My Highschool Crush, 25 Years Later Pt. 04

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Part 04

We drifted for a while until I felt Krissi wriggling against me. The movements of her full shapely body rubbing against me, and the expert stroking of her fingers gliding along my growing prick, brought me back up. Damn, she was right, it was like we had so much sexual energy pent up, it was like all-natural Viagra.

“Now, fuck me again lover!”

Her green eyes had a glow, the voluptuous, solid, well-formed body, full, flaring hips, spread open for me, were a joy to behold. The muscles of her pussy gripped my shaft as I plunged my cock between the tight lips, on each in-thrust my balls smacked against her, testing the hot liquid depths of her heated fuck-hole.

“Mmmmm, mmmm, yes just like that, stuff me!”

The feel of her well-formed solid body wrapped around me, the gripping cling of Krissi’s hot, milking walls made my senses sizzle. Krissi was going to get a long hard ride, powering in and out of her, the hot wet squelches of her juicy cunt, combined with our cries and sounds of hot fucking, Krissi was a sex hungry animal, pumping her hips up to bury my cock.

Krissi grunted, kaçak iddaa “Oh yeah, stuff me, lover, let your throbbing balls go, cream my married cunt with another man’s cum!”

Her shrieks of orgasm sounded several times, the grip of her walls pulsing at me repeatedly, and I felt the rise, firing another volley as her 7th orgasm shook her body, the tightening, pulsating grip of her eager fuck-hole milking my cock, eager for every drop.

We flopped down, gasping, getting our breath back. I wondered how much more I could rise to the occasion. As it turned out, as many times as she was eager for it, we went at it over and over, between very short naps. One last time, just as dawn was breaking, she woke me up and cooed, “Now, make love to me, love me like I am yours.”

I was happy to oblige, and I gave her a long, languid session of foreplay, Krissi’s moans and coos of pleasure urging me onwards. Her solid, shapely body, spread out for me to explore, recharged my cock, rising back up, and her cries of orgasm sounded two times before I was even inside her.

I nudged against her, and watched the bliss on her kaçak bahis face as I penetrated, siding in with a softer, more gentle thrust. The fuck crazy lust had evaporated, now she wanted a session of sweeter lovemaking.

“Kiss me, kiss me, I love being kissed when I’m making love.”

Our lips came together, mouths fusing in a hot, wet swirl of tongues, hungry for all we had to share. I could feel myself building up another load, it was amazing, she really had what it took to get me back up.

She broke the kiss and cooed, “Ohhhh yes, keep loving me Brian, make me warm.”

Krissi let out a louder moan as I nudged firmly against her cervix on each in thrust, purring, “Mmmm, just like that I want you as deep as possible, make me cum lover!”

It took only a few more strokes, she grunted, “Mmmm, mmmm, MMMMMMM” and I could feel her tightening up, letting out cries and moans of orgasm, that took me with her, I growled with pleasure as I wedged her open, and sent another load to paint her womb.

When we got up, as we were getting dressed, I did not relish the prospect of having this one night of passion illegal bahis to be our first and last meeting.

“Brian, let’s go and eat breakfast.”

We returned to the diner, and as our breakfasts were set before us, Krissi started to talk.

“Brian, you don’t know how much I needed that. I come to visit my granddad once a year, and every year when I am here, I want you to be mine. I cannot just let this go as a fling. Just like the movie ‘Same Time Next Year.’ I’ll make this the time, so that every year on your birthday, you’ll have me as your present. Would you like that?”

I replied, “Oh yeah Krissi, I had the best sex of my life last night and this morning. No one has ever been equal to you.”

Her eyes had a glow, as she cooed, “Than it’s settled, every year I’ll be back, and I want everything you have stored up for me. I love the feeling of having your hot, steamy lusts vented on my more than willing body. And in between times, let’s send each other hot, sex-drenched emails, get each other very hot and bothered, then we can hook up on Skype, masturbate together, and watch each other cum. I’m going to really enjoy that.”

That sounded fucking amazing, and I replied, “Oh yeah baby, sounds fantastic.”

“Stay close to your computer Brian, I’m already getting warmed up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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