My Favorite Teacher

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It had been a long hard day at school. I was stressing out over a chemistry test I had to take in two days. I needed to get an A on the test to ensure getting a B for the quarter. As I was sitting at my desk working on some problems, my mind wandered as it usually does when I’m studying.

For some reason though, I couldn’t help but think of my chemistry teacher, Mr. Kentner. He was a good-looking man. That’s actually an understatement. He was a gorgeous man who reminded all the girls of Richard Gere. He was in his early 40’s but looked as though he was in his early 30’s. That would be because of his body. Boy did that man have muscles. There was just something about him that made him very distinguished. Mr. Kentner was the type of teacher everyone loved, not just the girls. He was really funny and he joked with all of his students while his students made jokes about him too. Really easy-going and laid back.

As I was thinking about him, my eyes wandered over to the mirror. I liked what I saw. It had taken me a long time to shed that extra “baby fat” but I did it and now I looked great. I had let my black hair grow out and it came to the middle of my back. My big brown eyes accentuated my round face and full, pouty lips. As my eyes wandered down, my reflection showed my 34 C breasts (it took FOREVER for them to grow and I was proud of them, and at times I liked showing them off) and my waist. As I turned to the side, my butt, which I thought was too big in comparison with the rest of my body, and my legs which I was also proud of because they were long and muscular from the running that I did.

Enough, as I thought to myself. Mr. Kentner is married with two children and I’m a student of his. Besides, even if he did flirt with his students, I’d be the last one since I wasn’t like Lauren who was so blunt about her flirting with him. Damn, as I thought about Lauren, I realized I had to go in early and redo a lab because she spilled all of our data before I had a chance to record it. Back to studying…

“Mr. Kentner, I know I should be able to get along with everyone, but I cannot stand working with Lauren! She pendik escort never works and she’s too busy flirting with all the guys, even you!” Mr. Kentner smiled his beautiful smile that made my heart skip a beat.

“You don’t say? I know she can be really annoying sometimes but I’ll try talking to her. Why don’t you start your lab?”

It was 6:15 a.m. and I was talking to Mr. Kentner about why I had to redo the lab. He was understanding about it. As I was setting up the materials I was thinking about how awkward it was to be here so early in the morning and alone with a teacher who I had a crush on.

“Mr. Kentner, can you come here and help me decide which solution is darker, please?”

“Sure Simone”, he said. He came up behind me and leaned over my shoulder and told me that solution 1 was darker. As he came up behind me, my heart had begun to beat faster and faster. I was wearing one of my low-cut shirts with a short skirt and knee-high boots, one of my favorite outfits. As he walked away, I let out a huge sigh, and hoped he didn’t hear.

A few minutes later he came back into the room and came up behind me again to see how I was doing. This time, though, he didn’t leave. I don’t know what came over me, but without even realizing it, I leaned back slightly, enough to feel a bit of a bulge in his pants. We both said nothing as I turned around.

“You know, Simone, they always tell us the number one thing us teachers CANNOT do is be closer than need be to a student-physically as well as emotionally. This is really wrong, not only because I’m your teacher, but because I’m married.”

I tried to back away but it was no use, I was right against the lab table. “I’m sorry, Mr. Kentner, I shouldn’t have leaned back like that,” I said as I felt the blood rush to my face because of my embarrassment.

“Don’t be silly, Simone, I’m the one who initiated it. I should have known better.”

“Sometimes we make mistakes, though. We’re only human,” I said.

“And sometimes we need to do something that we know is wrong because we can’t help ourselves.”

As he said that, I felt his hand maltepe escort slip around my waist and pull me into him. I put my arms around his neck.

“You’re so beautiful, Simone. You’re not like other girls who are immature. You’re very sophisticated and you can be shy but outgoing at different times-that’s what I love about you.”

My heart began to beat a million times a second. I just looked up at him and he smiled. He pulled me in closer and pulled his hands from my waist to cup my face. He kissed me. It was the most mind-blowing experience of my life. At first, I was hesitant to open my mouth, but I lost all inhibitions soon after and his warm, sweet tongue snaked in and out of my mouth. Before I realized it, his hands were back on my waist again and he pulled me in as close as possible. I loved rubbing my breasts against his muscular chest and I guess he loved it too because soon his hands were groping at anything and everything. I began to moan as his tongue traced down my neck and then across my chest and up the other side of my neck. I was in heaven. Soon, though I broke away.

“This is just wrong. I’m sorry but I feel too guilty. You’re married and my teacher.”

“I know you’re very right. I’m sorry for making you feel so uncomfortable. Can we just keep this between us, please?”

“Of course we can.” There was just one thing though; I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. We both smiled and I looked away as I blushed. Hey I was shy when it came to these things. Mr. Kentner stepped in front of me again and pulled my chin up with his hand. I looked up and I found him looking me in the eyes. I found myself pulling my hands up around his neck and bringing him in for another kiss. He started to grab my ass again and I found myself rubbing up against him. Then he slid his knee in between my legs and the feeling I felt was like heaven. I slowly started rubbing my pussy against his knee. I could feel the heat between my legs growing faster and faster.

Somehow he had managed to pull my shirt up and I felt his hands rubbing my breasts through my black lacy bra. I pulled away and looked at him. kartal escort “I’ve been dying to see you with out this,” I said as I began unbuttoning his shirt. He laughed and said, “Is that so?”

I nodded at him and my hands pulled the shirt away. I ran my hands all over his chest, which was unbelievably fabulous. I noticed the bulge in his pants and automatically my hands moved from his chest to his belt, which I undid, his pants following.

“Hmmm boxers or briefs?”

“Why don’t you check and see?”

I smiled and my hands went down his pants. Boxers. He pulled me into him and he whispered something in my ear.

“I want you so bad.” I smiled this devilish smile.

“I’m here. It can’t get any better, a married teacher fucking his student in a classroom.”

I felt him pull my skirt up around my waist and he pulled my shirt off completely. His pants fell to the ground and his head went down to my breasts. He moved his hands to my back and took my bra off with no difficulty. He slid my black thong to the side as his fingers went into my pussy. I looked up at him and he smiled at me. We both new this was so wrong but we couldn’t help ourselves. My hands went inside his boxers and I began rubbing his cock. It was growing by the second. It had to be at least 2 inches in diameter and over 8 inches long. He kissed me again and before I knew it, he slipped his cock into my wet pussy. I moaned in pleasure.

“God you’re so fucking tight. How could something so wrong feel so good?”

“Mmmmm, I don’t know but keep fucking me.” We were pushed up against a lab table and it felt so good to have his pulsating cock fuck me standing up like that. I dug my nails in the back of his neck and had to bite my lip from screaming out. He had increased his tempo and soon I found myself saying things like “Harder and faster.”

Soon I knew I was going to cum and he knew it too. Before I knew it I was moaning uncontrollably and told him I was cumming. That sent him over the edge because he shoved his dick into me one last time and let out a groan. I felt his cum fill me up. We stood there panting for a few minutes before we realized that we wouldn’t have the classroom to ourselves much longer and got cleaned up.

Before I left, he grabbed me and kissed me one last time. “Meet me after school?”

I smiled and walked away.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32