My (ex) Girlfriend’s Confession Ch. 02

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This story continues the adventures of Dave and Beth, and picks up directly after “My (ex) Girlfriend’s Confesstion Ch1”, on the same night.

This is the second part of a two-part story,


“Don’t hate me… we kissed for the first time after the pub that first Friday night.”

I let that sink in for a minute. She’d previously confessed to kissing him for the first time about two-and-a-half weeks after she started there. She was now adjusting that timeline forward to being less than 5 days. I was shocked, hurt and excited in equal measure.

“Why did you lie?” I asked, calmly.

“Two weeks sounded bad enough, but 5 days sounds so much worse. You hadn’t even visited me here by then and already I was kissing some other guy I barely knew… it would have made me sound… kinda easy…”

“Oh my god, I came down the next night didn’t I? We went to The Escape, right?”

It was a rhetorical question.

“What happened?” I asked, resuming my work on her breasts.

“Are you sure you want to know? I mean… I wasn’t sure if you might be embarrassed about what happened the last time we talked, you’ve not mentioned it since.”

“I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.” I said, sincerely.

“In a good way?” she questioned, in her cutest, most innocent voice.

“Definitely in a good way.”

“Same… ok, just remember you asked for it…”.

And she began.

“After the week I’d had my head was all over the place, and after that game in the pub I was feeling down, although I was trying not to let it show… He seemed to notice and was kind… we chatted on our own for a while at the bar. He was trying to make me feel better. He said he was a little shocked that I’d done so much for such an innocent-looking young girl…”

She paused for a few seconds, as if trying to give me time to process the revelations.

“…I don’t know why but I confessed straight away that I’d ‘exaggerated’ on at least a few answers. I just felt like I could trust him, you know…”

“…He said he suspected as much and was willing to bet he could tell which questions I’d lied on. I jokingly asked him what stakes we were playing for. He said he would guess two questions he thought I’d lied on, and if he got them both right I had to give him a kiss. If I won, he’d pay for my drinks all night. I pretended to agree reluctantly, but really I was quite excited by either outcome…”

“…He said it was obvious that I’d lied about never having kissed a person of the same sex in a sexual way…”

I clenched her breasts and squeezed hard at the mention of her early experimentation with Vicky. Beth giggled. She knew I loved hearing about that.

“…I congratulated him and asked if it was that obvious. He said the look on my face gave me away instantly. He said he’d have paid good money to see me do that…”

“What was his second guess? I assume he got it right again?”

“…After he’d finished congratulating himself on the first question, he said that despite the girl thing, I was way too prim-and-proper to have ever had sex on the first date…”

My hands moved under her top to make skin-on-skin contact with her breasts and nipples. She released an approving moan.

“…I was the only girl who had drunk to that question. I broke the bad news to him that I’d been telling the truth and ordered a triple vodka and coke. I told him it was a special case, and that the guy in question became my long-term boyfriend.” As she said this she gave me a cheeky wink and overlayed her own hands on top of mine, controlling them on her tits.

“What did he say to that?”

“He just said that since he saw me admit to that question, he had been trying really hard to imagine the circumstances in which I’d have sex on the first date, and asked what they might look like.”

I started to kiss Beth’s cheek, face, ear and right shoulder as I began lifting the top over her head. She held her arms straight upwards, allowing me to strip her.

“That’s pretty blatant, what did you say?”

She nestled back into my arms, now topless, the pair of us still massaging her tits together.

“I was slightly shocked that he’d so brazenly attempt to chat me up, but having had a few drinks myself it also made me really horny. Here was this hot guy that I’d only known a few days admitting to my face that he wanted to kiss me and had spent the evening picturing me having sex… And sort-of implying that he’d like to do the same. I can’t lie, that made me… kinda wet… so I told him the truth.”

“I said that to get me into bed on the first date, the guy would need to be handsome, charming, make me laugh and not be afraid to compliment me and demonstrate how much he wanted me. I said that it’s not something I’d normally do, so I’d need to have a few drinks inside me to loosen up. I said I wouldn’t want people thinking I’m a slut, so it would have to be under the right circumstances, bursa eskort where people wouldn’t find out. And – of course – I’d need to want him too. Badly.”

“Was all that based off our first date?”

“Well that’s the only time I’ve ever done it, so yeah!” Beth blushed.

“What were you wearing in the pub while you were basically tutoring him on how to get you into bed?”

She giggled again. “Oh, nothing spectacular, we’d gone there straight from work so just standard work stuff – blouse, black skirt, black tights, boots, you know.”

“How short was your skirt?”

“Nothing inappropriate, a couple of inches above the knee.”

“I don’t blame him for trying to chat you up babe. Your legs are incredible, you know I’ve always loved them, and you look good enough to eat in a skirt.”

I moved my right hand away from her breasts to caress her bare legs. Her left hand continued to control mine on her left breast, her right blatantly playing with the other all on its own.

“Yeah, and I still don’t get it. You know I don’t like them. They’re fat. I wore a skirt on day one to look professional, but was intending to ditch it for some trousers moving forwards. But I’d carried on wearing skirts because I’d overheard him telling another guy about me in the queue for the canteen. He can’t have realised I was there. He seemed to approve.”

“They’re not fat… you might think they’re a little chubby but I love them just the way they are. What did he say? In the queue?”

She sniggered.

“He was pretty crude actually. He said the new placement student was ‘a fine young piece of ass’, how he’d love to ‘get his face in between those thighs’ and how he would ‘take me under his wing and teach me the ropes’.”

“Wow that’s pretty seedy – and that made you want to wear skirts every day? To show off for a creep?”

“It was too late. If I’d not already spent the morning working closely with him and got to know him I’d have probably been offended. But as it was I already fancied him… a lot… and it ended up having the opposite effect. I knew for sure he wanted me and hearing it left me feeling… flattered I guess.”

My Beth had been going to work within 24 hours of starting her placement year dressing to deliberately encourage and arouse what sounded increasingly like her mentor, perhaps even her boss. The fact she was admitting this whilst topless, being kissed and jointly caressing her own body alongside the ex-boyfriend she’d cheated on simply added to my awe of the situation and of her.

“What happened next?”

“We’d discovered that this place…” (referring to her house) “…was only a small detour out of his way to the office, so he offered to pick me up and drop me off if I wanted to avoid getting on that awful bus every day. He also said he’d make sure I got home safely that night and would walk me to the taxi rank.”

By now my right hand was squeezing and teasing her inner thigh, working slowly up towards her knickers and back down again.

“I had no clue where the bloody taxi rank was and I was tipsy by that stage, so after buying me a few more drinks we eventually left the pub together. We continued chatting away, mostly with him complimenting me and steering the conversation back to the naughtier questions from the game earlier. When we turned the corner from the pub and were out of sight of the work people his hand brushed mine as we walked. After a few seconds it closed around mine and we walked for a minute or so holding hands like a proper couple. Neither of us had said a word. As we rounded the next corner onto a darker road, he casually put his arm around my waist. It felt good.”

“He let his hand fall to my bum. When I didn’t react, he stopped walking. I stopped too. We turned and looked at each other. I knew what was coming. I’m sorry but I didn’t want to stop it. In truth I’d been hoping for it all week. I’d wanted it since that first Monday morning. He leaned in and kissed me in the dark on the pavement.”

“He guided me gently back against the wall and we started making out like teenagers. His hands were all over my body, inside my long coat, mainly on my bum but also my tits…”

“That reminds me of us the first time.” I interjected, as I moved around to the front of Beth to kiss and lick her exposed tits myself. In the middle of her oversized areolas, I nibbled her rock-hard nipples.

“Oh yeah that’s good… it was a lot like us yeah… his hands were squeezing my bum through my tights up the back of my skirt… but soon moved around my hips to the front of me… he began rubbing me… you know where… it was so good… I moved my legs apart a little and I remember cursing myself right then for wearing tights to work.”

“And why might that be?” I teased as I kissed her smooth, chubby tummy.

“I’m sure you can use your imagination.”

“I’m imagining that you wanted his fingers inside you… at LEAST his fingers? I guess you didn’t make it ‘safely’ to the taxi rank then?”

A little shake of bursa escort her head.

“Well I did, but not straight away… he took charge… he just yanked my tights until they came down far enough. He was quite rough with them.”

“Far enough? Far enough for what? How far?”

“To my knees.”

“Holy shit. In the street?”

“Mmm hmm” she confirmed as she continued to stretch back with a little satisfied grin, openly offering her body to my roaming hands and lips.

“But this wasn’t the town centre – it was dark and pretty much deserted.”

By now I was kissing the top of her bare thighs, all the way to her knees (which showed no sign of parting) and back up again to her hips. Nibbling and pulling the lacy waistband of her underwear as I passed on the way and back to her breasts again.

“Then what?” I looked her in the eyes. She looked away shyly again.

“No.” I said, directing her head back again. “I want to look you in the eyes when you say it.”

She blushed as she reluctantly met my gaze again.

“He put his hand… back under my skirt… and pulled my knickers to the side… he fingered me right there in the street as I leaned against the wall.”

Realising the timeline, I wondered out loud.

“So, I wasn’t even the first guy to have his fingers inside you that weekend?”

She silently shook her head, with a mixture of shame and playful gloating across her face.

“Did you cum?”

Another shake of the head. “We didn’t get that far, we were interrupted by someone walking past. It was dark, but they must have seen what we were doing. My heart skipped a beat when I thought it might be one of the work people, but luckily it wasn’t.”

“So, was that the end of it?”

“Yeah mostly, we made out a bit more, but I was too worried about being seen to enjoy it. He tried to get his hand back under my skirt but I wouldn’t let him.”

“That’s a bit of a passion killer.”

“A bit, but we were both still really hot for each other. Honestly, if there had been an easy place to go to, the night might not have ended there.”

“You’d have let him fuck you?”

“Probably. The only reason we’d stopped was because of the lack of privacy, and the shock had bought me to my senses a little.”

“Couldn’t you come back here?”

“No. The other guys were around.” She was referring to her housemates Rob and Steve. Thankfully they weren’t here tonight.

I remembered a quirk in Beth’s responses from a couple of weeks back. When I’d asked if she’d gone to his place she was instantly dismissive, as if the idea was a complete non-starter. I decided now was a good time to probe that particular avenue.

“And what about his place?”

She went quiet for a few seconds. I could almost see the cogs turning in her head.

“His? Can’t really go there easily… the people he lives with…” she stuttered.

“Don’t tell me he lives with his parents?” I scoffed, hoping it was true.

“No! He’s 40…” she blurted out without thinking, and immediately slapped her hand to her mouth realising she’d let slip an important piece of information about his identity.

I stopped kissing her body and looked her in the eyes at this point. She quickly looked away, squirming and visibly embarrassed, covering her face.

I decided to keep this light and to tease her a little. I didn’t want to wreck the mood, but I was suddenly feeling incredibly immature and inadequate.

“He’s… 40…?” I said slowly as I pretended to stifle a giggle.

Beth blushed. “Shut up.” she pouted.

“You’re 22 – He’s 18 years older than you, I just assumed it would be someone closer to our age. He sounds even more like a letch now.”

“Stop it!” she protested. “He’s not a letch at all… he’s got real feelings for me… this is the first time he’s ever… done anything like this.”

Suddenly it all came together in my brain.

The reason she couldn’t go to his place.

The reason she had to keep it a total secret at work.

The reason she couldn’t have him round to hers unless she knew for sure her housemates weren’t coming back.

The reason she still had time to hang out with me at the weekends instead of being with him.

The reason she’d just stuttered halfway through that sentence when saying it was the first time he’d ever done anything like this.

“Oh my god babe, is he married? Is that why you can’t go back to his place? Are you fucking someone else’s husband?”

“Babe, can’t we just carry on? I was really enjoying myself then…” she said coaxingly as she tried pathetically to distract me from my question.

It did indeed sound like she was having sex with a married man.

I thought for a second and returned my mouth to her hard nipples. I had her where I wanted her. I wondered how far she might go to distract me from returning to my question. No need to rush.

I knelt on the floor to kiss and suck her thighs again as she slumped back on the sofa, eyes closed and naked apart from her bursa escort bayan grey boyshorts.

To any onlooker, it would have looked like I was worshipping her, which I guess wasn’t far from the truth.

My thumbs hooked over the white lace at the top of her knickers, ready to ease them down. Her legs were still clamped shut.

“I can’t believe you’re screwing someone old enough to be your dad. I didn’t think you were that type of girl.” I said, as I nuzzled her knicker-covered mound, hoping she might be turned-on enough to spread her legs a little.

As I tried to bury my face in my ex-girlfriend’s sex, she breathed in sharply and held it for a few seconds before asking “Mmmm and what type of girl might that be?”

“A slut” I whispered as I started to ease her knickers down.

“Especially fucking someone who’s married, what about his Wife?”

Beth grabbed my hands, halting my progress. She looked me in the eye and had obviously decided now was the time to admit the full story of her unfaithfulness.

“Fiance. I’ve met her… Sarah… she’s a bitch.”

I was shocked. The way she’d said “Sarah”, with utter contempt in her voice. Where did this Beth come from? I maintained my hold on the waistband of her knickers.

“So he’s engaged and lives with his Fiance? That’s barely any better. And isn’t it a bit harsh to call her a bitch when you’re screwing her boyfriend behind her back?”

She sounded annoyed that I’d had the nerve to defend ‘Sarah’.

“No, you haven’t met her. She’s a total stuck-up bitch. We met a couple of Fridays after that night, he bought her along and introduced us at a bar we all go to sometimes. He warned me in advance she’d be coming so it didn’t come as a total surprise…”

I could hear the simmering anger in her voice as she spoke quickly. The revelation that my Beth was ‘the other woman’ and was to my mind being totally used for sex by a 40-year-old creep who was marrying someone else was almost too hot to believe. I was jealous that he had managed to awaken a totally immoral and selfish side of Beth that I’d never seen. Words couldn’t describe how turned-on I was by the thought of this.

With renewed passion, I stepped-up my kissing, planting hard, lustful kisses across the smooth flesh of her stomach and chunky thighs.

“I always knew he was engaged, he didn’t hide it, just like I didn’t hide the fact I was with someone. When he introduced us, the way she flinched as she kissed me on the cheek got my back up immediately. Of course, she’s super-skinny and tall like some catwalk bimbo. She looked me up and down with complete disgust, like I was something she’d stepped in…”

“Sounds to me like someone might be a little bit jealous…” I teased.

“Oh fuck off!” she responded. Luckily for me, she was smiling as she said it.

“Are you sure? Sounds like jealousy to me…”

“Well maybe a bit. But you should see her. I’m straight but even I can see the attraction. She’s fit. At least until she opens her mouth.”

“Mostly straight.” I emphasised.

“Fuck off again!” she grinned as I forced my face in between her legs.

They parted reluctantly to accept me and I was suddenly staring straight at the crotch of her light grey boyshorts. A dark grey wet patch was clearly visible in the cotton right in front of me between her legs. I took this as the green light. Beth was ready. As I nuzzled against her soaking crotch I breathed in the sweet smell of her sex. My tongue began to lick her pussy through her knickers – tentatively at first – then more forcefully as I met no resistance. She moaned with approval as the cotton became ever wetter and the dark patch spread further.

“… Oh god babe… yeah she’s the sort of girl who judges everyone by their looks and had obviously decided I was too plain and frumpy to be worth knowing. It was too loud to really talk so I just politely smiled and imagined how I’d love to wipe that fake smile off her face… and tell her that her husband-to-be was fucking the fat girl…”

Something immediately didn’t sound right.

If she met Sarah two weeks after the Friday they first kissed, that was 3 weeks after she’d started work there.

And she was imagining putting Sarah in her place by telling her that she’d been fucking her Fiance.

Which means she must have already been fucking him within the first 3 weeks.

I froze and glanced up at her from between her legs.

“What?” she said, confused – until I explained that she’d inadvertently admitted having had sex with him at least two weeks before the date she’d previously given.

“Sorry” she whispered sheepishly, realising her error.

“Please… I’m sorry I lied… but you must have realised that we’d had sex sooner too after I admitted the truth about our first kiss… please don’t stop touching me.”

I thought fast. “Kiss me then.” I said. Beth had refused to kiss me even when we’d fooled around before because it was ‘too intimate’ and she was ‘taken’.

“What? No. You know I can’t.”

I leaned right in close to her face as I started to rub her pussy through her wet patch.

“Kiss me, show me how sorry you are for cheating and repeatedly lying to me. Was that story about the summer party even true?”

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