Ms. Marca Ch. 46

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After returning from a hard fought mission I was ready to have (as my uncle who spent some time in Vietnam would say) R&R. I don’t know if that stands for rest and relaxation, but to me I always thought of it as RAM and RIP my ass. I had just the date for the night to do that. That horny old Wise had me hot wet and ready to do some sexy teasing, but damn that guy has never had good sex so how could a girl put on a show for the old coot.

The next afternoon Mrs. Wise phones and left a message with my mother.

“Marca… Mrs. Wise called and said you had dropped by to see her and you could call her anytime today.” My mother gave me that look like I had just killed someone. I looked at her and tried to look her down “What!!.. Mother!.. Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Marca what are you up to?”

“Mother… I’m just trying to make that woman like me, she told you and father some bad things about me and I got to show her I not a bad person!”

“Girl if you cause that woman to commit suicide I’m going to turn you over to the cops!”

“Mother how can you think such a thing!” As I walk out of the room I say to myself…That’s a damn good idea… wish I had though of it. Mother’s are so smart.

Later that day a phone call is made: (Marca’s thoughts)

“MRS. WISE… THIS IS MARCA…HOW ARE YOU?” (you fucken bitch) “I’m doing well Marca thank you for asking.”

“MRS WISE THE REASON I CALLED YOU… I WAS TOLD THAT YOU HAVE A SON AT STATE UNIVERSITY?” (if he is like you’re ass hole husband he should be put in a state institute)

“Why do you want to know!” (fuck you bitch… I’m going to destroy him to get at you)


“Will Marca I’m speechless I didn’t know you had grades to get into college,… I just never saw you as being the college type.” (Fuck you… just for that remark I’m going to turn you boy into a queer)

“OH I HAVE A 3.2 GRADE POINT AVERAGE… AND IT SHOULD BE BETTER THAN THAT BY THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR.” (when you don’t wear panties to school and set on the front row and hike up your leg enough and than after that you fuck half the male teachers in school and thank god I got all men this year, how else does a girl get a 3.2 average)

“I’m shocked Marca…but our Dickey will be home in a few weeks and I’ll have him give you a call and you can talk with him about the University, you know he is working on his MBA and working at the same time..we are so proud of him ..did I tell you about his…”

“YES MOTHER I’M COMING… MRS WISE I BETTER GO MY MOTHER NEEDS ME TO HELP HER FIX DINNER … MY NIGHT TO COOK… CAN WE TALK LATER… THANK YOU… BYE… BE, SWEET.” (damn I forgot mother said to have dinner ready when she and dad got home I better go to KFC and get dinner. One of these days’s I’m going to learn how to turn that fucken oven on… oh will)

It has been about 3 weeks since I had my phone conversation with Mrs. Wise and I still enjoying life in the fast lane. Life is wonderful when your 18 and counting the days when you can leave home and not have to sneak around. The back seat of an auto is not my idea of a good place to fuck. I get more leg cramps when I’m trying to do it in some guys back seat and doing dog just takes on a whole different meaning.

Saturday morning about 10 AM”

“Marca what time did you get in last night young lady?”

“About 12:30 daddy, maybe 1.. 1:15!” Do other father’s say good morning that way to their girls when they get up in the morning?

“Marca .. Mrs. Wise called last night and she left a message .. something about her son being in town… here let me read the message… ah she wants you to have dinner with her, Mr. Wise and DICKEY.. who in God’s name is Dickey?”

“Oh my God that woman is crazy if she thinks I’m going out with them and their nerd son.”

“Marca on the back of this note your mother took there is more…ah. Mr. Wise and Dickey will be coming to the mall to see you model.” “Girl what are you modeling today?”

“Oh daddy nothing but dresses, after 5 dresses cocktails dresses, something you would like. But god all my friends will be there and see me and I got to speak to slim ball Wise and his fucken NEARD son!”

“Marca don’t you talk like that in front of me!”

“Daddy maybe you should ground me for the weekend!” “I got to get to the mall I got to get my hair done before the show, damn how do I get out of this?”

The main mall was packed with guy’s who were their for the fashion show and as one gay guy running the thing said. “I just don’t see why all these men want to come to something like this, they all get up so close to the runway, I just don’t understand it. I looked at Bruce and put my arm around the short little gay turd and said to him “Bruce the day you understand why men come to look konyaaltı escort at the show, will be the day I’ll let you fuck me dog style on that stage!” Marca you know I’m not that type of person. “Yes I know that, reason we want be fucking anytime soon.”

The show was to last about 45 minutes and each girl had to make 12 changes and it was pure hell back stage and each of the dresses I had to wear were low cut, what do you expect and half were tight fitting. Thank God I didn’t need to have a bra on with any of them it would have made changing that much more slower. The last set had been changed and it was decided that each girl would wear underwear for the final walk. I was to have black 4″ heels, black fishnet stockings, black garter belt, and a French cut black bikini’s panties. The bra they gave me was a 40DD pushup, also black. When I stepped in front of the mirror to check myself just before I hit the runway, I turn to the gay guy and ask him what no whip? As I went into my cat walk swing my ass, making my hips sing, my pushup bra went into action. You want to talk about 2 basketballs bouncing when I went down that runway, no shit!

Because of the lights and the way you have to look out when you get to the end and spin and turn and start back up the way, you just don’t see anyone, but you see faces. That is hard to explain but take my word for it. I was the show stopper that day.

One of the other girls in the show came over to me about half way into the show and said “Marca you got a dirty old man out front who sent you a note back stage said he was looking forward to having dinner with you.” Girl, you going big time on us? No… I’m to have dinner with the wife, a slim ball, and their son Dickey pooh! I can’t get out of it.

As I came off the runway that last time one of the guys who worked back stage walked up to me and said Marca these guys are looking for you. I look up and good old Mr. Wise with his eyes on my tits and a cigar that was twice the size of his cock was making his way though the crowd toward me. It seem like every guy in the place had come back stage trying to get a look at us one last time.

Oh me ..why me.. God’s way of getting back at me for all the sinning Iv done.

“Marca baby..and he grabs me and pulls me into his chest and makes sure he gets a good feel of my tits and kisses me on the cheek. As he does that someone from behind me bumps into me and I fall into his arms even more, I wonder if Wise just shot his nut off? “Marca I want you to meet out Dickey, Dickey come over here son!” “Where is he Mr. Wise?” “There the tall black headed boy!”

OH MY GOD!!! I’m the one who has died and gone to heaven, thank you sweet Jesus, oh thank you! This mother fucker… soon to be Marca fucker had to be 6′ 5″ 235# and looked like a Greek God.

As he got near me he took my hand and said “Hello.. you must be Ms. Marca, I’m Richard… and than he pulled my hand up to his face and kissed it. Lowering my hand but not letting go of it he looked into my eye and said.. “My father did not do you justice when he said you were a very pretty lady.”

I just stood and looked I could not say a thing I was at a lost for words. He just keeps looking into my eyes he hasn’t looked at my tits once, God is he for real.

“Were you adopted?”

That set him back and he looked at me again and said, “I’m sorry what did you say?” “I ask were you adopted, you look nothing like your father or mother.” A big smile breaks out and he looks up and began to laugh and said.. “all the men on my mother side of the family are big.”

I wonder if they are big all over!

“Father tells me we are having dinner together!”

“Yes.. Iv been looking forward to this for weeks!” I know one thing this boy is not having JELLO for desert.

Old Mr. Wise had his nasty eyes all over my tits and each time I looked his way all I could see was this ass hole in his workshop jerking his cock. I hope we make it a fast dinner so this hunk and I can be alone. “Gentleman I need to go home get ready, what time shall I be at your place? Richard looked into my eyes and took my hand and held it up to his lips and kissed it again, “I wish you were there already!” Pussy juice just ran down my leg, think God no dogs are allowed in the mall I would have been attack by the pack because I was in heet. I’ll hurry home and get ready, I’ll try and wear something you might like! Less is better! Juice just ran down the other leg. I turned and walked back to the dressing area knowing that he was watching and I made sure my ass was doing it’s thing.

I got home in record time and hit that door running to the bedroom to get ready and my mind was going a mile a minute. Out to the den in my undies and father in his easy chair looks up and just as I was about to ask mother to let me wear a pair of nice earring’s father comes out with the following.

“Marca since you don’t want to go to dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Wise and their , I think you called him a nerd son , your mother and I have decided to take you to the country club for a nice quite evening.”

“Daddy how can you think I kültür escort would be so rude to stand Mr. & Mrs. Wise up when they had gone to so much trouble to arrange for Richard to come in and visit with me about going to college. Here I’m trying to be a better neighbor and something that may have been lost on the rest of this family. I just can’t believe you would think I was that way. That is one of the nicest neighbors we have Mr. & Mrs. Wise are a pillar of the block and father more I think you could learn a lot from Richard, he is working on his MBA.

As I left the room I shouted back at my mother I was borrowing her pearl earrings! When I came back though the Den the way to my room both of them just sat looking at me and did not say a word.

I looked at them and said “Oh by the way I need to stay a little past my curfew time tonight!

Mother was the first to speak and ask “How long past your curfew do you need to be Marca?”

“Oh I don’t know,… than I turned toward my bedroom and looked back over my shoulder and called out… maybe NOON!”

My father looked at my Mother… “Did I miss something today,… your not telling me everything are you,… please tell me you have been keeping things from me!”

“COLLEGE! I didn’t know she could spell college!”

It took me an hour but I washed shaved waxed plucked peeled clipped cut curdled painted brushed sprayed creamed oiled powered perfumed and wiped. That is a lot of work but when you have a pussy as hot as I got it takes all that to make it stand out. I spent about 10 minutes on the rest of the body and I was ready to go. I’m kidding! I did take a black cherry cough drop and put in my thong just inside my pussy lips. After 3 hours my cunt has the smell and taste of cherry. Who knows he may think I still have my cherry, hell it never hurts to try.

I walked out looking like a million dollars and feel like I had the world by the balls, or soon would have his. I knew I was hot! I had on a short mine black dress that was strapless and it had a built in bra. No stocking.

Father looked up from his paper and over his glasses and just mumbled “Oh shit!”

“Marca! I don’t think you need to be out till noon that is just too late and besides what would you be doing till noon tomorrow?” My mother looked over at my father and said

“Don’t ask her that she may tell us!”

“Mother I may want to take Richard to some of the nicer dance places after dinner. They are open late and you know how it is after you been dancing he may invite me to breakfast and that would be so embarrassing to tell him I have e to come home so he can come back and pick me up for breakfast.”

My father looked at my mother and said… “Oh shit… she is making sense!”

“Marca.. noon is not going to be,… you be home before noon young lady, do you understand?” I kissed dad on the cheek gave mother a big hug and headed for the door.

“Marca no noon you understand?”

“No noon… I got it I’ll be here about 10,… night, love you… be sweet!”

My father looked at my mother and said…will I’m glad we got that settled, I’m going to get a drink, want one dear?” “By the way what ever happen to Dickey and who the hell is Richard?”

Part 2:

Will I must say this might have stated out as a war but to night I was going to pretend I was at Waterloo, take me you fucken Englishman take me. I rang the doorbell and my knight open the door and his eyes looked at me and undressed me. I felt like a woman ready to be held and made love to by a man, damn I hope he is a big man. He held out his hand to me and when I took it he pulled me near him and whispered in my ear “Your more beautiful dressed than in your undies, you must be a goddess when you’re undressed!”

Oh… I just had a muscle spasm and that fucken cherry cough drop is somewhere up my vagina.

Oh Richard, be nice your mother and father will think bad of me. “Does it matter what I think Marca?” I gave him a firm look and said “Did your girl friend hear the same thing last night?” With that I turned and walked into the living room where Mrs. Wise was setting having a glass of wine and slim ball was behind the bar working on his…who is counting. Oh Mrs. Wise you look so lovely I like your rings they are beautiful. (you fat slob only thing you got that is pretty) “Marca you’re to young to drink, but can I get you a Coke? (you ass hole thanks a lot) No I’m OK Mr. Wise thank you. (why don’t you jerk off)

“Dad what time is dinner reservations?” “Oh we need to be going, shall we go in one car son, no dad, Marca and I will be going out after dinner alone!” (happy days are here happy days..) “Were you humming something Marca?” “Not yet, sir not me!” Richard opens my door to his MG and I swung my legs so that he had a shot of things to come. As we went down the freeway his hand shifting gears and my legs crossed and turned just slightly toward him I noticed he kept looking at my long dark tan limbs. “Marca everything about you is beautiful, is their anything on you that is not perfect?

“Kind sir… you need to markantalya escort give me your phone number, I’ll have to get back to you on that.” “That will be no problem and I have no one waiting for me back at school!” (happy days…da..da..) “Marca you have such long legs and today on the runway I noticed how straight they were just how long are they dear?”

“Will.. I’m not to sure how long, but they run all the way from the floor to heaven!” “Iv been told that there are many men who would die to just get a look at heaven.”

Dinner was going along wonderfully, we were being greeted by lot of members coming up to the table, local politician, leading businessmen. I was getting the looks, all kinds of commits and some were kind of kinky. I figured I played my cards right by the time school was out I could be the next vice president of XYZ, or heading up the next campaign for governor of the state. But tonight I had one objective.

Mr. & Mrs. Wise finally said good night and went home where old married people should be after 10. Damn 10 already I got less than 12 hours to get this hunk between my legs. The small jazz trio that the club has started playing at 10 and Richard ask would I like to dance and I told him I think we should have one dance before we go to a better night spot than this. The man could dance, he held me in his arms like we had been made for each other his lips kissed my cheek and I could feel his manhood jump when I ran my hand to the back of his neck and whispered in his ear “Your turning me on!”

Where is this other dance spot that you want to go to my love he said to me as we drove out of the drive at the Country Club. I gave him directions to the Riverboat Jazz Club where the local 20+ crowd went. As he approached the turn in to the club I told him: “Oh don’t stop, I just wanted you to know where it was and that if they ask, which they will, we went here didn’t we, drive on!”

“Where to Ms. Marca, since you’re calling the shots!

“Keep going down this street and at the freeway turn right into the parking lot!”

“What is the name of this night spot?”

“Holiday Inn!”

“So this is one of your favorite places to go?”

“Never been there, but I have always told myself some evening I will be with someone that I want to spend the night with and we would be there.”

Richard checked in and we drove around to one of the side rooms as we pulled up in front of the parking space, he turned to me and with a look of concern on his face. “Marca are you sure you want to do this, a girls first time is special!. This night and the Holiday Inn will be with you for the rest of your life.” (thank god I didn’t tell him about Motel 6 across the street, my name is on half the bathroom walls in the place)

Richard was cool he was just as much a tease as I was. He was pushing me to the edge and I was loving it. I was still unsatisfied as far as getting fucked went but I was sure it wasn’t going to be long before I had more cock than I could ever possibly handle. I could tell that when we were on the dance floor.

We entered the room and I went straight for the bath, had to get that cherry cough drop out. When I came out he was setting up in bed still dressed and looking at my every move, I went to him and fell on the bed beside him and kissed him open mouth and with passion. I was still dressed but I wanted him to have the pleasure to undress me and explore my body a little at a time. I ran my hand across his lower belly and found his bulge as we continue to kiss and grope each other. He moaned as I ran my palm over the outside of his pants. He pulled back, looked at me and said.

“Marca I know your just 18, my mother told me your age, but you’re a very mature 18 and at this age I know your sexual experience is not like that of a woman 22 or 24. I don’t want to just have sex, I want us to make love and I want this to be very special for you I want to please you. I want to make this a night you will remember forever. “

“Richard your are so sweet, you make any woman feel like a special person, but I want you to know I’m here to make you happy, for when I have pleased you, you will have pleased me.”

“Your girlfriend was crazy for letting you come home this weekend, she has lost you after tonight!” I whispered as I pulled his body close and felt his cock. “No more talking, just passion, please make love to me!”

His lips went to my lips and they soon parted making room for his tongue to arouse my body, as if it needed anymore arousing. My nipples were rock hard and I was about to bust out the dress waiting for him to lick and kiss the object of every mans affection. He began to knead both of my breasts through the material of my dress. I grabbed his head in my hands and snaked my tongue passionately into his mouth. As our kiss lingered, his fingers unzipped and pulled down my dress. I reached up and pulled his face to my nipples and had whispered to him as he kissed and licked them, “Suck them hard make me see stars!” Richard began to nibble on my breasts, gently nipping the nipples. He had a slow hand, taking his time enjoying my breasts. My nipples were erect, and I was loving the attention he was giving to them. My moans became louder as his hand moved up my thigh. I love having my tits massaged and sucked, it really drives me wild. I had a violent, muscle wrenching orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32