Mother’s Friend Ch. 05

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Part 1 of this series was posted under “Mature” and parts 2-4 were in “Erotic Couplings”.

A brief summary to this point: Ron has recently started sleeping with both Sandy and her mom Pam. One night Ron and Sandy secretly watched their moms fucking. During Sandy and Ron’s next fuck they began some “dirty talk” about their moms.


The next day he left early to get back to campus. As he drove back he reflected on his spring break and laughed that he certainly had a much wilder time than any of his friends would have had on their trips. When he returned to his small apartment he was excited to find that Sandy had already left him a message.

Throughout the rest of the school year Sandy and Ron talked often on the phone and exchanged frequent e-mails. She came up to visit him several times on campus and each time they spent just about as much time in bed fucking each other silly as they did out exploring the city’s nightlife.

At first Ron had thought that her previous talk of involving their moms in their fucks was just something she said in the heat of her own passion and didn’t really mean. It wasn’t until her second visit to campus that she brought the subject up again. This time, however, it wasn’t during the excitement of their sex when she raised the subject. They had just finished their first fuck of the night and were comfortably lying in each other’s arms when she asked, “So have you been thinking about us fucking our moms?”

The casual way she tossed out the question surprised Ron and he had to stop and carefully consider if he had heard her correctly. She raised her head and looked up at him and saw the vague look of surprise on his face.

“Don’t play all surprised with me,” she teased, “I know you remember talking about it and I remember how hot it made you. So, have you been thinking about it?”

“Yes,” Ron admitted. It was true that he sometimes fantasized about watching Sandy fuck her mom while he watched or joined in. It was much more rare, but he had on occasion even let himself fantasize about all four of them fucking together. Whenever he let himself think of actually fucking his own mom or of having her suck his hard cock he came very hard, but he still hadn’t really let himself have these fantasies very often.

“Me too,” Sandy said. “I think I might have an idea to make our fantasies a reality,” she said quietly as she began to fondle his cock and balls softly. She paused as she played with his cock and let her fingers run through the wetness her pussy had left behind after their last fuck. “You game?” she asked.

Ron answered yes still not believing what they were talking about doing. It was one thing for him to have fucked both the mother and daughter separately but absolutely something else entirely to talk about them all fucking together. Including his own mother in the mix simply added to the unbelievability of what they were talking about.

Sandy said that she thought it might work best to get them in a different environment to perhaps get them out of their normal roles. She suggested some sort of trip with just the four of them. From there her details got sketchy, but her basic idea was to get the four of them away from home together for several days and then for her and Ron to try and seduce their moms.

They talked about the idea more over the next few weeks and often during her subsequent visits. At first Ron really doubted the idea but it seemed like the more they talked about it and planned it the less absurd it sounded to him. Still, there were times when he couldn’t believe what he was planning.

Eventually, he and Sandy decided to propose a summer getaway to their moms. They had ideally wanted to do a surprise trip but neither had the money to make it happen without help. They decided to each pitch in as much as they could and then propose the idea to their moms and ask them to pay for some of it.

The basic plan was that the four of them would spend four days and five nights in this beach town that Sandy and Ron had picked out. It was supposed to have great beaches but they had really picked it for its reputation for wild nightlife. They planned the trip so it would conclude with the July 4th holiday in the expectation that the town would be packed and rocking. The town was close enough that they could drive to it but none of them had ever been there before and it was far enough away from home that they would be strangers to anyone else.

They took the step of reserving a couple of hotel rooms before they even proposed the idea to their moms. Ron planned a visit home on the weekend of mother’s day and that is when they sprung the idea on their moms. Over a fancy brunch Sandy and Ron proposed the idea to Pam and Nancy as a sort of family get away.

Much to his relief Pam and Nancy said they thought the idea sounded great. He and Sandy happily filled them in on the rest of the details over brunch and they all left the meal excited about the trip, although esenyurt ucuz escort Ron suspected his and Sandy’s excitement was for a far different reason than Pam or Nancy.

Time seemed to literally fly by until just a few days before the trip. He and Sandy had made more plans and talked often about what would happen. Ron had decided to stay on campus this summer so he worked many long hours and extra shifts after classes ended to get plenty of spending money for the trip.

Ron drove home the day before the trip with his bags packed. The next morning all four of them piled into Pam’s SUV and started the three and half hour drive. They chatted excitedly the whole way there and finally pulled up to the hotel in the early afternoon.

They checked into the two rooms and dropped their bags upstairs. They had reserved two adjoining rooms with two beds in each room. Initially Pam and Sandy put their bags in one room while Ron and his mom put their bags in the other. They all four quickly changed into their bathing suits and went out to the beach.

They spent the day relaxing and swimming on the crowded beach. Ron watched with keen interest as his mom and Pam helped each other apply their sunscreen. Each was wearing a conservative two piece suit but he felt his cock grow each time their hands smeared the cream over the other’s body.

It was not until a little before sunset that they decided to go back to their rooms and get ready for dinner. They showered and changed and made their way downtown. They found a little seafood restaurant and ate a leisurely meal. Along with dinner Pam ordered a couple of bottles of wine. She joked that she probably shouldn’t be letting the minors drink but she readily poured them both glasses when it arrived.

By the time dinner had ended it seemed they all four were feeling the slight effects of the alcohol. When they left they decided to stop at another bar and get more drinks. Nobody in the bar batted an eye at Ron or Sandy as they sat and shared some drinks with their moms.

Ron noticed that Pam and his mom were definitely becoming more and more physical the drunker they got. By the time they were ready to leave the bar they were actually holding each other’s hands openly on the table and often hugged each other or rubbed their hands over each other’s backs as they laughed and talked.

They all slowly walked back to the hotel and entered their rooms. Once inside Pam suggested that they change the room arrangement. “After all,” she said with a sly smile as she motioned toward Sandy and Ron, “we know that you two wouldn’t mind a little privacy.”

Ron and his mom quickly moved their bags so now Sandy and Ron were in one room while Pam and Nancy were in the other. Ron couldn’t believe how well that worked out since making this switch had been a part of his and Sandy’s plan.

As much as he wanted to throw Sandy down and fuck her they talked and decided to wait. “Did you see them together?” Sandy asked. “I’ll bet they’ll be naked and in bed together any minute.” He and Sandy listened through the door to the rustles in the other room.

After a few minutes Sandy slowly turned the knob on the door connecting their rooms and pushed it open just a few inches. It was hard to see at first but Ron could definitely see the two of them under the covers together on the same bed. As his eyes adjusted he could see them engaged in a wild kiss with their tongues visibly wrestling between their mouths.

They were each already partially undressed and soon were both naked. He and Sandy watched as their moms teased each other’s tits and pussies. They finally were so turned on by what they saw that they turned to each other and met in a desperate kiss. They immediately fell onto the bed together and began to wildly tear off each other’s clothes.

There was no foreplay or tenderness in this fuck as Ron immediately got between her spread legs and pushed his cock easily into her wet pussy. They began fucking and after only a few strokes they heard a loud groan and sigh from the other room. Ron looked at the door connecting the two rooms and realized that he and Sandy had forgotten to close the door when the left.

The thought that they were hearing one of their mom’s cum excited him and he and Sandy looked at each other with wicked smiles on their faces. They resumed fucking and a few minutes later they heard a gasp and another loud moan from the other room as the other mom came.

Sandy pulled him down close to her face and whispered in a husky tone, “Let’s give them something to listen to.”

She released him and Ron began fucking her again. Their fuck soon became very fast and forceful and the headboard began banging against the wall they shared with their mothers. Ron thrust into her heavily and knew that the sound of their bodies slapping together would be very obvious.

He was the first to cum and tried to contain his own groan as his cum shot out of his esenyurt üniversiteli escort cock and started to fill her pussy. Feeling him seemed to trigger Sandy’s own orgasm but she made little secret of hiding her excitement. She cried out loudly and then moaned over and over as her orgasm passed over her.

When they both had finished cumming they collapsed together in a panting, sweating mass and hugged and kissed each other tightly. When she had regained her breath Sandy whispered, “What do you suppose they thought of that?” They both laughed quietly and continued caressing each other for a while longer before falling asleep.

When they woke in the morning they could hear the shower running in the other room and Ron noticed that the door was still cracked open between the two rooms. He wondered what his mom thought when she saw the door like that and wondered if they even remembered that it had been tightly closed when they went to bed.

He and Sandy began to stir and finally got out of bed. Sandy took her turn in the shower and Ron sat on the balcony that overlooked the beach. On the next balcony Pam suddenly appeared looking fresh out of the shower. They made eye contact and she said, “Morning,” in a tone and with an expression that made it clear to Ron that she had heard he and Sandy the previous night.

This day they decided to split up and explore the town. Pam and Nancy went off together and Ron and Sandy walked around window shopping and holding hands. They asked around about some of the clubs in town and got some recommendations from the locals.

When it was time for dinner they all four met back at the hotel. After another great seafood dinner they again stopped at a bar for a few rounds. It was there that Sandy suggested they try out one of the clubs that had been recommended. Pam immediately agreed but Nancy seemed reluctant until Pam convinced her.

The club was crowded, noisy, and wild, just what the locals described it to be. They got more drinks and watched the rowdy scene for a while. There was a near constant stream of women going up to the bar and lying down so their men could do body shots off them. The dance floor was also pretty wild with several couples very obviously groping and fondling each other as they danced.

Sandy and Nancy went off together in search of a bathroom leaving Pam alone with Ron. She looked at him and smiled a devious smile before she leaned closer to him and said, “It sure sounded like you two had some fun last night. I’m hoping I can get a taste of what you were giving to Sandy.” She snuck a hand around him and felt his ass as she spoke.

“Anytime,” Ron answered.

Pam then surprised Ron when she added, “Did you two have fun watching us last night?” Ron looked at her in surprise but she said, “Don’t try to deny it. I know I shut that door when we went to bed.” She paused and let him think about that for a moment before she repeated, “Did you like watching us?”

Before Ron could answer Sandy and his mom returned. They spent the rest of the night talking and dancing before they decided to leave. Several times during the rest of the night Ron noticed Pam and Sandy talking privately to each other but he never thought anything of it.

Back at the hotel both couples went to their rooms and immediately began having sex. The maids had left the door between the two rooms cracked slightly as they had left it that morning and neither couple bothered to close it. Ron and Sandy again could hear the moans from the other room as their mom’s made each other cum and they made no effort to hide the fact that they were fucking.

When they had finished cumming they remained awake and in each other’s arms for a while longer. They couldn’t hear anything from the other room and so Ron assumed that their mom’s were asleep. He couldn’t believe how things had gone so far and it seemed that the stage had been set nicely, but he wasn’t sure how to advance things to the next level.

A little while later Sandy slipped out of bed and said only, “I’ll be right back.” He rolled back over and looked at the stars twinkling over the ocean through the sliding glass door that opened onto their seventh floor balcony. There were no other tall buildings around and they didn’t see any need to close the windows as it would be nearly impossible to see into their room.

He waited for Sandy to return from the bathroom as he lay on his side and looked contentedly out the window. He heard footsteps moving toward the bed and then felt an arm wrap around him as she got back into bed. It wasn’t until she was all the way in bed and pressed up against him that he realized something felt different.

He turned around and saw Pam looking back at him with a devilish grin on her face. “Hi there,” she whispered before their mouths met in a soft, deep kiss. She reached down and fondled his soft cock and said, “Do you have something left for me?” They kissed again as etiler escort Ron’s mind raced with what was happening. Where was Sandy? Had they planned this all along?

The questions soon disappeared as he felt his lust growing as Pam caressed his cock and pressed her naked body against his. Before long she was lying flat on her back and he was kneeling over her softly suckling on her tits and hard nipples. All the questions of why and how left his mind as he concentrated entirely on being with Pam and experiencing her again.

They took turns exploring each other and after a long while Ron was flat on his back as Pam lazily sucked his cock. He marveled at how well she sucked him. Sandy, too, gave a great blowjob but Pam had a slow and easy style that felt incredible. She toyed with his cock for a long while before she shifted her position and straddled his head. He eagerly brought his tongue to her pussy as she settled down over him in the 69 position.

They stayed like this for a long while since they could both easily control their passions after having cum just a short while earlier. It was in this position that they heard the cry and moan from the neighboring room. Ron suddenly realized that Sandy must be in there with his mom and they must be fucking. The moans continued for a long time as he and Pam paused to listen.

When Pam resumed sucking his cock he could detect a new urgency. Clearly hearing her daughter and her lover fuck had excited her. Ron hungrily lapped at her pussy and she quickly began to push her pussy back onto his mouth as she moaned and began to cum. He felt her pussy twitching and convulsing all around his tongue as she came.

As soon as she finished cumming she climbed off him, turned around, and lowered her drenched pussy onto his hard cock. He moaned as she began fucking him. She rode him for a few minutes like this when they heard another cry and groan from the other room. This time Ron recognized the voice as Sandy’s and knew that she was now cumming. He imagined his mom sucking her pussy or finger fucking her as she sucked Sandy’s tits and soon began to feel himself losing his own control as Pam fucked him.

She began to buck faster on him and soon he grunted and let his cum fly into her pussy. She massaged his cock with her pussy muscles and made sure to drain every last drop of his cum before she lowered herself onto him and met him with a long slow kiss.

The next morning Ron awoke with his arms wrapped around Pam. They both gradually began to wake up and soon Sandy stepped into the room through the adjoining door wrapped in one of the bedsheets. They exchanged quick good mornings and Pam pulled a sheet off the bed to wrap around herself and go back to the next room. They all started getting ready for the day.

After breakfast they were scheduled to take a day cruise on a big sailboat. The conversation over breakfast focused entirely on the coming cruise and nobody even mentioned the events of the previous night. Ron glanced excitedly around the table looking at both Pam and Sandy and also thinking about what Sandy and his mom had done the previous night.

They changed into their bathing suits and packed their bags for the trip. A short while later the big sailboat was being pushed away from dock. There was a full crew to sail the ship so the dozen or so passengers on board could simply relax and enjoy the sensation of quietly racing over the ocean water. All four of them lounged around and basked in the sun throughout the cruise. Ron and Sandy applied sunscreen to each other and Ron watched excitedly as Pam began to smear the white cream onto his mom’s skin.

She was only about halfway through when Sandy joined her and soon the mother and daughter were both rubbing the cream into Nancy’s skin. Ron couldn’t believe how bold Sandy had become or how willing Pam and Sandy seemed to be to her efforts.

After the cruise they ate dinner and, at Pam’s suggestion, they decided to return to the rowdy dance club. Once there Pam bought several rounds of drinks and about an hour later all four of them were feeling a little drunk.

All night long as they danced Sandy had been acting very overtly sexual with Ron. She rubbed his ass as they danced and she often initiated long, deep kisses with him. Several times she pulled her mouth away from his slightly but continued rubbing their tongues together so Ron was sure that their mom’s or anyone else watching would be able to see their tongues wrestling back and forth together.

After a little while longer he whispered, “I need to fuck you. Let’s go.” Sandy only smiled and said, “Not yet.” They danced through a few more songs before Pam made her way onto the dance floor and over to them.

“May I cut in?” she asked to Sandy. Ron watched Sandy move toward his mom as he and Pam began dancing. Almost as soon as they started he felt her hand brush over his cock as she felt his hard shaft through his shorts. She smiled devilishly at him and said, “It looks like Sandy has you ready to go.”

They danced for only a short while longer before they met in a kiss just as hot and excited as the ones he had with Sandy. Soon he and Pam were making out on the dance floor as their tongues danced and their hands explored each other. Ron was surprised when he heard Sandy’s voice asking if she could finish her dance.

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