes.

Slowly she lifted off me until I could feel my dick slide completely out of her. She shivered when we broke contact and we hurried out of the water. I reached for a towel but her hand found my cock first.

“We don’t need it. Let’s go.” I was led into the master bathroom by my cock in her hand.

The bathroom light was bright compared to the darkness around the hot tub. The only clothing left on her was the bikini top that was pulled down. This was my first real clear viewing of entire body. Sara twisted the top around her body, pulled the knot and let the top fall to the floor. Now she was as entirely bare from head to toe as I was.

That was when I noticed how completely shaven her pussy was and how sexy it looked that way.

“From the look you have, can I assume you like what you see?”

“Yes, taksim bdsm escort you are perfect”

“I’m glad you like, but now you need to fuck me.” She spun around and bent at the waist over the bathroom sink, spread her toned and tanned legs wide. “Is this what you want bro?”


“It’s yours! Take it.”

I stepped up with my rock hard rod until I was just behind her. I bent my knees enough to get myself to the right height. As I started to line myself up with her dripping wet pussy lips, I notice her hand from between her legs. As the tip made contact, she deftly angled me to match her position.

I pressed the head into her tight hole and she moaned in approval. I stopped immediately, not because I thought I was hurting her, no. I was a hair trigger away from blowing my load with just the crown inside.

Our gaze met in the mirror and beautiful face gave me the confidence to push in further.

“Oh fuck that feels so good”

“I’m going to cum fast.”

“That’s okay, don’t hold back. Fuck me how you want to fuck me. You already gave me the best sex of my life; this time is all about you. I love you”

I held still. I didn’t know how to react to that. As I stood still, Sara pushed back, taking almost half of me inside her. “Oh fuck that’s good”

Her movement brought me back to the task. I slid back out; she was tight around me, very tight. As soon as my dickhead reached her lips I pushed again. Harder this time; I repeated this process a little faster each time, growing confidence that I wasn’t going to cum with each stroke.

After about ten strokes, she was taking almost all of me inside her. When I was that far in I stopped again and looked up to see her looking at me; I held still.

“Are you close?”


“I want you to cum in me; I want you cum so hard. I want it be amazing for you. You have me close to cumming again. Will you cum for your sister?”

Those words set me off. Knowing I was fucking her. The taboo, the kink; our eyes met and I began to pump fast and hard. Her eyes started rolling again, and I loved the look on her face. I noticed her tits swaying with each pump, her nipples tracing the countertop. I looked down to see my cock sliding effortlessly into my very first pussy.

I went wild and fucked her as hard as I could. My balls began slapping against her; I was all the way in and fucking with power. Sara’s pussy was gripping me harder and harder with each stroke.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m going to cum again, oh fuck yes, FUCK ME!”

Sara went into full orgasm just before me. My hands held her hips as I continued slamming her from behind. When I felt the damn break, I stopped with my cock in as far as it could go.

“Arghhhhhhhhh fuck I’m cumming too”

Together we shook, pinned together as I shot rope after rope of hot sperm into her. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced. Sara stayed with her upper body flat on the counter as my strength gave out and I laid my sweaty upper body against her back.

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