Mother Examining Son Ch. 04

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My mother had Aunt Betty come over to help her learn how to do enemas. Mother had to be able to pass her medical practical exam for this portion of her studies and Aunt Betty had been a nurse for years, so she had loads of experience doing them. For me, it was going to be my first experience.

After Aunt Betty and I finished our shower (Ch. 2), we headed back to the kitchen for dinner with Mother. We were still all in the nude, furthering the surreal experience I was having with both my mom and aunt.

While it evolved into a somewhat normal dinner experience after a few moments of wine, conversation and eating, I was still very much aware of being at the dinner table with two totally naked women whom just happened to be extraordinarily sexy as well as related to me.

We finished dinner, cleaned up the kitchen and put away all the now clean dishes. Aunt Betty smacked her hand on my ass and left it there, squeezing it in a rhythm. She had a smirk on her face that reminded me of the one Mother often has.

“Mary, what say we give young John here a proper ass cleansing?” said Aunt Betty. The entire time she kept her hand squeezing my ass. All I could do was stand there and smile, enjoying her hand.

Mother suggested we go to the master bath as it had more room for the three of us. She led the way, with me following and Aunt Betty’s hand still firmly grasping my ass cheek.

Once we all got into the master bath, Mother pulled out some clean bath towels and turned on the water, adjusting it to make it just shy of hot. Aunt Betty had stuck to my side like glue, her hand never once leaving my ass cheek for a second.

Mother turned to us and told Aunt Betty is was her show from then on and to tell us where to be and what to do. With her stand still clamped on my ass, Aunt Betty told Mother to lay a clean towel down to cover the tub floor. Then she instructed me to get in the tub on my hands and knees.

I crawled into the tub and got into the position Aunt Betty wanted me in. Mother had gotten out the enema kit and laid it out on the bath sink counter. Aunt Betty had moved over to it and was mixing the soap mixture into the bag along with warm water. She finally got what she wanted, picked up the bag and turned to me in the tub on all fours.

“Mary, fold a towel so John can rest his head on it. Grab the tube of K.Y. as well.” Mother laid the towel down, I rested the side of my face on it and tried to watch as much as I could from the lower angle. Aunt Betty lubed up the enema tube nozzle liberally with the K.Y. and laid it on a small towel on the counter. Then she turned to me, again with the smirk on her face.

Aunty Betty picked up the tube of K.Y. and stepped over to the tub, sitting on the edge. “Mary, stand next to John’s ass and hold out your finger.” Mother did as she was told and Aunt Betty slathered K.Y. all over her middle finger. Then she turned to me and used one hand to spread my ass cheeks, exposing my anus. She then took the tube of jelly and squirted a big blob directly on my anal opening.

“Mary, rub the jelly a bit around John’s asshole and then insert your finger. Try to work some jelly inside as you finger his ass.” Hearing those words sent chills down my spine and send blood flowing to my dick. I had really become fond of having my ass played with. Adding to the excitement was having my own mother being the one who played with it!

Aunt Betty then used two hands to spread my cheeks as wide as she could. Mother leaned over the tub side and began following Aunt Betty’s instructions. I felt her fingertip rub gently and then purposefully bizimkent escort across my sphincter ring. Then she inserted her middle finger into my ass, carrying along the jelly she had piled up.

I arched my back and let out a sigh as Mother’s finger worked its way in and out of my ass. Aunt Betty giggled, turned to Mother and said, “Looks like John likes his ass fingered. You’d be surprised at the number of men I do enemas on that both enjoy them AND get hard-ons.” She added the last after glancing down under me at my rapidly growing dick. Meanwhile Mother continued her fingering of my ass chute.

After a few moments Aunt Betty told Mother I had enough jelly and to get the enema hose. Mother extracted her finger s-l-o-w-l-y from my ass, almost as if she was savoring the feeling as much as I was. She wiped her hand off on a small towel and picked up the enema bag, hanging it on the shower rod. She held the tube nozzle while Aunt Betty slathered jelly onto the nozzle tip.

“Mary, take the nozzle and gently insert it into John’s asshole. You don’t want to go too fast as some people will flinch when they feel penetration.” Again the smirk. “I don’t think that will be an issue with John, though.”

Mother held the nozzle in a firm grip as she inserted it into my asshole. I found myself pushing back against it, making them both laugh. Once Aunt Betty was satisfied with the nozzle placement, she let go of my ass cheeks. She stood and moved to the clamp on the enema hose. Showing Mother how it worked, she opened it, allowing the flow of warm soapy water into my ass. I felt it moving into my body, moving upwards as it continued to fill me.

Aunt Betty showed Mother how to massage my abdomen to alleviate the cramping that often accompanies an enema. Aunt Betty moved out of the way to allow Mother access for the massage. What I didn’t expect was while Mother massaged my stomach, Aunt Betty reached between my legs to grasp my dick. She had also managed to apply some K.Y. to her hand as I felt the slickness as she began to rub the head of my dick in a slow but forceful manner. If I didn’t have a full blown hard-on before, I sure had one now with Aunt Betty massaging the head of my dick and the glans. Had I not already had cum a couple of times, I certainly would’ve squirted right then.

The bag must’ve emptied as Aunt Betty let go of my dick and pulled out the nozzle. She grabbed a small bucket she had brought and placed it directly under my ass. “John, raise up and release into the bucket.”

I was somewhat embarrassed to do what Aunt Betty wanted and she must’ve sensed it due to my hesitation. Looking directly into my eyes, she again reached down and resumed her massaging of the head of my dick. “It’s ok, John. Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

I finally was able to relax enough to loosen my sphincter and void into the bucket. After I finished, Aunt Betty let go of my dick, pushed me gently on my back to encourage me to lie back down. She quickly whisked away the bucket, empting it into the toilet. She rinsed it out, set it on the floor. She quickly mixed a second bag of soap solution and hung it back up on the shower rod.

Mother was ready to go and had the nozzle back into my ass almost as soon as the bag was hung. She and Aunt Betty swapped places so Mother could continue her massage of my stomach. Aunt Betty resumed her massage of my dick head with renewed vigor.

The second bag emptied and Aunt Betty again placed the bucket under me. I raised up and had no hesitation this time as I emptied myself into the bucket. This time bostancı escort Mother did the emptying into the toilet.

Aunt Betty announced that this time twice was enough as I seemed to be cleaned out. She and Mother helped me stand up and out of the tub. I thought it was overlooked that neither cleaned the jelly off of my ass nor my dick as they both led me back to the bedroom. How little I knew then!

Mother and Aunt Betty exchanged wicked glances at each other, as if they knew something I didn’t. It turns out they did.

Aunt Betty bent down and pulled up her small bag she came with. “John, I brought this with the intention of using it on your mother. But now, I think we’ll have a much better time using it on you.” I had no idea what she was talking about and kept wondering about the jelly remaining on my ass and dick.

Aunt Betty reached into her back and pulled out what I had heard of but had never seen before: a strap-on! Holy shit! She was going to fuck my ass with a strap-on? No wonder she left all that jelly on my ass!

As Aunt Betty commenced to put the strap-on on herself, Mother hopped up on the bed and laid on her stomach. “John, I want to do something, please. Take the K.Y. and lube my ass like I lubed yours.”

“Hell, yes!” I thought. I grabbed the jelly off of the nightstand and quickly put a glob on her perfect looking asshole. I used my index finger to enter her ass and push some jelly in with it. Mother had reached back and began the same massage on my dick that Aunt Betty had been doing earlier. I quickly went to full length in a matter of seconds.

“Mary! Hands and knees, now!” said Aunt Betty. “John, get behind her and do her ass just as she tells you to.” Whom was I to argue?

Mother hopped up on her hands and knees as I positioned my self behind her. Mother reached behind her and grasped the shaft of my dick. She rocked back until my dick head was right against her sphincter and with a loud groan, she kept pushing until the head of my dick popped past her muscle ring. Mother gave a few small rocks, taking more of me into her ass with each rock. It was as if a velvet vice had grabbed my dick.

After a few rocks, Mother was slamming her ass back into my thighs with a force. “Mary! Stop moving for a second!” said Aunt Betty.

Mother may have stopped moving, but she did so on a backstroke, impaling her perfectly shaped and feeling ass on my dick’s full length. She bent her head around to see what Aunt Betty had in mind.

Aunt Betty had moved up onto the bed, directly behind me. She took both hands and pushed gently forward on my shoulders, making me lean forward. Once my chest was virtually pressed on Mother’s back, Aunt Betty removed her hands and placed both thumbs in my ass crack. She then spread my cheeks, allowing her visual access to my own ass.

She duck-walked on her knees closer to me, until I could feel the dildo head against my ass. Aunt Betty then took one hand loose from me and grasped the shaft of the dildo. Holding her index finger straight out to act as a guide, she placed the dildo right against my asshole. She then put her hands on both of my hips in a tight grip.

“Ready, John? I promise you’ll like it!” Aunt Betty said. With that she pulled my hips back slowly, inserting the dildo into my ass. Now I knew why Aunt Betty failed to wash the jelly off of my asshole earlier! She wanted the lube to plow my ass afterwards!

As Aunt Betty continued to pull back on my hips, the dildo continued its movement further into the depths of my ass. I could only compare the huge büyükçekmece escort difference between having a woman’s finger up my ass with the sensation of being completely filled as I was now. It was precisely at that moment I knew exactly how Mother must feel with my own dick buried inside her ass. Again, another surreal moment.

“John, I want you to continue to fuck your mother’s ass” said Aunt Betty. “About time!” Mother quickly retorted with a giggle.

I began to continue my ass fucking of Mother, enjoying the tight grip of her ass on my dick while at the same time enjoying Aunt Betty slamming her dildo into my ass when I did a backstroke! We quickly found a comfortable rhythm that was clearly was enjoyed by all, based on everyone’s moans.

Mother had moved her hands down to rub her clit, making her experience more intense. It was mere moments before she began to scream the approach of her first orgasm.

All Mother managed to say was, “I’m cumming!” before she began to thrash about and scream. I felt Aunt Betty’s fingers dig deeper into my hips as she picked up the pace of slamming my own ass. I found out later Aunt Betty had bought a strap-on that would rub against her clit while it was used, giving her pleasure as well.

Mother began another orgasm fit as her hands worked in a frenzy on her clit, rubbing it like she was starting a fire. I felt her ass constricting with each orgasm, tightening around my dick, sending waves of pleasure and excitement thru me.

After a few more minutes of frenzied coupling, I could feel the beginnings of my own orgasm beginning to rumble. Aunt Betty was slamming her dildo into me like there was no tomorrow, stroking my prostate with each movement. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m going to cum!” I shouted. Aunt Betty let loose of my hips & then grabbed one of my nipples in each of her hands. She began to twist them, almost violently. I had never imagined I could feel so many intense pleasures at one time.

“Aaaarrrrggghhhh!” I shouted as I began to shoot ropes of cum in my Mother’s ass. Aunt Betty began to scream out her own orgasm as well. Apparently I wasn’t the only one immune to the excitement as Aunt Betty screamed a second one was ripping thru her as she continued to thrust deeply into my ass.

Mother flopped forward on her stomach, pulling my dick out of her ass with a plop. Aunt Betty pushed me forward as well, making me lie on top of Mother’s back, Aunt Betty lying on top of me, the dildo still encased in my ass.

As our breathing slowly recovered, Mother twisted out from under the pile of bodies stacked on her. She got on her side, facing Aunt Betty and me. Mother threw her upper leg over the top of Aunt Betty’s back, using it to hug her with.

Mother and I were face to face, eye to eye. We both moved into a hot, lover’s kiss, the kind one gives at the conclusion of love making. Eventually we both came up for air.

Surprising me, Mother raised up and began another soul-burning kiss with Aunt Betty. I could hear them moan and feel them writhe on top of me. All I could think of at that moment was that I was ruined for life, nothing could ever top this erotic moment!

Mother and Aunt Betty broke their kiss and Aunt Betty eased her dildo out of my ass. Putting me in the middle, they made a sandwich of bodies on the bed. I put my arm under each of their necks, pulling them close in a cuddle. They each had a leg over mine, slowly playing footsie with each other. I didn’t look to see which one it was, but one held my dick while the other gently pinched and twisted my nipples. It was a perfect a moment as I could ever have imagined.

Mother was the first to speak. “John? What’s your thoughts on getting a bigger bed so Betty can move in? Think of any problems with that idea?”

As Aunt Betty snaked her tongue into my ear, I could only croak out, “That sounds like a wonderful idea!”

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