Mother-in-Law Inspects the Goods

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I married my beautiful wife Kate almost a year ago, and I couldn’t have been happier. She is 5’0″, with perky 34B breasts and a tantalizing ass. We were both virgins when we met, and while I was no sexual genius, I liked to think I was a quick learner.

Kate’s mother was coming to visit, and I was not looking forward to it. We had started dating back in high school, and even though we were now married, her mother, Becky, continued to treat me like I was still the pimple-faced kid on prom night. Still, I loved my wife and could put up with a few days of her mother.

Becky arrived Saturday morning and started checking out the apartment with Kate. They had talked about redecorating, and I was dutifully following along taking notes. When we reached the bedroom, Becky spoke up.

“You know dear, with some throw pillows and more vivid paint, this room could really be something.” Becky offered. “And maybe the livelier décor will help with some of your difficulties.”

I had no idea what she was talking about. “Difficulties?” I asked. “Is there a problem with the room?”

Kate looked at me and then glanced at the ground. Her mother spoke up.

“Well Andrew, there isn’t a problem with the room, exactly. I guess if Kate won’t tell you, as her mother it’s my job to tell you… you’ve been married almost a year now, and you haven’t given her one orgasm.”

“Mother!” Kate interjected.

“What?” replied Becky. “I’m not going to let my only daughter settle for lousy humping in her marriage. Now we can pretend it’s not a problem or you can let me help you.”

I was dumbfounded, “Mrs. Warner, I don’t know what Kate’s told you, but we’re very happy.”

“Oh please Andrew, have you really been buying my little Katie’s performances? I told her never to fake it, because it clearly gave you some confidence you never should have had.”

“Kate, beylikdüzü ucuz escort is this true?” I asked.

“Well, I know you try to please me…. and I didn’t want you to feel badly… ” Katie stopped midsentence.

I was beet red. I promised that I would read some books and that Kate and I would communicate better. I just wanted it all to end.

“Well, I’m glad you want to improve, Andrew. Let’s get started.” Becky wouldn’t let it go. “Come here Andrew. Kate, would you grab my bag from the hall?” Both Kate and I complied as Becky sat on the bed.

“OK Andrew, let’s see what we have to work with. Go ahead and pull down your pants for me.”

“Wait just a minute,” I protested. “I think it’s great that you want to help us, but this is inappropriate.”

“What’s inappropriate, Andrew, is that my daughter is married to a man who can’t bring her to climax. Just think of it like a doctor’s appointment.”

With that, she undid my pants and slid them down to my knees. I felt the cool air on my member.

“Oh my!” Becky let out a giggle, “Kate, I think we found the problem.”

I tried to turn to see my wife, but my movements were awkward with my pants around my knees. I tried to pull them up, but Becky slapped my hands away.

“I’m sorry for giggling Andrew. I guess this isn’t like a doctor’s appointment after all. Unless there’s a doctor who treats tiny penis syndrome!” Becky laughed at her own joke.

At this point, Kate had returned with her mother’s bag. “So, mom, you think it’s small too? I didn’t know any better. I figured it was average sized, maybe a bit smaller…”

“Nonsense sweetie! This is why I encouraged you to sleep around a bit during the engagement. If Andrew’s little pecker was average, there would be a lot of unhappy women walking around!”

“May beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort I get dressed now?” I pleaded.

Becky responded, “Quite the contrary my dear. Go ahead and slide out of those clothes. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.”

I don’t know why, but I complied. Probably wanting to get the whole ordeal over with as soon as possible. Becky produced a feather from her bag, and invited Kate to sit next to her on the bed.

“Okay Kate, let’s see what he looks like hard. Maybe there’s more than meets the eye.” Becky started tickling my shaft with the feather. Kate just laughed as I trembled, trying to get hard, but nothing happened. I was sick to my stomach.

“Looks like our little friend needs a hand.” Becky said as she produced a latex glove from her bag. As Becky snapped the glove on her hand, she grabbed my member and began massaging it roughly. I jumped as the cold latex touched my skin. The clinical feel of the latex started making me erect. Becky continued jerking me while she talked to Kate.

“You see dear, if your husband doesn’t have the goods, he never will. Technique is important, but unless he grows another three inches, at least, we’re going to need to find you a real man.”

“A real man sounds good… how does he look now mom?” Kate asked between giggles.

“If that’s what you call a boner Andrew, you better learn to eat pussy like a champ. Lay down on the bed.”

As I laid down on the bed, I saw a wayward look in Kate’s eye that I had never seen before. I knew I had to please her.

Becky then undid her pants and slid them to the floor. She knelt over my face, and lowered her hips. Her large hips smothered me.

“Okay, start licking!” Becky ordered, as she started gyrating her hips back and forth, spreading her pussy beyoğlu escort juices all over my face,

“You see Kate, even with tiny penis syndrome, you can get some use out of him.”

I couldn’t see Kate with my face buried in her mother’s snatch, but I could hear her.

“He does go down on me alright, but I’d really like to cum from fucking.”

“Tell you what, come down to the racquet club next week, and I’ll introduce you to Marco, the new towel boy. Bring Andrew. I can ride his face while Marco fills you up right, and once he shoots his seed into your belly, Andrew can tongue it out. Maybe a real man’s semen is all Andrew needs… but I doubt it. Besides, everybody at the club could sure use a good laugh, and seeing Andrew’s pathetic excuse for a pecker should do the trick.”

I tried to protest, but I could only groan under the Becky’s weight. The thought of my beautiful bride accepting another man was too much to handle.

“Hey mom, while you’re here, would you show Andrew how to eat ass properly?”

“Of course sweetie, the key is to just sit on the face and move around. Once his whole face has had some of the smell, he’ll get used to it.”

I’d tried to eat Kate’s adorable ass once before, but she had shied away. Becky’s ass, on the other hand, was far from attractive. She had worked up a bit of sweat walking up the three flights of stares to our apartment, and it smelled like she hadn’t showered in three days. I was repulsed.

“Kate, why don’t you go ahead and give that tiny pecker of his a tug. It can be his reward for eating my ass.”

With that, I felt two fingers start to run up and down my member. Becky continued to drive her ass in my face as she laughed, “That’s it sweetie. You’ll have to use the whole hand for Marco, but the thumb and pointer totally engulf Andrew.”

At long last, a trickle of my seed was released onto my stomach. Becky laughed as it dribbled out of cock. “Kate, wait until you feel Marco cum inside you. Your best friend Amy told her mother it’s like a cannon.”

Finally, Becky dismounted, and put on her pants. “Andrew, why don’t you go ahead and clean up around here while Kate and I go find something special for her to wear for Marco.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32