Mutual Incest

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Jim had a fine life, despite his family life. Him being in his 20s, he had a job, a house, and money to pay for the house. His mom was in prison, and he hadn’t seen his Dad since he was 11, so all he had was younger brother and sister. Jim was smart enough to know that it wasn’t a good idea to learn from his parents, and he taught his siblings that too.

Him and his siblings were nothing like their parents, they were middle class suburban residents. They all looked well. It was Thanksgiving and he had plans with his brother and sister. He had invited them to his house for a fried turkey dinner, and other side-dishes. They all showed up, sat on the back porch and waited for the food to be done as they talked.

When the food was done, they sat around the table and ate. Stephen and McKaela, his brother and sister, had finished and so had Jim. Stephen was showing sign of defeat to the food he had just eaten, and made up an excuse about a doctors appointment. Jim and McKaela were sitting on the couch watching TV making comments on commercials between shows.

McKaela had gotten up without saying anything, Jim only shrugged about it. After about ten minutes Jim called her name and there was no answer. He got up and looked around for her. The bathroom door wasn’t fully latched. He was about to say something but heard wet sounding noises. He tried to think of any other thing that could sound ucuz escort like that than what he thought it was.

He had an attraction to McKaela ever since she was fully grown. She had what he guessed were D cups, long blonde hair, a beautiful face. He had shamed himself for his attraction, so he thought this was a perfect chance to at least see her pussy. He walked in.

He saw her womanhood. His sister jumped. She sat and stared, and he stared back. She was dripping wet, and she looked down at Jim. He was rock hard, and it was very clearly visible. McKaela saw it, and kept going. She wasn’t thinking clearly, as she had been caught with her fingers inside of her. Jim stood and stared. He wasn’t thinking, until he looked down and realized he had taken his cock out.

He looked at his cock, then back at her. “Oh my god, McKaela, I am SO sorry!” He was about to put his cock away, then she said in a quick tone “No, wait!” Jim looked at her in confusion. “I know I am your sister but I have had a mini crush on you since I was 15.”

“W… What?”

“Do you know what I masturbating to?”

Jim said nothing. She held the phones screen toward Jim’s face. “This,” she said,”When we when to Grampa’s cabin that one summer, we were going to go swimming. I got overwhelmed with the though of you getting naked in the next room. I took pictures while you changed ümraniye escort into your trunks.”

“I…. I don’t—”

“Don’t say anything, I am already embarrassed enough as it is…”

“I had a crush on you too.”


“Yeah. I mean I never went as far as invading privacy but yeah, I have” McKaela left her jeans and panties on the floor and walked over to Jim, reached into his opened fly and pulled out his 10″ cock. She started stroking him. Jim was thinking of what to do next. He couldn’t. He figured he had 3 choices: Take it, advance the act, or stop her from doing it.

Jim chose. He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head and threw it to the floor. She smiled at him as he unhooked her bra, and Jim was right, two beautiful breasts fell from the confinment of the bra, with two perfectly sized pink tits staring at him. McKaela proceeded to kiss Jim, toungue and all. Jim kissed her back and fingered her wet pussy. She then dropped to her knees to get closer to his cock. She looked up at Jim, Jim looked at her.

She did it. There was no going back. She had wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and twirled her toungue around it. She continued with what was the best blowjob of Jim’s life yet. She finished and swallowed whatever wasn’t on her face, and wiped it off. His sister walked off with all of her üniversiteli öğrenci escort clothes still on the floor. She walked down the hallway and Jim watched as she swayed her perfect ass. McKaela turned to open the door with her back, then looked at Jim with her arms covering her tits and vagina, and disappeared into the room.

Jim followed her into the room and she was laying on the guest bed with her legs spread. Jim came in and saw her. He stripped his clothes off and climbed onto the small bed. She whispered to him “Fuck me” and closed her eyes. He inserted his cock and she let out a small moan. “Harder” she said, and Jim went harder. Jim had come all over her breasts, and she kept it there.

She turned onto her elbows and knees. “Fuck my ass,” she said. McKaela was the best he had ever fucked, he plowed her ass hard, and came into her asshole. She loved it. “Um, Jim…”


“Am I the only one thinking we need to do this again sometime.”

“No. I needed this from you.”

“Jim, you have the biggest cock I have ever seen.”

“Yeah? You have the most perfect body I have ever seen.”

Jim leaned in and started sucking on her nipple and rubbed her thigh. McKaela bit her bottom lip and nudged Jim’s arm to finger her. He fingered her and sucked on her nipple until she had an orgasm.

McKaela spent the night naked wrapped around Jim’s body, one breast pressed warmly against him, and one sitting on him, and she moved a bit to gently scissor herself on Jim’s leg. They fucked in the morning, fucked before she left later, and they sometimes go to eachother’s house to have the best sex they have both ever had. They agreed never to tell anyone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32