Movie Night Ch. 03: Susan

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I was fucking spent.

Susan’s mouth is gently pulling the head of my cock in while her tongue swirls around the tip while her hands are caressing my balls. The reflex action I have is to cringe while expressing the last few remaining drops of my sperm onto her tongue.

Petra and Riley are giggling, their feet up in the air on the couch, their asses…oh…those delectable asses…perched higher up, with their heads resting on the floor, and in the dim light shining in from the hallway, I can see their juices and my cum spread lewdly over their pussy lips and on to their thighs. They’re quiet now, reveling in having accomplished some goal that I am still trying to process in a head racked by their sexual onslaught.

They “wanted” this?” I thought to myself. These seemingly innocent girls, now full of my sperm, smiling and laughing.

“So let’s talk timing, Daddy” Susan finally tells me, as she stood to remove her panties, and assumes the same straddled position that Petra had a moment ago, only this time, facing me, sitting in my lap, my flaccid member pressed into the stickiness that I assume is her own sexuality. I look down to see her shaved lips pressed to either side of my cock, and the pressure causes one last droplet of my seed to be pressed from the hole at the tip.

“Here’s the thing, Daddy,” Susan continues, “all of us…Petra, Riley, and me…want kids, and we’re not going to wait. Not for stupid boyfriends who can’t make up their mind, not for those dumb college jocks who only want to get shit-faced drunk, and certainly not for some ‘Mr. Right’.”

As Susan is telling me this, her hands are caressing my shoulders as she square herself up on my lap, and begins running her hands through the hair on my chest, down, them up, and then on either side of my chin as her face grew nearer to mine.

I hadn’t noticed how green her eyes had become. Her shoulder-length hair. Auburn, straight, and down on her shoulders now.

And those lips…oh, Fuck, my Hell. That red lipstick on THOSE lips, and I felt my cock twitch.

“Mmmm…Daddy…is that for me?” Still without words, I looked on, dumbfounded. “Oh, it’s my lipstick again, isn’t it, Dad?” Susan proclaimed. “Hang on…some must have gotten smudged ‘down there’. I know you like it..just a minute, o.k.?” and with this, she reached over to the coffee table where she had left the tube. Her momentary lifting action caused me to feel cold where I was feeling intense heat, and again my cock throbbed, slowly, but ineffectively beginning to refill with blood.

Susan, with lipstick tube in hand, and naked as the day she was born, swirled her hair back, and looked through my eyes directly into my soul. “I like what this does to you, Dad. I wish I had known earlier.” With those words, she re-applied the waxy gloss to each lip, moving ever so slowly, never removing her eyes from mine. My breathing was slow, deep, and my mind was clouded. My eyes never left her lips, though I was aware of the heat once again pressing into my expanding cock, and her nipples, becoming aroused and erect.

Susan had set the tube down, and moved her face closer while holding her right breast and moving it towards my mouth.

“Suck Daddy…I need to feel it in you.” I opened my mouth, and Susan’s eyes glazed over, her jaw dropping just slightly, parting those amazing red lips. Her hips began the same, slow rocking motion of her clit and vaginal opening over my cock, her juices now freely flowing as her story continued “so we thought about how we want to live our lives, Daddy. This living situation is perfect, and with part-time jobs, we can cover all the expenses, since there’s no real rent. Plus, if it all works out, our kids will be entering school just as we complete our Masters and get on to our own lives.”

I finally found words “Honey, you can’t…I can’t…this isn’t right, sweetie”, but Susan interrupted me “Our only really big concern was ‘WHO’ we could trust with this task. We knew it was you, Daddy. It was always you. It could ONLY be you. Petra’s Dad is grossly overweight, and Riley’s Dad is what…5′? No, they could never do.”

“Suz” I tried again, “your mother…you…me…these girls.” I was making no sense, and Susan knew it.

“Close your eyes, Daddy, and listen to me.” I did. Susan’s voice was relaxing…reassuring…and she removed her nipples long enough to kiss me on my lips, slowly, sensually…allowing me to taste her lips and the lipstick coating them. She was breaking my resolve, and I didn’t know how…or if…I wanted her to stop. “Did you like your time with Riley tonight, Daddy?” she asked.

I pulled my mouth away for just a moment “Oh, Suz…yes…but..” To no avail…Susan pressed forward, and once again her nipple was deeply over my tongue.

“Don’t you just get hard thinking about those nipples of hers, Daddy? And how about Petra? Those legs could squeeze the life out of you, Daddy, and wasn’t her mouth just perfect cleaning you up? maltepe escort You know I saw some of that, right? Do you know how much she likes eating cum?”

“Suzie…please…we have to talk about this.” I was feeble, and my body was beginning to betray me, my hardness now gaining some strength under Susan’s inflamed womanhood.

“They’re nothing compared to me, Daddy. They’re just sexy. I’m a little bit slutty, and I’ve learned a new trick I want to show just you. Just you wait until I show you what I can do. And we ARE talking about this, Daddy, but for now, I need you to listen. We like you. In fact, I love you, and you’re about to find out that so do Riley and Petra. We always have. It was meant to be Dad. You’re always there for us, you love us back, you’d do anything for us, right?”

“Well…Yes, Suz, but this…this is…” I hinted, trying to get to the very unsocially acceptable core of what she was suggesting.

“This is incest, Daddy. It’s you pushing that horse-cock of yours into my wet, young pussy, and squirting your daddy-seed into me and making me pregnant. But I’m asking you for it, and I plan on cumming several times with you when you do that to me. Gawd…this is a nice cock” and her hands were gently stroking my length and tip now.

O.k., well…Susan definitely has a way with words.

“But that can’t be all you think about it, Dad. It’s also love. We all want to please you and love you, and we can’t think of any other better way to show you that, Dad.” Susan’s hips flexed back, her wetness opened up coating my cock, and her clit scraped from the sensitive head of my member to the crease of my balls. The motion caused my cock to raise almost straight up into the air, and Susan expressed “Oooo…look how far up into my you’ll go, Daddy. Do you think that’s where you’ll put your Daddy seed?”

My cock head was just below her belly-button. “That should be more than far enough, don’t you think, Dad?” and Susan squeezed my shaft. “It feels like maybe Daddy’s cock is ready now, but you just have to wait”.

“Wait…Suz…what?” I asked as my mouth left her nipple, and the breast slightly bounced upon having to support its own weight. My hands had found her ass cheeks, and I was pulling her forward in an effort to gain the entrance.

“You’re spent, Daddy, and I want a FULL load from you. This can wait for the morning, and you’ll need to sleep on what we’re asking. We’ve talked this over, Dad, and we want your baby…each of us. Inseminating Riley and Petra with this monster is different, right, but I’m your daughter, and you just found out how naughty I can be, so I need you to think it over.”

My head was reeling again, and now, from the lack of blood, since my ‘other’ head had it all.

“If you’re willing, Daddy, I’ll be waiting for you in the morning.” And with that, Susan departed, Riley and Petra rolling off the pillows and standing, each of them cupping their leaking holes, giggling like hyenas.

As Susan picked up the tube of lipstick, she had one more gem to share “oh, and by the way, Dad…each of us is on the same cycle. So if you’re wondering “why now”, well, let’s just say that tomorrow is my peak ovulation day. Petra and Riley are a little less reliable, which is why I let them go first, but I felt the slight twinge in my left ovary tonight at dinner, which means I’m ovulating now, and my egg will be ready for you right about the time Mom leaves for work. Goodnight!” and they bounded up the steps for Susan’s room.

Those minxes.

They knew I had the week off. They knew Tammy had an early set of meetings. They’ve been monitoring their ovulation cycles?!?!?!???!!

What. The. Fuck.???

Needless to say, I slipped in as quietly as I could to a snoring Tammy. I thought I would be restless and my conscience kept yelling at me, but I found I readily drifted into a slumber, and was only slightly aware of Tammy’s 6 a.m. buzzer. She showered, gave me a kiss on the cheeks and said “have a good day. Please keep a mindful eye on these girls. I’ll be back around 6 tonight” and with that, she was gone.

I went from groggy to awake to a throbbing hardon in about 5 minutes. “Jesus, really..” I thought to myself, and tried to find the logic and dissect it before having to deal with the reality of what this morning might bring.

No dice. She didn’t even knock on the door. Susan simply entered in the waxing daylight, now casting a small glow, and asked “Daddy…are you awake?” “Yes, Suzie, I am” and I felt my heart stutter. Her footsteps were light over the carpet, and I pulled myself up to lean on pillows as she sat at the edge of the bed. I could smell her light perfume, and I her hand was warm on my thigh, even through the thin sheet covering it. “I know I’m ready for you, Daddy…I barely slept. God, I’m so fucking wet for you right now, Dad. Have you thought about last night?” She was wearing her thigh-length silk nighty. I could see mecidiyeköy escort the weight of her breasts through it, her nipples already primed for the encounter. I didn’t know if she had panties on or not, but her musky smell from that part of her womanhood was already in my nostrils, and my cock ached in response.

“Susan…this is a lot, and it’s wrong. What makes you three so certain that this is the right thing for you?”

“Dad, it’s not wrong. We’ve been talking about this for a long time now, probably 4 or 5 months. We know what we want, and we know from whom. You. You’ve always said you wished you could have more kids, right?”

“Yes, Honey, but that was with your mother. 4 was plenty, and I always said that tongue-in-cheek.”

“I know that Dad, but be honest with me, too. We’re going to do this. Don’t you want it to be with someone we care about, and who cares about us?”

“Well, yes, Suz, but..” Susan interrupted me “…and don’t you think you’d like knowing it was you who helped us out when we needed it the most?” Her hand was now slowly rubbing, and moving up my thigh. My cock didn’t need the reminder, and a pre-cum dollop stained the sheet just above her hand, my tent there now very obvious. Susan smiled at me. Her nipples were now straining at the light fabric, and she shifted slightly closer to me on the bed.

“Wouldn’t you be proud, Dad, knowing that three young, beautiful girls…one of them your daughter…asked you breed them on the day of their peak fertility. I mean…you are a big fucking stud, right?” Her hand closed around my shaft, and as she squeezed tight, she lifted herself up and moved her mouth over to my ear “I promised I wouldn’t force you, Dad…you have to do this yourself. Before you decide, though, I told you I have something to show you.” And with this, she peeled back the covers, and said “stand up, Daddy.”

My monster was at full staff…hard…not just engorged, but rock fucking hard. Still, I had enough blood left in my brain to search for some control. “Susan, I..” but again she cut me off “I’m not going to force you Dad, I just want to show you some things before you decide.” She took my spot on the bed, sitting on the edge, and said “Kneel, Daddy.” She was watching my cock as she said it.

I did. I was now in front of my little girl and her silky nighty. “I want you to see something, Dad…please” and with this, she reclined, lifting her feet to the bottom box spring mattress, and parted her legs just far enough. Her nighty rode up her thighs, and her womanhood blossomed in front of me.

“See this, Daddy? Do you know what this means?” as her 3 fingers spread the clean lips apart and dipped deeply into her sex. I could see the redness, either from sliding that delicious slit along my cock shaft last night, or more than likely, from her readiness this morning for an insemination she was so desperately seeking.

And I could smell her wetness. I flushed red, I’m sure, as she pulled her fingers out, a long stream of clear egg-white-like mucous followed. Her fingers were literally dripping with the stuff, and the air smelled of her wanting. “What does it mean, Daddy?” Her voice was a whisper, but she demanded the answer. She was serious, and staring directly into my eyes.

“It means my baby girl is fertile, Susan.” My voice was a whisper.

“Can you see it well, Dad?” Susan asked. “Move closer, Dad, I want you to see. I want to make sure you know.” I moved my head within a few inches, and Susan whispered “Good Daddy…closer, please”. Her fingers slipped back inside, and my lips were not even an inch away from her now. I could smell her pheromones…her lust…she was so incredibly sexy at that moment. Her fingers began the slow retraction as her labia closed back around the swollen opening, and she again whispered “taste it, Daddy”. As she moved them closer, my mouth closed around the digits and their earthy, musky, sweet coating, my tongue licking them off as she slid them back and then out.

“Can you taste it, Dad?” I simply nodded. “Do you want another taste, Daddy?” I didn’t nod, I just looked over the silky coverings into her eyes, as her other hand pressed the top of my head down, and her fingers again spread her swollen labia open. My mouth briefly made contact with the heat, and my tongue simultaneously slipped from between my lips to between hers. The result was automatic, as Susan gently pushed her hips forward into me, and I gently lapped up the juices flowing oh-so-freely now, punctuated with her sigh and the warmth of her thighs on either side of my head.

“Good Daddy…Oh, so good.” Susan was blissful, and I could see her nipples now peaking the fabric, asking for release. I felt her vaginal opening quiver and close around my tongue, than relax and open, and with each cycle, she poured forth her readiness.

“Stop, Daddy…not yet. I have more to show you.” Susan abruptly pulled back and left me searching merter escort for her honey; something I would gladly have consumed all day. “I’ve saved the very best for last, Dad. Come here. Lay down.”

“Honey…I’m not sure I’m ready for this” my brain was gasping for control. “Relax, Dad, I’m not going to force myself on you. I said YOU needed to decide. I just want to make sure you’re making an informed decision” and she smiled devilishly. She turned serious, and her dominant side barked at me “I won’t say it again, Dad. Lay down”. Susan stripped the silky gown off her body as I placed mine back in the sleeping position on top of the covers.

“Tell me when to stop, o.k., Daddy?” Susan asked “but also…let me know if Mommy can do this for you? Oh, and by the way…no touching, Daddy…this is just for your information” Susan straddled my stomach facing my knees, and placing both hands on my shaft, slowly began licking the crown.

“Ooo…precum…yummy” I heard, and then “Daddy, does Mommy do this for you?”

“Yes, Pumpkin…that’s nice”. I looked up, and saw the most delicious ass above me, just in front, where her legs had spread the opening wide, and she was literally running juices over her clit. The little star-shaped wrinkle of her asshole was pulsing open with each stroke of her lips over my cock, and the smell was intoxicating.

“oh…o.k…well, does Mommy do this for you” and with that, my plum-purple head slipped into her mouth, and her lips were half-way down my shaft in an instant. I felt my balls tighten, and my thigh muscles flex in response, as my ass bunched up and thrust upwards into the warmth of her mouth.

“Oh my God…yes…oh, yes…Susan…OH, Fuck…” Her one hand was pulling my balls out, and the other gripping my shaft. I could feel the veins of my cock protruding out against her small digits, and my ball sacs were quickly being primed full. They were pulling in, but her hands were pulling them out, and the conflict was sensually excruciating. My hands had found her pouting nipples, and surrounded them while massaging her breasts. Susan breathed deeply…then gasped at the feeling.

Finally, “Oh, o.k., well then,” Susan whispered, as her mouth left my throbbing unit and her tongue licked the very tip to remove the precum gathered there “one more thing, Daddy.” Susan spun around, and straddled my chest, pinning my arms under her legs, her pussy juices now wetting the hair on my chest. In her hand again, from where, I don’t know, was the lipstick. She leaned over me, her breasts warm and hard against my chest as she slid back, and her mouth almost inside my ear now.

“We’re almost there, Daddy…and then you can touch, o.k.?” I screwed my eyes closed, unable to take in visually what I knew was coming.

“Open your eyes, Dad. I like it when you watch.” Susan sat up, lifted the deep, red tube to her lips, and once again slowly applied a thick coat to her lips. Satisfied that they were right, and knowing I was enraptured with the sexy act, she lowered her lips to mine, and she spoke her last words to me “I want you to remember these lips Daddy … I’m not done yet … think about how they look as I finish showing you now, o.k.?” She kissed me. Lightly, but firm enough that the sensation and the taste of those intensely ruby-red lips burned into my psyche. My cock lurched, and as she straightened up from the kiss, touched the tip of her ass. “Oh, not there, Daddy…maybe later, but not right now.” She smiled…wickedly…evily… and again turned over on top of me, her soaked pussy just inches now above my face.

I was breathing in her sex. Each breath was filled with her pussy juices and the smell of 10,000 years of sexual priming. Susan kissed my stomach down to my pubes, just above and now under my cock head, moving it out of the way as she kissed down to the root of my balls. “Ready, Dad? ” she asked. Without waiting for an answer, Susan’s head descended onto my cock, and I again entered into her mouth, but just the tip. I groaned. Susan paused, then proceeded to a half-way point on my cock, where my tip hit the back of her throat.

I moaned, and she paused again, hands now firmly stretching my balls out. I wanted to cum, but couldn’t, and she knew it. She wasn’t done. She exhaled, then took a deep breath, and began swallowing as the tip of my cock passed the constriction in her throat, and her lips proceeded all the way down to the top of my balls. My baby girl…fuck…no…this woman… had the entire length of my cock in her mouth, and with each swallow, was caressing the upper half of my shaft.

Utter Heaven.

I relaxed, Susan lowered her pussy onto my open mouth, and I spent several moments reciprocating the intimate expression of a sexual act as my hands smoothly caressed every inch of her delicious ass, and my tongue probed her labia, ending on her clit. That moment caused a small tremor, and her pussy constricted, flowing her juices into my mouth. Susan moaned, humming over my deeply-rooted cock. Running out of air, she slowly came back up, breathed deeply several times, and again slipped everything I had into the deepest recesses of her throat.

I didn’t give up. I wasn’t “broken”, or “give in”, I simply made the psychological transition to acceptance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32