My Chemical Romance Ch. 05

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I couldn’t believe it.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Rita just grinned as we wheeled into the parking lot of Venus and DeMilo’s Sex Market, largest sex supermarket I’d ever seen in my life. “I’ve always wanted to come here but I never had the balls to do it by myself.”

“So you conned me into coming!” We both laughed for a minute, getting out and looking up at the sign again, its armless naked icon beckoning us to enter. Gathering our collective courage, we walked into the store and were immediately overwhelmed by the variety and in some cases, sizes, of the items for sale. I’d never seen such a wide selection of dildos, vibrators, whips, restraints and wondered what the hell some of the things were. I noticed that Rita made a beeline over to a lighted glass case and I slowly followed, still taking it all in.


Rita and I both looked up at the salesgirl’s question and glanced at each other before bursting into laughter. “Not quite.”

The girl laughed. “Not that kind of virgin. I meant a virgin bursa escort to the store.”

“In that case, yes, we are.”

She extended her hand. “I’m Casey. Welcome to Venus and DeMilo’s.”

“Thanks.” I said, looking down at the items that Rita was raptly gazing at. “What the hell is that?”

“A violet wand.” Casey bent, slid the door back and brought one of the items out to show us. It was a smooth column of purple glass and Rita lifted it as if it was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.

“What’s it do?”

“Gives you a charge.” Casey grinned, activating another larger one and touching the tip almost to the back of my hand. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and a tingle electrified my skin where the wand hovered. “Imagine that on your clit right before you cum.”

“That would be mind-blowing.” I rubbed my hand and reached out toward the smooth surface again, enjoying the stimulating current that poured through my fingers.

Casey leaned between us. “I have a room upstairs if you want bursa escort bayan a private demonstration.” Rita and I looked at each other and gave her a quick nod.

“Great. Bring both of those and follow me.”

Rita reverently cradled her wand as did I and we followed Casey on a winding course through the store. She paused a few times, first to grab a basket, then for a tube of lubricating jelly and a six pack of condoms. Finally, she selected five different-sized dildos and a couple of vibrators and told her friend, Alice, to watch the store while she was ‘with customers’. With a wink and a smile, she led us through a set of royal blue velvet curtains that concealed the stairway to the upper apartment.

We stepped through the door and were pleasantly surprised to see that it was a normal apartment, not the love den we’d been imagining. Tasteful Mapplethorpe stills decorated some of the walls and the muted tones of a clock’s chimes told us that it was four.

“I didn’t get your names.”



She escort bursa shook our hands and headed toward the back, tossing conversation over her shoulder. “I’m proud of you girls. We don’t get very many college girls any more. Most of them prefer buying stuff of the internet.” We entered a bedroom and she kicked her shoes off, gesturing for us to do the same. “You know, the anonymity factor. But they miss out on perks like me.” She slipped out of her shirt, freeing a luscious pair of C cups that caught my attention. I wasn’t gay but I envied the way they hung and the size of her nipples. “I’m Casey,” She pulled out her own personal wand, a small one with a round globe. “Your tour director.”

I don’t know when I sat down but Rita and I were soon perched on the edge of two chairs, watching her wield the wand on her own flesh. As I watched her expressions, I wondered if that was what I looked like when I was enjoying my chemical romance, if my teeth clamped down on my tongue sensually and my nostrils flared widely. She had only just started the demonstration when my addiction overpowered me. I lifted the wand that I held and switched it on, raising my sweater and baring my nipple.

Casey grinned, zapping her own breast. “Go for it.”

I did.

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