Mother, Sister, Brother Cabin Fever

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This is a Summer Lovin’ contest story. Too many readers don’t vote. I need your vote. Please vote.


What started out as an innocent summer family vacation turned into a sexual orgy filled with incestuous lust for a son’s love for his mother, a sister’s love for her mother, and a brother’s love for his sister.

“So, how was your two week summer vacation, Vinnie?” Anthony looked at his friend with envy, while leaning heavily against the door jamb of his bedroom.

Vinnie reluctantly stopped writing and looked up from his computer screen to address his friend. Easy to read, an open book, Vinnie already knew what his friend was thinking without even having to look at him. Accustomed to his inappropriate behavior and his lewd remarks, he could feel his perverse thoughts heating up his bedroom. By asking Vinnie about his summer vacation, using him as a device to arouse his own sexual appetite, Anthony didn’t care about his vacation. No doubt willing to suffer through hearing about all that Vinnie did on his summer vacation, Anthony was more interested in hearing about what his mother and his sister did on their summer vacation.

“My vacation? Oh, good,” replied Vinnie seemingly preoccupied and suddenly lost in thought, looking away, and not making eye contact with his best friend for fear of blurting out all that happened. “Thanks for asking,” he said hoping to cut him short and prematurely end any discussion about what happened during his two week vacation on a private beach with his mother and sister.

“You got a nice tan,” said Anthony with a forced smile. “You look rested,” he said folding his arms across his chest, while appearing eagerly anxious for his friend to volunteer more vacation information.

“Oh, yeah,” said Vinnie looking at his arms. “I did get darker,” he said turning in his chair to look at his friend. “I don’t feel very rested though,” he said with sadness.

The last thing that Vinnie wanted to talk about was what happened during those two bizarre vacation weeks at the shore with his MILF of a mother and his sexpot of a sister. Only, bursting at the seams with confused emotions and embarrassed thoughts, feeling pangs of guilt and remorse mixed with feelings of incestuous lust and sexual excitement, he had to tell someone all that happened and who better to tell than his best friend. Knowing Anthony would understand about matters of incest, he knew his best friend wouldn’t judge him and/or blame him for all that happened. He needed some commonsense insight, a clear and unbiased opinion, and some much needed relief from the incestuous demon that resided deep inside him and that now took hold of his life. He needed a friend to free him from his guilty conscience and incestuous thoughts, after bedding his mother and after having sex with his sister.

He’d readily share all that happened, if only his best friend wasn’t such a pervert. Fearing that if he confided in Anthony, no doubt, he’d use all the sordid details to his sexual benefit by masturbating over all that he told him. The image of Anthony stroking his cock over all that happened between his mother, his sister, and him, was an image he didn’t need right now. After having already brought shame upon his family, riddled with as much guilt now, as he consumed with incestuous lust then, he couldn’t bear to think of his friend masturbating over all the sordid and gut wrenching details.

Knowing precisely how Anthony would react to the sexual secrets he kept and so wanted and needed to share, he had second thoughts of sharing his incestuous confession with him. He’d tell his friend all the dirty details of the two incestuous weeks he shared with his mother and sister, if only his best friend wasn’t so infatuated with his mother and attracted to his sister. No doubt, instead of helping him to put out the incestuous fires that relentlessly raged deep inside him, by his inappropriate comments, he’d add gasoline to the raw emotions and spin the twisted feelings that he felt for his mother and sister, as justifiably acceptable and normal. Rather than giving him a modicum of understanding, he’d only receive rude, crude, and lewd remarks from his friend, comments that would undoubtedly make him angry and make him feel far worse than much better.

“I would have given my right arm to go with you to the shore, if only to see your hot mother and your sexy sister in their barely there swimsuits, but I had to work,” said Anthony looking away, no doubt to hide the hurt he felt for not being invited and/or from the excitement he suddenly had of the nearly naked images he had of Vinnie’s mother and sister. “Do you have any pictures to share?”

Those two remarks of wanting to see his mother and his sister in their barely there bathing suits and then asking for pictures of them in their skimpy swimsuits, made Vinnie not want to tell Anthony anything. He knew it’d be a big mistake to confide in his friend, but who else could he tell? With no one else to tell who’d beylikdüzü otele gelen escort understand what he did while on vacation and the inappropriate thoughts he felt for his mother, he was in a quandary. A bit of a sticky quagmire, he had to tell someone who’d understand the misplaced feelings of incestuous lust he felt for his sister, but there was no one else to tell but Anthony.

“Don’t even go there, Tony,” said Vinnie. “I really don’t want to get into this with you again. The last thing I’d show you is a photo of my Mom and sister in their bathing suits,” said Vinnie shooting his friend an angry look.

As soon as Vinnie scolded his friend, the flashes of all the photos he took of his hot mother and sexy sister in their bikinis flashed through his mind. Looking more like sisters, with the genetically blessed bodies they both possessed, no one would believe they were mother and daughter. Permanently etched in his mind, the fresh images of his sister and mother walking the beach holding hands, while topless and even naked twisted his thoughts with lust and hardened his cock with incest.

Revealing more of their bodies than it hid, if only Anthony saw how sexy his mother and sister looked in their tiny bikinis, he’d want to see more. Mesmerized by seeing their same symmetrically shapely breasts, if only Anthony saw how hot his mother and sister looked topless, he’d want to touch, fondle, and caress their magnificent breasts, while sucking their big nipples. If only Anthony felt the sexual excitement he felt the first time he saw his mother and sister walking along the private beach naked, he’d lose his mind in the way that he had lost his mind, when he crossed the incestuous line from experiencing the normal relationship of a mother with her son and a sister with her brother to that of incestuous lover. If Anthony saw all the close up photos he took of his hot mother and sexy sister in so many inappropriate poses that exposed their tits, asses, and pussies, he’d want to download them to put on his computer to masturbate over, no doubt.

“What? What did I say? All I did was ask about your vacation,” said Anthony protesting too much. “I didn’t mean anything by it, Vinnie. I was just showing interest, as a friend, is all.”

Interest my ass. The only interest Anthony had was sexual. The only thing that Anthony wanted to know about was his mother, Connie, and his sister, Angela was if Vinnie had any provocative, cheesecake vacation photos to share.

“Don’t start talking disrespectfully about my mother and my sister, as if they’re some broads on the street corner,” said Vinnie turning to point a finger at his husky friend.

Intuitively saying all the thoughts that Vinnie was thinking, making him feel guiltier than he already felt, Anthony was always saying inappropriate things about his mother and sister. If he confessed to Anthony all the incestuous details, both their lusts would burn out of control. Wanting to nip the sexual conversation in the bud, not wanting to hear the twisted sexual slant from a perverted man of all that transpired, Vinnie tried his best to put aside all that happened in the past. To help ease his guilty conscience, he needed to be the model son and loving brother.

“Take it easy, Vinnie. I only said that I wished I had gone with you,” said Tony with a pause, “…but I wasn’t invited.”

With the Devil sitting on his left shoulder and an Angel standing on his right shoulder, Vinnie couldn’t help but wonder how differently his vacation would have been had he invited Anthony. Maybe with him there, none of the sex that transpired would have happened. Maybe with him there, his vacation experiences would have been better. Better? With all that happened, how could his vacation been any better? Maybe with him there, his vacation experiences would have been worse. Worse? With all that happened, how could his vacation been any worse?

“Yeah, well,” said Vinnie with a look that would have set Anthony’s hair on fire, if his hair was flammable. “The reason you weren’t invited is because you lust over my mother and leer at my sister all the time,” said Vinnie, while thinking that he was now guilty of the same behavior.

The thoughts Vinnie had about his mother and sister were, no doubt, much worse than the thoughts that Anthony had over Connie and Angela. Anthony wasn’t related to them by blood, but Vinnie was. No doubt, not having experienced incestuous sex, Anthony didn’t have the outrageous incestuous thoughts, images, visions, and feelings that Vinnie now had and could never forget.

Not wanting to hurt his friend’s feelings, he knew that his mother and sister didn’t share Anthony’s sexual interest and lustful desires. Even if they did, not able to go there, thinking about his friend having sex with his mother and sister would be so wrong. Was he just protecting his mother’s and sister’s reputations against the sexual inappropriateness beylikdüzü rus escort of his friend or was it more jealousy that he felt, when thinking about Anthony in bed with his mother and sister?

“So? You say that as if there’s something wrong with me lusting over your mother and leering at your sister,” said Anthony looking at his friend. “I’m only human. I can’t help that you have a hot mother and a sexy sister.”

There he goes again talking about his mother and sister, as if he’s sharing his thoughts with a third party in the street.

“Nothing wrong with that? What’s wrong with you, Anthony? After all the years we’ve known one another, all the times you’ve been in my house as a guest with my mother and sister treating you as an extension of our family, there is something seriously wrong with you disrespecting my mother and my sister, not to mention disrespecting me, your friend, by staring at my family, as if you want to fuck them, after they suck you. With you being such a big part of our family, your thoughts are incestuous,” he said.

He wanted to say, your thoughts are just as incestuous as my own thoughts, but even though he thought that, he didn’t say that.

“Yeah, well, sorry but, to be honest, if I had a mother and sister that looked like your mother and sister, I’d not only be trying to see them naked but also I’d be trying to have sex with them,” said Anthony with a twisted laugh, while touching himself through his pants. “Moreover, if I had a mother and sister like your mother and sister, I’d take care of my best friend, by allowing him to come on vacation with you three.”

Vacation? Anthony’s idea of a vacation, no doubt, was staying in bed naked with his mother and sister the entire two weeks. If he only knew what happened, he’d explode with sexual excitement. If he only knew that Vinnie experienced Anthony’s wildest, sexual fantasy, he’d press him for every lurid detail over and again.

“I really don’t want to have this conversation with you, Tony,” said Vinnie putting up his hand, as if it was a stop sign. “What’s done is done. We went on vacation, you weren’t invited, and now we’re all home safe and sound. Okay?”

Vinnie fell silent and, as if there was a thunder cloud darkening his disposition, he put his hand to his head and stared out his bedroom window with sadness. As if he was depressed watching the rain during a dark tropical storm, instead of it being a brilliant summer’s day filled with sunshine outside, he thought of all that happened during those two incestuous filled weeks.

“Gees, Vinnie, chill. What’s the matter? You suddenly look as white as a ghost. Are you feeling okay?”

Knowing precisely how he’d react, wrestling with indecision to tell him or not, Vinnie looked at his friend with fearful foreboding. Filled with as much sexual excitement as he was with guilt, he was torn. He wanted to tell him but afraid to give in to the incestuous thoughts by recounting all that happened, what had occurred during those two weeks was as emotionally disturbing as it was sexually pleasurable. What had happened during those two weeks was as very bad, as it was very good.

“If I tell you about my vacation,” he said waiting for Anthony to make eye contact with him first before continuing, “can you just be a friend and listen without talking and without being such a perverted asshole and saying things about my mother and sister that will upset me?”

Anthony looked as if he had just been slapped across the face. Only, Vinnie would have to hit his friend in the back of the head with a baseball bat to penetrate his thick skull and make him understand how inappropriate his behavior and sexual remarks were. Nothing Vinnie said could dissuade Anthony from being the pervert that he is. Besides anything he said to his friend about his mother and sister would make him want to hear all the juicy vacation details of all that happened.

“Yeah, I can be a friend. I can listen without talking, if that’s what you need me to do,” said Anthony with attitude, while looking down at the carpet.

Reconsidering if he should tell him or not, Vinnie took a deep breath and looked at his friend, while waiting for Anthony to acknowledge him, before speaking.

“Something really bad happened to my Mom, Tony,” said Vinnie with tears welling up in his eyes not from the pain that he suggested that his mother suffered but from the guilt he felt from all the incestuously bad things he had done during his vacation.

“Really bad? To your Mom? Oh, my God. Is Connie okay? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” said Tony signing himself. “No wonder why you’re so stressed. No wonder why you’re so pale. Vinnie, I’m so sorry. I had no idea.”

“I just don’t know how to tell you this,” said Vinnie, looking as if he was about to burst into tears. “I can’t believe it myself.”

“What? What happened? Just blurt it out. Tell me. Was she in an accident? Is she alright? Is she beylikdüzü türbanlı escort in the hospital? What? Tell me, Vinnie, tell me. Just don’t tell me your MILF of a mother is dead,” said Tony clutching his chest. “I couldn’t take it, if Connie, my second mother, was dead.”

“Dead? Gees, Tony, my Mom’s not dead and stop calling my Mom a MILF,” said Vinnie shaking his head in disbelief at the things that his friend has a habit of blurting out without first thinking. “Just give me a minute to collect my thoughts,” said Vinnie holding his head in his hand, as if he was supporting the world.

Vinnie looked at his friend, a man he’s known most of his life, while weighing the pros and cons of telling him or not. Just as he knew it would be a mistake to tell him, with having no one else to unburden himself, he knew that he had to tell him. Having too much of a load to carry alone, he had to tell someone and who better to tell than Tony?

“I meant no disrespect to your mother and to your sister, Vinnie, when I said that I wanted to see your hot mother and your sexy sister in their barely there bikinis and forget about you showing me vacation photos of their hot bodies, that is, unless you really want to show me those photos because–“

“Something happened to my sister, too, Tony,” said Vinnie giving his friend the same look that he gave, when telling him that something really bad happened to his mother.

“Oh, my God,” said Tony signing himself again. “What happened? Is Angela okay? Tell me, Vinnie. Tell me what happened. I’m your friend, your best friend. Whatever happened, I’m here for you. We’ll get through this together. Okay, Vinnie? Okay?” Tony put a fat hand to Vinnie’s muscular shoulder and as if thinking first, this time, before blurting it out, he paused. “Angela isn’t dead, is she? Because if Angela is dead, then I want to die, too.”

“Dead? Jesus, Tony, God forbid,” said Vinnie signing himself. “No, my sister isn’t dead. God! Stop talking like that, will you?”

“Sorry, Vinnie.”

Vinnie looked at his friend, before going to a dark place, a place that transcended friendship. Falling silent, his thoughts returned to the cabin where he forever violated the trust of his mother and sister. Deep in thought, he was at a place where he feared that even after telling his friend all that happened, he’d still be alone with his incestuous thoughts and lustful desires. A place he could no longer escape, he had crossed the line and dared to play in the Devil’s playground.

Knowing his sister and mother were home and wanting to spare them any undue embarrassment by having them know that he told his friend all that happened during their two week summer vacation at the cabin, he got up from his chair and closed his bedroom door. Anthony stood across from him with a face full of concern and with shoulders that weighed heavily, while waiting impatiently for Vinnie to tell him what happened. As if exhausted after carrying a heavy load, Vinnie slumped down in the chair that was next to his bed and avoided looking at his friend.

“I had sex with my mother,” he said in a whisper and looking down at the carpet, so as not to see Anthony’s reaction.

“What? Sorry, you spoke so softly that I didn’t understand you,” said Tony leaning in closer to hear his friend, as if leaning in closer to hear Vinnie’s last dying words in a hospital bed. “Don’t get mad and I know it’s probably not what you said but, because I’m such a sick, perverted fuck, it sounded like you said that you had sex with your mother,” said Tony with an uncomfortable laugh and a hopeful expression.

“I did. That’s what I said. I had sex with my mother,” said Vinnie putting his hands to his knees and looking up with a face full of resignation. He sat up in his chair and squared his shoulders, after admitting his guilt, as if ready to face a firing squad.

Leaning back against the bedroom wall to support his hefty weight, now Anthony was the one who looked as pale as a ghost, that is, until a flash of sexual excitement reddened his fat face and widened his beady eyes, while he fondled his cock through his pants.

“Fuck me,” he breathe out, as if he was, no doubt, imaging Vinnie fucking his mother. “You had sex with Connie? Are you shitting me? I don’t fucking believe you. You had sex with your mother? Fuck me.” Anthony looked at his friend with skepticism. “You lying sack of shit, you’re lying. You’re pulling my leg. You’re just trying to get me going,” said Tony staring at Vinnie. “You know just want to say to me to make me–“

“No, I’m not shitting you. And yes, I had sex with my mother,” said Vinnie watching for his friend’s reaction.

“Holy shit,” said Tony wiping a hand across his fat face and looking at his friend, before reaching down to finger and adjust his cock through his pants again. “I can’t believe you had sex with your mother. I can’t believe you had sex with Connie, the woman of my sexual fantasies.”

“I did,” said Vinnie watching his friend touching himself again. “Please don’t do that.”

“Don’t do what?” Anthony stopped touching himself. “What did I do?”

“Don’t play with yourself, while I’m telling you about what happened with my mother. I don’t want to see that kind of sick behavior from you.”

“I wasn’t playing with myself,” said Anthony with an embarrassed laugh.

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