Mother’s Surprise

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My name is Jason and I am 18 years old. My dad passed away a couple of years ago from a bad heart condition. So now it is just my mom and I on our own.

Anyway I had to tell you about what happened a couple months ago that has changed my life forever. I love collecting fireworks. I order them from catalogues and stash them under my bed so my mom doesn’t find them. It was Friday, I came home from school and was going to get one of the new fireworks I ordered to show my friends. To my surprise the fireworks were gone; mom must have found the firecrackers and hid them. She hated them, because they were dangerous. I ran out to the garbage but they weren’t there so she must have hid them. I had a couple hours before mom got home so I went to her room to get my stash back. I started pulling open her dresser drawers one by one feeling through the clothes hoping to find a plastic bag. When I got to the last drawer, it was stuck. I pulled as hard as I could but it wouldn’t budge. This had to be it, I mean why else would she lock a drawer?

I pulled out the drawers above it and below it to find out what was blocking it from opening. There, lodged between the dresser and back of the drawer was a wooden dowel. I pulled out the dowel and opened the drawer. There was nothing but a book and a bunch of magazines, what a crock of shit! Why in the hell would she be locking a drawer just for a book and some magazines? I pulled out the book and read the cover, “How to teach your son to be a man.” How is she going to teach me to be a man? What does she need a book for anyway? Curiosity got the better of me so I flipped through the book. I came across the first subtitle “Letting your son explore your body.”

What the hell? I put the book down and picked up on of the magazines. It had “Incest” in bold letters written across the top. What was incest? I started reading through the articles in the magazines. It was talking about mother and sons having sexual relationships. I was feeling funny, I couldn’t tell if it was a feeling of sickness or arousal. I pulled out a couple more magazines, except this time from the bottom of the pile, and flipped through them. Holy shit these had pictures of mothers and sons kissing and hugging without any clothes on. I was getting light headed so I put the magazines and the dowel back. I was so confused that I had forgotten all about my fireworks. I went back to my room and just laid down.

Over the next week I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had found in Mom’s drawer and started to look at her in a different way, like trying to picture her naked. When I did, I got the same feeling as I had when I was paging through the beylikdüzü escort magazines in her room, kind of sick and aroused at the same time. I also started becoming a little paranoid of her actions, wondering if she had been hitting on me all this time? For example when she takes a shower she always leaves the door open a couple of inches. Before I had just though she was letting the steam escape so it wouldn’t fog up the mirrors in the bathroom, but now I was wondering if she was trying to give me a show.

The feeling kept getting stronger every time I thought about what I had read and seen in the magazines from Mom’s drawer. Now, though, I could tell it was definitely a feeling of arousal. I had to see Mom naked to see if I was sexually attracted to her. The next day I heard the shower running again so decided to take a peep. I crept down the hallway and up to the bathroom door. I could hear Mom’s singing through the shower water. I crept closer and closer to the bathroom door looking through the three inch opening at the mirror to see if I could see her reflection. My heart was racing wondering what she would do if she caught me. I saw her reflection for a brief second as she stepped out of the shower. Then all of a sudden there she was right in front of the mirror, giving me a full frontal view of her. My dick instantly got hard, she was the first woman I had ever seen naked in real life. Her body was incredible, in fact she looked much better than the mothers in the magazines. I was fixated on the triangle of hair between her legs. I was feeling light headed again, thinking about the incest magazines she had and how sexy she looked. All of a sudden the light went out, or so I thought and the sound of a huge crash as I hit the floor. I can’t fucking believe it, I fainted. As I came back to consciousness I saw my Mom kneeling over me naked rubbing my head. “Are you OK Jason?”

“Uh yeah, I think so.”

“What were you doing honey?”

“I was going to go to the bathroom when the steam must have hit me and made me faint.” Shit that sounded stupid.

She was so close to me I could feel the warmth radiating off of her breasts. They looked so soft with the large dark tan aureoles staring at me putting me in a trance. She must have noticed me staring at her breasts because she said “Oh my, I don’t have any clothes on. I must be grossing you out.”

“Huh? “

” I said that my being naked must be grossing you out.”

I didn’t know what to say. Should I say no mom I love your tits. I sure in the hell didn’t want to casually agree with her and piss away any chance of experiencing that incest beylikdüzü eve gelen escort shit so I uttered “No mom, quite the contrary, you look amazing.”

With a giggle she said “keep talking like that young man, I may let you take advantage of me.”

Holly shit I couldn’t believe my mother was talking like that to me. My whole life my mom has been an authority figure by setting boundaries for me. Now she was kneeling next to me naked and flirting. Even though it seemed wrong something was so erotic about it I wanted the conversation to continue. “You are much too sweet to take advantage of mom.”

With that she bent forward and kissed me softly on the lips. Breathing in the perfume from her warm skin and the feeling of her soft lips touching mine was so intoxicating I almost fell over again. She leaned back a little looked me deeply in the eyes and then bent forward and kissed me again but this time she parted her lips slightly so I could feel moisture from her mouth on my lips. By now I was so horny my dick was aching. She got up and started walking to her bedroom “what would you like for dinner Jason?”

“Anything.” Man I was so confused, I wish I had never found those magazines in her drawer. I was lusting after my own mom even though I knew it was wrong. Freud would have had a field day with this.

After dinner I washed the dishes and cleaned the table, which was a little out of the ordinary for me. Normally I just run off and go play with my friends after dinner and come home late. Mom was surprised by my actions and said “wow, to what do I owe this honor?”

“Nothing, I just think that you should be treated like a queen once in a while because you work so hard.” Man I was desperate to do what I saw in those magazines that I was saying all sorts of sweet stuff.

Mom giggled and said “why don’t you take a break and come over here and sit with me on the couch.”

I went over and sat next to her. I snuggled up to her in her terry cloth robe. “Mom could you kiss me again like you did earlier?” I couldn’t believe how daring I was getting but I knew that she must have had those magazines in her drawer for a reason. Might as well push my luck.

Mom kissed me softly on the lips again. It felt so warm and smelled so sweet. Then she parted her lips a little again and kissed a little harder. I didn’t know what to do besides just purse my lips a little bit. She then opened her lips a little further and I could feel her breath on my mouth. She was looking deep into my eyes when I felt her tongue run across my lips. It seemed as though she was trying to beylikdüzü masöz escort part my lips with her tongue so I complied. Her tongue instantly shot into my mouth and felt her tongue playing with mine. I was so aroused feeling her probe my mouth with her tongue while she was looking into my eyes. She backed away from me and wiped my lips with her finger “was that the kind of kiss you wanted.”

“That was even better than I had imagined.”

“Well then you haven’t imagined very much have you?” she said with a devilish grin.

I was getting kind of scared because I didn’t know what to expect next. I mean I had never been alone with a girl and made out before, and this was my MOM, which was even more freaky.

I was so turned on by kissing my mom that I had to do it again so I leaned over to her this time and kissed her on the lips. She responded by putting her arms around me, opening her mouth wide and devouring mine. It was so nasty my dick became hard instantly. I was in heaven. After a couple of minutes she backed away again. “You ok sweetie?”

“I am fine mom.”

She looked down at the tent in my sweats. “Oh my, I can see that.” She wrapped her hand around the tent in my sweats and started rubbing up and down. “Does that feel good baby?”

“Oh man this is so weird. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Do you want to fuck your mom honey?”

“Are you serious?”

“You tell me.” With that she stood up and let her robe fall to the ground. She then took off her panties. There stood my mother naked in front of me. She then climbed on top of me putting her knees on each side of my legs straddling me. She lowered herself slowly until her pubic area was touching the tip of my dick. My body was shaking, I was nervous. She took my dick in her hand and started rubbing it against her pussy. She smiled at me and rubbed my face with her other hand “everything is going to be ok honey.” The more she rubbed my dick against her pussy the wetter it became. It was an incredible warm slippery feeling. She then lowered herself a little more until I could feel the tip of my dick being squeezed slightly. I looked down to see what was going on and I saw my dick start to enter her pussy. She moved her hands to each side of my head to hold on to the back of the couch. She leaned closed to my face and whispered “does it feel good baby?” I couldn’t answer because I was so scared. She leaned back which brought her ass lower. I was now all the way inside and she was now sitting on my legs. The feeling was intense; my dick was encased in a tight, warm, wet, slippery sleeve.

“Ohhh that feels so nice. Why don’t you kiss me a little bit honey.” I kissed her lips while looking into her eyes and she rocked slightly back and forth on my legs. This was too much I didn’t know what was happening but my body started to shake and the pleasure became too intense. My hips started bucking up and down and she wrapped her arms around me and held on tight. “That’s it baby come inside me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32