Mother and Daughter Bond Ch. 05

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Thank you so much for all of the great reviews, encouragement, and patience. A special thanks to Arsenal14 (CG) for ALL of your help and support. You have been a HUGE part of my writing process. 🙂

Ally stood and stretched her back muscles. For the past several nights, she barely slept. Levi was teething, and he was up every few hours. Nursing was the only thing that gave him comfort, so Ally kept him in bed with her most of the time. It had been a week since she and her mother spent the night together, not that Ally was keeping track or anything…

Her father came home, and since then, he and Mother had been together almost nonstop.

Ally carefully laid Levi down in his crib and tiptoed out of the room, hoping the boys would stay asleep long enough for her to shower, which she hadn’t done in about four days. It was a miracle she was able to brush her teeth and put on deodorant.

As soon as Ally walked out of the room, she heard whimpers. It took seconds for those whimpers to turn into full-on wails. Tears of frustration welled in her eyes as she took a few breaths and turned back around to get Levi. She loved her children more than anything. But parenting was hard. Parenting twins was really hard. And doing it without a father? Sometimes it just fucking sucked. Ally picked Levi up from his crib and rocked him until his eyelids fluttered close and his breathing evened.

Closing her own eyes, Ally found a few moments of rest before the sounds of Drew’s coos were lulling her awake. She spent the morning with the boys, nursing them, giving them baths, and changing them.

Later that afternoon, the three of them were outside taking a walk. Both boys fell asleep halfway through, and Ally took some time to listen to a Podcast while she made her way through the large neighborhood where her parents lived.

As she made her way back to the house, she saw her mother walking towards her car. “Ally, there you are. I was just going to head to the store. Do you need anything?”

“No thanks. I’m just going to sit outside for a bit and let the boys sleep some more. Where’s dad?”

“He’s in the garage going through some of his golf equipment. I’m sure he would love some time with Levi and Drew if you want to rest for a bit. We are having company for dinner, and I would like for you to join us, please.”

“Sure mom,” Ally smiled.

Her mother stared at her for a moment as if contemplating saying something further, but instead she waved her fingers and got in her car.

Ally sat on the wrap-around porch and enjoyed the cool breeze and sounds of rustling leaves. She absentmindedly pushed the stroller back and forth while her thoughts trailed back to the last night she was with her mother. Ally had channeled so many emotions, so much frustration, into that night. A ghost of a smile painted her lips when she recalled the way she felt fucking her mother with that strap-on. She closed her eyes and replayed as much of that night as she could remember.

“Hey, Ally-cat.” Ally snapped her eyes open and looked up at her father. Her cheeks immediately reddened. Of course he didn’t know that she had just been thinking about her sexcapades with Mother. Still, she couldn’t help but feel like a small child with their hand caught in the cookie jar. “Boys still asleep?”

Ally composed herself and nodded at her father. “Yeah, they fell asleep on the walk, and I didn’t want to interrupt them.”

“They’re good boys,” her father stated. He stared down at the sleeping boys and shook his head back and forth. “Shame on Travis. He’s missing so much.” Ally swallowed the lump in her throat at the mention of her ex. Her father looked at her for a moment before adding, “and you’re an incredible mother, sweetheart. I know things are tough, but you’re doing great.” Her father placed a hand on her shoulder and gave it an awkward squeeze.

“Thanks, dad,” Ally mumbled. Her father made his way into the house, and she let out a long breath.

The boys napped for another thirty minutes before Ally had to take them inside. Her father offered to feed and change them so that she could take a quick shower. After she got downstairs to her room, she rummaged through the closet and found a gold and purple maxi dress with the tags still on it. “No time like the present,” she mumbled. She opened the top drawer of the chest and looked for a pair of panties that wouldn’t show a line. She settled on a nude colored, silk thong. As she picked it up, she noticed her black vibrator. Without thinking, she grabbed the waterproof device and took it into the bathroom with her.

She quickly washed and conditioned her long, brown hair. She scrubbed her body, but she didn’t rinse the soap off. She grabbed the vibrator from the shelf and turned it on to the lowest setting. She closed her eyes and pressed the vibrator against her mouth, and she ran it back and forth on her bottom lip. When she placed it inside her mouth, halkalı bdsm escort she moaned around the vibration and swirled her tongue over the tip. She pushed the vibrator further in her mouth, carefully swallowing as she took more of its length. Saliva pooled in her mouth and started dripping out when she relaxed her tongue and took in more of the toy. She kept going until her gag reflex kicked in and forced her to pull it out of her mouth.

She slowly took the vibrator over both nipples and cranked up the speed as high as it would go. She moaned and threw her head back, allowing the water from the shower head to spray down her chest and onto her sensitive nipples.

Ally moaned and rested her head against the wall of the shower. While the vibrator moved in slow circles around her left nipple, she used her other hand to play with the right one. She squeezed and pulled the erect nub until she felt her warm milk dribble onto her fingers. When she looked down at her hand while the water was washed away the remaining milk. Ally stepped forward, out of the water’s path, and again squeezed her nipple. This time, though, she held the bottom of her breast and directed her nipple upwards with her thumb and index finger. At first, it was a bit awkward, but once she managed to find the right positioning for her hand and fingers, she was able to squeeze the liquid out in a consistent, milky white flow.

She bent her head down and, even though she couldn’t quite access her nipple directly, she was able to spray some into her mouth. Once this started, she all but dropped the vibrator and used both hands on her breasts to alternate spraying milk into her mouth. “Fuck,” she moaned out as she drank the warm milk.

Her neck became stiff at this angle, so she tilted her head back and let the water cascade over her hair while she continued massaging and squeezing her engorged breasts. Ally watched as milk sprayed onto the tiled wall and floor of the shower. For several minutes she just enjoyed the feeling of touching her breasts, the increasing wetness of her pussy, and her own lustful thoughts about Mother.

When she picked up the buzzing vibrator from the floor, she immediately placed it inside her dripping cunt, not even bothering to tease her clit. With each thrust of her hand, she found herself remembering how her mother had fucked her with a dildo. Ally worked to imitate how Mother had fucked her with slow long strokes but a lot of pressure. She closed her eyes and imagined her mother before her on her knees. Her hair would be wet, stringing her around her face from a mixture of the water from the shower and milk from Ally’s breasts. Her small breasts would have water droplets gathering at the pink, puckered nipples and would drop in a steady flow.

Ally imagined her mother placing her free hand between her legs, moving back and forth in a rhythmical motion but refusing Ally access to see. Ally moaned and bit her lip. “Yes, mommy. Just like that. Fuck your daughter’s pussy while you tease your own,” Ally groaned. She closed her eyes again and imagined her mother leaning forward and tracing Ally’s slit with her tongue, separating the folds in a deliciously slow motion. Her mother’s mouth would latch onto All’s clit, and she would suck on the delicate piece of flesh. “Fuck, mommy. Just like that.” Ally moved her free hand to her clit and pulled on it with force, rolling it between her thumb and middle finger between tugs.

Ally pumped the vibrator faster, in and out of her cunt. “Mmmmm. Mommy yes. Oh fuck, that feels so damn good.” Ally pumped harder until an incoherent groan escaped her. She slapped her hand on the wall as she rode out her orgasm. In her mind, she pictured her mother moaning into her cunt while her own hand moved faster and faster on her clit. Ally tried to keep the orgasm, tried to hold onto it, but eventually the feeling subsided, and she was left panting. It took her several moments to collect her breathing before she finished rinsing off and getting out of the shower.

She got dressed rather quickly and scrunched her hair, letting the natural waves come out to play. She applied some lip gloss, mascara, and blush. She found a pair of wedges in her closet that would show off her deep purple toe polish. Rummaging around in her jewelry box, she pulled out a delicate gold bracelet and matching anklet.

Upstairs, she found that both boys were dressed and were playing on the mat in the living room. They looked up at her and smiled and cooed. She had picked out matching outfits: jeans and sweaters. Levi wore a burnt orange sweater, and Drew had on a hunter green one. His gummy smile caused more drool to drip down and cover the sweater. She couldn’t help but laugh at the image. She could dress them in burlap sacks, and they wouldn’t know the wiser.

She picked Levi up first and took him into the kitchen so she could strap him into his high chair. As she halkalı elit escort was going back in to get Drew, her father walked into the living room and gave Ally a side hug. “Hey there, Ally-cat.” Ally rolled her eyes but smiled at the nickname he had given her as a little girl. “The boys were really good, and I’ve just about got Drew here hooked to ESPN.” He bent down and picked up a squealing Drew. “Isn’t that right, buddy?” Drew giggled and chewed his hand in return.

“Thanks for keeping an eye on them for me, dad.” Her father was too busy talking to the boys and playing peek-a-boo to notice what she said. The air in the room changed, and when Ally turned around, she opened her mouth at the sight of Mother. She was wearing a simple navy dress, and her blonde hair hung down in effortless waves. She wore a pair of dangling, silver earrings with a small silver belt cinched at her waist. Ally moved her eyes down to her mother’s bare, tan legs. Her carved calf muscles were evidence of her physique and running background. On her feet were a pair of silver, strappy heels. The straps crossed over the tops of her feet and up her ankle, tying just at her shin. Ally swallowed and moved her gaze back up to meet her mother’s. “Can I help with anything, Mother?”

“Actually, can you help me in the kitchen for a minute?”

“Sure. Dad, are you good with the kids?” Her father waved her off, and she followed her mother into the kitchen. “What can I help you with?”

“Can you go over to the pantry and get out the container of almonds?”

Ally walked into the large pantry and reached for the light on the wall. Before she could find it, darkness covered the room, and the door closed. Ally spun around and gasped in surprise when her mother grabbed her face and kissed her.There was no warning, no anticipation. Ally’s hands moved on instinct, gripping her mother’s arms while she tilted her head to the side to deepen the kiss. Ally moved forward, backing her mother into the door. She moved her hands down her mother’s body, down to where the dress ended, mid-thigh. Ally pinched the material and slid it upwards, gathering it at her mother’s waist.

Ally gasped in surprise. Her mother was completely bare under the dress, no thong, no panties of any kind. Ally moaned and broke the kiss, going to her knees in a less than graceful manner. “I’ve been thinking of this for a week, dreaming of it.” Ally brought her face directly to her mother’s pussy and traced a finger along her mother’s slit, slowly, in a feather light touch. Her mother was wet, probably not as wet as Ally, but wet nonetheless.

She pressed her face into her mother’s clit and began licking her mother’s hood. She flicked her tongue back and forth and then used her thumbs to separate her mother’s pussy lips. “Baby girl…” her mother cooed. Ally pushed her tongue back further until she was able to make long swipes from her mother’s entrance to the top of her clit. She inserted two fingers and listened to her mother bite back a moan. Mother’s hands found her hair and gripped the strands with her fingers, encouraging Ally to continue. Ally fucked her mother’s pussy, pushing her fingers in and out in long quick thrusts. She lightly nibbled at her mother’s swollen, wet nub and flicked her tongue back and forth in a chaotic motion. God I fucking missed this.

“Baby girl, mommy is going to cum.” Ally worked her fingers even faster, sucked harder. “Look at me, Ally. Fuck mommy’s pussy and look into my eyes when I cum all over your fingers.” Her mother turned on the pantry light, and Ally adjusted her eyes. On command, Ally moved her mouth from her mother’s cunt, not even bothering to hide the juices that coated her face. “Oh baby girl, you’re quite the mess. Fuck mommy’s pussy, feel it grip your fingers.” Ally worked her fingers in a fast, long-stroke motion. Sure enough, Mother’s pussy clamped down on her fingers, and Ally watched as she began to come apart. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Mother whispered. A low groan escaped those beautiful red lips, and Ally slowed her pace. She moved her mouth back to her mother’s cunt, leisurely licking the creamy treat.

When Ally finished, she removed her fingers and stood up. Mother grabbed her hand and placed Ally’s wet fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean. Ally felt Mother pull the stretchy fabric of Ally’s dress aside to expose her breast when her father called out to them. “The Colberson’s are here,” he yelled from the dining room. Ally went to pull away, but Mother gripped her wrists and held her in place.

Mother bent down and took Ally’s engorged breast into her mouth and sucked. “Mom, we can’t. Dad will hear us. He might—oh fuck”, Ally stopped mid sentence when her mother sucked even harder.

Her mother covered the breast she was sucking on and moved to expose the other, taking it into her mouth and giving it the same treatment. Ally squeezed her eyes shut and fought the moan trying halkalı escort to escape her mouth. “Mother, I can’t stay quiet. Mother…” Ally found a hand clamped over her mouth in a tight suction. Her mother was quick to release her breast and cover it back up. “Mommy was so thirsty, baby girl. I still am, but time is limited, and I want to feel how wet you are.” Ally stayed still while her dress was pulled up. “Mmmmm, this thong is so sexy, Ally. I want you to wear this all night for mommy. Okay?” Ally didn’t answer because she was too busy trying not to scream as her mother used a finger to trace her slit, over her panties. “Answer me, Ally.”

“Yes, mommy. I will.”

“Sweetheart?” Ally’s dad’s voice echoed in the kitchen. “Where are you?”

“Be out in a moment, darling,” her mother answered. “Allison had a slight wardrobe malfunction with her dress, and I’m helping her fix it. Could you get the Colberson’s some wine please? There is a bowl of vegetables in the refrigerator as well. We will be out shortly.” After several seconds, Mother looked up at Ally and smiled. “Now, where was I?” Her mother moved the thong aside and traced Ally’s slit. “Ah, that’s right. Mommy was feeling just how wet her baby girl was. Mmmmm, mommy loves this pussy.” She tugged on Ally’s pubic hair and went back to tracing her slit. Before Ally could register what was happening, her mother slid a finger inside her and moved in and out with short, quick thrusts.

“Oh, fuck,” Ally whispered. “I can’t. Not in here.”

“Don’t worry, baby. Mommy isn’t going to let you cum yet. After all, you should be satisfied after that shower you took earlier.” Mother stood and winked at a now red-faced Ally. Holy shit. Ally panicked and stumbled over her words.

“I, um, well…” Ally shook her head back and forth.

“I came down to check on you. I was standing right outside the bathroom entrance. You left the door open…naughty girl. I listened to you moan and fantasize about us. I was so wet and aroused that I had to go upstairs and take off my own panties. Mommy couldn’t wait another minute to touch you.” Mother reached up and tucked Ally’s hair behind her ears and kissed her on the lips, softly. “Don’t wipe my mess off of your face, Allison. I want to see it while we eat dinner.”

“Mother, I hate this. I hate not being with you for so long. I missed you. I missed touching you and holding you, kissing you, tasting you…fucking you.”

Mother smiled and brought Ally’s ear close to her mouth. “One more thing. Check the container of almonds before you bring it to me.” Ally scrunched her eyebrows together as her mother released her and left the pantry. That seemed like an incredibly odd request. Ally found the container and opened it. At the very top of the glass container was a small, burgundy, velvet cinch bag. Inside, Ally pulled out a folded piece of paper that read: Make sure it is turned on, and wear it at dinner. When Ally placed her hand in the bag she felt something made of rubber or silicone. Pulling it out, she discovered it was some sort of vibrator. It was sleek and shaped to sit inside her panties, right against her clit. Ally shimmied her dress up and placed the device inside her satin thong. She had to adjust it several times before the position felt right to her, and it sat with the middle piece pushed inside her labia and against her clit.

Walking wasn’t as bad as Ally thought it might be, so she made her way to the counter and placed the almonds where her mother was standing. Mother watched her with a smile, clearly amused by her daughter’s current state. Ally went to the dining room and greeted Mr. And Mrs. Colberson and made small talk for several minutes before her mother walked in with plates of warm, homemade bread and oil with seasonings.

Ally had just taken her first bite of bread when the vibration hit her clit. She gripped the table with her free hand. Mother was sitting directly across from her and wasn’t even looking at Ally. She was talking to Mrs. Colberson about the upcoming fall festival. Ally took a large gulp of water and tried to steady her breathing as the vibrations grew a bit stronger. Oh, my god. I can’t do this. It’s too much. Crap! Can anyone hear it? Fuck, fuck fuck. Ally stretched her neck and rolled her shoulders, incapable of sitting still.

She glanced over at Mr. Colberson, who was talking to Ally’s father. The boys were in their chairs, eating pieces of bread and some yogurt melts. She slowly began grinding on the chair, fearful that she might ruin the upholstery with her wetness. Still, she couldn’t control her body. She needed to move somehow. The steady vibration had her clenching and unclenching her vaginal muscles as she ground herself back and forth, praying to the gods that nobody noticed.

When Mother served the salad, Ally didn’t miss the way she brushed her breast against Ally’s. She fidgeted as she ate, bite after bite. Mother smiled at her on occasion and included her in some small talk.

Mother and Mrs. Colberson went to the kitchen to bring out the main dish. Ally moved the vibrator discreetly, pushing it to the side. As soon as she did, the buzzing sound could be heard…and it was loud. Her father looked around the dining area. “I think someone’s phone must be going off.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32