My Dragon Brothers Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: A big thanks to Chicagoguy100 for helping me to send my story in. Thank you.


I opened my eyes with a start and I must have fallen asleep.

I look around as bright sunlight filtered through-out my small room upstairs.

Getting up groggily I quickly sit back down. What had I done?

I felt like crying or hitting myself.

How could I have been so stupid?

I’d seen a cock before, so what was wrong with me?

Granted it was much larger than that random human.

I had to rub my legs together to keep the ache at bay.

Stop it! He’s your brother!

Even so I couldn’t get his cock out of my head for the rest of the day.

No one was in the house as I made my way around.

More than likely they were both healed up and back on watch. The twins would be back late tonight.

I blushed at the thought.

That would mean they would want to talk to me about yesterday and this morning.

I threw on a summer dress and sat around the house most of the day.

Letting my hair down it reached to mid thigh.

The women around here always kept their hair short but I liked mine long.

I opened a window as the heat started to get to me.

The breeze felt nice on my skin.

At around seven I decided to start on supper.

Chicken sounded good.

The timer dinged just as I heard the door creak open.

My heart beat wildly as I pretended to not hear it.

I hummed softly as I put on the mitts once more.

When I bend over, I half expected a slap on the ass.

It didn’t come and I was surprised by the disappointment I felt.

I turned and peeked out of the corner of my eye at the two large men in the kitchen.

Their gazes followed me as I sat the chicken on the counter.

“Wow. You never let your hair down, its beautiful.” Landon said softly.

Looking over my shoulder at them I give a hesitant smile. “I didn’t feel like messing with it today.” I looked away quickly as I saw their eyes flash.

Pretending not notice as they watching me move about the kitchen.

bending to get plates and heard them growl.

I couldn’t help the blush that covered my cheeks.

A couple minutes later everything sat at the table.

I sat quietly as the boys tried to hide their staring.

“Dig in.” I smiled softly.

Their eyes flash once more as they stared at me.

I ate quietly but couldn’t help the blush that sat on my cheeks as they couldn’t keep their eyes off me.

I cleared my throat. “How was training?”

It was a question I asked everyday, but this time it didn’t feel the same.

“It was ok.” A simple response, that was odd for Knucker.

Eyeing him he looked like was about to burst.

I watched him concerned. “Are you al-“

He looked up as his eyes flashed.

“We need to talk about it.”

My cheeks turned a deep red.

“Ok.” I said softly not knowing what else to say.

Landon cleared his throat.

“Yeah. Uh were sorry about all of that. We kind of lost control. but it’s no excuse and we’re sorry.”

I look at them through my hair. “It wasn’t your fault, it was me. If I hadn’t innovia escort gotten so close then my shirt wouldn’t…”

My words trailed off as their eyes keep flashing.

“Maybe we shouldn’t talk about it.” I say as I get up quickly and set the dish into the sink.

“Come here.” I freeze as I hear the deep raspy in his voice.

Heat shot through my body at the voice as I slowly turned around.

“Knucker we shouldn’t-” Landon started but was cut off as his eyes turned the same bright blue.

I swallowed hard as I slowly walked towards him. “Knucker I-“He growled and Landon stood.

“Sit.” Knucker growled out as he pointed at his lap.

My heart beat loudly in my ears as I slowly walked toward him.

When I was right in front of Knucker he grabbed me roughly and pulled me onto his lap.

Facing him my eyes met his in surprise.

I gasp as I felt his hard cock press against my clit through our clothes.

He watched me closely as he lifted me then slammed me down again.

I threw my head back and moaned as he hit my clit just right.

“Knucker.” I gasp out as my breathing became heavy and loud.

He leans forward and nips at my neck.

Another moan past my lips.

Opening my eyes slightly I spot Landon unbuttoning his pants.

Watching in amazement as he slowly pulls his rock hard cock out.

Knucker lifted me once more and slammed me back down.

I let out another loud moan and clung to him tightly as I watched Landon stroke his cock.

looking up and met Landon’s eyes.

Hunger grew in his eyes as he growled.

I was so close to coming already as I rested my head on Knucker’s shoulder.

A whimper came out as the pleasure built.

Knucker lifted me once more and slammed me back down.

I let out a cry of ecstasy as my orgasm ripped through me.

As I came down from my high Landon gently grabbed my hand and set it on something.

I grasped something soft and hard as I squeezed tightly.

He let out a broken groan as the thing in my hand pulsed.

I look down and gasped as I took in what I was holding.

His cock throbbed in my grasp as I slowly rubbed up and down.

He threw his head back in pleasure.

On the very tip sat a bit of pre-cum.

I slid off of Knuckers lap as I knelt in front of Landon.

looking up and meeting his eyes I lick the pre-cum off his tip.

His body shuddered as I continued to lick the crown of him cock.

I was surprised when Knucker picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” I giggled as I watched Landon rip off his clothes behind us.

He walked me up the stairs and over to their large bedroom.

I knew I should have stopped him but I couldn’t seem to get the words out.

I couldn’t help but watch Landon’s cock as it bobbed as he walked.

I bit my lip and he growled at me.

Knucker chunked me on the large bed and started to rip his clothes off as well.

“Strip.” Landon commanded as they watched me intensely.

I gulped as I slowly started remove my clothes.

First my dress and then my bra.

They istanbul escort groaned together as my nipples grew hard in the cool air.

“So sexy.” Knucker growled out.

Landon growled his agreement.

Knucker grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him.

I hear the fabric of my panties rip but I’m too far gone to care.

Knucker spreads my legs wide and inhales loudly.

He growls low in his throat as his hot breath touches my most sensitive area.

I squirmed under their burning gazes and his hot breath.

A second longer and I would surely come undone.

“Knucker I-” His tongue licked my clit cutting me off.

I let out a sharp gasp then a moan.

His rough tongue hit all of the right places as I moaned and writhed on the bed.

I clutched the sheets tightly as he continued his assault on me.

At some point my hand made it to his hair as I was now tugging it roughly.

“Knucker I’m so close!” I gasp out thrusting my pelvis into his face needing this release.

He growls deeply making my clit vibrate.

I shuttered violently as I came full force crying out in bliss.

I was wiped out as I lay back trying to catch my breath, listening to them moving around but I was too tired to see what was going on.

“Are you sure?” Landon’s voice asked softly, not his dragons.

I opened my eyes slowly and saw them exchange a look before staring at my nude body.

I was so hot as they stared at me, that I didn’t even think about blushing or covering up.

I gave them a satisfied smile which made them exchange another look.

I was growing impatient and my pleasure buzz was dissipating.

I sat up as I took in the scene around me.

Though they weren’t their dragons anymore they still stood rock hard.

I eyed their cocks hungrily as they did that whole not talking but staring at each other.

I felt like I was in heat as I craved them so.

Getting an idea I slid off the bed.

They watched me hesitantly as I crawled toward them.

“What are you doing Amy?” Landon asked with a husky tone.

I looked up at him from the ground and smiled a mischievous smile. “Little ol me? Nothing at all.” I continued to crawl as they watched my naked body intensely.

“Amy you shouldn’t-” I jumped and grabbed both their cocks before Knucker could finish his sentence.

They let out matching groans as I stroked up and down.

Their cocks were about the same size as Landon’s was just a bit thicker.

My mouth watered as I thought of all the things they could do to me.

“Amy we shouldn’t-” I stuck my mouth around the crown of Landon’s cock cutting him off.

I stroked Knuckers cock faster as I bobbed my mouth on Landons cock.

“Damn it Amy.” Knucker ground out between pants.

I moaned around Landons cock as my pussy throbbed.

I knew they could smell my arousal strongly.

I switched cocks and sucked on Knucker’s cock as I stroked Landon’s.

“That’s it!” Landon ground out as he grabbed me up, making Knucker’s cock come out of my mouth with a pop.

I giggled as he once again threw me on the bed.

“Maybe kadıköy escort we shouldn’t.” Landon said softly as his reasoning mind tried to intervene. I looked up at him with a pout and bit my lip.

He growled and hopped on the bed his hesitation gone.

Knucker lay down and threw me on top of him.

I looked small compared to him and his monster cock as it twitched.

He lifts me up with little effort and pants.

“Sit on it.” I watched him with a little worry as I positioned my entrance right over his cock.

With a deep breath I slowly slid down on it.

I threw my head back as I felt him stretching me out wide.

It seemed to go on forever as he stretched me in ways that made me shudder in pleasure. He groaned as I finally buried myself to the hilt.

I sat there panting for a moment as I got use to the feeling.

I put my hands on his chest and started to move.

We let out matching moans as I raised up then sit back down.

I rocked back and forth as I panted heavily.

I moan and gasp as I ride him hard.

Landon sat there stroking himself as he watched.

I looked at him as an idea formed.

“Come here.” I gasp out as Knucker hits that spot inside me.

Landon crawled over as he watched me intensely.

I leaned over and put his cock in my mouth.

I moaned as the feeling hit me once more.

The sound was muffled by Landon’s cock.

It felt so odd to have two of my holes filled like this.

Odd but really good.

It was so much at once.

Knucker grunted and gripped my hips tightly.

Only one word formed in my mind.

Bliss. Another orgasm made me tighten up and moan, as I sucked through the pleasure that was making me dizzy.

Landon thrust into my mouth quickly, making me gag.

But I didn’t stop him, in fact I really liked it.

“Amy.” Knucker growled as he pulled out quickly.

Hot liquid covered my back as I moaned on Landon’s cock.

Knucker panted behind me as I still sucked Landon quickly.

I knew he was close as he tightened his hand in my hair and picked up the speed.

“Amy, I’m cumming!” Landon groaned out as him hot cum shot into my mouth.

I swallowed it with hesitation.

It didn’t taste terrible, it was actually kind of good.

As I lay back on the bed I can’t help but start to feel guilty.

Did they really want to do that or did I just push them into it.

I could hear their heavy breathing in the room and reality was starting to set in.

I closed my eyes tightly and hoped that this was all a dream.

A really hot and sexy dream, but a dream none the less.

As if just noticing my lack of clothes I looked around desperately for something to cover up with.

My cheeks grew hot as I finally came completely out of it.

Not finding anything to cover myself, I shot off the bed.

I wanted to get out of here before reality set in on the boys.

I couldn’t even look back at them for fear of disgust or disappointment on their faces.

Walking quickly out the door, I shut it, then ran to my room.

As soon as I closed my door I slid down it with a heavy sigh.

Burying my face in my palm’s I tried to think of what to do now.

What am I going to say to Dad?

“Uh sorry Father, I fucked both of my brothers and I really liked it, no hard feelings though right?” I gave out a frustrated groan.

What am I going to do?

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