My Erotic Education – A Journal 04

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It was the evening of my second day as a member of my uncle’s household.

Earlier, Will had assisted us each with our nightly bathing and I could now here him splashing away in the tub across the hall. My uncle and I were lying nude on his bed and he was toying with my always hard cock.

“I have a matter I’d like to discuss with you.” he said.

“And I you.” I replied. “Please, you begin.”

“I’d like to discuss our friend Will.” he said. “As you have probably deduced, in addition to being in my employ, Will is my dearest and closest companion. He is so close, in fact, that up until last night it has been his habit to spend his nights in my bed. Does this shock you?”

“Not at all.” I replied. “Who wouldn’t want a bedmate so handsome?”

“I was hoping you would have that manner of reaction. You see, I really don’t want to be without him but he feels it would be unseemly for him to share a bed with us both.”

“I think it would be delightful. I can’t imagine anything I’d like better.”

“Perhaps you could have a word and reassure him when he’s done bathing? I’m sure that coming from you it would allay any misgivings he harbors. Now, what was it that you wanted to discuss?”

“I simply have a question that I hope you will answer.” I said. “At Mr. Steinberg’s shop today when I drew attention to the excited state of Will’s cock, he took him into his inner room and relieved his excitement. What exactly did he do?”

“Ah, now that is a perfect opening for us to begin your second lesson in love among men.” my uncle said.

He stroked my upright cock that was grasped in his fist and began.

“As you know, commonly this fine fellow is referred to as one’s cock. Mr. Steinberg is what as known in everyday parlance as a cocksucker. In other words it is his particular pleasure to use his mouth to relieve the pressing needs of another man’s fluid filled balls.”

“And how does he do that?” I asked.

“I was hoping you would inquire.” my uncle stated. “I pride myself on being a rather skilled cocksucker also. Shall I demonstrate?” He stroked up and down the shaft of my rampant cock.

“By all means.” I said. “I’ve been looking forward to our new lesson all day.”

My uncle scooted his body down on the bed until his head was at the level of my hips. Holding my hard cock by the base he raised it so that it stood at an upright angle from my groin.

“Observe.” he said.

He lowered his head while opening his mouth and used his out thrust tongue to lick up all of the clear fluid that had started to spill from my piss hole. The feeling of his hot tongue on my cock head was acutely intense but also delightfully pleasant. Next, he opened his mouth, only to engulf my cock head inside and seal his lips around my shaft. I felt his tongue darting over my cock head and shaft inside the heated chamber. His lips began sliding down my stiff shaft and shortly the entire length of my cock was buried inside his mouth, my sensitive cock head rubbing against the velvety flesh inside his throat.

“Oh, how wonderful!” I exclaimed.

My uncle looked up at me, a sly twinkle in his eyes and began moving his head in an up and down motion so that his lips slid over my shaft and my cock head was constantly stroked by the delicate tissues of his mouth and tongue.

“What a fabulous sensation! I can see why Will made such odd noises while being kağıthane escort serviced.”

My uncle raised his head and removed his suctioning lips from my cock.

“Speaking of Will, I hear his bathing must be complete. Shall we call him in?”

I raised my voice to call out, “Will, could you come here, please?” while my uncle went back to his oral manipulation of my cock.

Will shortly entered the room and stopped to observe the two of us. He was wrapped in one of the linen towels around his waist and he had another over his head and shoulders to form a hood to his waist.

“I see the latest lesson is begun.” he said as my uncle’s head bobbed up and down on my cock.

“I wanted to apologize to you.” I began. “I was unaware of the closeness that exists between my uncle and yourself. I would never wish to push you out of your rightful place in his bed. I’m more than happy to take up residence in your own vacant bed or, which I would like even more, I would love to feel that you wanted the three of us to spend our nights together here in this one.”

My uncle rolled away from me onto his back and looked up at Will.

“It’s entirely your choice, boyo.” he said. “What shall it be?”

Will hesitated a moment then dropped his towels to the floor and dove face down onto the bed between us, his face hidden in his arms.

“Would you believe that my beautiful Will is still shy when he finds that he’s praised?” my uncle said. “He’s the most beautiful young man that I’ve ever seen but he remains insecure in his charms.”

“Bugger.” Will said into the mattress.

I deduced where my uncle was leading and I gave him a look of complicity.

“Will certainly has beautiful skin.” I said. “In color and texture it’s like fine porcelain.” I stroked the flesh of his shoulders.

“And, observe,” my uncle replied, “not a mark or flaw. It is as if he were sculpted from the rarest marble.”

Continuing my stroking of his back I said, “Notice how the powerful muscles are evident, each grouping defined.” I ran my fingers down the valley of his spine. “And this wonderful crease that directs one down to his superb ass.”

“He does have a wondrous ass, don’t you think?” my uncle asked. “So smooth and white, delicate and yet powerful at the same time. I always think it looks so innocent”

I ran my hand over his warm globes of flesh and I said, “I almost think of mounds of ice cream, seeing this. I feel the urge to run my tongue over their surface and taste the sweetness. At the same time I think of the finest pillows and I want to rest my head on them and sleep. I must try!”

I moved down on the bed and crawled between Will’s spread legs and rested my cheek against his plush ass.

“I was correct.” I said. “This pillow is fit for a king. I may make a permanent habit of sleeping thus.”

I turned over and first rested my face against the cleft between his fleshy cheeks, then slowly trailed my tongue up the clenched valley.

“Correct, again. Will’s ass has the exact flavor of vanilla ice cream. I must have more.” I ran my tongue up and down over his ass a few more times until my uncle spoke.

“But you haven’t even seen the most beautiful part of all.” he said. Sitting up on the bed, he reached down with each hand and spread Will’s ass cheeks so that his cleft spread wide. “Behold”

I looked kartal escort into Will’s ass cleft. His hairless crack was the palest pink. In the center was a perfectly formed pucker of flesh of a slightly darker shade that resembled a beautiful rosebud.

I stated as much saying, “Many gardens could be ransacked and still not supply such a perfect bud.”

“I often wake expecting to find gossamer fairies sipping dew from its perfection” my uncle replied.

“You really are the absolute limit, you old lecher.” Will said.

“But there’s more.” Uncle stated.

He grasped Will by the side and rolled him onto his back. Will’s hard cock, trapped under him until now, sprang free and arched over his flat abdomen. I was gratified to see that it was of a length and thickness equal to my own and without even thinking I reached out and wrapped my hand around it.

“Our cocks could be twins,” I said, “except that yours is so much more attractive.”

“I have noticed a similarity,” my uncle said, “but I, of course, will always be prejudiced and think my darling Will’s cock is the acme of perfection in every way.”

I looked at the fat column of flesh I held. The skin was as white and fine as the rest of Will’s flesh but on the surface of his erect cock you could see the tracery of blue veins. His foreskin came up to a tight puckered end which had the same pastel hue as his perfect ass hole. I skinned the tight flesh down so that his cock head was exposed and was pleased to see that it was also the shell pink hue of his ass hole.

Below hung two large balls the size of hen’s eggs in a hairless sack of fine thin flesh that accentuated the shape of the contents. His fiery red pubic patch was trimmed tight and had been sculpted with a razor to a v shape.

“It is truly beautiful.”

“It’s not as big as yours.” Will told me, looking down to where I was grasping his erection.

“Oh ho!” I said. “Now is my chance to be the official judge.”

I leapt up and crossed the room to retrieve the measuring tape that Will had left on a chair back the night before.

My uncle had also moved so that Will was now supported leaning back against his chest and lounging between his wide flung legs. I crawled between Will’s legs and looped the tape around the mid point of his hard shaft.

“8 and ½ by my calculation.” I said.

I then did as he had done the night before, holding the tape end against his cock base and sighting the figure over his cock head.

“8 inches on the nose.” I said. “So, though I may be the longer you are by far the fatter.”

“An admirable pair of cocks to make any buggers’ ass hole sing.” my uncle said.

I was still holding Will’s upright cock in my hand as I lay stretched out on my stomach between his legs.

“Uncle was explaining to me about the concept of cocksucking when you came in earlier.” I said to Will.

“And he would be an authority in that area.” Will replied. My uncle smacked him across the top of his head.

“I was wondering, would it be acceptable for me to try my hand at sucking on your cock to see if I have the potential?” I asked.

“Would you rather wait and allow me to first perform on your cock so that you will have some basics?” my uncle said.

“No, I really have a raging desire to feel this cock in my mouth. Will can direct me if need be.”

“I küçükçekmece escort understand totally.” my uncle said. “There are whole days that I spend with no other thought than a burning desire for my next helping of my beautiful Will’s meat.”

I started by licking his loose ball sack, running my tongue over each of the juice filled orbs and even sucking each one into my mouth, then sticking out my tongue and running it slowly up the underside of his shaft until I arrived at his puckered foreskin. I slid my hand down Will’s thick shaft so that his foreskin retracted and licked the tip of his penis. The clear fluid leaking from his slit had a salty flavor that reminded me of the sea. I licked the head, thrusting my tongue into his piss hole to suck up all of his fluid and then licked the head itself, cleaning up his fluid on the dome and in the flange around the head where it joined the shaft. I was rewarded by hearing Will’s respiration increase and his legs move involuntarily.

Still with my tongue licking the head I opened my mouth and eased it down until it covered the tasty plum, closing my lips around the thick shaft. I glanced up to see Will watching me wide eyed and my uncle looking encouragingly at me over Will’s shoulder. I began to move my head up and down, dragging my tongue up and down his shaft with my movements and finishing each ascent with a flurry of licks on the head itself. Will made various moans and I heard his breathing increase with each assault on his cock head. The rhythm of sucking him became almost hypnotic to me and I had no other thought than enjoying the taste and feel of his beautiful cock. I felt empowered, controlling his pleasure and making him crave what I was doing to him. I lost all sense of time, reality becoming a matter of Will’s cock and the reactions that I could force from him with my mouth. I bobbed up and down, feeling his body stiffen and though it felt as if his cock grow ever bigger and harder I found less and less resistance to it, it sliding deeper in my throat each time.

Remembering my lesson from the night before, snaked my hand up between his legs and parted his ass cheeks and probed until my fingers found his puckered hole. I stroked the tiny opening, poking my finger against it and wiggling my finger tip. Will began to move uncontrollably, flexing his legs and tossing his head from side to side. I knew his release was imminent so I sped up my mouth on his cock while suctioning him into my throat. I could see his balls rising in their sack and I thrust my mouth down, forcing his cock head as deeply as possible into my throat just as I felt his shaft and head expand and his hot ball juice erupted inside me. Swallowing as quickly as I could to meet the torrent, I moved his cock head into my mouth and sucked the spewing hole. Will was totally undone, thrashing about while emitting low guttural moans. When I felt the last of his hot fluid squirt I stopped all movement and simply held his delicious cock in my mouth, savoring his flavor, until his hardness had subsided.

I looked up at him and he looked back at me with a look of combined reverence and awe.

“That was never your first time!” he exclaimed.

“Indeed it was.” I said. “I take it you found it satisfactory?”

“You could give your uncle pointers and I thought he was the best cocksucker I’d ever met.” Will replied.

My uncle clouted him across the head, again.

“You seem to have a natural talent.” he said. “Some of us must rely on technique. And you, Master Will, shall now be forced to allow me to service your cock 10 times daily instead of the current 9 times that I make do with.”

“You only wish that we were both so capable.” Will replied.

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