Morning Stretch!

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As the woman began to stir she sighed, opening her eyes briefly to see pale light just beginning to seep through the thick curtains covering the big window across from her bed. Rolling onto her back she stretched slowly and thoroughly, pointing her toes, rotating her ankles and rolling her shoulders, lengthening her spine and feeling it unknot as she extended her arms as far as possible above her head. As her body relaxed back into the soft bed she automatically pushed her hands under her T-shirt to rub her breasts, squeezing the flesh and brushing the nipples gently with her thumb, feeling them harden. Her mind was still just beginning to surface, still mostly wrapped in sleep and only focusing on the immediate stimulus of the soft bed and the demands of her body. She felt a familiar ache deep inside and slid her right hand down over her tummy, enjoying the feel and warmth of the skin before letting her hand drift between her thighs to feel the wet heat emanating from within her.

As usual she wondered why she almost always woke up like this! She recalled her dreams quite vividly and they were never erotic in any way, so it was a mystery why her body was always so aroused in the morning hours …especially as she had usually relieved another ‘ache’ just before she went to sleep! These speculative thoughts, combined with the finger she was gently trailing back and forth across the increasingly wet entrance to her body, turned her thoughts to her fantasies…and the man she shared them with…….

(…….She shut her eyes and smiled to herself as she felt him turn towards her and slide his hand over her hip and tummy and up to her breasts. She had known from his breathing that he was waking up and had been about to reach for him when as she felt him start to move his body over her and she parted her knees to allow him to settle between them. She could tell he was still half-asleep but as the part of him that was awake was focused on her she was content! She felt his hand squeeze her breast hard and he began to trail soft kisses along her throat and chest before sucking her nipple into his mouth, licking and biting it gently. She sighed and wrapped her arms around him, pushing her body up towards his, to feel his erection press against the top of her thigh. She wound a hand into his hair and dragged his head up to hers so she could slip her tongue into his mouth, pulling him close and tight against her, trying to let him feel how much she wanted him. He responded eagerly and they began to kiss deeply, passionately….. )

The woman opened her eyes and sighed again. She hated it when he was away, this was the worst time waking up wanting him to find he was alone!! Sitting up she kicked the duvet to the very bottom of the bed and pushed the pillows off onto the floor to allow more room to stretch out. She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it aside, then ran her fingers lightly through her hair and shook it about her shoulders before reaching into the draw of the night stand for her vibrator. Shifting down the bed she lay back on the cool sheets and ran the 7 inches of heavy dark blue plastic over the skin between her breasts as she contemplated what she wanted to do. She knew she needed to relieve the dull ache inside her a little before she could focus enough to do anything else so she turned the dial and the vibrator buzzed quietly into life in her hand. She stroked the shaft gently for a second or two, warming it, before she spread her thighs and trailed it down over her tummy and between her legs and pushed it deep inside herself in one swift, firm thrust. Her fingers had already shown her how incredibly wet she was and the vibrator slid inside with no resistance. She moaned and lay still for a few seconds letting her body adjust to the sensation of being filled by the thick tingling shaft before she began to move it in and out with slow and shallow strokes…..

(………Pushing her head hard against the cool sheets as he kissed her he shifted his weight and she felt his cock slip between her swollen lips and push firmly into her hot aching pussy. She moaned against his mouth and pulled her knees up to put her feet flat on the mattress and use the leverage to buck her hips up to meet him as he began to thrust….. slowly, gently at first but then getting harder and deeper as her increasingly wet heat allowed him to move more easily within her. Her hands ran over his arms and shoulders, one moving down his back, the fingers starting to knead the firm flesh as she tried to pull him even closer into her aching core. He dragged his mouth away from hers and lifted up from her, taking his weight on his arms and spreading his knees to slide his thighs up under hers so he could thrust bahis firmaları into her with more force. The change in position made it feel like he was pushing even further into her than before and groaning low in her throat she wound her legs around his back as her hands went up over her head to clutch at the wooden bars of the headboard. She stretched out and arched her back, her breasts straining upwards, the nipples pebble hard as she writhed under him, making loud panting cries every time he slammed into her, her hips lifting clear off the mattress as she tightened her legs around his back. This was so what she needed, she wanted to feel him driving into her… so strong, so deep, so rough! She bucked wildly against him, loving this feeling of basic, primitive, mindless fucking ……)

The woman squeezed her eyes shut, lost in her fantasy as she held the vibrator in her right hand and plunged it into her pussy as deep and hard and fast as she could. Her left hand was clutching the head board as she gasped and wriggled, spreading her thighs wider, opening her body as much as possible, imagining her lovers cock pumping into her, his weight pressing down on her. She felt so full, her body lost in the feelings as the vibrator, warmed now by her inner heat, pulsed against her walls as she moved it inside herself. Every thrust felt as if it was driving the vibrator so far into her that it was nearly touching her womb, and every impact radiated outwards, sending a throb of pleasure throughout her stomach. The plastic was becoming so slippery from her wetness that it was difficult to hold onto, her fingers were also covered with her own juices and she was finding it hard to resist the growing ache from her clit……although she knew she wasn’t ready to cum yet….there were other areas she wanted to explore first…….

(……….”Stop babe…” she began to push against his chest until he slowed his thrusts and looked questioningly at her. ” Let me up…….”. He breathed deeply for a few moments as he forced himself to adjust to her sudden change of tack, but then he kissed her gently and pulled out of her, moving backwards until he was kneeling up on his heels on the bed between her feet. She closed her eyes for a second against the sudden cold and emptiness she felt without him inside her and rose up onto her elbows to look at him. He was watching her, his eyes taking in her flushed face and throat, her tousled hair, the movement of her breasts as she panted, the trembling of her legs, the soaking curls covering her pussy. A deep throb of lust rippled through her, she knew he was thinking about shifting down the bed so that he could push his head between her thighs and taste her, letting his tongue lap along her swollen lips to push between the slippery folds and seek out her clit. She knew because she was thinking similar thoughts as she stared at his thick, hard cock, glistening wet from being inside her. She wanted to sit up and lean forward to take it in her mouth, feel the hot wet flesh sliding between her lips and the blood pulsing against her tongue as she rubbed it along the veins in his shaft. When she looked up at his face she saw that he knew perfectly well what she was thinking, but his left hand strayed to her ankle and his fingers brushed her skin softly as he looked at her, willing to wait for her to indicate what she wanted. She knew what that was so before she could get distracted she quickly rolled over on to her stomach and lifted up onto her knees, backing down the bed until she was straddling his thighs. His hands immediately pulled her to him so her back was pressed against his chest, his cock just barely brushing her twitching pussy as she hung over him. She shifted slightly until she felt the head of his cock near her clit and began to moan as she tried to rub herself against him, but the position was wrong and she couldn’t quite manage it. Before she could shift again he grabbed her waist and shoved his cock back inside her, seeking her slippery heat once more. As soon as she felt him enter her she moaned and spread her knees outwards so she could sink down onto him and get him as far into her body as possible………)

She reluctantly pulled the vibrator out of her body and lay still. Her clit was begging to be touched and she couldn’t resist letting the slick plastic cock slide along the outside of her pussy, back and forth over the swollen flesh, teasing herself by imagining it was her lovers fingers…… or better yet his tongue……..she sometimes imagined he was watching her as she did these things…or that he was sliding the vibrator along her wet slit himself, kneeling beside her and pushing it into her, watching how it felt for her. She imagined sucking his cock while he kaçak iddaa fucked her with the vibrator…having her pussy and mouth full at the same time would feel so good. She blinked to banish the imagery and turned over onto her stomach trying to get comfortable and clear her head a little before she started it all up again. She got up on her knees and pulled the duvet into a pile in the centre of the bed and knelt over it. Pushing the vibrator between the folds and squeezing the material up tight between her legs to hold it steady she let her body glide down on the already slippery plastic shaft. She so wanted to let the trembling tip rub against her clit but she wasn’t ready to cum yet, she let it touch the entrance to her body, shivering at the tingling and quickly pushed herself down onto the vibrating shaft moaning softly as her walls spread to accept it. She arched her spine and her head fell back, her whole focus suddenly reduced to the feelings spreading through her groin as she began to roll her hips back and forth. She brought her hands up to squeeze her breasts and twist her nipples between finger and thumb while letting the vibrator thrust in and out of her as she raised and lowered her body, her thighs straining as she picked up a rhythm and lost herself once more in her fantasies……

(……….She leaned back against him, her head falling onto his shoulder, her hair rubbing against his chest and falling over his arm as she began to move on him. Her hips were rising and falling with increasing speed as she rolled her pelvis in small circles, her hands gripping his forearms as she ground her ass hard against his crotch, wanting to get as close to him as she could. His skin felt so hot where he touched her, as she moved on him she could feel his nipples brushing against her back and hear his deep, ragged breath in her ear. Her hands came up over both their shoulders to wrap behind his head, to push into his hair and rub the back of his neck, needing to touch him as much as she could. She was moaning again, loving feeling him inside her and knowing that he was purposefully just moving his hips a little, slowly, gently, just supporting her as she wriggled on him, controlling his natural urge to thrust up under her…. that he was holding back to let her set the pace, made her even wetter and wilder for him, but she knew he was getting impatient now. He was nuzzling her neck, kissing and biting her throat, his left hand came across her chest to cup her right breast, his right hand sliding over her stomach and down to her pussy, his fingers stroking her, probing for her clit……..)

She was moaning and lost in the sensations and her fantasies, the images in her mind so clear as her fingers brushed over her tummy and down to push between her swollen labia and press against her clit. She let her index and third fingers slide along the inside of her lips, pulling upwards to drag the hood out of the way, opening her up so her middle finger could touch the throbbing bud and rub it in tight, hard circles. It felt so good and she knew it wouldn’t take long for her to cum. She also couldn’t resist bringing her other hand behind her to stroke her bottom, squeezing the cheeks and letting her fingers stray along the crease and down to her pussy to get them wet, then pulling up to slide them over her asshole, brushing against it, about to push her finger inside. Suddenly she stopped …….a thrill of apprehension and excitement went through her as she knew what she really wanted to do. She sat back on her heels, not moving, the vibrator still deep inside her, while she rubbed her wet fingers over her nipples and tried to calm down a little. Lifting herself up and tightening her walls to push the vibrator out of her, she put a hand behind her and caught it, holding it loosely and waiting, adjusting her fantasy in her mind, imagining her lovers reaction if he were with her. She fished in her bedside draw for the tube of Vaseline and smeared some over the head of the vibrator, then taking a deep breath she spread her knees wider and touched it to the tight ring of muscle just above her pussy. She groaned as it trembled against the sensitive opening but forced herself not to tense up, although she really wasn’t expecting to be able to take it. She was braced for discomfort, pain even, but lust and curiosity got the better of her and before she could change her mind she pushed the big, slippery, pulsing shaft slowly but firmly into her ass.

She was almost overwhelmed with the new sensations and the feelings they evoked as the vibrator glided in to her…. then she nearly screamed out loud as she slowly began to draw it back out….. she started to thrust it in and out, dropping her other hand down kaçak bahis between her thighs she pressed her thumb against her clit and her middle finger as far into her pussy as she could reach, squeezing her eyes closed she lost herself in her fantasies again…..

(……….Suddenly she stopped moving and took both his wrists in her hands, pulling them away from her body and lifting herself off him. She crawled forward up the bed away from him and he grunted in frustration, “now what….?!” He moved as if to reach for her but stopped as she looked back at him over her shoulder, laughing softly, ” …patience Hun…..!” She waited until he smiled resignedly and turned forward again, sitting up on her knees in front of him. Lifting her hands up to run them through her hair she brushed it off her face and back over her shoulders. She ran her hands over the backs of her thighs and up to her bottom, kneading the flesh softly, letting her fingers stray between the cheeks as she slowly bent forward, putting her right hand down on the mattress to support herself. She knew he was watching her hand move and she purposefully brushed her fingers over the cleft again a few times before beginning to rub her middle finger up and down over her pussy and clit. When it was dripping wet and slippery with her juices she slowly ran it up to her ass and gently pushed it inside, moaning and starting to slide it in and out. She felt him move behind her and she looked back over her shoulder as he rested his hands on her hips, his thumbs brushing over her skin as he watched her finger move………he knew now what she wanted! She took her hand away and faced forward again, bracing herself on all fours, spreading her knees and wriggling her bottom back towards him. ” Fuck me…!” she ordered , moaning loudly as she felt him dig his fingers into her flesh and push himself roughly into her pussy, thrusting into her four, five times before withdrawing to touch the swollen head of his now slick cock against the tight muscles of her anus and slowly and steadily push inside.

She gasped, stunned at how good he felt as he slid his length into her, part of her feared she would be torn in half, that she couldn’t possibly take this, even that it was ‘wrong’, another part of her just wanted it to go on and on and on. Every millimetre he pushed into her felt like an inch, she couldn’t think straight, couldn’t feel anything except his hot, hard cock filling her, stretching her more and more, every sensation was magnified, she felt like he was thrusting into her stomach, into her chest. He paused for a second or two as she squirmed, panting and moaning and shifting her weight about on her hands like a cat trying to get comfortable, overwhelmed by what she was feeling. Then she almost screamed out loud as he pulled back and she sank down onto her elbows, this was even more intense, she felt as if his cock was connected to her internal organs, as if as he withdrew he was pulling her inside out! She could hear herself making whimpering cries that got louder and sharper as he began to thrust in and out, it felt so incredible. He was also groaning low in his throat and she knew fucking her tight ass was bringing him so close to his edge but her pussy and clit were throbbing with need and she wanted his fingers in her. As if reading her mind his hand came round under her tummy and his fingers probed for the entrance to her pussy while the ball of his thumb rubbed hard against her clit. Her legs were shaking but he held her up on her knees as her arms slid out in front of her and her upper body fell further onto the bed, her shoulders and face pressed against the sheets. His arm around her waist pulled her even closer against him as he pumped his cock into her and rubbed her pussy and clit hard and fast with his hand.

Her hair was falling over her face as she writhed on the bed and she could barely catch her breath, her fingers clutched at the soft sheets and she was almost sobbing now with the need to end this. Then suddenly the sweet pressure began to build for both of them, she felt him tense when her inner muscles fluttered and started to contract around his cock and he groaned softly and exploded deep inside her ass. She gasped and cried out over and over as his hot cum spurted into her shuddering body, a wonderful heat filling her, spreading out inside her as he thrust harder and faster in her now slippery ass and emptied himself into her. The pleasure and warmth radiated out from deep inside her and pulsed throughout her body and along her limbs leaving her limp and panting. As he let go of her waist and withdrew from her she slipped down to lie flat on the bed and was vaguely aware of him collapsing onto his back next to her. With the little strength she had left she turned towards him, wriggling closer until she could reach for his hand and softly kiss his shoulder, she felt his fingers entwine with hers as she closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32