My Cousin’s Feet

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TRUE STORY, I kiss cousin’s feet in a game of truth or dare


“John stop!”

She said giggling has I tackled her onto the bed. Me and my cousin have always been quite close, not usually with this level of physicality though. But hey I was feeling courageous for once.

“I tough we were going to play cards.”

Well that is the excuse I used to get into her room, just me and her.

Some of my biggest regrets in life are not taking advantage of various situations to touch her feet. In the pool, at the beach, wherever it was. If only I was a bit more brave or creative. Well it is of no importance now.

During my whole youth, her feet have hypnotized me.

I was eighteen at the time of this story. She is a year older than me.

I could swear she does it on purpose. Seeing her barefoot, my cock would get so hard I thought I might pass out. If I had her for myself I would smell, kiss, lick, fuck and cum on every single square inch of her soles. And her toes, oh my goodness her toes, they are my greatest craving. I could kill just to have her shove them down my throat while I’m on my knees. It’s a crime feet like her’s aren’t being worshiped every second of every day.

After amusing ourselves with the cards for a bit, I suggested we play truth or dare. Much to my surprise she complied.

My cousin is the complete opposite of a party girl. Shoulder length black hair, little make-up at all times, she even sings in the church choir just to hammer home the stereotype. She’s no Instagram model, but she is not ugly either. Her blandness is charming. It’s quite a shame her best feature ,the one that drives me mad, is meaningless for most men.

I chose truth. She followed up by asking if I had a girlfriend. I didn’t, but I felt embarrassed about it so I lied.


Now this is where things started to escalate. She chose dare, with one condition, we mustn’t attract the attention of either of our parents who were in the kitchen down the hallway, planning our upcoming summer vacation. We were already a bit too old for such games so we should stay in the room, obviously I agreed.

“Selena I saw this thing on the internet, it’s a challenge to test your abdominal strength. I lie face up on the floor, you stand on my belly and I have to hold on for thirty seconds, if I ask you to get off I lose.”

She squinted her eyes and looked me sideways.

“Come on!! It’s a dare, you have to do it or I’ll throw you in the bed again!”

Her eyes loosened, she let out a closed lip smile for about half a second.

“Alright, fine.”

She stood up while I was still sitting down. Looking up, I saw her black high-rise jeans very tight on her legs, she is above average height for a girl, although I, at six foot one, still tower over her. In spite of that she is only one hundred and ten pounds. I love it, she had this cute little thigh gap and long feminine legs which I wouldn’t mind touching and licking together with her feet.

Using the bedside table for balance, she brought her right heel up to her rear and slid her thumb down her ankle, creating a space between the bottom of the ankle and yabancı escort the back of the shoe. She pushed the shoe back. And just like that, one of her white, low top sneakers fell on the carpet behind her. She repeated the same movements, this time for her other shoe. Now they were both on the floor. She stood for a moment, thin clear ankle socks covered her feet. An old grayish shirt covered her shoulders and chest but leaved part of her belly exposed.

“Damn your feet smell really bad Selena, were you out running or something?”

I teased her but truthfully they had a mild, damp smell with a hint of sweat. If I could stuff my nose in them I wouldn’t even think twice. But of course I couldn’t show I was loving every bit of this or else she would find out how much of a pervert I am.

“You must want me to stomp you really hard.”

She nudged back at me with a smile on her face.

“Yeah with how light you are, you could jump on me and I wouldn’t feel a thing!”

She stepped on my stomach. Out of surprise more than anything, I exhaled a bit harder than usual. There was concern in her eyes as she looked down on me, what a sweet girl. I smiled and egged her to keep going, this seemed to soothe her worries. She trampled me softly at first but as I kept on mocking her, the steps became heavier and heavier. My dick hardened to stone, if she had touched it by accident I’m certain I would have came right then and there. Her eyes became mischievous over the thirty seconds. I was in total ecstasy.

“By the end of this you will really like my feet.”

My mind went numb at the sound of those words.

It was my turn, the word “dare” stumbled out of my mouth.

“OK then, sit over here.”

She pointed to a spot on the carpet near the bed. Like some pathetic worm, I crawled to it. She sat by the edge of the bed, leaning back with her arms extended, holding her weight on the palms of her hands. Scooting her butt forward, she got closer to me.

I got on me knees so my face would be closer to her. She crossed her legs and now her right foot was just inches away from my face. If I had stretched my tongue out, I would have touched the tips of her toes.

“Kiss it.”


I answered out of genuine shock this time.

“Kiss my foot!”

I for sure thought the trampling was the pinnacle of my enjoyment that evening. Upon hearing her say those words I doubted whether I was even awake. It felt like a dream, a really good dream I might add.

I raised my chin and our eyes met, there was a stern look on her face and a sort of bratty expectation in her dark brown eyes. Realizing it wasn’t a dream, I thought my face must have been displaying too much pleasure, so I quickly tried to show disgust at the situation.

“No way!! That is so gross, I might faint from the smell.”

“Just for saying that, It’s gonna get even better!”

Still with crossed legs, she reached for her ankle again. This time she grabbed her sock and yanked it out. All curled up, it fell on the carpet below her dangling foot.

Her feet are so gorgeous no amount of words can describe them. yeni escort

Selena wears size thirty-six European (for you Americans that’s a size six). Her ankles are thin and girly, if you were to grab on to them you would have a lot of room to tighten your fist. She has a small heel relative to the rest of the foot. A shade of light red covers her ball of the foot, heel and toe tips. She has medium height arches that match really well with her long feet. Her soles are wrinkly but not excessively so. The wrinkles disappear when she stretches her feet but remain prominent if she curls her toes. Speaking of toes, I’ve had a thousand dreams about them. Selena has a Greek type foot, meaning her second toe is longer than her big toe and the rest of the toes are like a descending stairway , each one shorter than the one before. There is a gap in the middle of her big toe and second toe, my biggest fantasy is getting a foot job where she jerks my dick in between them, then I blast a full load on her feet and have her lick it clean in front of me. Her feet are absolute perfection in the summer, when the top of the foot has a hot tan and the bottom remains pale with a tint of red.

“Come on, a dare is a dare and you gotta do it right?”

As she waited for the kiss, she dangled her foot in front of my face and her big toe scrapped the tip of my nose.

“How long do I have to do it for?”

I asked secretly hoping she would say a long time but to her it seemed like I wanted it to be over as soon as possible.

“I will tell you when it’s done, come on hurry up.”

Like the prince in Cinderella, I held her feet with both my hands, slowly I lowered my head, puckered my lips and pressed them against the top of her foot.

Have you ever teased a girl in a playful way? When the girl likes it she feigns being surprised and a bit offended but she can’t help but let out a smile. That was my cousin’s reaction. An audible gasp echoed in my ears, a consequence of her surprise. She didn’t really think I was going to do it.

For an instant she tried pulling her foot back but it was being held firmly in my hands. For the next five seconds I was in heaven. On my knees serving her feet, right were I belonged. Then it hit me that I should be pretending not to enjoy any of this so I stopped the kissing and lowered her foot.

“You lost! I told you I was going to let you know when it was done. Still; I can’t believe you actually did it. Well you’re gonna have to do another dare. Since you liked my foot so much you’re gonna kiss all my toes this time.”

“That’s not fair!”

My words said “No” but my eyes and my intonation were screaming “Yes Goddess, anything you want.”

She palmed the top of my head and brought my face towards her pinky toe.

“Come on.”

I brought my lips together and kissed it. It was a strong kiss. My lips made a slight smacking sound when in contact with her skin.

“See it’s easy! One…”

She moved another toe next to my mouth, I acted in the same manner.

She kept counting each time she “forced” me to kiss one of her toes. My chin was down and my eyes shut. They yenibosna escort were rolling to the back of my head with pleasure and I didn’t want her to notice. At last I finished with her big toe.

“Five! But it’s not over. I said ALL of my toes.”

She uncrossed her legs, removed the sock of her left foot and crossed them again. Now her left foot was a few inches from my lips.

That time I didn’t need any orders and she didn’t need to push my head down. I held her foot in my hands once again and worshiped each toe as she kept counting and giggling. I spent a little bit more time on each toe, making sure I savored every orgasmic instant.

“Ten!!! Good job.”

“I can’t believe you made me do this Selena.”

I was still kneeling, looking at the floor, completely overwhelmed.

“So do they still smell bad? Are you sure you didn’t change your mind?”

She teased me.

I tried showing her a fake sneer. My eyes were now glued to the floor. Still with her legs crossed, she softly slapped my cheek with her foot.

“Say they smell amazing. Say they smell like roses.”

She brought her foot to my neck. With her toes she lifted my chin and made me look up. I uttered the weakest “No” in the history of mankind, practically begging her to just make me say whatever she wished.

“They smell amazing. Say it!”

“They smell …”

I stuttered out of pure joy.

“They smell amazing Selena.”

I finally spit it out.

“Say they smell like roses!”

With her foot she lifted my chin even further up , exposing my whole neck and almost making me look at the ceiling.

“Yes, they smell like roses, I love them.”

It felt amazing to surrender like this.

I was breathing heavy and my cock hurt from being hard for so long. She uncrossed her legs and placed her foot on my shoulder. She was pleased but there was some confusion in her eyes, she probably didn’t count on me being so obedient.

After a few seconds she snickered.

“You’re such an idiot!”

She switched her foot from my shoulder to my chest, pushed me back and used the momentum to stand up. I looked up at her eyes once more.

“Kids it’s time to go.”

My mother yelled from the kitchen. It was roughly eleven p.m on the clock, my parents wanted to leave.

“You’re so mean Selena for making me do all of this.”

Selena laughed and left the room, I followed her shortly after. I spent a couple more minutes in the kitchen with everyone else, not saying anything. My family was about to leave, me and Selena exchanged kisses (on the cheeks this time) and waved goodbye.

It was a fun night, I went to bed as soon as I got home and pulled out my phone to look at some creep-shots of her feet I have saved up. You can probably guess what I did next.

NOTE: This story is one hundred percent true. It happened in Portugal and obviously we both spoke Portuguese, so the translations of what was said may not line up perfectly. However the vibe and the whole interaction happened exactly as I wrote it. Only the names have been changed. I hope the readers forgave any mistake since English is not my first language. I really hope you enjoyed and feel free to “release” if you got hard reading this, I know I do.

Again, thank you so much for reading. If there is demand I might post a link to some pictures of my cousin’s feet, that way you won’t merely have to imagine what they look like.

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